Archive | August 22, 2011

Masterclass Monday: Dancer Vera Ellen Partnering With Danny Kaye In White Christmas

Vera-Ellen was never given enough credit for her phenomenal gift of dance during her all too brief film career. I could watch her performances in White Christmas over and over, again and again! Her timing, her grace, her poise and singular charisma are exceptional and cannot be cloned. She stands alone and, for this reason, […]

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Masterclass Monday: A Brilliant Mash-Up Of America’s Got Talent’s Fighting Gravity And Team iLuminate

This video mash-up of America’s Got Talent’s Season 5 and 6 discoveries, Fighting Gravity and Team iLuminate respectively, is beyond brilliant. Somewhere, an innovative videographer by the name of SevenDeuce 72 is working incognito and needs to be discovered and hired by a film and animation company.

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