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  UPDATE: This blog topic was due to be published yesterday, but, somehow, that didn’t happen.  

However, after last evening’s performance, I feel that Michael Grimm gave the strongest performance of the night. 

Last week’s America’s Got Talent Top 10 Results Show was an absolute nail-biter, wasn’t it?   

However, it seems that everything went as planned, although I would have preferred to see magician/illusionist Michael Grasso in the Top 4.    

I feel that Michael Grasso has always delivered with enormous style and substance, more so than Fighting Gravity.     

They latter group’s Top 10 performance lacked fluidity and synchronization and, at some point in the performance, became truly boring.  I know these guys have sacrificed their schooling and employment opportunities for this AGT gig, but, unfortunately, they are not quite ready for prime time yet.    

In regard to the other three performers, I am on the fence with Prince Poppycock, but truly love Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho.    

However, if little Jackie doesn’t win, I will be truly shocked. Not only is she sublimely talented, but also she is a lovely, charming and genuine young artist.  How can anyone not fall in love with her?    

Then tomorrow evening,  on the Results Show, we are in for a spectacular night. Scheduled to make appearances are David Copperfield, Sarah Brightman and Usher. It sounds like a great, family friendly evening for all!  How I will miss my AGT Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after this week!     

The  Masterclass doors are now open for commentary! Have fun everyone!    

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209 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion Thread For America’s Got Talent Top 4 Show”

  1. I am so in agreement with your overall assessment of things Masterclass Lady!! I had a tough time watching this after my fav, Michael Grasso, was eliminated. Based soley on last night’s performances, I feel Michael Grimm deserves the title. While I love Jackie, she wasn’t as good as last week, and I felt she got swallowed up by the song a bit. She is amazingly talented, but her youth and inexperience came through a bit last night. I would have preferred the other Ave Maria version too. If she wins though, I will be happy with that result!

    I feel Prince Poppycock proved my point last night that he is more about showmanship than great vocal prowess. Fighting gravity was a big yawn for me, and I was really a big fan at first. It should be a good results show!


  2. I am almost afraid to say this but I will. The best performance last evening was from Michael Grimm. It was an honest, passionate performance, full of nuance and expressiveness.

    Jackie’s version of Gounod’s Ave Maria was far from perfect. She was breathing in all the wrong places and struggling with the vocals. On top of all this, I could barely hear her above the background vocals and musical accompaniment. The lower end of her voice was barely audible – breathy and lacked focus. This was a poor choice for the Finale. But, no one will care, because all one sees is this angelic girl with the angelic voice and ignores the poorly guided technique and repertoire choices.

    Fighting Gravity’s performance was much, much better than last week and more interesting. There was a coordination problem near the end, but it was still very good.

    And Prince Poppycock, I believe, overstayed his welcome. He does have a beautiful voice, but last night’s decision to perform Nessun Dorma was not a good one. He was cracking on some of those upper notes and he looked tentative throughout the performance.

    The highlight for me was seeing Michael Grasso and the other finalists combine their skills. It was pure entertainment.


  3. if grimm wins i will not be heartbroken.

    i have a totally diffrent view of jackie’s performance but maybe im biased. i thought she hit all the notes at the right places. i do agree at points the orchestra was too loud but that isnt HER Fault. its not like she exposed herself as a phony like fighting gravity or as inept as poppycock.

    i dont think it matters anyways. im sure poppycocks fanatac lunatic fanbase clobbered his voting lines last night and hes gonna run away with this tonight. he doesnt deserve it. but he’s gonna win anyways 😦


  4. I don’t know what to think of last night’s show. I missed Prince Poppycock’s performance, and I’m kind of glad I did. He is not a fan of mine. Although I do think he would do well headlining a show in Vegas as he is exactly what it is about….showmanship. He can definitely keep a crowd entertained for 2 hours or so.

    Although not my favourite as well, I really really enjoyed Michael’s performance and felt it was the best of the night. Jackie was so so for me. I do agree that the audience will not notice her technical flaws and be lost in her voice and therefore vote for her. But I still think she is too young. SHe has a fantastic career ahead of her someday, but I think she needs to work on technique and will become even better.

    I have always been a fan of Fighting Gravity, but last night was just blah. I like them because of how different they are. I did not notice their lack of coordination moment, but perhaps I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

    Tonight will be interesting. Each artist bring something completely different to the competition and will attract a different crowd to their shows. It’s hard to say who will win. Based on last night’s performance, I do think Michael Grimm. However, based on all the performances throughout the weeks, I think Jackie.

    I think Howie was right when he told Fighting Gravity that regardless of what happens they will be a show in Vegas one of these days. Which does make me happy because I do like them a lot.


  5. bizzee ‘he is not a fan of mine’ lol too funny 🙂


  6. woops…lol. It’s been a very busy week, but I had to stop by and read the comments and comment myself, I guess I should say: “I am not a fan of him”.


  7. its ok bizzee i really needed that laugh 🙂


  8. ‘it made me happy but it made me mad too. i want to win but others deserve to win to. i dont think piers sees the talent in others.’

    jackies response after the show to piers comments. total class act…

    she is gonna go a long way win or lose tonight 🙂


  9. I really do not want Jackie to win, she’s too young and so overrated!!


  10. no overated is a guy in clown makeup dancing around like a fairy (his words not mine) while trying to pretend he’s jackie.

    overated is 20 college frat boys who ran out of ideas 5 performances ago.

    overated is a lounge singer trying to get by on sympathy votes for strep throat and grandparents and whateverlse he can think up this week.

    overated is not a 10 year old girl that sings like that. sorry


  11. grimm wins. like i said im not dissapointed.

    i think his last performance put him over the top. he was great.

    i still dont think jackie is overrated and i still dont like that comment 😦

    i think they will both go on to great things 🙂


  12. I thought the comments about yesterday’s show was on the other thread? At least that’s where I posted! 🙂

    Is Michael a WGWG? What’s going on here? I guess a girl just can’t win anything any where?

    Both contestants were great all season. I think it is better that Jackie came in second place. This little girl with the big voice needs to relax and go to Disney World!

    I think PPC could have gotten third place if he had chosen a better song and performance. I thoroughly enjoyed his interaction and song with Donna Summer. Alawyas nice to see Jewel perform. Sarah Brightman was the perfect choice for Jackie.

    MCL, did you get the impression that Sarah has been working with Jackie this season and that she wants her to preserve her voice? I think someone from the show has been reading the forums and blogs.

    This was an enjoyable, enteretaining show!


  13. I think the duet with jackie and sarah was great 🙂

    i wonder if she lost cause people forgot to vote for her 😦


  14. actually i wonder if grimm won cause he played the pity card every 5 minutes.

    well you know jackie found out this week her dad was getting rid of her pet ducks cause they were in the garden again….

    maybe she should have cried her eyes out about it during her intro……

    no she has way too much class for that. and she handled defeat tonight with poise and dignity. so when people try to run her down remember, she went out in style, she was not overated, she performed far better under pressure then most of us could at twice/three/seven times her

    and this will hardly be the last we hear of her. but in 6 months no one will remember micheal grimms name.



  15. ok my last post didnt go thru?


  16. i said i wouldnt be dissapointed if he won and jackie didnt and i tried not to be a sore loser but i’d also be lying if i said im not sad or angry.

    i dont think this was right and i dont understand how it happened. there have been rumors these shows have been rigged for years.

    susan boyle lost.

    the chicken farm who couldnt sing won.

    i didnt want to believe it.

    but then the lounge singer with the sob stories beat the girl with one of the best voices i’ve ever heard.

    i might not watch talent or idol ever again 😦


  17. YEAH!!! I was quite surprised and happy that Michael Grimm pulled off the win on AGT because I’ve been a fan since the first time I heard him perform on AGT. After looking at several on-line polls yesterday, I didn’t think he had a chance because he was at the bottom of every poll I saw–Prince Poppycock was at the top of most of them. But that doesn’t make me believe that the show was rigged.

    I always think that Jackie has a wonderful talent, but I thought that Sarah Brightman’s comment about Jackie saving and preserving her voice and enjoying her childhood was very telling. I hope that her family takes this advice seriously. Jackie is really a sweetheart and I’d hate to see her exploited by anyone. I know she “likes” to sing, but she is still a child and her parents can decide what is ultimately best for her. I doubt if many people would disagree with Scott’s love for her, however, I’m guessing that many people probably thought she wasn’t ready for a big career.

    As for Prince Poppycock, I agree with Kariann and basically with Piers. If he had performed his patriotic act on Tuesday night, I think he could have won–it was hilarious!!! He’s a very talented guy, but the appeal of Prince Poppycock is the humor that comes out of his performances. To do a serious performance for the final was the kiss of death for him.

    And I honestly never thought that Fighting Gravity would win the million dollars. They’re entertaining, but not THAT entertaining!

    Michael Grimm had a terrific performance on Wednesday night and if people never saw any of his YouTube performances outside of AGT, they were probably very impressed with his improvement from the first show. I think he was a smart guy who played it just right–he had this in him all along, but he only showed a little each week. He’s really an amazingly talented guy and now his name is known outside of Mississippi, Vegas, and Bransom, Missouri.

    By the way, Vonnie, you said you can’t wait for his CD. He has two CDs and I purchased his most recent one. It’s quite good and I highly recommend it.

    Now it’s on to Dancing with the Stars!


  18. well im buyin jackie’s next cd whether it’s independent or she gets a recording contract. 🙂

    i just wish someone would force nbc to show the actual vote totals


  19. Thank you Louise for the CD info…where did you buy yours?

    I think the two most deserving people were top two last night…I am very happy that Michael won and would have been just as happy to have seen Jackie win, they both are wondefully talented people and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two stars!!!


  20. vonnie i will keep you posted on jackie 🙂

    the top 10 tour is coming up starting next month so both of them are featured obviously, with grimm having top billing.

    the tour comes to my area twice……once in connecticut and once in boston. i will see if i can make both shows 🙂


  21. oh and jackie will be jay leno next thursday

    grimm may have won but jackie is the one people want to see. go figure! 🙂


  22. I’m sure Michael Grimm will be on Leno as well. The Top 2 in any show is a good place to be! So happy for both of them and hoping that Michael Grasso is picked up for Vegas as well!


  23. well masterclass he will also be on the 25 city tour as he was in the top 10. im sure after that he will get a vegas act 🙂


  24. jackie is recording her christmas album next week. presumably this is an independent release like her first album ‘prelude to a dream’. she is reportedly getting a 6 figure offer for a real deal however.


  25. Scott – that is great news! Where did you hear this?


  26. Grimm is better than Lee Dewyze. Grimm is another dime a dozen singer though. These shows are so screwed up, I can’t watch them anymore. I don’t like opera, but that little girl was freakishly good. And unlike Grimm, she has no other venue for her talent, as she is too young for AI or presumably X-factor.


  27. Scott,

    Please keep us posted on Jackie and on her Christams album…I love Christmas music so this is one that I would love to add to my collection!


    Woo Hoo…I agree…on to Dancing with the Stars!!! Do you have a favorite? I always root for Tony and I like Dereck too, and always hope that they get good partners. Dereck always does, Tony, eh, not so much so. But I think this year Tony finally has another Melissa who can take him to the finale.


  28. Hi Nellie,

    Speaking of X-Factor…when is the USA one supposed to start?


  29. Taylor Fans!!!

    Taylor Hicks will make his Don’t Forget The Lyrics debut on October 12. The episode will air: My Network TV 10/10 – 9:30 pm, FOX Syndicated Networks, 11/04 (check local listings), VH1 – 2/17/11 – 7 pm.


  30. Vonnie, currently X-Factor is scheduled for the fall of 2011 so another season of AI, SYTYCD and AGT will all air first if plans hold.


