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MasterClass 9/11 Monday: An Inspiring Performance of Somewhere By Barbra Streisand

On this the day, the 16th Anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States, I found a song that truly speaks to where we are as a global entity and what we are striving to achieve in the years ahead. Let’s cut to the chase here – we want peace. Plain and […]

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MasterClass Monday:  One Voice Performed By 15 Years Of Americans Idols.

I was mindlessly browsing Facebook today and came across this gem. Performed as the opening number during the Finale of the American Idol Farewell Season, it brought an immediate smile to my face and a glorious warmth to my heart.  Gracing the stage with their infectious personalities and gorgeous voices, these singers gave new purpose […]

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MasterClass Monday: Getting To Know The Vocal Phenomenon Known As The Tenors

Picture Credit: The Tenors I think it is about time I give these incredibly talented guys some more MCL love.  It is bordering on embarrassment that I have not covered their journey to international stardom on a more frequent basis. I apologize.  Originally known as The Canadian Tenors, The Tenors, comprised of Fraser Walters, Remigio […]

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An In Memoriam MasterClass Monday: A Plea For Peace

Picture Credit: BuzzFeed.Com In the wake of the Orlando tragedies over the weekend, I honestly could not bring myself to publish my regular MasterClass Monday article.  I am just too sad and heartbroken and need to somehow address the turmoil that currently exists in our world  and, more recently , in Orlando, Florida. While browsing […]

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MasterClass Memorial Day Monday: Katharine McPhee And Trent Harmon’s 2016 Performance At The National Memorial Day Concert 

As I write this article about Katharine McPhee’s and Trent Harmon’s beautiful performances at the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington DC which  aired on PBS on May 29th, I am also watching the CNN coverage of President Obama’s visit to Arlington National Cemetery. These tributes deserve your time – today and always.   I […]

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MasterClass Monday: Steven Spielberg Inspires Us To Listen To The Whisper. 

Happy Monday to all of you! And to my Canadian readers, Happy Victoria Day! Below, you will find a 2.11 minute video chock full of inspiration, delivered by the incomparable filmmaker and visionary, Steven Spielberg.  You can access the entire speech HERE and it is worthy of your time to listen and be inspired.  However, the […]

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MasterClass Monday: American Idol Season 11 Finalist DeAndre Brackensick’s Incredible Performance Of Pretty Wings

I don’t know how DeAndre Brackensick lost the American Idol Season 11 win.  Don’t. Know. How!  Seriously – listen to his relaxed, spontaneous, meticulous vocal of Pretty Wings (featured below this article)  and then you decide if American Idol dropped the ball with this unbelievably gifted and charismatic young artist.  Not only does he have […]

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MasterClass Monday: Adam Lambert’s Extraordinary Version Of Come To Me From The Musical Brigadoon 

Picture Credit: AdamOfficial.Com Oh! My! Goodness!  If this isn ‘t the best thing I have heard in a long time, then I don’t know what is! Immortal Aria, a mother – son musical team on  Facebook- shared this gem of a number  performed by the talented Adam Lambert when he was 22-years-old.  Listen – I […]

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MasterClass Monday: Andrea Bocelli Sings A Gorgeous Version Of La Vie On Rose With Edith Piaf. 

   Now this is really something. I know I just featured Andrea Bocelli in a MasterClass Monday article a couple of weeks ago, but this video performance moved me to tears. Well, smiling through tears, actually. It was just one of those special performances that made me happy inside and out while evoking some special […]

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MasterClass Monday: Mandy Patinkin’s Glorious Performance Of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

How often will you hear a male singer performing “Somewhere Ofer The Rainbow”? Not too often. Originally performed by Judy Garland in “The Wizard Of Oz”, we normally associate this song with a female vocalist. However, this performance by Mandy Patinkin erased any doubt that a male singer, with the right voice and artistic sensibility, […]

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MasterClass Monday: Michael Buble’s Amazing Acoustic Cover Of “Home”

There is a reason why I love Michael Buble so much. It is his heart. Pure and simple – his heart. His vocal delivery is always pure and authentic and this acoustic performance of “Home”really accentuates this very fact. Michael tries to incorporate an acoustic set into the majority -if not all -of his concerts. […]

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MasterClass Monday: Cabaret Star Patricia O’Callaghan’s Mesmerizing Performance Of Leonard Cohen’s Alexandra Leaving

I am naturally drawn to singers who deliver their songs via an expressively committed narrative. Singers who dig deep, wear their emotions on their sleeve and can expose their soul while flawlessly singing a beautiful melody and lyric. Patricia O’Callaghan is a gem of a singer. And I had the immense pleasure of teaching her […]

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MasterClass Monday: Two Legends – Barbra And Billy – Inspire With A New York State Of Mind

Barbra Streisand released a record-breaking CD in 2014 – Partners – pairing her with arguably some of the best male artists in the music business. The CD is on my iPad and I never tire of listening to the collaborative work between Barbra and her Guest Artists. The creativity and vocal power exuded by the […]

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MasterClass Monday: This Officer Knows How To Shake Off A Boring Patrol Day

Welcome to the return of MasterClass Monday. I know this video can hardly be perceived as a MasterClass Vocal Masterpiece but, as far as comedy goes, with the aim to induce belly laughs, Officer Jeff Davis packs a musical comedic punch. The video was produced by The Dover Police Department in Delaware in an effort […]

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Fernando Varela and David Foster In Las Vegas

Masterclass Monday: Fernando Varela Performs In Las Vegas For David Foster And Friends

A few weeks back, I featured a rising young star in the entertainment world named Fernando Varela. In this article, I hinted that more exciting opportunities were on the horizon for Fernando. Well, the cat is out of the bag! On November 26th, 2011, Fernando was featured as a rising star during the David Foster […]

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Masterclass Monday: Broadway-Based Hip Hop Courtesy Of The Music Man

Good Masterclass Monday Morning to all of you! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But have I got something for you! Below, you will be treated to an excellent performance of “Trouble” by Robert Preston from the movie version of Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man”. I have also included the opening scene from this show, […]

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Phantom Of The Opera, Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford, 1988 Tony Awards

Masterclass Monday: A Halloween Treat Featuring Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford Performing Excerpts From Phantom Of The Opera

The year was 1988 and the occasion was the Tony Awards. However, this performance, featured below, is timeless and so appropriate for Halloween. Both Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman render exceptional performances during this medley of songs from Phantom Of The Opera. Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy the goodies and the kiddies and all the fun […]

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Patricia O'Callaghan

Masterclass Monday: Patricia O’Callaghan Performs La Vie En Rose

Any cabaret lovers out there? If so, then you are in for a special treat when you access the video below. In this video, Patricia O’Callaghan performs a scrumptious version of La Vie En Rose. Hailed by Billboard as the most promising cabaret singer of her generation, Patricia has gained enormous respect from her legions […]

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Fernando Varela Performs Bohemian Rhapsody

Masterclass Monday: A Singular Performance Of Bohemian Rhapsody By Rising Star Fernando Varela

You will have to search far and wide to find a better performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Fernando Varela is a rising star in the music world, possessing impeccable vocal ability and musical artistry. His innovative version of this great song classic is absolutely brilliant. His ability to inherit and produce every vocal part in […]

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The Canadian Tenors Performing At The Emmy Awarda On September 18th, 2011

Masterclass Monday: The Canadian Tenors Rock The Emmys

Last evening, The Canadian Tenors sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” during the live telecast of the Emmy Awards. It accompanied a touching slideshow in tribute of television and film stars who had died during the past year. The video can be accessed below this article. It was a beautiful moment in the otherwise chaotic telecast of […]

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