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70TH Annual Tony Awards Set To Entertain You With Incredible And Memorable Performances. 

You  Picture Credit: The Tonys/CBS Get ready to be dazzled by some of the finest performers on the planet when the Tony Awards air on Sunday, June 12th on CBS from 8:00 – 11:00 PM.   This is the music which defines me as an artist and as a teacher.  The vast array of styles […]

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Grease Live Out-FOXES NBC. Let The Musical Games Begin. 

  I don’t know about you all, but Sunday evening’s production of Grease Live  on the Fox network was beyond outstanding.  It was brimming with creativity, enthusiasm, impeccable casting/star power, phenomenal vocals and choreography, – need I go on?   And, by numerous accounts across the digital board, Grease Live set the bar extremely high […]

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Alert The Fam Jam! Grease Live To Air On Fox On Sunday

   Picture Credit: FOX Finally!  Quality live programming on a Sunday night in January!   With the cooler temps outside, you have a reason to stay inside when Fox airs its first live musical, Grease, on Sunday, January 31st at 7:00 PM/6:00 PM Central.  This is such a great musical. I have seen it several times and […]

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69Th Annual Tony Awards Set To Entertain You With a Record Number of Performances

   Picture Credit: The Tonys Get ready to be dazzled by some of the finest performers on the planet when the Tony Awards air on Sunday, June 7th on CBS from 8:00 – 11:00 PM.  Yes, Broadway fans – this is your night!  And mine!  I am a Broadway Baby at heart and nothing makes me […]

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NBC’s Peter Pan Live Promises To Be A Spectacular LIVE Television Event

Picture Credit: NBC/Peter Pan Live Set your PVR/DVR/Alarm Clock/Internal Clock or anything that beeps in your house because another wonderful Live Television Event is set to blow your minds when NBC presents Peter Pan Live at 8:00 PM on Thursday, December 4th. And you do not want to miss it! If you watched the “The […]

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And Now – It’s Time For A Positive Review Of The Sound Of Music Live

So, let me get this right! NBC spends 9 million dollars to bring us a free, LIVE production into our living rooms, hires a formidable cast of singers and actors of considerable fame who are not intimidated to sing LIVE over a three-hour time period, hires a LIVE orchestra, technicians, engineers and Heaven knows who […]

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Carrie Underwood, Audra MacDonald, Christian Borle Set To Dazzle Our Senses in The Sound Of Music Live

Picture Credit: Getty Images; NBC Well, tonight is the night where Carrie Underwood, Audra MacDonald, Christian Borle and company take to the stage in the first ever live televised production of the Sound Of Music. NBC is taking a big gamble on this production but all I have to say is kudos to them for […]

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Performance Discussion For The Tony Awards With Host Neil Patrick Harris

I love me some Tony Awards. I am a certified Broadway Baby. Well, actually, I never grew up on Broadway but I always wanted to be under those shining lights. I could picture myself there. This is where I belonged. Someday! Well, so much for the visualization process because it never happened. Ha! But I […]

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SMASH Season 2 Finale With Katharine McPhee Airs On NBC On Sunday, May 26th.

Picture Courtesy Of NBC And Jack Davenport’s Facebook Page I am so sad here. What happened to this show and why did it not succeed? Everyone I spoke to loves it. Yes, the writing could have been better and a select few of the characters were not riveting to watch, but, honestly, the show’s premise […]

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Two – Hour Premiere Of Smash Season Two Airs Tonight

Oh! My! Goodness! Am I living in a cocoon or what? I just noticed on NBC’s Facebook page that Smash is airing as we speak here. Or write. Whatever! It is on! Now! For some reason, I thought this show was starting in March, but I was probably confusing its start time with The Voice […]

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Lee Siegel Performs Being Alive At Broadway sessions in New York City.

Lee Siegel Gives A Riveting Performance Of Being Alive At Broadway Sessions

Has the song “Being Alive” ever sounded so good? Or alive? I believe this is my third article about this gem of an MCL discovery – the great musical theatre artist, Lee Siegel. You can read my other reviews about Lee’s performances here and here. This performance is riveting to watch – the depth of […]

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Lee Siegel As Simon Zealotes In Jesus Christ Superstar Rocks The House

It takes a very special performance and performer to move me to tears. And Lee Siegel does just that with his highly acclaimed performance of the “Simon Zealotes” number from Jesus Christ Superstar. Canada’s Stratford Shakespearean Festival production of Jesus Christ Superstar was so successful that the show moved to the streets of ole New […]

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Stratford Festival and Broadwat Star, Lee Siegel

Masterclass Performance Of A Technologically Deprived Broadway Artist: Lee Siegel

You know, as I was watching this video with a great big smile on my face, it dawned on me: Jesus Christ Superstar Broadway star, Lee Siegel, dared to sing without the latest state-of-the-art technology. What? No auto-tune? No lip-synching? No fancy lighting? No recorded live disclaimer? No erratic dancers on stage behind him? Well, […]

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Hey Broadway Fans! Time To Hear Some Great Live Song And Dance With The 66TH Annual Tony Awards

I am adding this blog topic while watching the fabulous cast from the highly acclaimed musical, The Book Of Mormons, perform the opening number on tonight’s live telecast of The Tony Awards. Oh my goodness! How I have missed this calibre of performing from my television experience. No gimmicks, no lip-synching, no auto-tune! Just pure […]

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Masterclass Monday: Broadway-Based Hip Hop Courtesy Of The Music Man

Good Masterclass Monday Morning to all of you! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But have I got something for you! Below, you will be treated to an excellent performance of “Trouble” by Robert Preston from the movie version of Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man”. I have also included the opening scene from this show, […]

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Phantom Of The Opera, Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford, 1988 Tony Awards

Masterclass Monday: A Halloween Treat Featuring Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford Performing Excerpts From Phantom Of The Opera

The year was 1988 and the occasion was the Tony Awards. However, this performance, featured below, is timeless and so appropriate for Halloween. Both Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman render exceptional performances during this medley of songs from Phantom Of The Opera. Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy the goodies and the kiddies and all the fun […]

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Monday Morning Masterclass Pick: Opening Number – Tony Awards 2009

Good morning all: This is an absolutely incredible opening number from the Tony Awards last evening. It put a smile on my face and made me realize why I love the Broadway genre so much. Copyright © 2008. MasterclassLady.Com. All rights reserved.

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