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Masterclass Discussion Of Season Six America’s Got Talent: The Semi-Finals Part Two

Tonight, the second group of semi-finalists will strut their stuff in an effort to gain entry into next week’s Top 10 show. There are some strong frontrunners in this Group of 12, including singers Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and Anna Graceman, magician Landon Swank, innovative dancing act Silhouettes and the incredible gymnastic ability of Gymkana. […]

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Jason And His Daughter Madeline Emilia

American Idol Alumnus Jason Castro Is A Dad

Jason Castro will be strumming a lot of lullabies on his ukelele. His signature song, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, has taken on a whole new meaning with the birth of his baby daughter, Madeline Emilia. His wife, Mandy, gave birth to their beautiful baby girl on Sunday. On behalf of all of us here in […]

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Masterclass Monday: Gene Kelly’s Performance Of Singing In The Rain

It is very fitting that the first three letters in Gene Kelly’s name mirror the first three letters in the word “genius”. Because, yes indeed, his performance of “Singing In The Rain” was pure, unbridled genius. Choreographed by Gene himself, he captured the emotion of the moment so very well through his expansive body language […]

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Masterclass Monday: Good Morning via Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds And Gene Kelly

Look at the vibrancy and precision of this collaborative performance featuring Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly as they performed “Good Morning” from the classic film, “Singing In The Rain”. They flawlessly combined dancing elements of tap, modern and ballet to create this memorable number. Debbie Reynolds was only 19-years-old in this film and […]

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American Idol Season 10 Tour In Nashville, TN

Review: American Idol Season Ten Live Tour In Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN

By Gene Wilkey My wife, Kathy, and I traveled to Nashville on Friday to see the AE10 concert. As it turned out, Friday’s entertainment was almost as good as Saturday’s. I will touch on that later, but first I would like to tell you about the big show. I will call this more of a […]

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Masterclass Discussion For Season Six America’s Got Talent: The Semi-Finals

This is it! We are coming down to the wire. This evening, twelve of the twenty-four acts will be featured in the first semi-final show. The talent is incredible this year on America’s Got Talent- very diverse and very professional. Being featured in this first show are Zuma Zuma, teen pop group extraordinaire Poplyfe, singer/composer […]

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Masterclass Monday: Dancer Vera Ellen Partnering With Danny Kaye In White Christmas

Vera-Ellen was never given enough credit for her phenomenal gift of dance during her all too brief film career. I could watch her performances in White Christmas over and over, again and again! Her timing, her grace, her poise and singular charisma are exceptional and cannot be cloned. She stands alone and, for this reason, […]

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Masterclass Monday: A Brilliant Mash-Up Of America’s Got Talent’s Fighting Gravity And Team iLuminate

This video mash-up of America’s Got Talent’s Season 5 and 6 discoveries, Fighting Gravity and Team iLuminate respectively, is beyond brilliant. Somewhere, an innovative videographer by the name of SevenDeuce 72 is working incognito and needs to be discovered and hired by a film and animation company.

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Laughs Hysterically Over The Gerard Depardieu Peeing Incident

This clip is all sorts of brilliance. Who would have thought? And then, to find an appropriate category or tag. Somehow, a “peeing” tag would question the credibility of this blog. I was laughing along with Anderson Cooper and his witty pee puns. Enjoy!

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Masterclass Discussion for America’s Got Talent Wild Card Show

On tonight’s show, twelve acts will gain the opportunity to move deeper into this competition on America’s Got Talent. To date, it is a very talented, diverse line-up and it’s anyone’s guess who will ultimately win the million dollar prize. However, one thing is certain, many superstars will be born this year and I will […]

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Jackie Evancho, David Foster and Friends

Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent YouTube Discoveries

Tonight we finally get to see and hear the YouTube talent discovered by the Season Six America’s Got Talent Team. So, there are still some valuable hidden gems out there. Remember, this time last year, we witnessed the beginning of Jackie Evancho’s career. She was Season Five’s YouTube discovery and sang her way to the […]

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David Archuleta And The Morman Tabernacle Choir Release Multiple Music Products For Christmas

David Archuleta And The Morman Tabernacle Choir Release Multiple Music Products For Christmas

Christmas 2011 just gets better and better, doesn’t it? In addition to Michael Buble’s Christmas special and new Christmas CD news, we also will be treated to the glorious voice of David Archuleta in company with the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir this Christmas. In September, a CD, an HD DVD and a Blue-Ray Disc will […]

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Michael Buble Releases New Album, "Christmas"

Christmas Comes Early For Michael Buble Fans

Just the thought and anticipation of Michael Buble’s new Christmas album, “Christmas”, makes me want to deck my halls with boughs of holly in August. And, even more exciting is this news from Michael’s Official Website: “To celebrate the release of Michael’s upcoming Christmas album, he will be headlining his first network television variety special […]

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Masterclass Monday: America’s Got Talent Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Channels Frank Sinatra

This season on America’s Got Talent, there is a precious vocal gem named Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. And nobody brings a smile to my face like this extraordinary vocalist. The iconic sound of Frank Sinatra pouring from Landau’s singing voice is a surreal, yet very special experience to see and hear. This video, although disjointed […]

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Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and Nick Cannon from America's Got Talent

Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Quarter-Finalists: Round Four

Tonight’s show will feature the final group of 12 acts from the Top 48. So far, this show, with a few exceptions, has failed to disappoint. There is some serious star power happening this year on America’s Got Talent One of my favorite acts this year is Illuminate and they will most assuredly light up […]

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