  31. Hi Skiffrower,

    Thank you so much for the info!!! 🙂


  32. MCL- her second cd was in the works before she appeared on AGT….as she still has no recording contract as of yet, she is probably still getting by on donations and friends/family backing.

    which leads me to wonder, does she and the other runner ups get nothing for making the finals? 😦

    as far as the 6 figure offer i have heard she got some type of offer from ellen degeneres music label, but i hope to god she doesnt go that route. that would be a disaster!

    i caught the seoond half of DWTS tonight and i wasnt impressed at all. i thought florence henderson was good considering she’s 40 years older then i am. bolton was boring…….’the situation’ whoever the heck that was looked like he was doing a bad john travolta impersonation……..jennifer gray was the best of what i saw


  33. oh and none of them held a candle to anna and patrick 🙂


  34. Scott,

    The Situation is the guy from the show “Jersey Shore”!!!

    There is alot of great dancers this year!!! I am so glad that Tony finally got a partner who actually can dance!


  35. like i said vonnie……i missed the first hour.

    cant give up my show ‘chuck’ for bristol palin and rick fox 😉


  36. Scott,

    You’ll have to do what I do…The hubby and son like to watch “House”, so we watch that together, I tape Dancing, then watch it the next morning while running on the tread mill.


  37. Vonnie,

    A few days ago you asked who my favorite dancer is–I like Tony too, but my very favorite is Maks!


  38. and the hoff is gone!!!

    wow…….i guess thats what happens when germany cant vote 😉

    i really hope freddie mecutry comes back and haunts the ‘comediens’ dreams……..disgraceful thing to do to ‘we are the champions’. 😦

    ughhhhhhhhhh first poppycock with bohemien rapsody, now this 😦


  39. Scott,

    OMGosh…I am so glad that David was the first to go, that guy was a little creepy!!! I never was a big fan of his!

    Yeah, I didn’t think much of Margaret and Louie’s dance either, it started out really good, but then quickly went down hill.


  40. i also dont get how you can be ‘dancing a venietian walz’ or the ‘cha cha’ with pop/rock music playing. who set these idiotic rules?

    This is really the first year i’ve payed attention to this show


  41. Welp! It’s official the new Idol judges are…drum roll please…Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez!!! Randy’s hangin’ around too!


    Welcome aboard the “Dancing with the Stars” train!!! It is a fun show to watch! What in the world would we do with out all of these reality shows to entertain us???


    Yeah, I kind of like Maks too, did he seem a little put out with Brandy to you? I did not like Dereck at all when he first joined the show, but have over time really started to pay attention to his choreography and the way that he connects to each star he is given to work with…he makes them all look like they have been dancing for years! He has become one of my favorites.

    Tony looked very happy Monday night!!! Poor Cheryl and Rick…Edita would have made a great partner for him…where is she?


  42. I just saw that it’s now official–Randy, JLo, and Steven Tyler. I honestly don’t know enough about Steven Tyler to know if that’s a good or bad choice. But I wish it would have been Harry Connick,Jr.

    As for DWTS . . .
    Vonnie, I agree with you about Derrick. His choreography is spectacular. He is quite impressive! I was also wondering what happened to Edita this year. And I was very happy that the Hoff was voted off first. Why is he so popular in Germany?


  43. I just read the official announcement of the AI-10 judges table as well. . I guess my dream team didn’t make the cut.

    Who would have thought that anyone would hire J-Lo to “sit down” for two shows every week?

    What a lame way they chose to dribble out information through unofficial channels over such a long period of time. I still believe it was trial balloon decision making. AI killed their own buzz for season ten in my view.

    Hoff is absolutely creepy, Vonnie! Glad he is gone.

    I’m predicting Jennifer “Baby” Grey and Derrick for the win. Given my history with predictions, that should doom any chance that they may have had.

    Hope everyone and your loved ones are well.


  44. I just read about this change for the new AI season . . .

    ” . . . the producers said that contestants won’t be forced to stray from their favored genre: country singers can sing country songs; rock singers won’t have to sing folk songs. Also, there are no plans to have celebrity mentors come on the show, as was common in seasons past.”


  45. Hi Gene W,

    So glad to have you back posting…where in the world have you been???

    Jennifer Grey was very good! I liked several of the contestants this year…I think this is going to be a tough year! I thought Kirt(?) Warner was also very good, and Len was just plain mean!


  46. Louise,

    Wow! Does that mean no themes? Fingers crossed!!!


  47. jackie was on leno last night.
    leno said ‘you were a cheerleader?’ and jackie said ‘i used to be.’ and leno quipped ‘yes many years ao’ haha jackie then did an impromptu little cheer
    leno asked about her pet ducks. ‘do you know any smart ducks?” jackie” i only know 2, mine and my brothers’ hehe
    jimy smits was on before jackie and he commented that she ‘sang like an angel’
    then jackie performed ‘pie jesus’ again, flawlessly. i guess this and ‘mio bambino cabblo’ (forgive the spelling) are her best..

    i dont know if those judges will fly on idol. maybe if tyler comes to work stoned it will be intresting…..


  48. Hi Vonnie,

    Thanks. It’s been a busy summer and I don’t follow AGT. I just checked this thread to see if anyone was talking about the Idol judges since they finally got around to making an official announcement.

    I’m mixed on the other changes. Both good and bad have come from the themes. Allison Iraheta would have never chosen “Someone to Watch Over Me,” arguably her best performance, if not for themes. Aaron would have sounded like Rascal Flats on every song instead of just the majority of them if not pushed to work outside of his comfort zone. How boring would that be? There are many more examples, but those came to mind.

    I guess we will see how it goes. Hopefully they will realize it’s about the contestants this year.



  49. Gene W,

    Yeah! I can see your point on the themes…I guess I think of it as, when the kids are made to sing the themes, we don’t get a clear idea of the kind of artist they want to be! That said, maybe they could bring the themes more up to date and then only add in maybe one or two of the old themes, just a thought!!!

    So gald to have you back posting…are you watching Dancing with the Stars???


  50. It’s good to hear from you too Vonnie.

    The themes are a two edged sword. I agree with you on the downside of themes as well. I would probably have a few well chosen theme weeks to coincide with the mentor of the week. Hopefully they will continue to use the feedback of the fans that filled out the survey at the Idol site a while back. I’m pretty confident that the survey was responsible for the demise of Kara and Ellen. The selection of the new judges would suggest that they still believe the show is about the judges though.

    I am watching Dancing with the Stars. I think Jennifer Grey will sweep at this point.

    One thing that I would add to the audition process would be a requirement for each serious contestant to sing some portion of the National Anthem. This wouldn’t be for public consumption, but rather something they would do in the earlier rounds of the audition process when they are being judged by the show producers. Anyone who wears the crown of AI winner will be called upon many times to perform this standard, live and before a large, or even huge, audience. They become an ambassador for the American Idol brand at that point and the owners of that brand should have some assurance that they will represent them well. Having one song to compare all potential contestants by seems like a good filtering device to me, especially given the fact that the winner will be required to sing that song in the future. So that is one small tweak I would add this year.
    What I expect to see is a little different than what I hope to see. I expect to see a trumped up affair or some form of sexual tension between J-Lo and Ryan, Randy and/or Steven or any combination of the four, more freak show auditions, more commercials, more guest appearances from marginal talent, more childish comments from Ryan directed toward J-Lo, more back stories and less time for the kids to perform. I hope I am wrong. This show has so much potential.



  51. Gene W,

    Jennifer Grey, eh! I dunno, I’m gonna have to see her dance the quick step or something other than a Waltz type dance first…!

    I think this is going to be a pretty competitive year!

    Must say your National Anthem idea is a prety darn good one!!! I think that should be one of the theme nights…allow them to change it up in a way that would reflect who they are as an artist without disrespecting the song…no rap please!!! I listen to some rap, but I don’t want the National Anthem sang that way!

    Yeah! Idol should be entertaining this year to say the least! I wish someone on that show would grow brains and just let the kids sing…don’t bring on all of the outside artists (who by the way are usually out classed by the idols) and stop with all of the judges table rhetoric.

    AnyHoo! That’s my 2 cents on the idol fiasco…did I ever tell you about these flat spots on my head????????????? 🙂


  52. Interesting idea about the national anthem, Gene. I hope that AI improves this year, but I have my doubts.

    As for DWTS . . . it looks like Jennifer Grey could win at this point, however, I don’t think she’s going to be the most likeable contestant and that plays a big part in the final winner too. I’m just not getting the feeling that she’s really genuine but instead that she’s a little full of herself. Poor Michael Bolton. Last night’s performance–and the choreography–was one of the worst I’ve seen on this show.

    So do you think the boos were because Jennifer wasn’t scored high enough, or were they boos for Sarah Palin? I’m guessing they were boos for Palin.


  53. Louise,

    I agree with you about Jennifer Grey…there are some others on the show who are more likable and who truly do not know how to dance, but yet are doing very well. Jennifer has the upper hand this year with her background in dancing, much like the girl that won last year, yeah, yeah, names escape me!!!!

    I felt so bad for Michael Bolton!!! He’s such a likeable guy, maybe he will get enough votes to stay.

    I think that Kurt and Rick are doing very well…and Yes! I think the boos were for Sarah…her daughter is so adorable, and is doing very well on the show.

    I am so happy for Tony this year……..WooHoo, he finally has a good partner!

    Gene W,

    Okay, Gotta give you dibbs on Jennifer, she did do a pretty good job on a quick step dance!!!


  54. Oh! Forgot…how is Jennifer Grey and Jamie Lee Curtis connected??? Have I been living under a rock? Should I know this?


    Where’d ya go?


  55. right here vonnie, did you see my comments about jackie on leno and the idol judges? lol

    i defenitely think they were booing the judges. they have showed no disrespect to bristol because of her mother and i doubt they would do the same with her mother. that being said i have been pleasently surprised by bristol……i thought she’d come off as a spoiled little princess who cant dance but she has been solid both performances.

    i think seriously that this is jennifer’s competition to lose.
    she has real dance experience from ‘dirty dancing’ and even if it was just a movie 25 years ago, she is really good in actuality. she also carries patrick swayze death votes with her…..

    i missed hour one again but i see the judges thought bolton sucked again. personally i thought he was worse then hasselhoff last week


  56. i also like that black guy that sneaks burgers and pizzas behind his partners back lol


  57. Oh no! Don’t make me go to the video to see why the audience was booing! My impression at the time was that they felt like Jennifer’s score was too low, but I could be wrong. They did it again later, and I thought then it was due to low scoring, but I don’t recall who had just been scored.
    There are some videos on YouTube shot by low level poparazzi types that show many of the contestants and professional dancers arriving at and leaving their practice sessions. For what it’s worth, I noted several interesting points while watching them. The professional dancer’s cars are as nice as the celebrities. Some of each group were friendly and some were dismissive of the poparazzi. Jennifer was probably the friendliest and, even though she continued about her business, she would speak to them like normal people and sign autographs etc. Hof did as well. The young couple (the Disney actor and his partner) were both very friendly to the photogs as well as with each other. Derek Hough was pretty dismissive of the guys in the alley. Bristol Palin heads straight for her car, trying not to make eye contact. It’s understandable in her case.
    I think Jennifer and Derek out classed the field last night. From what I have read, the only dance experience she has ever had was during the filming of the movie “Dirty Dancing”. The young couple has performed above my expectations both weeks and should be contenders. Brandy has a great look but slow feet so far. Her attitude is hurting her more than anything. If they can come together as a couple, they may also become contenders. I don’t know their names, but the extremely thin lady and the quarterback looked decent last night. She may be a contender, but I doubt he will. Bristol danced well technically (to my untrained eye) but was lacking in the performance area, just as the judges said. They compared her to Kelly Osbourne but I think that was a stretch. I think the public likes to see people “rise above their raising” and do better than expected. Kelly did that and she also came off as a very likable young woman that was willing to work hard to obtain her goal. Not what I expected from her. I’m waiting for Bristol to connect. She may make the top five. Florence will get the Donnie and Marie vote. That same vote might save Michael Bolton, but I think he is done.
    The apparently is no connection between the queen of scream and Jennifer Grey other than both of them being second generation actors. Jamie Lee Curtis was invited to be in this year’s competition but declined. Maybe they offered her season tickets at that time. I think Jennifer’s reaction last week while dancing to a song from DD was genuine. The questionable aspect of it was the producers choosing that song for them to dance to and then showing her reaction to it. That was a little over the top.
    I hadn’t considered the Idol contestants actually singing the National Anthem on stage, but I think it would be a good culling tool during the earlier stages of auditioning. It might make a good group number after the field was narrowed sufficiently for each contestant to sing a reasonable length solo.


