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Performing MasterClass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season 10: The Top 10 Finalists

   Picture Credit: America’s Got Talent Look at that picture. How did we even get here?  Some of the acts are just plain ridiculous.  The talent ran so deep this year and this is what we are stuck with?  Excuse the English grammar but I am seriously furious.  And all that testosterone. Not one female among […]

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MasterClass Monday: This Officer Knows How To Shake Off A Boring Patrol Day

Welcome to the return of MasterClass Monday. I know this video can hardly be perceived as a MasterClass Vocal Masterpiece but, as far as comedy goes, with the aim to induce belly laughs, Officer Jeff Davis packs a musical comedic punch. The video was produced by The Dover Police Department in Delaware in an effort […]

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Comedian Joan Rivers Dies At The Age Of 81

CNN has just reported that comedy legend, Joan Rivers, has died at the age of 81 years. Ms. Rivers had stopped breathing during throat surgery at a Manhattan medical clinic last week, according to the New York Fire Department. She apparently suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest during a procedure CNN had reported on Wednesday evening […]

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Iconic Comedian Robin Williams Dies At Age 63

Some Mondays are worse than others. And this is a heartwrenching, devastating Monday with the untimely death of the great Robin Williams.. With this news, the Hollywood world is in turmoil – the restaurants are surrounded by an eerie silence as mourners express their inward grief over this news. I am sure this shock has […]

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Late Night With Seth Myers Debut: O Set, Where Art Thou?

Picture Credit: NBC/Seth Meyers Do we have to take up a collection to purchase a better set design for Late Night With Seth Myers? Have you had a peek this week? For those of you who have lives beyond a remote control, Late Night With Seth Myers had its debut Monday evening. The show looks […]

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Laughs Hysterically Over The Gerard Depardieu Peeing Incident

This clip is all sorts of brilliance. Who would have thought? And then, to find an appropriate category or tag. Somehow, a “peeing” tag would question the credibility of this blog. I was laughing along with Anderson Cooper and his witty pee puns. Enjoy!

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Masterclass Discussion for America’s Got Talent Quarter-Finalists: Round Two

Hello hello, everyone! This is a rushed entry for tonight’s show. I have no idea who is in the second group of performers. Why is there so little information on the AGT website about this? It’s puzzling. At any rate, I know we are in for a wonderful show once again. The talent is ridiculously […]

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America's Got Talent Judges: Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel

Masterclass Discussion for America’s Got Talent Quarter-Finalists: Round One

Hello hello, everyone! I have been enjoying the summer and the endless stream of visitors who inevitably land on my doorstep at this wonderful time of year. Therefore, I apologize for the lack of updates here in the MCL community. However, I am looking forward to the first America’s Got Talent Season 6 live show […]

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Howie Mandel

Masterclass Monday: The Genius Of Howie Mandel

I found a great article today on one of my favorite entertainers in the world, the quirky and deliciously crazy Howie Mandel. This article not only highlights Howie’s OCD in vivid detail but also informs us to why he has become such an enormous success story over the last decade or so. Truth be told, […]

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I Don’t Like Reality TV Says The Legendary Dick Van Dyke.

This article caught my eye today, if for no other reason than it was centered around one of my favorite actors of all time, the legendary Dick Van Dyke. Apart from some other humorous anecdotes, he mentioned that he really dislikes reality television. He was quoted as saying: “Yes I do hate it I must […]

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Masterclass Discussion Thread For America’s Got Talent: The Best From YouTube

  You’ve got to love the Internet. That 15-minutes- of fame quote made famous by Andy Warhol is currently alive and prescient, thanks to the online “star-making” presence of YouTube.Com.     Tonight’s two-hour telecast of America’s Got Talent will feature the best 12 acts discovered on YouTube as determined by the voting public.    Set to perform tonight are:    Jackie Evancho, […]

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Masterclass Laugh Of The Day Compliments Of Jim Carrey

Nobody does it better than Jim Carrey!   And, being a proud Canadian as well, I laughed from the depths of my soul when I saw this video. But, hey, I love the USA too and I embrace both countries with love and respect. But this video? This is classic Carrey! Just wonderful! Enjoy!

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