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Gene Kelly And Donald O'Connor 1960

Masterclass Holiday Monday: Gene Kelly And Donald O’Connor Dance Medley

Below is an absolutely splendid video, showcasing once and for all the genius of Gene Kelly as he performs an impeccable dance routine to “Ballin’ The Jack”. He is then joined by another flawless dancer, Donald O’Connor, for a sit-down dance routine. Yes, a sit-down dance routine. Recorded on a Gene Kelly TV special broadcast […]

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Masterclass Monday: Gene Kelly’s Performance Of Singing In The Rain

It is very fitting that the first three letters in Gene Kelly’s name mirror the first three letters in the word “genius”. Because, yes indeed, his performance of “Singing In The Rain” was pure, unbridled genius. Choreographed by Gene himself, he captured the emotion of the moment so very well through his expansive body language […]

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Masterclass Monday: Good Morning via Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds And Gene Kelly

Look at the vibrancy and precision of this collaborative performance featuring Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly as they performed “Good Morning” from the classic film, “Singing In The Rain”. They flawlessly combined dancing elements of tap, modern and ballet to create this memorable number. Debbie Reynolds was only 19-years-old in this film and […]

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