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Ryan Seacrest Forging Ahead With His Music Show

As previously mentioned here, Ryan Seacrest is in early talks with NBC to develop a music show at some point down the road. However, at this time, he doesn’t plan to host the new show nor does he want to compete with American Idol. He is under a $15 million a year contract with American […]

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Ryan Seacrest In Negotiations To Develop A Singing Reality Show On NBC

Looks like Ryan Seacrest is planning to follow in Simon Cowell’s footsteps and fly the coop. According to the New York Post, Ryan is planning to produce a reality-based performance show that will focus on artistry. He is presently in negotiations with NBC which is slowly morphing into Fox. Ryan was quoted as saying: “”It […]

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American Idol Season 10 Premiere Does A Solid

Last evening, I was extremely surprised with the premiere of American Idol. It was a well-paced, intelligent evening of pure entertainment. Returning judge, Randy Jackson, was a comforting presence alongside new judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. All three judges displayed just the right amount of tact, humor, empathy and professionalism when dealing with the contestants. […]

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The Resuscitation Of American Idol

Can returning American Idol producer, Nigel Lythgoe, breathe new life into the rapidly dying American Idol format? Well, according to this article, it looks like the 10th season may be everything that the viewers have hoped for and more. The most intriguing new change to the show’s tired format was the revelation that the singers […]

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Nigel Lythgoe Returns As Executive Producer of American Idol

   Well, the kitty-cat’s out of the bag  – not that it was ever in the bag for long.  The rumours have flown all over the internet.   In fact, Nigel Lythgoe himself  inadvertently referred to American Idol during last week’s judging comments on So You Think You Can Dance.  It was one of those great “oops” moments that live television loves to […]

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Paparazzi Prodigy Greyson Chance’s Radio Interview With Ryan Seacrest

Greyson Chance experienced his first radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on the latter’s show earlier today. It was such a great interview and, considering that not even a month has passed since Greyson posted his video on YouTube.Com, I am astounded at the maturity and composure of this young man. In addition to being immensely […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Idol Gives Back Extravaganza

  I thought I would add a separate blog topic for this evening’s  star-studded 2-hour presentation of   Idol Gives Back And you don’t have to wait until the show airs to donate to this extensive charitable cause. With just a click,  you can donate now by visiting the Idol Gives Back website . Two evenings ago on Larry King Live,  all […]

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Ryan Seacrest Spoiler Ignites Twitter Revolt

This article makes me laugh. I love Ryan because he is a fellow “tweeter”. Plus he shares my grandson’s name!  A revolt?  Okay – whatever turns your crank. How dare he share Idol informstion before the show airs on the West Coast? (MCL says sarcastically).  Ryan Seacrest spoiler ignites Twitter revolt Posted using ShareThis

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American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Finale Featuring Top 2 Finalists Adam Lambert And Kris Allen.

Who will be crowned our next American Idol?  Ah, yes, therein lies the question and it’s a biggie. Will it be the theatrical rocker, Adam Lambert, or the subdued, acoustically driven stylist, Kris Allen? According to DialIdol.Com, the race is an extremely close one and, in the final tally, it will come down to the […]

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Ryan Seacrest Tweets Problem With Idol Phone Number: 1-866-IDOLS-13

This story has been circulating the Message Boards over the past few days. Apparently, when you dial in your votes for the newly appointed 13th singer after this evening’s show, you are connected to a non-G rated phone service – if you catch my drift and I am sure you do. Well, Ryan Seacrest just […]

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Ryan Seacrest Takes His Nana Out To Madeo

I was on my Twitter page and received a great tweet -link from Team Seacrest. I loved watching this video of Ryan and his Nana. Nice to see that he is a grounded celebrity who obviously loves and supports his family members. Enjoy the video clip and, of course, you are always free to comment! […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8: Jacksonville, Florida Auditions

Jacksonville auditions are in full swing, as the producers and judges reach their next stop of the American Idol Season 8 Preliminary Auditions Tour. I am really pumped for the show this evening. Last week was a disturbing week for me – for a variety of reasons – but, this week, it’s all sunshine and […]

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Pictures From The Road To a Cure Gala

Well, this brought a smile to my face – a very sweet picture of David Archuleta and Ryan Seacrest at the Road To a Cure Gala. You can see more pictures here but I find the ones with Priscilla Presley truly scary. Why oh why did this once beautful lady ever feel that she ever […]

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