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Jazzlyn Little, Audtion #1, The X Factor Season One

Jazzlyn Little Brings Down The House On The X Factor

On Thursday evening, 16-year-old Jazzlyn Little drew a standing ovation from three of the judges plus a hearty accolade from fourth judge Simon for her riveting performance of Mary J. Blige’s song, “I’m Going Down“. Well, I am sure that she is not going down anywhere soon because this talented and determined little spitfire showed […]

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Simon Cowell, The X Factor

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Final 2 Auditions Of The X Factor

The final two audition episodes of The X Factor air Wednesday, September 28th and Thursday, September 29th on Fox at 8:00 PM Eastern. I thought last week’s two episodes were pretty promising, although the tasteless joke auditions were overkill and unnecessary. If this is to be a singing competition, is it too much to ask […]

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Fernando Varela Performs Bohemian Rhapsody

Masterclass Monday: A Singular Performance Of Bohemian Rhapsody By Rising Star Fernando Varela

You will have to search far and wide to find a better performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Fernando Varela is a rising star in the music world, possessing impeccable vocal ability and musical artistry. His innovative version of this great song classic is absolutely brilliant. His ability to inherit and produce every vocal part in […]

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18-year-old Melanie Amaro auditions for The X Factor USA

The X Factor Contestant, Melanie Amaro, Performs Beyonce’s Listen.

And, what a listen is was – and is – as you will soon see in the video below. This 18-year-old sweetheart of a girl with the powerhouse voice may just be the frontrunner in the inaugural season of The X Factor USA. Quite frankly, I have never heard anything quite like this in any […]

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Simon Cowell, The X Factor

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Premiere Of The X Factor

Well, tonight’s the night. The premiere of the much anticipated X Factor airs on Fox from 8:00-10:00 Eastern. The show is open to singers from the age of 12 years and up, soloists and groups. I like this concept right off the bat. It has worked for The Voice and for America’s Got Talent. The […]

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The Canadian Tenors Performing At The Emmy Awarda On September 18th, 2011

Masterclass Monday: The Canadian Tenors Rock The Emmys

Last evening, The Canadian Tenors sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” during the live telecast of the Emmy Awards. It accompanied a touching slideshow in tribute of television and film stars who had died during the past year. The video can be accessed below this article. It was a beautiful moment in the otherwise chaotic telecast of […]

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Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and Patti Labelle perform at America's Got Talent Season Six Finale

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Performing With Patti Labelle During America’s Got Talent Finale

I don’t know if y’all were experiencing sound issues during this live performance of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and Patti Labelle, but we were definitely hurting here in Canada. It was frustrating. All we could hear was noise mixed in with dissonant harmony. Awful! Look and listen to what we missed. Landau disrobed his Frank […]

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Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Winner Of America's Got Talent Season Six

Congratulations Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Season Six Winner Of America’s Got Talent

Pack your bags and get ready for Vegas! Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Is ready to headline in “the city of lights that never sleeps” in the imminent future and I couldn’t be happier. The “rags to riches” story behind Landau’s rise to fame via America’s Got Talent is something very, very special, mirroring his enormous, […]

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America's Got Talent Season Six Top 4

Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Six: The Performance Finale

Well, this is a mighty fine Top 4 if I do say so myself. Each act brings a uniquely different performing element to the show and, at this stage of the game, all are winners. Scheduled to perform for your precious votes this evening are outstanding retro vocalist Landau Eugene Murphy, throwback teen pop group […]

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Barbra Streisand, Down With Love

Masterclass Monday: Down With Love By Barbra Streisand

There is nothing “down” about this fabulous performance (featured below) by the legendary Barbra Streisand. She is one of my favorite performers in the entire universe and, for a long period of my life, the only singer that had any influence on me whatsoever. She is a genius at her craft. She absolutely lives and […]

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Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Six Results Show: Landau, Silhouettes and Team iLuminate Shine

The above video of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.’s performance on last night’s Top Ten America’s Got Talent show was one of those rare moments where chills go up and down my spine. Can anyone believe that this man was washing cars a couple of months ago, hiding his enormous talent under a cloud of washing […]

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Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. And Anna Graceman

Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Six:The Finals

Over at the America’s Got Talent Official Site, acclaimed retro singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. has landed two spots on the homepage: one featuring him and the other featuring him hugging 11-year-old singing sensation Anna Graceman. Is this a prediction of things to come? A repeat of last year’s scenario where Michael Grimm and Jackie […]

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Gene Kelly And Donald O'Connor 1960

Masterclass Holiday Monday: Gene Kelly And Donald O’Connor Dance Medley

Below is an absolutely splendid video, showcasing once and for all the genius of Gene Kelly as he performs an impeccable dance routine to “Ballin’ The Jack”. He is then joined by another flawless dancer, Donald O’Connor, for a sit-down dance routine. Yes, a sit-down dance routine. Recorded on a Gene Kelly TV special broadcast […]

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Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.’s Got The World On A String In A Huge Way.

Plus, as the song continues to say: (He’s) sitting on a rainbow. Got the string around (his) finger. What a world, what a life, (he’s) in love.” Well, guess what Landau Eugene Murphy Jr? We are in love with you too. We love everything about you: your humble backstory, your charisma, your gentle soul and […]

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