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Jay Leno Is Back In PrimeTime With CNBC’s Jay Leno’s Garage

 Picture Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage Look out everyone. Jay Leno is back in Prime Time but  in an exciting and very personal new format called Jay Leno’s Garage.  As many of you out there already know, Jay loves his cars and monocycles. It has been a life passion for him and he is proud of […]

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PBS Salutes Jay Leno – Recipient Of The Mark Twain Prize For American Humor

Picture Credit: The Kennedy Center/PBS On Sunday, November 23rd, PBS will honor comedian Jay Leno, who is this year’s recipient of the treasured Mark Twain Prize For American Humor. I am so thrilled for him. He is considered to be the best of the best stand-up comedians. No one quite has his quick wit -call […]

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Jay Leno Returns To Television With Jay Leno’s Garage On CNBC and Tonight Show Appearance On November 7th

Picture Credit: CNBC/Jay Leno’s Garage I should have seen this coming. Did you? I am very happy to share with you that former Tonight Show Host, Jay Leno, will be starring in a new television show, tentatively titled, “Jay Leno’s Garage“. It will be based on Jay’s Emmy Award-winning Web series, which has more than […]

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Jay Leno Relinquishes The Tonight Show To Jimmy Fallon This Week.

Picture Credit: Jay Leno Last evening, Betty White had the privilege of ushering in and out the old and the new. The scene pictured above says it all! How precious is this photo? And how sad will I be when Jay Leno signs off with his final show on Thursday, February 6th, signalling the start […]

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A Masterclass Performance Of Smile By Kristen Chenoweth On the Tonight Show With Jay Leno

I had three reasons to smile when I watched the sublimely talented Kristen Chenoweth perform Charlie Chaplin’s Smile on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Thursday, January 16th. This song is one of my absolute favorites and, for whatever reason, I needed to hear this song at this precise moment. The message it brings […]

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Happy New Year. Masterclass Lady Is In The Building!

Welcome to the Year 2014! And I hope the Holiday Season was a bright and magical for you. I had a wonderful Christmas and it was very difficult to tuck away my Christmas decorations. However, all good things must come to an end as we prepare for an even better year ahead of us. There […]

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It’s December! And the TV Networks Have You Covered With Tons Of Christmas And Holiday Specials

Happy December everyone! And what a December it is going to be! There are innumerable television specials – most of which are happening on NBC. The NBC network is digging into some deep pockets this season to bring us some exciting holiday fare. First and foremost, with only two months left in Jay Leno’s contract, […]

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It’s Official. Jay Leno Leaving The Tonight Show.

Picture Courtesy Of The HollywoodReporter.Com Well, there you have it! After weeks of speculation, Jay Leno has officially announced that he is leaving the Tonight Show. And, television, as we know it, has taken a strange turn and embraced a newer, “hipper”, McDonald’s kind of comedy – where we can mindlessly play with our iPads […]

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Jay Leno And Jimmy Fallon Rock “Tonight” From West Side Story

This video, featured below, made me laugh and get misty-eyed at the same time. Can the end of the Jay Leno era be this near? No matter the answer, at least his successor, Jimmy Fallon, is playing nice, allowing Jay to leave with the dignity he so deserves. The idea behind this video originated with […]

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Scotty McCreery, Fox's "American Idol 2011" Finale - Results Show - Press Room

Scotty Is A Busy Boy With Upcoming Appearances On The Grand ‘Ole Opry, Leno And Good Morning America

Heads up everybody and breathe a relieving sigh. American Idol winner Scotty McCreery is finally booked to appear on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on June 15th. CMT.Com has very generously provided the media with some noteworthy Scotty appearances. Other scheduled appearances include Scotty’s debut on the Grand Ole Opry on June 10, just […]

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Piers Morgan, Lauren Alaina and Jay Leno On The Tonight Show

Revisiting Scotty’s Scheduled DISAppearance On Jay Leno

Some things just can’t be ignored. And this is one of them. Jay Leno was scheduled to interview the American Idol winner on Thursday (yesterday). Also scheduled to appear was Piers Morgan. He blabbed about it all week and it was posted on the Tonight Show website. Well, lo and behold, on Thursday, guess who […]

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American Idol Season 10 Runner-Up Lauren Alaina and Winner Scotty McCreery

Lauren Alaina Appears On Jay Leno Minus Scotty McCreery

I watch The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on a daily basis. He is my guilty pleasure. All week, he has been saying that the winner of American Idol would make an appearance on his show on Thursday. Well, it’s Thursday and guess who is a guest on Leno tonight? American Idol Runner-Up, Lauren Alaina. […]

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Tonight Show Bandleader Kevin Eubanks Named Artistic Director of Thelonius Monk Institute

Since tonight is Kevin Eubank’s last performance with The Tonight Show, I thought I would bring you up to speed on Kevin’s plans for the future. In addition to exploring recording opportunities, Kevin Eubanks plans to continue working at the Thelonius Monk Institute.   Upon reading the news that he was appointed Artistic Director of the Institute,  it appears that Kevin has […]

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TMZ Exclusive:American Idol’s Rickey Minor Is Jay Leno’s New Bandleader

  American Idol Bandleader, Rickey Minor Well, this was a neat scoop in my email box this evening.   According to TMZ,  American Idol’s popular and talented bandleader, Rickey Minor will take Kevin Eubank’s place as bandleader for The Tonight Show.   The announcement is expected to be made tomorrow.   On April 12th, Kevin announced his […]

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Rodrigo y Gabriela Bring Their Amazing Talent To The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Rodrigo Y Gabriela performed their mesmerizing guitar duo two nights ago on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Their performance was sheer brilliance! I have never seen two pairs of hands move so frantically and, yet, so effortlessly. Their sound is wonderfully unique and creative but also extremely difficult to master. But master they did […]

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Backstage With Bryan From The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Here is a clip filmed just for the fans after last night’s telecast of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It features American Idol Season 8 Runner-Up Adam Lambert, Republican Sarah Palin and Olympic Gold Medalist in Snowboarding, Shaun White. They are interviewed by Bryan Branly from the Jay Leno Show’s Backstage With Bryan segment […]

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Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien crack wise about NBC’s late-night shuffling –

Found this article this morning and wanted to share it with the readers.  Humor truly is the best medecine! Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien crack wise about NBC’s late-night shuffling – Posted using ShareThis

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Conan O’Brien Says No Thanks to NBC Move To Later Time Slot

Below is an article from the MSN Entertainment Page regarding the NBC brouhaha over the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien/ Jimmy Fallon situation and Conan’s decision to walk away from this trainwreck.   What a mess and, yet, Conan will come out of this smelling like roses.  You have to admire the integrity of the man and, say […]

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The Jay Leno Show: Shoot Me, I Loved It!

TThe critics couldn’t wait to pounce on Jay Leno, could they? Heaven help us all if someone comes up with an innovative and creative vision for Prime Time Television! Let’s continue to stick to the boring and mundane television series in the 10:00 P.M. time slot, forcing many to watch reruns of Frasier and Seinfeld […]

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