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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Nine: The Times They Are A-Changin’

The Sixties was quite the revolutionary decade. Looking back, it seems almost unbelievable that the social issues raised during this decade were significant enough to warrant change, but, we have evolved and become a better culture as a result of the social movements of strong leaders during this decade. Acceptance of Homosexuality , equal rights […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Eight: 1968

The 8th installment of The Sixties show airs on CNN at 9:00 PM on Thursday, July 31st. This week, the focus is on the year 1968. It was not a very good year. There was so much unrest and turmoil in the United States which culminated in the assassinations of the Reverend Martin Luther King […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Seven: The Space Race

The 7th installment of The Sixties show airs on CNN at 9:00 PM on Thursday, July 24th. This week, we gain exclusive insight into the dollars and drama surrounding the most affluent time of the Space Age – with particular emphasis on the Moon Landing in July 1969. I thoroughly remember devouring every nook and […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Five: A Long March To Freedom

This week, CNN’s 10-part documentary, “The Sixties”, focuses on The Long March To Freedom. And it was a long walk. A really long walk. And, unfortunately, we are still walking that walk. Donna Brazile, a CNN contributor and a Democratic strategist sums up the significant events focusing on segregation during this decade: “CNN on Thursday […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Four: The War In Vietnam

This week, CNN’s 10-part documentary, “The Sixties”, focuses on The War in Vietnam. It was The Sixites prelude to the War In Iraq. It went on forever and ever amen! And, after a while, everyone forgot why they were fighting in the first place. Totally endless and mindless and overflowing with heartbreak and senseless deaths. […]

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Hillary Clinton Hard Choices: CNN Town Hall Meeting Airs Tonight

Oh ya! This should be a doozy. Hillary Clinton, who is being pumped as a prime candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, is ready to leave everything on the floor when CNN airs her Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, June 17th at 5:00 PM Eastern, followed by a replay at 9:00 PM Eastern. The event […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Three: The Assassination Of President Kennedy

This week, CNN’s third episode of The Sixties focuses on one major event that pretty much consumed everyone during this decade – the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As a young adult during this era, I, along with anyone else who was alive when this sad event occurred, will always remember where I was […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Two: The World On The Brink

Picture Credit: CNN.Com Did everyone catch last week’s premiere of CNN’s fantastic series – The Sixties? What fun! Last week focused on the iconic shows and personalities dominating the Television Era in The Sixties. As someone who began her young adult years during the 1960s, these precious televised memories came flooding back. For an hour, […]

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CNN To Air A Ten-Week Special Television Event Focused On The Sixties

CNN has been heavily publicizing their upcoming special focusing on the historical, political and cultural events that occurred during The Sixties. Personally, The Sixties were huge for me – I graduated from Secondary School and University, was married, witnessed the moon landing, rocked on to a new group called The Beatles and suffered the tragedy […]

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Clay Aiken’s Congressional Seat Opponent, Keith Crisco, Has Died

I almost fell off my chair when they flashed Clay Aiken’s face on Jake Tapper’s The Lead show on CNN and saw the words “has died” in the headline. For one brief moment, I thought Clay Aiken had died but then quickly realized that his opponent for the U.S. House District 2 seat, 71-year-old Keith […]

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[Video]Stevie Wonder Takes A Powerful Stand Regarding The Trayvon Martin Case

Finally! Someone with vision and fortitude. I am beyond disgusted over the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. And, although I understand the now infamous “Stand Your Grand” law factored into the “not guilty” verdict, that doesn’t mean that this law is correct and should be embraced by society. In fact, it is downright stupid, crazy […]

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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Dies At The Age Of 87

Picture Courtesy Of CNN And another legendary politician has passed away today, April 8th, 2013. Former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, died at the age of 87 years. Needless to say, the feisty politician, who was dubbed the “Iron Lady” by a Soviet Journalist, made tremendous inroads during her tenure as Prime Minister. She was […]

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Hollywood Is Planning To Make A Movie About Osama Bin Laden

Do we really want to go there? Isn’t it enough that the notorious terrorist was finally captured and laid to rest in the high seas after brutally massacring thousands of innocent lives on September 9, 2001? According to USA Today, Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have been meeting with actors for an […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 2 Results Show: The Finale With Crystal and Lee

I am adding this blog topic quickly. We have been suffering severe power outages, affecting internet, television and basic utility services in our area. So. Much. Fun! I will update later, I just want to press “publish” so my readers have place to gather before, during and after the Finale tonight. Can’t wait to see […]

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The Fall Season Has Arrived. Hello Out There! Anyone?

So much has happened over the course of the summer and, although it was tempting to keep this blog active and running, I’m afraid that my “real life” experiences interfered with my blogging duties. However, now that the Fall season has begun and my schedule has been finalized, I can now get back to the […]

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President Obama Addresses Economic Recovery House Meetings

This video was sent to me from President Barack Obama’s Campaign Manager, David Plouffe, and, for those of you who are on the mailing list, you may already seen this. However, it highlights President Obama’s determination and resolve to reach out to the public via the internet and rally the troops -aka the American public […]

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A Tribute To President Barack Obama, Featuring The Voices Of The Canadian Tenors

MasterclassLady.Com is very fortunate to be the recipient of numerous video contributions from intelligent and creative readers. One such reader who frequents the MCL blog goes by the pseudonym of “Bizzee24“.  As you will soon see when you watch the video accompanying this article, Bizzee24  is indeed a very busy, imaginative and artistic young lady. […]

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Air & Simple Gifts – President Obama Inauguration Performance 2009

Who cares if this performance was live or pre-recorded? It was brutally cold outside and and the subpar temperature would have hindered these classical artists and their instruments to perform to this level of perfection. What a performance! These stellar world-class artists have nothing to prove. They have given an infinite number of extraordinary live […]

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The Stuff of Dreams: Barack Obama Becomes The 44th President Of The United States Of America

On this day in history, Barack Obama became the first black American to be sworn in to the most powerful political position in the world – the office of the President Of The United States Of America. The ceremony took place at precisely 12:05 P.M. ET and it was a long time coming. Fullfilling the dreams […]

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And A New Year Begins!

Happy New Year one and all! I hope all of you have had a relaxing and healthy holiday and are ready to begin another year full of fun, surprises, success and, most of all, good health. I had a wonderful time over the Christmas season and am happy to announce that my younger daughter, Maria, […]

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