  58. On DWTS last night, I was a little surprised by Michael Bolton’s comments about Bruno being disrespectful to him, but I’m glad he said it. I agree that Bruno was a little too harsh, even though Michael’s dance wasn’t very good. I also thought it was interesting how they tried to clear up “Boogate.” But even after viewing the clip of the boos, I’m still not totally convinced that all of those boos were over Jennifer’s scores.


  59. Scott,

    Yep! I read your post, but that was on the 24th…where ya been??? 🙂

    Gene W,

    I dunno, I think the boo’s were for Sarah; it’s a shame that people can’t control their rudeness, she is there as Bristol’s mom not as the politician Sarah Palin, they should have shown more tact, if that was in fact who they were booing at…Jennifer’s score’s were good enough to put her at the top of the leader board, and she had already been scored and long left the dance floor when the booing started! It’s really a shame!

    I too agree that the producer’s should not have selected that song for Jennifer! I have read that she and Patrick were very good friends, so I’m sure that was very hard for her; but I do agree with LOUISE that she does seem a little full of herself; me thinks she knows she ahs the upper hand this season!!!


    Michael was on Good Morning America this morning and he is still holding to the fact that he thought Bruno was being disrespectful.


  60. Should be “has” not ahs???


    Forgot to say…I agree with you that Jennifer will get the Dirty Dancing~~~Patrick Swayze votes! People still see “Baby” when they watch her!


  61. i dont get what all this BS about the ‘booing of palin’ is.

    1) when they played the video last night you could hear them chanting ‘9 9’ for jennifer’s score.

    2) the booing seemed to be centered right behind the judges…..not off to the left where tom (as you can see him walk in front of the judges table on the video) is heading to interview sarah

    3)when tom starts talking, the booing stops. then he introduces palin. CHEERS. not overwhelming, but polite. conversation, ends CHEERS again.

    4) every other segment or video featuring sarah either no response, or laughter in the video where she imitates bristols dance moves.

    5) the audience has been respectful of bristoal since it started.

    this story has less merit then the jackie ‘lip synch’ garbage.

    people do not go to shows like DWTS to make a political statement.

    as for bolton…….dude if you cant take the heat, dont go on the show. this isnt kindergarden class…..


  62. It was pretty clear after seeing the alternate camera angle they showed last night, showing what was going on at the judges table while we were watching Brooke interview Jennifer and Derik, that the booing had nothing to do with Sarah Palin. In fact, she said she was booing too!

    Scott is correct, they were shouting 9……9…..9 etc.

    Just seconds after the booing ceased, Tom’s interview with Sarah began and she was warmly recieved by the audience, then they laughed at her joke, then they applauded at the end of the interview.

    They also booed the judges after Michael Bolton’s scores and Bruno’s remarks.

    America’s liberal press is not trustworthy.



  63. Gene W and Scott,

    Thank you guys for clearing up this booing thingy…I was thinking how sad it would be if people were booing Sarah! And you are right Scott, everyone has been very respectful with Bristol…she is a lovely young lady!

    What video did you guys see that they were showing the different camera angle? I’m glad for whomever brought this video out to clear this up…from the views Monday night all that I seen was Jennifer and Derick talking to Brooke and the booing started, then the next shot was Tom with Sarah…left one’s mind to go to the obvious, which now turns out was just bad timing!!! Thank you guys!!!

    🙂 🙂 Scott, I can always count on you to pretty much say it like it is…love it!!!


  64. Gene W,

    “America’s liberal press is not trustworthy” AMEN!!!!!!!!


  65. Vonnie,
    They discussed the booing incident during the results show and aired the view of the judges table at that time. You could hear Brooke’s interview in the background, so the time line was clear. There was dialog being exchanged between the audience and the judges about the scoring.

    Some of the reports I read had facts made up from the thin air. One said that they were booing Sarah who had just arrived in the studio a few seconds before her interview with Tom. Anyone other than that reporter could see that she and Piper were in their seats at the time that Brandy danced, and most likely from the beginning of the show. The poll questions following the online article were equally amusing. The ones I read offered a Hobson’s choice similar to (I’m making this up) Since the booing incident, (A) do you hate Sarah Palin more than you did before or (B) You hate her about the same?

    On with the show! After looking through my recording of the show, mostly in fast forward, Florence and the basketball player deserve a little more credit than I previously gave them. With Bolton gone, Margaret Cho’s stock is falling.

    On with the show!



  66. Gene W,

    I must admit “Blushingly” I am an instant gratification girl…so I turn on the results show at the end so I can see who gets booted off…I don’t have the patience to sit through the entire process of elimination!!!

    So I missed the play back…! But all is not lost, you and Scott helped me out with the facts! 🙂 Somebody’s gotta keep me straight!


  67. im not exactly her biggest fan even though im a republican, but i can never sit around and watch lies and mistruths being spread around, just as i wouldnt sit back and let jackie be ripped for absolutely no reason other then people are miserable with there own lives and needed to attack a 10 year old prodigy to make themselves feel better. no i dont mean anyone here, i mean all over the internet 🙂

    im sure sarah wasnt exactly having a 100 percent approval rating in the crowd vonnie lol but i dont think people that go to DTWS or AGT or AI care who’s in the crowd……and most of them would recognize that a mother was there to support her daughter, not a politician making a campaign stop. now if sarah had made some comments about obama or something the boos would have come and surely would have been deserved… i said its not a forum for politics 🙂

    its funnny you mention just wanting to get to the results…….during the first results show tom brought out the first 4 pairs and put two thru and then he said ‘we’ll find out the other teams fates later, we have to fill an hour you know!” lol


  68. “Somebody’s gotta keep me straight!”



  69. Scott,

    Yep! My point exactly, all that fluff and stuff to fill an hour…just tell me who’s walkin’ and I’m good to go!!! Agree, I too am Republican and can say Sarah is not my top pick for a Presidential candidate…! That said I would not want people to boo her, which I’m sure in her line of work she has ran into that a time or two!!!


  70. Gene W,

    Keeping me straight would be a full time job…! 😉


  71. This is a shout out to GRAMMI KARI…I haven’t seen you post in awhile, I hope everything is okay. I am praying for you and your husband!


  72. Oh, my, my, my, Gene . . . about your comment, “America’s liberal press is not trustworthy”–I think the exact same thing can be said about FOX news!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about someone not sticking to facts!

    I saw the tape on the elimination show when they tried to show that “boogate” was about Jennifer Grey, and I am still not convinced that some of the boos weren’t about Sarah.


  73. Based on what louise?

    I get she is not your cup of tea, nor is she many people’s cup of tea. but why the heck would a DWTS crowd decide to be stupid and get political?

    They have not booed bristol at all. and every time sarah has appeared on camera other then that one time, she was not booed. hence i find it inconcievable that it was her being booed that time.

    I get its your opinoin, but when opinion flies in the face of facts and common sense…….


  74. i dont have a horse in this race……im looking at it objectively


  75. Well, Scott, who is to say that all of the boos were about the score? Notice in my comment above, I said that I am not convinced that “some” of the boos weren’t directed at Sarah. No matter what you think of her, I think most people will admit that she’s very controversial, so it’s not at all hard to believe that some people booed her. I myself dislike booing at any time–when I was young, I was taught that it was a very unsportsmanlike thing to do. But unfortunately now it’s not uncommon to hear booing at sporting events, political events, etc.


  76. Louise,

    I so agree with you about booing, I have always found it so disrespectful. Whether you like someone or not, agree with their political or any other views or not, booing is just plain tactless. You are so right it has become a common thing at sporting events and Political events.

    I didn’t watch the results show so I really don’t know if it was Sarah or Jennifer’s scores being booed…but had everyone used some much needed tact, this would never have become a topic. We would have only heard applause to show respect for; the judges, and Sarah! We would have cut to the interview with a much more pleasant thought!


  77. Louise,

    I’m afraid your position is untenable.

    ABC News’ account of it is here.


  78. Gene,

    When I made my statement above, I was well aware of the ABC News account, but I just don’t happen to believe all of it. Only all of the people in the audience know the absolute truth. If there was even a little booing for Palin which I happen to believe could have happened, I definitely believe that it was in the best interest of ABC to cover it up. It just makes no sense that the audience members started chanting “nine, nine, nine” well after the third score of eight was announced. Without having mentioned this before at work, this afternoon I asked my co-worker who is a die-hard fan of DWTS and never misses an episode what she thought of ABC’s explanation and her interpretation was exactly the same as mine–she was very suspicious about the explanation. I was definitely expecting her to tell me that she believed ABC, but she reinforced my suspicions.

    I’m entitled to my opinion about this just as you’re entitled to believe ABC, Gene.


  79. i Dont go by what abc tells me. i go by what i saw and heard both live and on the tape on the results show.

    People claimed after the live show that the crowd ‘started booing’ as soon as the camera was on Palin. we Saw on the results that that’s obviously bulls*hit. they started booing when bruno gave his score… opinion is they were already pissed at bruno over bolton and now felt he was low balling jennifer…..when tom starts talking to sarah the boos stop, then when he annouces her name, cheers. cheers at the end too.

    In ever single instance that sarah appeared on camera or spoke on monday or tuesday she was not booed……so why would she be booed in this one instance?

    It just seems like to me people WANT her to be booed…

    It just like it seemed to me people WANTED jackie evancho to be a fraud.

    I dont get the mentality. Maybe i dont want to live in fantasy land. If i see facts that i think are indisputable i will state them in spite of whether they are popular or not…..


  80. ‘confirmed my supsicions’ is also a think i heard said about jackie evancho.


  81. “Dont go by what abc tells me. i go by what i saw and heard both live and on the tape on the results show. . . . It just seems like to me people WANT her to be booed… . . . If i see facts that i think are indisputable i will state them in spite of whether they are popular or not…..”

    And sometimes people see what they WANT to see too. The tape that was shown to us on Tuesday night was just that–a tape. It wasn’t live so ABC could have done anything with the tape to make it look like they wanted us to think it looked. I’m just not buying it myself.


  82. what i saw on the tape only confirmed what i saw live….and what the crowd reactions were in every single segment that she appeared on camera on monday and tuesday. i guess the crowd just chose this one moment to make a fuss?

    hey im the worlds number one conspiricy theorist. i have spent my spare time the last 20 years trying to prove there was a gunman on the grassy knoll. but my investigation is based on FACTS that the warren commision supressed, not based on ‘maybe’s or just supsicions.

    why is it, if they are booing sarah, when tom starts talking to her and annouces her name it switches to cheers? im a pratical thinker. i put the pieces together and what fits to me apperentley doesnt fit to others.

    so i will drop this now cause obviously its stupid of me to try to make sense here.


  83. Scott,

    I don’t think it’s so hard to figure out why there were cheers for Sarah because I don’t think everyone in the audience booed her–in fact, probably only a small minority would have been crass enough to do that. It doesn’t have to be all one way or all the other.

    And now I do agree with you that this isn’t worth talking about any longer. There are MUCH more important issues in the world.


