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Jay Leno Is Back In PrimeTime With CNBC’s Jay Leno’s Garage

 Picture Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage Look out everyone. Jay Leno is back in Prime Time but  in an exciting and very personal new format called Jay Leno’s Garage.  As many of you out there already know, Jay loves his cars and monocycles. It has been a life passion for him and he is proud of […]

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PBS Salutes Jay Leno – Recipient Of The Mark Twain Prize For American Humor

Picture Credit: The Kennedy Center/PBS On Sunday, November 23rd, PBS will honor comedian Jay Leno, who is this year’s recipient of the treasured Mark Twain Prize For American Humor. I am so thrilled for him. He is considered to be the best of the best stand-up comedians. No one quite has his quick wit -call […]

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Jimmy Fallon Debuts As Host On The Tonight Show.

Okay – I have to admit. This news is very bittersweet for me. I was and still am a huge Jay Leno fan and, in a perfect world, I wish there were two Tonight shows. I just was not ready to give up Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and neither, I suspect, was Jay […]

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Jay Leno Relinquishes The Tonight Show To Jimmy Fallon This Week.

Picture Credit: Jay Leno Last evening, Betty White had the privilege of ushering in and out the old and the new. The scene pictured above says it all! How precious is this photo? And how sad will I be when Jay Leno signs off with his final show on Thursday, February 6th, signalling the start […]

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A Masterclass Performance Of Smile By Kristen Chenoweth On the Tonight Show With Jay Leno

I had three reasons to smile when I watched the sublimely talented Kristen Chenoweth perform Charlie Chaplin’s Smile on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Thursday, January 16th. This song is one of my absolute favorites and, for whatever reason, I needed to hear this song at this precise moment. The message it brings […]

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[VIDEO]Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale Set To Light Up Your TV Screens

Are you ready for a little Kelly? Wednesday, December 11th at 10:00 Eastern on NBC? Let’s here a resounding YES! It looks like this Christmas special is going to be a spectacular event. Here is the scoop – straight off of the NBC page. About Superstars Blake Shelton, Reba and Trisha Yearwood will appear as […]

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It’s December! And the TV Networks Have You Covered With Tons Of Christmas And Holiday Specials

Happy December everyone! And what a December it is going to be! There are innumerable television specials – most of which are happening on NBC. The NBC network is digging into some deep pockets this season to bring us some exciting holiday fare. First and foremost, with only two months left in Jay Leno’s contract, […]

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It’s Official. Jay Leno Leaving The Tonight Show.

Picture Courtesy Of The HollywoodReporter.Com Well, there you have it! After weeks of speculation, Jay Leno has officially announced that he is leaving the Tonight Show. And, television, as we know it, has taken a strange turn and embraced a newer, “hipper”, McDonald’s kind of comedy – where we can mindlessly play with our iPads […]

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Jay Leno And Jimmy Fallon Rock “Tonight” From West Side Story

This video, featured below, made me laugh and get misty-eyed at the same time. Can the end of the Jay Leno era be this near? No matter the answer, at least his successor, Jimmy Fallon, is playing nice, allowing Jay to leave with the dignity he so deserves. The idea behind this video originated with […]

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The Jay Leno Bruhaha: A Masterclass Perspective

I don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of the television industry. If I did, I would have immediate answers to remedy the mess that we now call our television wasteland. Yet, honestly, this Jay Leno story has made me step out of the comfy confines of my technologically enhanced home and reach out to […]

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Top Four American Idol Season 11 Finalist, Hollie Cavanagh

Top Four American Idol Finalist Hollie Cavanagh Departs With Class and Grace

Last week, the little engine that could, Hollie Cavanagh, was eliminated from American Idol Season 11. We all knew it was coming but all her fans were hoping beyond hope that the inevitable elimination wouldn’t come to pass. But, we know how this show works. It is pre-determined from the get-go, despite what the producers […]

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Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston On The Tonight Show: Do You Hear What I Hear?

Yesterday, we lost another phenomenal musical legend – Whitney Houston. It is a tragic, sad and unsettling end to a career that was filled with enormous success and accolades. In the video below, you will hear a remarkable performance on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno featuring Ms. Houston’s powerful rendition of the Christmas […]

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Updates For The Week Of September 13th, 2009

I will be away visiting my daughter and her family for most of this week. She and her husband are expecting another baby at the end of September, so this is a very exciting time for all of us. The picture in this blog topic was a quick photo from our last visit and that […]

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David Archuleta Scheduled For A November 6th Appearance On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

American Idol Season Seven Runner-up, David Archuleta, is very busy these days with numerous appearances in anticipation of his new CD, due to to be released on November 11th Tonight – November 6th – he is scheduled for an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I already have my DVR set to go […]

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Masterclass Lady’s Media Blitz: Friday, October 17th, 2008

Entertainment and Political News Updates American Idol News ‘American Idol’: David Cook heading to ‘SNL’ Los Angeles Times, CA – 11 hours ago Matea Gold, Maria Elena Fernandez, Lynn Smith, Greg Braxton, Kate Aurthur and Martin Miller are Los Angeles Times staff writers who track news…read more David Cook Gearing up for Debut Album Release […]

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Masterclass Lady’s Media Blitz: Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Entertainment and Political News Updates American Idol News DRESS UP DAVID FOR HALLOWEEN……POLL RESULTS: HAIR POLL AND “TOUCH 3 hours ago by Jenny and posted them here, I am beginning to fear the day when David Archuleta (the debut CD) hits the internet. Believe me, FOD staffers are makings plans already, and hoping that the […]

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Masterclass Lady’s Media Blitz: Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Entertainment and Political News Updates American Idol News David Will Sing “God Bless America” in Tomorrow’s Devil Rays Vs … 2 hours ago by Jenny Local saxophonist BK Jackson will perform the national anthem before the first pitch, and American Idol star David Archuleta will sing God Bless America during the seventh-inning stretch. Ceremonial first […]

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Masterclass Lady’s Media Blitz: Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Entertainment and Political News Updates American Idol News David Archuleta signs with Azoff Management 11 hours ago by Shirley Halperin David Archuleta has signed with Azoff Management, the career-launching (and often sustaining) music powerhouse that counts The Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Neil Diamond, and, most recently, Morrissey among its clients. … Entertainment Weekly’s Hollywood Insider – […]

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Masterclass Lady’s Media Blitz: Monday, October 6th, 2008

Entertainment and Political News Updates American Idol News Miley Cyrus rents out Disneyland for Sweet 16 (with David … amNewYork, New York – 1 hour ago Cyrus was joined by more than 5000 guests — including famous pals David Archuleta, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Fan tickets cost $250, and proceeds …read more David […]

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Masterclass Lady’s Media Blitz: Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Entertainment and Political News Updates American Idol News Chris Cornell Pens New Single for American Idol Winner David Cook … Earthtimes (press release), UK – 3 minutes ago … has co-written the new single from American Idol winner David Cook , entitled “Light On.” The track, which is being released to radio this week, …read […]

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