America's Got Talent Season Six Top 4

Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Six: The Performance Finale


Well, this is a mighty fine Top 4 if I do say so myself. Each act brings a uniquely different performing element to the show and, at this stage of the game, all are winners.

Scheduled to perform for your precious votes this evening are outstanding retro vocalist Landau Eugene Murphy, throwback teen pop group POPLYFE, creative shadow dancers Silhouettes and the innovative Team iLuminate.

I have no idea who the winner could be but I will bet that one of the Top 2 is Landau with either Team iLuminate or Silhouettes garnering the other Top 2 spot.

It would be great to see both Silhouettes and Team iLuminate in the Top 2. It would be nice if someone other than a singer could grab this coveted honor.

However, I just don’t think that’s going to happen. Landau is an unstoppable force right now, a talent that will only get better and better with time. I would buy his CD in a heartbeat and, of the four remaining acts, the only one who would motivate me to pack a bag for Vegas.

And, seeing that Tony Bennett is performing on the Results Finale tomorrow night, you just know that a duet between the two is in the air. Ah yes, this is the start of something mighty big for our humble car washer.

Enjoy the show everyone and comment away.

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23 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Six: The Performance Finale”

  1. Besides Terri Fator, do you ever hear anything about previous winners from AGT? I’m thinking of Neil E. Boyd, Kevin Skinner, etc. I was glad to hear that Michael Grim is touring with Stevie Nicks.


  2. i’m really hoping that The Silhouettes win tonight…mainly for a change and something different. Yes, Landau is very good, but yet again, he’s another singer. Personally, I’m tired of the singers winning; especially when we look at American Idol which crowns a singer, it just seems like it’s always singers winning; the change would be very welcomed. However, I would be satisfied with whoever wins tonight –except Poplyfe–I cannot stand them and don’t think they should be in the finals; I would have rather seen Landon Swank.

    I hope I don’t sound to mean, I’m really not trying too. It’s just my opinion and hope.


  3. Interesting show. As much as I’m not a fan of Landau, I thought he was the best tonight. He really gave a stellar performance and will probably win overall.

    I really felt bad for The Silhouettes. Their performance ended up being so rushed; I guess that’s the problem with live TV, anything can happen. But the fact that they had to deal with the technical issues definitely took away from the overall performance. There seemed to be such a big build for them and then that happened. It just seemed like something was missing. But that could just be me.

    I didn’t like Poplyfe’s performance at all. They were definitely off key, pitch…..and their idea for the finale, just didn’t sit with me.

    Illuminate was great as usual, but I don’t think they will win.

    But who knows, I could be completely wrong. 🙂


  4. Bizzee. I felt that Silhouettes performance was a bit chaotic but others I know fell in love with it. I especially loved the colour – it was a nice change from the black and white ambience we normally associate with them.

    POPLYFE really need to go into re-group mode. Their young age and very green performing experience really became evident over the last two weeks. They are very talented but need a manager to work with them and help focus their talent in the right direction.

    Team iLuminate was flawless and brilliant. The depth of their technological skills is breathtaking. They are incredibly professional – ready for primetime.

    Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is quite simply a star – a rare find that comes along once in a lifetime. He was outstanding tonight and has some really savvy people helping him with his vocal and performing skills. He is a quick study and incredibly musical.

    Top 2 will be Landau and Team iLuminate. Hard to know which one will win. It will come down to fan base and if so then Landau may clinch the prize.


  5. Win or lose, Landau is already a star! He’ll do great even if he doesn’t take the title!


  6. I was thinking about last year’s top four: singer Michael Grimm, singer Jackie Evancho, singer/performer Prince Poppycock, and performance group Fighting Gravity… they were a better group of performers.

    I think nerves got the best of Landau, although I could see him in a Legends line-up at Branson or maybe Las vegas. He still might win, though. Team Iluminate might work as a Las Vegas act, but can they fill a full program? They could use their win money to get some things to add to their act.

    It was sad to see Poplyfe fall apart like that. More experience, and who knows? I think I would have liked the dance team from Miami to be in this finale.

    I had thought Silhouettes might do a dedication for 9-11. I am glad they didn’t. They were good but I cannot see them as a Las Vegas act. We’ll see…

    ETA: I do think Landau will find success. I hope he makes some good decisions which will effect his future.


  7. As much as I’m pulling for Landau, I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t win especially since he went first. Team iLuminate and Silhouettes could easily win.

    A couple of weeks ago, I thought Poplyfe was terrific, and I still think they’re good, but they couldn’t pull off Freddie Mercury and not many people/groups can.

    Personally, I couldn’t watch an entire show of Silhouettes or Team iLuminate. I’d much prefer Landau.