  84. well just one more thing.

    i based that none of them were for sarah based on i didnt hear any booing any other time she was on.

    but like you and vonnie said, even if the booing is a 100 percent for the judges, whats up with it?

    anyone who watches american idol and america’s got talent have seen judges being booed lustily, simon on AI and piers on AGT. but i dont think i’ve ever seen a judge booed so lustily for giving someone an 8 out of 10….is it cause bruno is french? lol


  85. Scott,

    I have to go with Louise on this one…just doesn’t make sense why they would have booed the judges over three 8’s, those were the highest scores of the evening! Like I said I didn’t watch, wasn’t there obviously…just sayin’. This was the first time that she had been in the audience!

    It just seemed odd from watching on Monday that the booing didn’t start until after Jennifer had already left the floor, but if you guys seen it from a different angle…I dunno!!!

    Yeah, It gets irratating too on idol when everyone is booing Simon or the other judges so loudly that they couldn’t even finsh what they were saying.

    But..Like Louise said, on to the next topic!!! So, if there are to be no Mentors on idol this season…how in the world are they going to fill the time…back stories, again???


  86. i think idol is gonna be a disaster vonnie.

    maybe they shoulda hired piers to replace simon. at least we’d have some humor.


  87. Scott,

    Good suggestion about Piers, but in the long run I doubt if he really knows enough about the music industry. 😦


  88. well i dont think steve tyler will even be coherent half the time.

    the guy is a mess


  89. Scott,

    I like the idea of Piers as an idol Judge, we would at least still get that British accent and attitude! Yeah, Louise, I didn’t get the impression this year on AGT that music was his forte’.

    Gotta agree with you about Steven Tyler…Wow! out of the whole music industry, his name came up??? Harry Connick Jr would have been my first choice!

    I really hope that idol does not go back to the whole “back story” gig…it really gives some people an un-fair advantage over others who are just your average run-of-the-mill person with an incredible voice!


  90. Forgot to say!!! If eccentric was the way idol wanted to go; why not Prince or Adam Lambert??? I realize that Adam doesn’t have the main stream experience yet…but, he would make an awesome judge!


  91. vonnie when couples on DWTS are awful i keep expecting piers to come on and buzz them! lol i need an AGT FIX! HAHA!

    btw i think either ‘the situation’ or margaeret is next. after those 2 are gone it gets alot harder to decide, a very deep group this year………florence, kurt, rick, jennifer, bristol, kyle. those would be my predictions for the last 6


  92. is adam’s career in the tank so soon that he needs to be an idol judge lol


  93. Scott,

    LOL, No, I just need an Adam fix…that would be one way of guaranteeing that I get to see him twice each week, and then if he were to sing both nights, well, that would just be the icing on the cake!!!

    I hear ya on this year’s DWTS…it’s going to be very hard as the weeks go on, each star is going to have to bring it each week or go home!!!


  94. I watched a piece about Jennifer Grey this morning on Good Morning America…where they made mention of her dad Joel Grey who is also a dancer…Sooooo, I googled them and this is what I found!!!

    “For the female lead of Frances “Baby” Houseman, Bergstein chose the 26-year-old Jennifer Grey, daughter of the Oscar-winning actor and dancer Joel Grey of the 1972 film Cabaret who, like her father, was also a trained dancer.”

    . Wikipedia

    Her debut as a dancer was in a Dr. Pepper commercial…!!!

    Is this fair???


  95. vonnie lol this is why i jokingly made remarks before about this being DWTS’s ‘jackie’ contreversey. she seems too ‘proffesional’ for this competition doesnt she?

    am not gonna be able to catch DWTS tonight because monday night football is on in my region……so would appreciate if someone gives me an update.

    thanks 🙂


  96. Scott,

    Yeah! She does seem too “Professional” for this gig…especially when there are others on the show who have no background at all in dancing!

    I don’t get to watch on Monday’s either…we watch House and I tape Dancing, then watch it the next day while I run on the treadmill.


  97. actually i just found out DWTS is on abc 6 here and the game is on abc 5.

    since im a huge pats fan i will probably be flipping back and forth 🙂


  98. Okay Scott…did you end up watching Tom Brady or Tom Bergeron last night???

    I am so happy that Audrina and Tony did so well…yeah!!! I’m not sure who will go home, I’m thinking it will be between Margaret or the Situation, he is pretty fun though!!! Wow, is Max hard on Brandy or what?


  99. vonnie tomy brady for the most part lol to be honest that was my teams best win since they lost the superbowl 3 years ago…..

    so how did rick, kurt, florence, jennifer bristol do?


  100. Kurt and Rick were both really good last night. I’m really impressed with Kurt.

    I agree with the conversation about Jennifer Grey having too much dancing experience to compete against others with little or no experience. Doesn’t seem fair to me. I, for one, really hope she doesn’t win.

    I was also pleased that for once Tony has a really good partner. He definitely deserves it!!!

    Kyle was really entertaining too, but they called him on his technique. I think they’ve been overlooking that since he has been so enjoyable to watch.

    And Brandy was pretty good last night too. I do agree that it wasn’t pleasant to watch the video tape of her rehearsal with Max. He was hard on her, and it seemed to me like he had lost his patience.

    I’m guessing that Margaret will be voted off tonight. But I was also glad to see that the judges didn’t only say positive things about Bristol. Yes, she’s not an entertainer, and, yes, she’s better than some people who have been on the show, but there’s something missing when she dances–I don’t think she seems very graceful.


  101. Scott,

    LOL, yep! I hear Mr. Brady had a great night!!!

    I pretty much ditto everything LOUISE said…Rick and Cheryl were good too! I was really thinking when I seen that they had been paired up that he was going to stand literally head and shoulders above Cheryl, but, they make it work and it looks nice when they are dancing.


  102. “1.I watched a piece about Jennifer Grey this morning on Good Morning America…where they made mention of her dad Joel Grey who is also a dancer…Sooooo, I googled them and this is what I found!!!
    “For the female lead of Frances “Baby” Houseman, Bergstein chose the 26-year-old Jennifer Grey, daughter of the Oscar-winning actor and dancer Joel Grey of the 1972 film Cabaret who, like her father, was also a trained dancer.”
    . Wikipedia
    Her debut as a dancer was in a Dr. Pepper commercial…!!!
    Is this fair???”

    A little perspective:
    She attended a private liberal arts school that runs K through 12, but I don’t know if she attended all of those grades. Remember, her dad was on the top of his game in those days, so they could afford private school and NY public schools were a zoo at that time. In addition to her academic studies she also took dance and acting classes. So she is on par with all the little girls you see getting out of moms minivan every afternoon at Miss Lucy’s dance academy.

    I thought everyone knew her father was Joel Grey? You may have noticed she did about a 2 second homage to him at the end of the practice session tape last night. I thought it would have been neat to have both him and her in the same competition. Anyway, what her dad does for a living is irrelevant except that he probably got her the Dr Pepper gig after high school. You may recall the “I’m A Pepper” ad campaign from 1979 where a guy sort of skipped around signing I’m a Pepper etc, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper Too? Behind him were a few, and then many, and finally hundreds of would be peppers looking like sway bots and singing along. She was one of the huge crowd of skipping, would be peppers. Not what I would call dancing, but hey, I’ll give you that one. So that was her big debut as a “dancer.” It was also her last “dancing” performance until she got the acting gig as Baby in Dirty Dancing.

    Watch the brief video at You Tube at the link below and see if it sounds like Patrick Swayze thought she was a trained dancer at that time.

    So to sum up, she “debuted “as a dancer by skipping around in a crowd of a hundred or more singing “I’m a Pepper.” Does that mean she is also a professional singer? Later she acted in a movie about dancing where Patrick Swayze made it appear she knew how to dance in much the same way they do it on Dancing with the Stars every week. That was 24 years ago and all indications are that those were the only times there was anything remotely related to dancing in her career.

    Lazy reporting? Reminds me of last week’s “boo gate.”

    To answer the question, yes, it’s fair.

    You might want to compare Florence Henderson’s career. She’s done a lot of musical theater. Last night she was reprising her role in “The Sound of Music.” Don’t misunderstand; I’m not making the argument that Florence has an unfair advantage. The name of the show is “Dancing with the Stars” not dancing with people who never danced before. She, and anyone who has been in the public eye, or who is any kind of entertainer, has a huge advantage over Bristol Palin. All of the others bring their own skill sets and advantages to the competition. Being twenty is an advantage over being fifty, just as being fifty is an advantage over being seventy six.

    Year after year we see full blown working singers competing against armatures on American Idol but for some reason there is no outrage. In fact, there is a frequently expressed admiration for some of them on this blog. Personally, I think Jennifer Grey is a hard working fifty year young woman who is busting her butt in preparation, and performing well in this competition, not to mention looking good doing it. She is by no means a shoe in for the coveted mirror ball trophy. There are three others who could easily win and perhaps three more that might squeak out a win.

    Speaking of Florence, I think she was treated a little unfairly last night. There were two specific criticisms of her performance. The first was that her footwork was lacking and the second was that she stopped during a waltz, and you should never stop during a waltz. I think Florence’s footwork and grace are her long suits. She doesn’t dance like a professional dancer, but her steps are precise and graceful. She reminds me of people who are just a little older than her, the WWII generation, who spent a lot of time dancing recreationally or socially. Actually, she reminds me of the way my Mom and Dad used to dance. The high scoring couple of the night had many more stops in their waltz than Florence did, yet the judges gloated over them. For some reason they chose to be tough on Florence last night. I’m not suggesting that the two dances compared, just that I disagreed with the points sited by the judges.

    It was also interesting that once again the crowd booed Sarah Palin. This time it was after Florence received her harsh review, even though Sarah wasn’t in attendance! There seems to be a pattern here. I’m starting to understand this covert booing thing a little better now I think. You just boo for what ever happens to be bothering you when ever other people start booing, right?

    The others are dancing above expectation except Margret and Mike from Jersey. Both of the jocks look much better than I thought they would. I think Maks showed restraint with Brandy. She’s a brat. This week, Cho must go.

    Sorry to be so long but I have been away due to the birth of my new granddaughter (!!!) so I had to catch up a little.



  103. i cant comment on the ‘booing’ cause i was watching football.

    but id like to comment on tonight’s production values……the first six couples that they brought out for results, they flipped them…….the videos were shown to the wrong people on stage, and then reversed on the other 3.

    seriously abc, can you at least try to look competent?

    margaret is finally gone. but i think i’d rather have seen the ‘situaion’ go instead.

    bristol and florence were in danger for the first time this week. i find it intresting the crowd booed when they found out bristol was in jeopardy…..whatever they think of her mom it doesnt carry over to her i guess.


  104. Congratulations on the new grandchild, Gene. That’s a wonderful gift!

    Gene was right to compare Florence Henderson’s theater/dancing background to Jennifer Grey’s experience. The only difference between them is their age. And he was certainly right about Jennifer Grey looking good–that she does. I also read that Jennifer Grey was associated with a local theater before she began her professional career so I doubt if any of us will ever know just how much experience she had dancing there. But no matter how good she is–and she is good–she does have some competition this year so she’s not an absolute shoe-in for that coveted trophy. It seems every season has someone with a dance background, but it doesn’t always translate into a win.

    Recently I read that Jennifer Grey’s career was sidetracked by some botched plastic surgery on her nose which she had after Dirty Dancing. Supposedly she looked so much different that she couldn’t get roles based on her work in Dirty Dancing.

    And although I’m not a huge Michael Bolton fan, I was glad to see him come back tonight as a singer so he could get some respect from the show. Does this mean they’ll bring Hasselhoff back? As much as I don’t care for him, I actually saw him do a song and dance routine a couple of years ago on the America’s Got Talent finale and he was better than I expected him to be. Honestly, I was a little shocked!


