Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. And Anna Graceman

Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Six:The Finals


Over at the America’s Got Talent Official Site, acclaimed retro singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. has landed two spots on the homepage: one featuring him and the other featuring him hugging 11-year-old singing sensation Anna Graceman.

Is this a prediction of things to come? A repeat of last year’s scenario where Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho were the last two standing?

It’s hard to say. There is a ton of talent in this Top 10 and tonight they will all be competing for a spot in the Top 5 which will air next Tuesday.

However, I do feel that Landau is generating a great deal of buzz in the media and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the guy. His talent is something very special and I am sure the Las Vegas crowd will be lining up to see this guy. I know I will. He is pure magic to watch, his raw talent an entity that comes along once in a lifetime.

Tomorrow’s Results Show will bare all and we will be one step closer to crowning our new winner.

And scheduled to appear on tomorrow’s show are Il Divo and Def Leppard. A lot to look forward too over the next 32 hours or so.

Tonight’s Top 10 performers are: Anna Graceman, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Landon Swank, Lys Agnes, POPLYFE, Miami All-Stars, Silhouettes, Smage Bros. Riding Show, Team iLuminate and the West Springfield Dance Team. They are all very, very deserving!

So who are your picks for the Top 5? Let the games begin!

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22 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Six:The Finals”

  1. Rosanne,

    Hi! I’m looking very forward to tonight’s show! My picks for the Top 5 are:
    Landau, Anna Graceman, iluminate, Miami All-Stars, and Landon Swank. Landau has such an incredible voice, but I’m still hoping someone other than a singer wins this year!!


  2. I am hoping to be able to see the show tonight. There are 200,000 customers in the state without power following the storms. I just got my broadband back a few minutes ago, if I power it with a generator. Even cell service has been down.

    Little Anna needs my votes so I will find a way. I hope she does a classy classic like “Someone to Watch Over Me,” rather than the bang and shout GaGa style that she did last week. Maybe it’s time for one of her original pieces.

    Does Landau only do Sinatra songs or does he do the whole retro pop genre?

    I like Anna, Landau, Illuminate, Silhouettes and Landon Swank, in that order. Of those, I believe that Illuminate is way beyond this competition already and that Silhouettes would have serious logistical problems as a professional act. Given that the troupe are all minors, many of them very young minors, travel expenses for their entourage alone would probably exceed their income. They seem to be a specialty / novelty act that might be able to perform three or four times per year away from home. To be fair, I have formed my opinion without seeing all of the shows this season.


  3. Gene – you bring up valid points regarding Silhouettes. I never thought of it that way. It would be a logistical mess, wouldn’t it?

    I suspect Landau can perform many songs from that era and beyond but the AGT are really milking the Sinatra vibe that he clearly possesses. I love hearing Sinatra’s voice coming from Landau’s body. That’s part of the magic when he performs.

    That being said I feel Team iLuminate is ready for prime time – they are very, very skilled at what they do.

    Anna needs to really shine tonight – appeal to the masses if she wants to make the Top 5.

    Don’t forget about POPLYFE and Lys Agnes – both are shining stars.

    And Landon is a master magician- loaded with charisma.

    The two dance acts – although outstanding – may cancel each other out. We’ll see.


  4. Anita – I love your Top 5 but I would substitute POPLYFE in place of the Miami All-Stars. Those kids are amazing, simply amazing.


  5. Gene – I hope you get your power back soon. What an ordeal you’ve been through.


  6. So I’m sitting here watching AGT and was absolutely blown away my the Silhouettes! I just fell in love with their performance tonight – probably because I can relate to it!

    Anyway, I’m curious about something. I noticed that twice a comment was made by the judges: first Howie and then a couple of acts later Sharon. They both said: we will see you in the finals. Right after this was said, they both corrected themselves by saying to make sure America votes and Sharon even buzzed and then the camera panned to her and she had her notes card covering her face. Do they know something we don’t? I’m assuming that like Idol, the producers do have their hand in the pot somehow??


  7. p.s. does anyone know what the song was called that they performed to tonight?


  8. I think it is pre-determined but no one seems to care anymore. Landau will be in the finals as will Team ILuminate. I think Silhouettes will squeeze their way in after that stellar performance. I didn’t enjoy POPLYFE tonight but they may make the cut. They are a gutsy, innovative group.


  9. I vaguely know the song but can’t think of the name. sorry. 🙂


  10. bizzee247,

    The song is called “I Believe” by Blessed Union of Souls.

    I’m a fair hand at naming that tune, but I didn’t know this one. I have an app on my iPhone called Shazam that is the bomb. You’ve probably seen it. Shazam taged it in about 5 seconds.

    Here it is on You Tube.


  11. The power is back! It was a good show and I was glad to be able to watch it. Thanks MCL.

    I didn’t realize when I posted my remarks prior to the show that the kids in Silhouette had special medical needs. I love their act and they were very good tonight, but that news ads an enormous burden to their hopes of becoming a professional act. You have to wonder if the youngest members are up to the practice sessions necessary to fulfill the one hour show in Vegas provision. God bless ’em.

