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Cooking MasterClass Discussion For MasterChef Season 6 Top 12: Gordon’s Greatest Hits

  Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox Those three – layer cakes on last week’s episode were hilarious. Seriously?  I thought I would learn something but most of those cakes were pretty funny.  However, in fairness to the cooks, I found a 90-minute time frame to create their cake was pretty unrealistic.  I mean,  if you take into account that […]

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Ratings Sensation MasterChef Junior Season 3 Premiere Airs on January 6 on Fox

Picture Credit: Fox/MasterChef Junior Well, my world is complete and the New Year is starting off with a resounding bang! Why? Because the producers and creators of MasterChef Junior have decided to air another season of the popular show in January on the heels of the completion of Season 2 in November, which was a […]

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Cooking Masterclass Discussion For MasterChef Junior Season 2 Week Two: Pancakes And Syrup Fun

Picture Credit: Fox/MasterChef Junior Now, doesn’t this picture captivate you enough to entice you to flip to MasterChef Junior on Tuesday evening? Where else will you find esteemed chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliott receiving a healthy dose of syrup over their head? Last week’s show was just exceptional. Oh my, these […]

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MasterChef Junior Season 2 Premiere Set To Rock The TV World On November 4th

Picture Credit: Fox/MasterChef Junior Ah, yes, it must be November – the month that brings us tons of TV goodies. How can you tell it is “sweeps month“? Well, one of the reasons is the return of the extremely creative and highly entertaining show, MasterChef Junior. Chef Gordon Ramsay has initiated a clear winner here […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 17: The Beach Wedding Challenge

Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox I forgot to add a blog topic for last week’s episode. My apologies. However, I am back in the saddle again and ready to watch the Top 17 tackle a beach wedding during this week’s episode. How do the producers come up with these scenarios? Pure genius! And it is the reason […]

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Cooking Masterclass Discussion For MasterChef Junior: The Top 6

Picture Credit: MasterChef Junior Boy, with double eliminations each week, this show is breezing along pretty quickly. Best of luck to eliminated duo, Kaylen and Sofia, pictured above. The last pastry challenge, the triple layer cake, was a nasty one and, considering your young age, I felt you kids did a wonderful job conceiving and […]

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Cooking Masterclass Discussion For MasterChef Junior Season 1: Week Two

Are these kids for real? I was flipping out last week. Their confident cooking skills coupled with their engaging personalities made for a very entertaining premiere episode. Even more wonderful was the nurturing manner in which Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Joe Bastianich and Chef Graham Elliott interacted with the young home cooks. They tempered – […]

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[VIDEO]Cooking Masterclass Discussion For the Top 8: Wild And Wacky

Picture Credit:Masterchef Last week’s show was a hoot and a half. The remaining 8 contestants on Masterchef were presented with an outdoors only cooking challenge. They had to cook a meal out in the wild, using no electricity, running water or appliances. Once again, the contestants were divided into Teams and Team Leaders, Natasha and […]

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Cooking Masterclass Discussion For MasterChef Season 4: The Top 8

Picture Credit: Masterchef Boy, Eddie used some mean and crafty strategy in the selection of his fellow competitors for the “mushroom centred Elimination Challenge” last week. And it worked! He pretty much massacred three of the front-runners – Jamie, Jordan and Bethy. – by giving them either fresh or canned mushrooms to complete an entrée. […]

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Cooking Masterclass Discussion For MasterChef Season 4: The Top 9

This show is so intense. Who knew cooking could be so stressful? I have a new- found respect for the great chefs in this world who make certain that our meals are served to us with the highest standards in place. On Wednesday July 17th, the remaining Top 9 chefs will cook up a frenzy […]

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Cooking Masterclass Discussion For MasterChef Season 4: The Top 11

Picture Credit: Fox’s Masterchef Yes, you are reading this correctly. I am starting a new series of topics devoted to my favourite new reality show, Masterchef. And it’s not because it has “master” in the title, although that would be reason enough. 🙂 Truth be told, I have always loved television cooking shows but, with […]

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