  105. what i find intresting louise is bolton was on only cause susan boyle dropped out again.

    last month she dropped out of the america’s got talent top 10 results show.

    bergeron tried to say she’s ‘sick’ but i wonder what happened to send her psyche into another tailspin.


  106. Yes, Scott, I was also wondering about Susan Boyle. She has a gorgeous voice, but she is a very fragile person, or so it seems. I’m not sure she’s able to handle much travel and live appearances.


  107. Gene W,



  108. I am a Daddy’s little girl…When I was growing up, my daddy was my hero!!! I still speak and think very fondly of my Father…much like Jennifer Grey!

    My Dad was a contractor, and wanting to be with my dad a do whatever it was that he was doing, well, let’s just say that I know my way and a shop and power tools! My dad also loved to fish and was an avid Yankee fan…I too like to fish still to this day, I could tell you who played every position on the Yankee team…back when “Catfish Hunter, Thurman Munson, Bucky Dent, Chris Chambliss, Willie Randolph, Craig Nettles…yada, yada, the list goes on!!!

    My point…Jennifer grew up with a father that she adored, he was a professional dancer/actor, the apple did not fall far from the tree…I will not be lead to believe that she is no more a dancer than I am!!!

    “Jennifer Grey: Born in New York City, Grey is the daughter of stage and screen actor Joel Grey and the former actress/singer Jo Wilder. Grey is the granddaughter of comedian and musician Mickey Katz. She is an alumna of the Dalton School, a private school in Manhattan, and studied both dance and acting”

    Let’s try this another way…I ride horses and give lessons, am I a professional rider? No! But I can ride circles around someone who has never been on a horse before!!!


  109. “It was also interesting that once again the crowd booed Sarah Palin. This time it was after Florence received her harsh review, even though Sarah wasn’t in attendance! There seems to be a pattern here. I’m starting to understand this covert booing thing a little better now I think. You just boo for what ever happens to be bothering you when ever other people start booing, right?”

    I’m confused!!! Did not realize that there was yet another “booing”!!! You gotta understand…I don’t get to watch, I tape then watch and then only watch the dancing, none of the yacking before and after the dance!!! Fast forward is my best friend!!! I even missed the Michael Bolton, Bruno thingy!!!

    On that note; Bruno was looking a little nervous last night after Michael Sang!!!


  110. vonnie i doubt boltons singing ability is gonna change bruno’s opinion of his dancing lol


  111. Scott,

    Bruno was maybe a little anxious…do I or don’t I apologize! Lol Michael didn’t insist and Bruna didn’t offer!!! Funny stuff!


  112. Ooops Gene W,

    Did forget to say…congrats on the new Granddaughter!!! What a precious gift!


  113. Sorry…”Bruno” not Bruna!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  114. Thanks to both Vonnie and Louise for the kind words on the birth of my new granddaughter. There is a reason they call them grand!

    This is my second granddaughter this year, in addition to my three year old grandson. They are all the loves of my life. I took the little 10 month old granddaughter to the doctor to get a cast put on her foot today. It’s pink and peep toed, so she loves it.



  115. Gene W,

    OH NO! Why a pink cast…(not meaning as in why pink rather than purple or blue), meaning; why a cast?


  116. She’s at the crawling and pulling up and standing stage and one morning about a week ago she began to favor one of her legs. She would hold it up like a stork and squeal when she would bare weight on it. They took her to the pediatrician who said it could be a crawler’s fracture of the tibia, apparently a common problem at her age. He sent her to a pediatric orthopedist, who sent her for blood work, several X-rays, followed by a bone scan (that’s when I stopped sleeping good at night) and then an MRI. They were considering a fracture, a serious infection of the joint or long bone, or cancer. Scary stuff in an infant. She had to be put to sleep for the MRI. Fortunately, they found nothing. So, the cast is both for palliation as they say (make it feel better) as well as for diagnostic purposes. They believe there may be a small fracture that is eluding all of the machinery. If that is the case it will leave a calcium deposit along the fracture line as it heals that should be easier to detect in about a week with another X-ray.
    Sorry to take up so much space, but it’s hard to explain otherwise. Thanks for asking. I think she’s ok now.



  117. Gene W,

    Aww! I will be praying for your granddaughter that all is well on her next x-ray and that she will be able to quickly have her cast removed!

    My son is just 18 and a senior in high school…so grandbabies are (hopefully) out of the question for me for a while yet!!! But I have a younger sister who is quite a bit younger than me and she has 3 chidren who range in ages of 9 yrs, 6 yrs, and 1 yr…I tell her all the time that they are my practice grandbabies! So I know how much love gets wrapped up in these little guys, your heart breaks when you think they are hurting! so I will be praying for you as well as you wait the news of her next x-ray!


  118. Thank you so much Vonnie for your kind words and your parayers. You are very sweet.



  119. Thank you Gene!!!

    So I only caught the tail end of the big announcement about a new set and something about a round floor??? or something like that, on Dancing the other night!!! What’s the scoop???

    Gene W…if it makes you feel any better, if we could vote on the professional dancer that we liked the most, I would vote for Tony and Derek…so yeah, I guess if either one of them won they could bring Audrina or Jennifer along with them to accept the mirror ball…!!!


  120. Vonnie,
    I thought I would give you an update. We took my granddaughter to the doctor yesterday and they x-rayed her leg again. This time you could see the new bone formation from a healed fracture. Babies heal very fast apparently. It was what they call a toddler’s fracture and it was well enough to remove her cast. What a relief!
    Thanks again for your prayers.

    PS, Good show last week.


  121. Brandy danced extremely well last night. She was very graceful and light on her feet. She is finally showing her potential. Jennifer was the brat this week.

    Bristol wasn’t bad but I’m afraid she was the worst of the rest. She still hasn’t developed any skills as a showman. I think she will go home.



  122. Hi Gene W,

    I am so glad that all was well with your little granddaughter!!! I am sure that you and your family are so relieved! May God continue to heal and strengthen her leg!

    The show has been going very well, I’m not real crazy about the new floor and the angle of the camera’s…but Ah well, nothing I can do to change it!!!

    I thought Brandy did very well last night…poor Bristol, she is so likable though! Jennifer was a brat last night, and I’m afraid that maybe her true colors are starting to peak through! I was reading some background stuff on her “Dirty Dancing” off screen relationship with with Patrick Swayze, they didn’t get along very well, the had done another movie together “Red Dawn(?)” I think, and they didn’t get along then…I had thought at one time I had read that they were great friends, but his biography says something totally different. Makes one wonder why all of the drama for the first night on “Dancing”…???

    I’m sorry Gene, I know that you like Jennfier and I’m not trying to be mean…I really don’t have a horse in this race…my favorites are actually the professional dancers this year, LOL!!! My sister thinks that “Dirty Dancing” is the greatest movie ever made and she really don’t like when I say that Jennifer is a not so nice person, LOL

    It was great to see Michael J. Fox in the audience!!!


  123. I Wasnt impressed with much of anyone last night other then kurt. seemed like everyonelse went thru the same boring dance techniquest they have done the first four weeks.

    thought kurt and his partner had the perfect song for there footwork.

    thought brandy’s score was ridiculously high.

    thought bristols score was too low.

    i dont know what jennifers problem is……..she thinks her partner was angry? wow……give her 5 minutes with me and she’d say im psycho! i totally think she is bi-polar with all her mood swings and passive-aggressive type behavior.


  124. Hi Scott,

    Hey I seen where Jackie is going to be on Oprah today!!! Along with Susan Boyle!


  125. yup… isnt it?

    jackie really wanted to meet susan when susan was supposed to perform on the ‘top 10 results show’ so i guess she’s amped for it 🙂

    I Predict bristol goes home tonight btw


  126. Scott,

    Yeah! I’m thinking that it will be Bristol or Florence…it’s hard to say who will be bottom three!

    I agree with you on Kurt…it is amazing how well the athletes do on this show; they are so in-tune with their bodies though. They know what each part of the body is doing all the time!!!

    I look for Brandy, Jennifer, Kurt or Audrina to be top three… Rick could also take one of these guys place easily!!!


  127. Good call on florence……though im a little shocked.
    i would have thought kyle would go home if it wasnt bristol.

    when jackie was on oprah yesterday she annouced jackie has a small album being released nov 16 named ‘o holy night’


  128. Vonnie,
    Thank you for your kind words and prayers. They are much appreciated.

    I was a little surprised to see Florence go at this point. She was in my bottom three, but I thought Bristol had the worst night over all. Maybe it was the Tea Party vote that saved her? Florence seemed very disappointed, as well as hurt, that her old fan base didn’t pull her through. I thought she would last one or two more weeks.

    There is a site that has videos of each couples post performance and post elimination night interviews. On Monday night, Bristol and Mark were convinced that they were done.

    From what I have read, Patrick and Jennifer were at each other’s throats when they made Red Dawn but worked out their differences prior to filming Dirty Dancing. In the interview that I linked here a few weeks back, Patrick said that what you see on screen in the movie during the practice sessions were the real emotions of the day. The frustration, the giggles, the accomplishments were all real. He said she was a very “available actress,” and was naturally gifted (not trained) as a dancer. He was politely suggesting that he taught her everything she knew about dancing for the movie.

    In the post performance interview videos, she has said that she wasn’t a dancer and the reason she had turned down the opportunity to be on the show in past seasons was the fear of dancing publicly. She also said that she hoped to learn to dance during the season. When ask about the earliest dance experience she or Derick remembered, like school dances or the prom etc, she said she didn’t remember going to any school dances but did remember spending her weekends at Club 54 as a teenager! She should be good for rock week if that includes disco.

    Anyway, the fans at home punished her a little bit (a lot) this week. Maybe she will learn her lesson without having to be sent to Maks for an attitude adjustment.

    Brandy looked good in her encore dance and the big guys have continued to impress. They are both with excellent dance partners. Anna is my favorite of the pros. She has done a good job with Kurt this year. I also like Cheryl who has two mirror balls to her credit.

    You can see the post show interview videos for the whole season here.

    Did anyone see Leon Russell and Elton John on GMA this morning?



  129. i dont know gene, seems to me jennifer is playing with less then a full deck in her head


  130. She has a lot working against her. She is an actress, third generation performer, a grown up Hollywood brat, private school brat, (and this is the sort of school where we can’t be bothered with memorizing facts and figures etc) and don’t forget the weekends as a teenager at Studio 54. That alone could shuffle your deck a little.




  131. I was a little surprised to see Florence voted off this week. I think it should have been Bristol, and then next on my list was a tie between Kyle and Florence. For a 76-year-old woman, I think that Florence moved her body quite well.

    As for Jennifer, I agree that her “bratty” side came out in the practice video. It almost seemed to me that she was doing it more for effect because Derrick didn’t say anything in the part of the video that we saw which could have elicited such a response from her. That was not a wise move on her part. Even though she’s the best dancer, people often vote for underdogs and for likeable contestants, not necessarily for the best dancers.

    Kurt and Rick really surprise me–they’re both very good. And Brandi and Audrina are doing really well too.

    I had a couple of days off work and saw Jackie Evanko on Oprah yesterday–what a kid!!!

    And, Gene, I’m sorry I missed Elton this morning. Was he good?


  132. iF I had my way jennifer would have gone home last night. she may be the top or top 2/3 dancers there but she is a pompous little twit….like she is entitled to be there.

    i thought at the outset that she was the favorite, but i didnt know how much of a jerk she can be.