  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way with The Silhouettes….chaotic is the best way to describe it. It’s really too bad. They were my favourite and I’m still hoping they will win.

    Yes, Landau is fantastic! Win or lose, he does have a stellar voice and will certainly rise to fame as a result of this show. I’m pretty sure he is going to take it tonight…but only time will tell.

    I can’t remember who made the point last night of a one person act winning vs. a group – but it was a very valid point. It is much easier for a single-person act to win…by “easier” I mean it just him or herself to worry about in Vegas.


  9. Howie said Landau sealed the deal…hope people didn’t assume he had it in the bag and didn’t vote! He really should win or at least be runner up.


  10. YEAH!!!! So glad Landau won!


  11. Me too, Louise! What an exciting finale. The crowd went wild. He is so loved.


  12. Congratulations to Landau. Definitely deserved it! I was happy, but would have been so much more happier had the Silhouettes won! Like I said before, I’m tired of singers winning everything…something different would have been awesome! But ah well. C’est La Vie!


  13. But Howie really explained it well last night in that singers, especially soloists, really have an opportunity to connect with the viewing audience.

    Plus Landau brings a fresh, new perspective to retro music – something that I feel was missing.

    He adds to the Modern Day Rat Pack, along with Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr.

    And how neat that Jr. completes his name like the great Sammy David Jr.

    Now they need to find one more guy and the Rat Pack is complete. How about John Steven from American Idol, Season 3 I believe. He sounds great, very mature and confident now.

    AGT has discovered real talent because there are no restrictions like American Idol.


  14. I’m disappointed that Team ILuminate didn’t win. They are such a World Class Act.! I think Landau has a great voice, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near as great as Michael Buble or Harry Connick Jr.. I usually see eye to eye with you Rosanne, but I just can’t this time. Also, AGT badly needs to have an act win other than a singer. I’m getting frustrated with these talent shows where it’s always a male singer winning. It’s getting to be sort or boring.


  15. I am thrilled that Landau won…what a great voice!!! I love crooner’s and for me he fits the bill.

    Does anyone remember AI’s red headed crooner John Stevens? I Loved him too!!! I thought Tony Bennett Sounded awesome last night.


  16. Anita, you feel the exact same way I do. I just wanted to see a different “talent” win. Not that I am not happy for Landau, but I like variety and a change would have been so nice. I did a quick search as well to see the history of the winners of AGT and the theme is quite evident: male, singers.

    Landau is a star and I’m very happy for him. MCL, you are right, because of no restrictions, other types of singers can audition for AGT. I do remember Howie saying that, that soloists can connect better with the audiences, which is so true too.


  17. Anita – if it had to be a singer, then I am happy it is Landau. He really is a special find similar to Jackie Evancho.

    However, I was devastated that Team iLuminate did nor make Top 2. I knew they wouldn’t win – they don’t have a huge fanbase. Why? I don’t know.

    I was hoping for a win from them. They worked so hard and are so creative. They will do very well. I just feel it.


  18. Vonnie,

    I agree with your comment about Tony Bennett. It’s remarkable to me that he still sounds so good at his age–85, I think.


  19. Louise,

    Exact same thing that I said to the hubby last night as Tony was singing!!! LOL

    I thought Def Leppard also sounded good for their age…!!! 😉

    Jackie was absolutely adorable and sounded amazing!!!


  20. Bizzee247,

    Thank you for agreeing! I do wish Landau the best also!


  21. I think everyone has to remember that, in the long run, $$$$ rule the entertainment industry.

    With Landau, AGT will make a load of money via CDs, DVDs, touring, concerts, the list is endless.

    This is not to say that the non-singing acts are not valuable. They are. In fact, look at the beautiful collaborative performance last evening between Silhouettes and singer Lee Ann Rimes.

    However, as beautiful as it was, a group like Silhouettes will always remain secondary to the main performer. Sort of like Cirque De Soleil and Celine, although Cirque does have its own shows.

    Someone somewhere mentioned today that the idea behind Silhouettes is ground-breaking but needs to be brought to a higher level by a professional team. I agree.

    Team iLuminate is already a force to be reckoned with. They are real pros and I honestly wanted them to be runner-up to Landau and would have been totally fine if they won.


  22. Silhouettes has always reminded me a bit of the dance troup Pilobolus. They don’t always dance in silhouette, but here’s a link when they do . . .

    So even though I loved them, what they did wasn’t completely original.

    Pilobolus is quite interesting to watch and has been around since the 1970’s or 80’s.


  23. In my previous e-mail, I should have said, “. . . even though I loved Silhouettes, what they did wasn’t completely original.”


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