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Simon Cowell Will Never Find A Superstar On The X Factor Says Sir Cliff Richards

Well, here’s something to think about. And, I have to say, I somewhat agree with this statement. According to Sir Cliff Richard, Simon Cowell will never find a global star on The X Factor because the music industry and their consumers tire of artists when they fall from the charts. And I have to say […]

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Scenes From 'X Factor'

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The X Factor: The Bootcamp Auditions

Oh goodie! We’re off to Bootcamp this week on The X Factor. And apparently it is quite the uncomfortable experience. Also, the “nitty gritty”, “down and dirty” venture associated with this pressure-cooker competition is clearly laid out for all to see and enjoy. Also, Simon Cowell and LA Reid have already declared their picks for […]

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Simon Cowell, The X Factor

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Premiere Of The X Factor

Well, tonight’s the night. The premiere of the much anticipated X Factor airs on Fox from 8:00-10:00 Eastern. The show is open to singers from the age of 12 years and up, soloists and groups. I like this concept right off the bat. It has worked for The Voice and for America’s Got Talent. The […]

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Simon Cowell Attends The 2011 Fox Upfront Event

Is Simon Cowell Getting The Heebee Geebees About The American Version Of The X-Factor?

Wow. I didn’t think Simon ever got nervous. Ever! However, according to The Scoop, it seems that the unexpected success of both Fox’s American Idol and The Voice have left him mighty worried. Sources close to the X-Factor had this to say: “There are two things he was not counting on,” the source said. “One, […]

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Monday Morning Madness: X-Factor Gossip

Honestly, I cannot believe the lengths to which producers will go to ensure a successful show. According to the Mirror, the X-Factor executives, which includes Simon Cowell, are encouraging X-Factor judge, Cheryl Cole, to dump her boyfriend, “Dancing With The Stars” pro, Derek Hough. Well, that’s a tad rude, don’t you think? This demand is […]

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James Durbin’s Shocking American Idol Elimination. Fan Outrage Alert

Okay, this elimination really hurt. What is wrong with this show? James received the lowest number of votes? Really? REALLY? Okay, relax now! Perhaps the producers are planning another Daughtry scenario. You know the story. Rock star, Chris Daughtry was eliminated during the Results Show Of American Idol Season 5. However, he went to enormous […]

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Paula And Simon Are Reunited For The Season Premiere Of The X-Factor

Well, we all knew this was coming. Paula Abdul has recently confirmed that she will be a judge on the highly anticipated singing competition, The X-Factor. She will be joined by X-Factor creator, Simon Cowell, along with previously confirmed judges, former Def Jam president L.A. Reid and British superstar Cheryl Cole. Paula and Simon together […]

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Former ‘American Idol’ Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, Rumored To Make A Comeback

Will he or won’t he? That is the question and it’s a good one, up for strong debate here on MasterclassLady.Com.  And the question is: “Will Nigel Lythgoe make a timely return to American Idol Season 10 and , with him, bring higher ratings for the show “? The departure of popular yet controversial judge Simon […]

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American Idol Season 9 Top 3 Vocal Masterclass Article: Judges’ Choice And Singers’ Choice

        In past seasons,  the  Top 3 show has generally been less than spectacular. By this point in the competition, the singers are succumbing  to the pressure of the  competitive astmosphere, thinking that, in the grand scheme of things, how well they sing doesn’t seem to make a difference.  Just ask Jennifer Hudson, Carly Smithson, Michael […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Idol Gives Back Extravaganza

  I thought I would add a separate blog topic for this evening’s  star-studded 2-hour presentation of   Idol Gives Back And you don’t have to wait until the show airs to donate to this extensive charitable cause. With just a click,  you can donate now by visiting the Idol Gives Back website . Two evenings ago on Larry King Live,  all […]

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