  133. and yes louise, jackie is amazing.

    and those videos still show how grounded she is. her parents do a great job


  134. Louise,

    I agree with all of the points you made. The order of elimination that you mentioned is the way I would call it as well. All of the reality competitions are judged on many criteria. As you said, likability is important, in fact, in may be the number one quality to have if you expect to win. I think the fans judge the dancing skills on a curve. If they perceive you to be a skilled dancer, they expect much more from you. If you are a big guy who is very likable with no previous experience on the hardwood (basketball court excluded) and are a gentleman, you will get a break on the footwork. Breaks are also given for serving a term as America’s Mom and having virtually no experience in the public eye. Kyle is getting by largely on likability, energy, and Lacey’s cute factor. When it gets to the top five it could be anybodies game. So far, in my opinion, Jenifer is the best dancer, but each couple has strengths and weaknesses and her weaknesses are beginning to show.

    The show this morning was good, but I’m a long time fan of both Leon Russell and Elton John, although I preferred Elton’s earlier work. They were promoting a new album they have recorded together. Elton credits Leon with being his idol but ABC’s crew acted as if they had never heard of him and like he was a discovery of Elton’s. They performed three songs, two that were composed by Leon for the new album and finished with Tiny Dancer. The album was recorded live in the studio with the big band and singers that accompanied the two men playing pianos. Good stuff. You should be able to find video of it at ABC.



  135. Hi All,

    Wow! You guys are on a roll…I was thinking that it would be Bristol and Florence in the bottom with Bristol going home, but!!! I’m thinkin’ sad as it may be; Rick will go home next week, unless he has an exceptional night! He has been in the bottom for a couple of weeks now, hasn’t he???


    Yeah, not trying to stir up anything with Jennifer…just sayin’…! She was bratty, and I would think at this point in the game, she should just dance and not try to be too theatrical…she has an exceptional partner…step back and let the boy work for heaven’s sake!!!

    I missed Jackie, but did get to see Elton and Leon this morning! Leon has played with some of the top players in the music industry! I agree GENE; good stuff!

    I will most certainly pick up Jackie’s CD…”O Holy Night” is my fav Christmas song, right there with “O Little Town of Bethlehem” Elvis’ version, please!!!


  136. I’m surprised you would see Rick as the next man out. Did you know that he was picked as one of the top contenders prior to the start of the competition? He seems like an odd one to pick as a favorite, but I think he is performing well and has the likeability factor.

    Bristol dodged the bullet this week and it will probably catch up with her next week. I believe that because she isn’t improving in the areas that they continually criticize her on. She just isn’t very entertaining to watch. Her first dance was her best for me. The judges will probably be harder on her as the field gets narrowed down to the more serious competitors.

    Rick is performing at all levels better than Bristol is, but of course that doesn’t guarantee him more votes.
    The theatrical thing was kind of weird. When Len offered that critique I disagreed with hi because this week’s theme called for theatrics. I would also assume that the production staff encouraged her to do some of the Harriet Nelson routine when she wasn’t dancing, like the black and white scene where she was vacuuming the floor. For whatever reason she chooses to stay in the role of fifties TV Mom throughout the show and that seemed a little weird to me. All actors are weird and unsuitable as role models IMHO, so what can I say. If about half of the theatrics would rub off of her and onto Bristol we might reach a good balance. There was no question that she was disrespectful of Derrick and took out her short comings in learning the routine on him. All I saw from him was a normal amount of frustration. She handled herself very poorly. You have to give up the tiara before you reach 50.

    If all things remain the same, I think Kyle goes after Bristol, then Rick. I guess we will see, anything could happen.

    I’m glad you got to see the show this morning and that you know who Leon Russell is. His work with Joe Cocker on the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour is what initially got my attention, even though he spent several years before and after that time just a few hours from here in the recording studios at Muscle Shoals, AL.



  137. Gene,

    My reasons for having Rick go next…is mainly because he keeps showing up in the bottom three…sad; I think he is doing a very good job, he seems to be getting overshadowed by Kurt, which is fine, because Kurt is doing a great job as well too. Sometimes I don’t get voters logic; Bristol is an adorable girl…but she should have gone home sooner than last night, by about two weeks ago!!! But, I think she will stay a little while longer and some of the better dancers will go home before she does!!!

    My thing with Jennifer’s theatrics wasn’t on the dance floor…it was during her practice session; she was so dramatic and theatrical. I completely understood the theatrics during the dance! Poor Derek!!!

    I found this little snip of info on Leon…I’m sure you have probably read it, but I’ll try and link it here!!! The guy is amazing, who has flown under radar for years…I loved what he said, “I was waiting for someone to come back and get me” and Elton did!!!


  138. Jackie doing elivs? lol now that would be intresting!

    i like rick. i think him and kurt are doing exceptionally well. and i dont think the ‘like’ factor is a bad thing on DTWS. you are already famous so whats the point if you lose on popularity rather then talent? i always thought this show was for fun anyways.

    jennifer is not making this ‘fun’ for me.


  139. vonnie i want to point out that tom bergeron mentioned in week one that because they are in the final 2/3 it doesnt mean thats how they are actually ranked in the voting. they do that sometimes just to ‘shock’ viewers.

    rick and jennifer are probably higher then it appears


  140. Scott,

    LOL…I like Elvis’ version of “O little town” well enough, I’m not sure Jackie could curl her lip…I grew up on Elvis’ Christmas music; every year my mom had Elvis blaring through the house…I love at Christmas time when an Elvis song comes on the radio; brings back alot of memories!!!

    I’m not sure about Rick, he does seem to be in jeopardy each week, and it really is a shame, I like him alot too!


  141. Okay! was Jennifer a little tipsy in more ways than one last night???

    Bristol~~Dang Girl!!! She was really good!

    My bottom three ~ Jennifer, Rick, and Kyle…with Jennifer going home!


  142. i knew after the first two dances that bristol could perform, it just seems she wasnt dedicating herseelf to it, i think you could tell the diffrence in her hard work this week in the video of there pratice. i think she was thru fooling around.

    What is up with brandy now? god her and jennifer are such DIVAS! everything has to be perferct or they throw a hissy fit………

    I cannot believe the way they scored kurt…….i thought he totally got hosed! he seems to bring something new to the table every week and mixes it up……………and the female judge was a real bitch last ngiht!

    i think jennifer has totally overstayed her welcome….both with the judges and the audience. i wouldnt be shocked if she goes home tonight.
    but since bristol had her best performance so far, she probably goes home lol


  143. So who will be sent home tonight? It could be Kurt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Kyle, or–even Jennifer.

    Last night was an interesting night. Kurt had been doing well every week, but last night not so well. And Kyle and Bristol really stepped up their game. I have to say that Bristol really surprised me. I felt that she was the next to go, but now I’d be shocked if she leaves tonight.

    And what is going on with Jennifer?–I just feel that she is ALWAYS so overly dramatic. I never get the sense that she is a genuine person but is instead always acting. This is a good talent to have on this show if you don’t take it too far.

    At this point in the competition, my favorite is Brandy, and a couple of weeks ago, I never thought I’d be saying that.


  144. Audrina! cant say i saw that coming!

    i have to say though, the judges trashed both her and jennifer last night, no matter how much they whined about how unfair it is tonight.

    i think if bristol steps up her game again she could make the final 4


  145. That was a surprising elimination. I won’t actually say “shocking” because of the judges’ comments, but I was still surprised. I thought Audrina was the one who has been consistently good the entire season–right behind Jennifer. I did understand the judges’ point on Monday night because I saw Audrina’s dance as being a little boring–even though she did it well. I was sorry to see her go.

    But as for Len’s comments–he should have thought about his comment about Audrina getting on his nerves. That was a very rude way of critiquing her on Monday. This probably had something to do with her elimination.


  146. Well, alrighty then! My Monday and tuesday nights just opened up; anything else good on Mon and Tues nights???

    Wow! Did not see that coming! I did see Jennifer and Kyle in the bottom, but not Audrina!

    Okay, come on Idol!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  147. Bad result.

    I hate to see Audrina go even though her dance this week looked like a dress rehearsal to me; not quite up to full speed. I also think she should have finished 9th in the marathon, ahead of Jennifer. I had Audrina, Brandy and Jennifer as the top three with Brandy trending toward the likely winner for the season, but I guess I will have to re-think it a little bit.

    I have to agree that the blame for this odd result lies with the judges over the top comments, both good and bad, Monday night. Bristol had a good night, but in the big picture, it was far from great. Kyle was very energetic and entertaining but also not great.
    At this point in the game you have to look at the couples overall body of work, not just one dance, good or bad, or you end up with the wrong results. Kurt and Rick continue do well each week but I don’t see them in the top tier. I agree that Kurt received unfair criticism this week. I didn’t like the whole “act” that Derick choreographed for him and Jennifer but their mistake was simply one misstep leading to loss of balance during a difficult move that messed up the last 4 or 5 seconds of the dance. The rest of it was danced and performed just as he planned it. I didn’t like the performance at all, but they too received excessive criticism for the actual error made. Audrina got a round of verbal criticism coupled with three “8” scores which apparently wasn’t as clear a message as the judges wanted to send. Anna had a defeatist attitude at the end of Mondays show and Mark cost Bristol a point with a very basic rule violation. It was an unusual night for the pro’s as well.

    Excessive criticism and praise from the judges and in blogs tends to energize the fan base to vote and the couples having an average week tend to get left out. I like the judges and the system of judging on this show but I think they lost their usual fine edge and are largely responsible for the less than fair result. While Kurt, Bristol and Kyle are interesting to watch as part of a larger group, I don’t want to see them as the final three contestants. There are enough decent contestants left to make an entertain
    I didn’t like the theme, the makeup the costumes and the expressions on their faces this week. I’m not sure what it had to do with Rock and Roll. It seemed more like Halloween to me. The group marathon was the most entertaining segment of the show for me.

    I voted for the first time ever on Monday night and every other vote I received an odd error message, however, those calls were counted against my vote total. I don’t know if they were added to the intended tally or not. We were having stormy weather at the time so I don’t know if it was just a local problem or if there may have been a problem in other areas as well.

    So first it was Mrs Brady and now it’s the Partridge lady. Could Herman (feet, hands and frying pans) Munster be next?


  148. Gene W,

    Great Post!!! 🙂


  149. I have been thinking about this “Dancing” thing; here’s my analysis!

    • Wasn’t the whole idea behind this show to bring on celebrities who could not dance and watch them turn from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans?

    • Then why is it that each year the producers bring on stars who can already dance?

    In all fairness to Bristol; isn’t she the very essence of this show? Isn’t Audrina, Kyle, Kurt, and Rick also what this show is all about?

    Jennifer and Brandy came to this show with the ability to dance…have they improved while being there? Each week we watch the same dance with these two! But Bristol, brought it Monday night, it was like her brain and body finally got it together. She does deserve to be in the top three, because that was the intention of this show!

    With the likes of Donnie Osmond who; not being a professional dancer, has danced all his life, he is accustomed to choreography, as well as many other winners.

    Past winners:

    Kelly Monaco – Model – turned actress
    Drew Lachey – Singer – 98 Degrees – Dancer
    Emmit Smith – Football Player – Athlete
    Apolo Anton – Olympic Speed Skater – Athlete
    Helio Castroneves – Indy Race Car Driver
    Kristi Yamaguchi – Olympic Ice Skater – Athlete
    Brooke Burke – Emsee
    Shawn Johnson – Olympic Gymnast – Athlete
    Donnie Osmond – Singer – Dancer – Actor
    Nicole Sherzinger – Singer – Dancer

    From this list; Kelly, Helio, and Brook were the underdogs!

    This probably don’t make any sense…it made all the sense in the world when I was thinking it, but putting it on paper… 😦


  150. Well i would think apollo would have to have been an underdog. speedskating and dancing are not even remotely close.

    i just dont like the attitude that some of the contestents and all of the judges have. they act like this is life or death.

    kurt and rick are of course, ex sports athletes, who competed for world championships 7 times between the two of them. i guess this just comes naturally to them. but they still seem laid back compared to brandy and jennifer. and of course, kurt and rick wont throw a hissy fit and blame there partners if things dont go there way.

    brandy and jennifer just seem like two pompous pri madonnas to me. i wish they’d lose.

    i think rick and kurt are on the next teir and are much more likable.

    then you have kyle and bristol, who i find likable and who are laid back and do not blame others for there own weakneses nor do they act like this is the end of the world if they go home next week.

    i think brandy and jennifer and the judges need to relax.