    Little Anna was a little off her game tonight. The grassy knoll nullified one of her advantages in my view. She is such a tiny little girl with that great big smile that you have to love her. On the knoll she didn’t seem as short as she normally does. I’m not sure she will make the cut.

    Landau is very good and it is very strange hearing Sinatra’s voice coming from him. He still sounded like Sinatra to me when he covered the Dean Martin number tonight, but it may have been his best performance that I have seen so far.

    Lys Agnes has an interesting concept to her act, blending opera and pop / rock. It exposes people to opera that may never hear it otherwise. The eyelashes tonight were, uhh, interesting.

    Illuminate were very good tonight. There is so much to explore with the combination of technology and artistry that they work in. It was good to see the leader take to the stage again as well.


  12. It really was a GOOD show tonight! Roseanne my choices are the same as yours. I believe the judges have access to the voting results, so they know who has been getting the most votes all along. Silhouettes got a wonderful applause; the best of the night! Assuming they will be in the finals, I believe next week will be a tribute for 9-11.

    I couldn’t pick up the difference in Landau’s voice because Dean Martin has a bit of an accent in his voice. I believe he has an excellent chance of winning. It seems like he’s in the recording studio, so they must be getting a song release ready?

    It seems to me, Landon made some errors in his tricks. If it is a TOP 4, I don’t know if he’ll make it. However, I bet there are a lot of young females voting for him, so I just don’t know.

    AGT can be proud of this entertaining line-up. The guests tomorrow are quite a contrast! Should be good!


  13. Thanks for the video, Gene!


  14. Gene – thank you!! Forgot about that Shazam App. I rarely use it but obviously I need it. 🙂


  15. Kariann – I guess it is a Top 4. I read that it was a Top 5 so someone really good is going to go tonight.


  16. Loved Michael Grimm last night…I had forgotten how much I love his voice, I will be out searching for hi CD.

    Landau was by far my favorite last night.

    Lys was disappointing, I did not like her performance at all.

    I liked Silhouettes.

    While I like Illuminate, they remind me of the act that was on last year from Virginia Tech…Fighting Gravity!!! The concept is the same! So for me they are not that original.

    I really like Landon too and hope that he makes it to the top 4.

    I would like to see Landau, Landon, Silhouettes, and Miami All-Stars…What? I liked the cheer leading thing!!!


  17. Thanks for the info. I had a feeling they (the judges) already knew some of the finalists, just by the way they were acting. Not that I care or anything, but it just sucks to see some really good acts go. Here’s who I think for Final 4: Silhouettes, Landau, Poplyfe( whose performance I couldn’t stand last night) and Illuminate.
    I’m kind of hoping Landon will move on instead of Poplyfe though.

    Gene – thank you for the link/video. 🙂


  18. Last night’s show was interesting. I was sorely disappointed by the Miami All Stars and Lys. As a matter of fact, I was shocked by Lys’ performance. What was she thinking? I love Anna, however, I didn’t love her performance as much last night as I have some earlier performances.

    My favorite is definitely Landau–he is a pleasure to listen to and to watch. Seems like a really nice guy too! I also thought that Team Illuminate was really good, and I’ll be very surprised if Silhouettes doesn’t make it into the final.

    I was also a bit confused about Landon–I think he’s terrific, but I’ve read on line that he messed up his tricks last night. I will watch that again more closely. But I hope that Landau wins!!!


  19. Louise – I think everyone wants Landau to win but it will probably be Team iLuminate. Maybe even Silhouettes. They need an act other than a singer to take the crown this year.

    It doesn’t matter, though. So much money is riding with Landau – recordings, shows, touring – that he just may well be the first huge superstar from this show, save Jackie Evancho.

    Let’s see if I’m right. Lol


  20. I’m not a fan of Landau. I think he is an absolute star and his voice is superb, but he is not for me. It’s not something that I would pay to see in Vegas – but that’s just me. He is incredibly talented, however and think he will definitely rise to stardom from this show!…whether he wins or not.

    Did Landon really mess up? He definitely didn’t show it…as with any good performer, he carried on and didn’t let the audience believe, if he did.

    I wasn’t a fan of Lys last night, either. In fact, I’m not crazy about her period. The key she chose to sing that song in did not suit her whatsoever. It’s not was we were use too and I think it was a risk that didn’t work in her favour.

    Personally, I would like to see someone beside a singer win this year.


  21. I think Landau has a tremendous voice, but his voice isn’t unique enough for me. He sounds way too much like Sinatra. I’m definately not knocking Sinatra mind you. He was one of the finest singers in the known world! I know you said that was part of his magic, Rosanne. But for me, I love when a singer was their own unique special quality and sound to their voice. That has always been one of the reasons why I love David Archuleta’s voice so much. His voice is so unmistakeable. Landau without a doubt, deserves to be in the Top 4 though.

    Anna is remarkable for an 11 year old. Give her a few more years, and I’m sure she’ll give other artists a run for their money.


  22. No surprises tonight. The results were as I thought. I am wondering if Landau will sing, “My Way”? Will the Silhouettes do a tribute for 9-11? It should be an interesting show, but maybe not as good as last years?

    It seems Landau is popular with the mostly young group of performers on the show. That’s no surprise either!


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