  151. Hi Scott,

    Actually with Apolo being a speed skater he is probably more in tune with the movements of his body than Kristi. His every move is fluid and graceful; put that to music and you have a dancer!!!

    Athletes in general have so much connection with their bodies, they know everymove that their body is making…does not always make for a graceful dancer, but it does make a competitor who knows how to discipline themselves to work hard and learn the skill set before them.


  152. Thanks Vonnie.

    With regard to your post, it makes sense, but I don’t agree with the premise. Being a celebrity (star) or reasonable facsimile of one, and not being a professional dancer are the criteria for being a contestant on the show, not necessarily having no knowledge of dance. That would be close to impossible. We really have no idea how much dance experience any of these people have. Helio MAY have spent his youth in dance class and in addition to being an emcee, Brooke danced many a night away as a serious party girl, as did Jennifer. Many football players have taken ballet classes to improve flexibility, agility and to scope out the girls. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a dancer in the competition. I think all of these shows have ringers, contenders and fillers to some extent. The producers need to be confident that they can put on a show that will be both interesting and entertaining.

    The very essence of this show, the reason it is in its eleventh season, is the intensity that the contestants bring to the competition. That is why you can bring people from diverse backgrounds and have a fair competition. While we have no idea how much dancing any of these people have done in the past, it’s not that important. The athletes have benefited most of their lives from top physical training and the very best motivational speaking. They have had people inside their heads driving them to be their best and to except nothing less, not to mention that they are that kind of person to begin with. They know how to suck it up when they are in pain, or the moves aren’t coming to them easily or when long hours of practice are required. Compare Brandy, Bristol, Kyle or Jennifer in that area of the competition and they will come up short, way short.

    The performers, on the other hand, know how to keep their best side facing the camera, always smile and that the show must go on.

    Most people with any life experience bring something useful to the competition. To Bristol’s credit, she brings less preparedness to the table than anyone in recent memory. She has youth and the public scrutiny of her family on her side, but that is about it.

    I have never seen a contestant on this show with an “I don’t care” attitude. That is the thing that fascinates me about it. You have somewhat famous people, with public personas and reputations to defend, who put themselves into a very vulnerable position of looking like a fool or un-likable or a quitter, working their butts off to win a cheap trophy. It’s hard to understand why some of them put themselves into that position. They all leave this show, either by elimination or as victors, saying that the experience changed their life in a positive way.

    This group is no different than the ones from past years in that most contestants have strengths and weaknesses that will help them or lead to their elimination from the competition. That usually has nothing to do with dancing.

    Bonus fun fact:
    Did you know that Lacy Shwimmer came in fourth place on “So You Think You Can Dance” a few years back? Below is a link to her story.


  153. Ah! Gene, you make a compelling argument!!! I’m gonna have to think some more!!! 🙂


  154. Gene,

    I’m still thinkin’…I only think in spurts; it could be days before I have another thinking moment!!!

    I guess my issue with this show is, I like the underdog! I get frustrated when stars come on the show with noticably more talent than the rest and walk off with that much coveted “Mirror Ball”.

    I guess my next issue is, there ain’t nobody on this year that makes me want to jump up and down!

    I’ll keep thinkin’…OR maybe I’ll just change the subject; what about those ??? see, I can’t even think of anything to fill in the blank!


  155. I don’t disagree with that Vonnie. BTW, your first post on this issue was a good post and well written.

    Like I said, the dancing is a side issue with this program for me. I Have no special interest in dancing and can’t dance a step myself. When I look at what they accomplish with these individuals it is absolutely fascinating to me. It would be interesting to know what the producers say to prospective contestants to get them to sign on. Obviously it can shine up a star that has become a little dull, if you will. It’s very good exposure if you can maintain that likeability factor. It is also a personal challenge for the participants. It ends up as a test of character for participants. Who would think that a light hearted entertainment program could have those results?

    The most credit has to go to the pro dancers. They are choreographers, motivational speakers, counselors / mental health professionals, friends, advocates, expert ballroom dancers, TV personalities. You name it, they seem to do it.

    Anyway, there are a few other things to enjoy about the show if you have run out of contestants to pull for at this point. There are ones that I would prefer to win, but I find them all entertaining and like to see each of them do well.

    If you Twitter (I don’t) I noticed Audrina’s partner Tony said that he answers all of his messages personally. He takes the opposite point of view regarding supporting underdogs at this point in the competition saying that while he believes in the notion of helping underdogs at a certain point that at this stage of the competition (in his view) the fans should support the people who are putting in the hard work every week and delivering solid performances. You could try and see if he will address your question about the competitors that seem to be better equipped competing with complete novices. ie, the fairness issue. I hope you will. It would be cool to hear from one of the pros on that point.

    It might save some thinking.


  156. I’m hoping that Bristol will be eliminated tonight. I didn’t think she did as well this week as last week. And according to the performances of the last two weeks, I think Kurt should be next in line to be eliminated.

    My favorite three for the finals are Brandi, Jennifer, and Rick. Brandi was terrific last night!!! And Rick looked more natural on the dance floor than ever before. Jennifer was quite good too, but I am really tired of her drama. So is she really more tired than everyone else? I realize that she’s 50 and looks in terrific shape, but maybe she shouldn’t try to push herself like she is still a 20 year-old.


  157. Hi Vonnie,

    I hope you found something to enjoy in last night’s show. I was hoping to hear that you tweeted with the stars this week.

    The team dances were very good. They had me fooled into believing the first team might actually beat the second, even though it didn’t seem likely. After thinking about it, I doubt that the two team captains actually choose their own teams. I suspect that the staff, or the regular judges, chose them to help separate the wheat from the chaff. In the end, the second group outperformed the first, but the first had a very respectable showing.

    It was a tough week for the competitors to be directly compared to a peir from a privious season. Each of them performed at the top of their game and you would be hard pressed to find fault with any of them. I think the top two performances were from Brandy and Jennifer (in no particular order) the second three were Rick and Kyle and Bristol (in that order) with Kurt bringing up the rear. The middle three had their best performances of the season and Jenifers was close to, if not her best.

    It’s a tough crowd to be in right now and I hate to see any of them cut when they are performing at this level, but based on the performance on the dance floor, I think Kurt is the likely one to go this week.

    Just a random observation. I think the female celebrities have to dance better than the males for their couple to look good. Maybe that is a male bias because I tend to look at the pretty girls more than the guys, but my wife thinks so too. It seems that in the past when the better couples had a female star, she danced at near pro levels. The female pros dance circles around many of the male celebrities, giving the appearance that more is going on than really is. Both Rick and Kyle have done a pretty good job of actually doing something and both are improving each week.

    So how about it? What do you think?


  158. I wouldn’t argue with Bristol going this week either. There seems to be a warp in cyberspace. Your post wasn’t up yet when I posted my previous one. She and Kurt are the bottom of the scale in my view. I really had to strain to put her slightly above Kurt. I felt like her overall performance was slightly better this week, but neither dance was top of the leader board material. It doesn’t really matter.

    I think that the burden has shifted to Brandy from Jennifer. It’s her’s to lose now. I think she is physically stronger and mentally tougher and her desire to win is greater than Jennifer’s.

    Did you notice that the top three are paired with pro dancers that have been very successful in the series?



  159. Gene said, “Did you notice that the top three are paired with pro dancers that have been very successful in the series?” Yes, that’s true for this season, however, no matter how successful the pros are, they sometimes are paired with celebrities who simply have no coordination or musical ability. There’s only so much the professional can do with some of the contestants!


  160. Hi Gene,

    I didn’t get to watch the whole show last night; the hubby and son were watching some wacky show, and when I finally got to turn it over to that channel they were down to the individual dances…I did tape it but have not got to watch the entire thing yet!!! My husband did say when we started watching and I said, it’s their 200th show, he said, “well, that’s 200 more show’s than they should’ve had.” Can you read from his sarcasm that he really loves this show???

    I don’t tweet!!! The only tweeting I hear are the little birdie’s in my head! I am so technology illiterate!!!

    But, here is my take; as far as I am concerned Jennifer can go home tonight…her name should be Drama Gray!!! But she won’t and she will probably win that ball…!

    I’m not real crazy about Brandy either, like I said no one has made me want to jump up and down this year, I was hoping Tony would have done better with Audrina, and they should still be there.

    I like Bristol…I think she is definitly a fish out of water, but she is making progress, and she has a personality too!

    Sooooo, anybody gonna watch “Skating with the Stars” Monday night???

    Hey Scott…where are ya??? Have you heard anymore on Jackie’s Christmas CD?


  161. Wow, my “e” is so silent in the word “definitely” that it doesn’t even show up when you put it on paper!!! 🙂


  162. Where oh where have all my friends gone, why did they leave me here all alone???


  163. Hi vonnie. i guess gene and louise are on shock that bristol is still here 😉

    maybe she worked a little ‘election night magic’ lol.

    i actually didnt think she she should go home last night. to be honest, the scores, ranging from 57-64 show how close top to bottom is right now. so whoever is showing improvement to the audience and not acting like a jackass coughjeniffercough maybe preventing lesser dancers like bristol and kyle from going home.

    i say its all in good fun, this isnt idol or talent. this really could be a ‘popularity’ contest.

    i will check later and see if her cd is available vonnie 🙂


  164. Yep, Scott, you’re right! I was in shock that Rick was eliminated ahead of Bristol and Kurt. He was really good on Monday night.

    Bristol might be a sweet young girl–unlike her Mum!–but honestly her dancing is just not as good as some of the others. Two weeks ago, I gave her credit for doing really well. But this week, she just wasn’t as good. It’s really time for her to go and then it’s time for Kurt to go.

    So who’s left? Jennifer, Brandy, Kyle, Bristol, and Kurt. It’s very hard to believe that Kyle, Bristol, or Kurt will be in the finals. This is one of the most disappointing seasons of DWTS ever.


  165. Hey Scott,

    I was very glad that Bristol stayed…sad to see Rick go, but he has been hanging around in the bottom three for awhile.

    Lol, yeah, what you said about Jennifer, funny stuff!!! I agree though! She is such a drama queen!


    I hate to disagree with ya!!! But, I would love to see Kyle, Bristol and Kurt be the top three!!!

    Are you guys gonna watch Skating with the Stars? Could be entertaining…the wrecks should be a whole lot more exciting, OUCH!!! Looks like they could only get 6 stars to sign on the dotted line though!!!


  166. Scott,

    Thanks for the CD check…hopefully it will be out soon!


  167. vonnie jackie’s album is available for pre-sale on just go to ‘music’ and type ‘jackie evancho’ it will come up ‘o holy night’


  168. Vonnie,

    You really do like the underdog, don’t you! 🙂


  169. Hi Louise,

    Yeah! I really do like the underdog for a show like this! I will bore you with a horse comparison!

    When I give a riding lesson for a new student, if that student comes to me and has ridden before or has taken lessons elsewhere and then comes to me; they can sometimes be harder to teach. They come with some knowledge, and they like for you the teacher to know how much they know! So when trying to have a class I spend more time explaining why I do something this way versus how they were taught previously…they can have a little bit of an attitude that can dissrupt being able to effectively teach them.

    while on the other hand a student comes to me who has never sat on a horse before, they are open and willing and are like sponges. The teaching experience is so much more fullfilling! When they get something that you are teaching, you are usually more excited than the student.

    So sometimes at the end of the day, my beginners may not look as polished as my intermediate or advanced students, but technically they are usually working harder and trying their hearts out to be a great rider. They are so endearing to me because I get to watch them blossom into a great rider!

    So I can understand the proffessional dancers quandary over getting someone like Jennifer and Brandy versus getting a Bristol or Kurt!!! I wonder if some of Max and Dereks melt down’s during rehearsals are not from the two diva’s thinking they know more about dancing than they really do. I see how excited Mark gets when Bristol gets it right, he is thrilled with how she is doing…I get that, so I get excited when I see her progressing because that is what it is all about! So for the underdog and their proffessional, they are getting rewarded each week by progression. Jennifer and Brandy are getting rewarded each week by scores, becasue in a show ring…it is the beginner versus an advanced rider!!!


  170. i remember watching enterainment tonight in september and they ran a poll of who would probably be voted out first and bristol was the one with the most votes.
    i think she has surprised a lot of people. and i think she is more likeable then people thought she’d be. i also dont think she is getting ‘tea party’ votes due to her mom. if anything, she is getting votes cause she is NOT Her mom.


  171. Hi, Scott,

    I agree that Bristol is a better dancer and more likeable that I expected her to be–but I expected her to be almost as bad as Kate Gosselin and she had done much better than Kate. But that still doesn’t mean that I think she’s good enough to win this competition. If she does, then this entire season will be a joke.

    And you said, “if anything, she is getting votes cause she is NOT Her mom.” None of us can be sure about that, but I have serious doubts about that statement.


  172. I dont think bristol will win but i could see her edging out kurt and kyle to get to the finals.

    when you take apart this weeks scores and do it with only the singles competition (throw out team) the diffrence between first place (jennifer and brandy) and last (bristol) would be about 3 or 4 points. its not as if she’s way off the leader board anymore. and she’s had one more bad dance then jennifer has had. and jennifer is a grade a bitch. i could see jennifer not even making the finals because of her attitude.

    i also dont get the thing about bristol or kyle or the lesser dancers winning make this season ‘a joke.’ there isnt a dance contract in line for the winner or am i missing something? if bristol beat out brandy it wouldnt make me half as pissed as when that two bit lounge singer beat jackie on america’s got talent….granted jackie is a star regardless, but she was also THE WINNER.

    i thought DWTS was for fun. i dont get why people get so riled up about it.

    as for sarah, she is not extremlely popular with any party, including republicans. if anything bristol is showing she is not anything like her mom, hence why i think she is probably getting more votes then she should.


  173. I really do think that Bristol could leave the show at this point with her head held high. For not being a performer when she started, she has managed to do better than most people probably expected. But there is no way that she, nor Kyle and Kurt, are better dancers than Audrina and Rick are. So I think it’s becoming a “joke” that they’re outlasting better dancers.

    There was honestly not one “celebrity” on this season who I would want to vote for based on likeability alone. So I think I’m being more objective about their dancing than I’ve been in any other season. Even though I think Brandi and Jennifer are the best dancers left, I agree that at the beginning of the season Brandi came across as a spoiled brat. And Jennifer’s drama has been very unappealing to me. But besides all of that, one of them should be the winner.


  174. I forgot to comment about Scott’s statement, ” as for sarah, she is not extremlely popular with any party, including republicans. if anything bristol is showing she is not anything like her mom, hence why i think she is probably getting more votes then she should.”

    Sarah might not be popular with either party, but unfortunately she seems to have a lot of people under her spell.


  175. I found this on I would be a contestant on this show too if I was needing a boost for my career!!!

    “Dancing with the Stars celebrity contestants get a base salary of $125,000 and bonuses for each week they stay on. Bonuses range from $10,000 to $50,000 (for the final weeks). The winner gets an extra $100,000.”


  176. It wasn’t a surprise that Kurt was eliminated last night–it should have either been Kurt or Bristol. Here’s a link to an interesting article I read this morning about the reasons that Bristol is still here . . .

    I actually missed some of Monday night’s show but was able to catch all of it on line last night before the elimination show. Bristol’s tango was pretty good–probably her best dance so far. But the other dance was just so-so.

    Kyle has really improved and he really deserves to be in the final three. If Bristol bumps him off the show next week, it will be a real shame.

    I was a little concerned that Maks’ spat with Carrie Ann would cost them some votes. I hope that’s not the case. Personally I love Maks. He’s a great dancer and his bad boy imagine makes him interesting to watch.

    MCL would have enjoyed seeing the young dancers who performed on the elimination show last night.


  177. Hey Louise,

    Thanks for the link…that was an interesting article! I do think alot of Bristol’s votes are coming from Sarah supporters, Bristol supporters, and a fact that most are getting disillusioned with the show!

    Each year I watch stars come on this show with an obvious disadvantage over the rest of the cast. Each year the “fodder” gets voted off and the stars who are no stranger to performing and dancing with choreography make top three and then go on to win.

    So I say! Go Bristol and Kyle, let these two be the top two this year!!!

    Please send Jennifer home! Tendinitis is not something that can cause pain during rehearsals and then you dance through it on show night, and still hop and jump up and down like nothing is wrong. This is an extremely painful condition…Why would she risk damage to her tendons just to win a mirror ball??? If there is a danger of permanent damamge, she wouldn’t still be there, others have left the show because of injuries and they did not want to further damage themselves!!! The whining week after week is getting old!!!

    Max and Brandy…I will be surprised if Max is asked to come back next season, but I guess it is good for ratings! Dimitri would be a welcomed sight on my TV!!!


  178. ok who had bristol and kyle making it to the final 4 when this season started? 😉

    i could actually see both of them making the finals. like vonnie i am SOOOOOOOO tired of jennifers bullsh*t. seems like she is doing the ‘grimm factor’ and trying to pull out sympathy votes now. yss, her instant dance was good monday night, but there is NO WAY IN HELL it deserved THREE TENS! i thought kyle had the best instant dance. in fact, i thought he was the best dancer all night.

    i also thought kari ann suddenle developed PMS during bristol and brandy’s instant dances. jeez, what the hell was her problem? i absolutely loved mak talking back to her……she was a bitch!


  179. I think it’s rather obvious that Carrie Ann prefers Jennifer to Brandi, so she was just looking for anything at all that wasn’t exactly perfect about Brandi.

    I, too, am completely sick of Jennifer’s complaints. One week it’s her neck, the next her knee, etc. I agree with Vonnie’s comment about tendonitis. I’ve had tendonitis and there is no way she could be out there dancing as she is doing with tendonitis. Actually, I think I’d love to see her get eliminated even though she is a great dancer!!!


  180. as a sports fan i know players with tendinitis sometimes take ‘MONTHS to come back…..but jennifer is ok in a couple of hours? yeah OK.


  181. LOL, this is for Jennifer…by the Mayo Clinic!!!

    By Mayo Clinic staff

    Tendinitis is inflammation or irritation of a tendon — any one of the thick fibrous cords that attach muscles to bones. The condition causes pain and tenderness just outside a joint. While tendinitis can occur in any of your body’s tendons, it’s most common around your shoulders, elbows, wrists and heels.

    Some common names for various tendinitis problems are:

    ■Tennis elbow
    ■Golfer’s elbow
    ■Pitcher’s shoulder
    ■Swimmer’s shoulder
    ■Jumper’s knee
    If tendinitis is severe and leads to the rupture of a tendon, you may need surgical repair. But most cases of tendinitis can be successfully treated with rest and medications to reduce the pain and inflammation.

    This doesn’t sound like what Jennifer has…her pain is all gone when she starts to dance!!!


  182. Is it possible that she had some strong cortisone shots that would enable her to dance?


  183. someonelse mentioend that to me louise…..

    all i have to say is, no athlete i ever saw that took a cortisone shot for pain ever moved around like jennifer did last night.

    not buying her bs at all.


  184. I’m just as skeptical as you are, Scott.


  185. let me give you an example.

    in february, 2002 my patriots won the afc championship and headed to new orleans to play (ironically led by the recently eliminated kurt warner) the st louis rams.

    our qb, tom brady, had injured his ankle in the afc title game. couldnt finish the game. he limped around during the post game celebration. whats worse? that year there was only one week inbetween the confrence title games and the superbowl, due to 9/11.

    so he kept off the ankle as much as he could for the first couple of days, then was praticing with a brace the rest of the week. he was declared able to play, but he took the cortisone shot before game time.

    lets just say he wasnt mikahil barishnakov out there…..


  186. well i should add….

    he did lead us on a 55 yard game winning drive at the end. im guessing he was running on adreneline from the ‘moment’ as i would call it


  187. Yep! I agree Scott…even with the shot, your not gonna dance around like nothing was wrong! My husband has had cortizone for tendinitis and it is not a miracle cure, it only works about 50% of the time in patients.

    I dunno…I agree with you and Louise; I ain’t buying it!!! Sympathy votes is her purpose I’m afraid; and when they no longer work, she’ll dance to the song “I’ve had the time of my life” and re-create her Dirty Dancing dance!!! That oughta buy her a few more votes!

    Scott…I love Mikhail Baryshnikov; did you see him in the movie “White Nights?” He is an amazing dancer!!! We should start a campaign for Dancing to have him be a star…he doesn’t do ballroom, he does ballet so that should make him no less a professional than some of the others who dance on the show!!!


  188. i did see it when i was a kid, my sister forced my mom to rent it lol.

    god if she plays on sympathy for patrick swayze im gonna puke.


  189. i should add that it was quite the opposite to see bristol motivated by her family showing up, particuarly her son.

    far difffrent then jennifer who pays lip service to her daughter and then does the ‘me me me’ routine


  190. I think Jennifer never got past her Baby character from the movie because she has certainly been acting like a baby on this show.


  191. I’m afraid that Brandy might be the one to be eliminated tonight. Of course, I’d prefer seeing Brandy win, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. Anyone agree with me?


  192. good call louise.

    wow. i thought if bristol made the finals it would be jennifer going home.

    that being said, brandy over did the crying at the end……come on.

    i hope kyle wins


  193. I hope Kyle wins too, Scott.

    I think you’re being too hard on Brandy. Being on this show meant a lot to her. And she had to know that she was a better dancer than Bristol and something very unfair just happened to her. A few weeks ago, I said it would be a joke if Bristol made it to the final and it is. I will give Bristol credit for showing a lot of improvement in her first dance last night, but still she did not show the same talent as the other three remaining contestants. And the thing that is really bothering me is the fact that Bristol really seems to believe that she belongs there because she has improved so much. Sure that’s something to be proud of, but it still doesn’t mean that she should be in the finals. Mediocrity is the word that keeps coming to my mind. It’s what I think of too when I think of her mother and the people who must be supporting both of them.


  194. louise as the great simon cowell once said ‘thats what happens when you let america vote.’

    my issue is more with brandy’s reaction… some dignity for crying out loud.

    jackie deserved to win AGT and she got screwed over for some second rate lounge singer (apologies to those who like him) who you’ll never hear from again once his talent tour is over.

    and she lost simply cause of the bogus misconceptions about a ‘vegas show’ like she’d be playing the strip 24/7/365.

    but jackie showed dignity and class and good sportsmanship, and she was 10 freaking years old.

    get over yourself brandy….you’ll still be a multi millionare in the morning 😦


  195. I still think you’re being too hard on Brandy. You’re right about some people being very gracious winners. But I can also relate to Brandy’s disappointment. It was just too difficult for her to hide her extreme disappointment in not making the finals. At least she didn’t say anything snarky about Bristol.


  196. i want to add it might not have been the smartest move by brandy to remind people that they thought she got away with murder…..


  197. I also read that someone thought it was in bad taste for her to say that being on DWTS was like a “re-birth” when a woman died in the car accident that she was involved in. So I’m sure that didn’t help her. Plus she was in “jeopardy” last week. Plus her first dance on Monday night wasn’t as terrific as some of her dances have been (I think it was a mistake for her to wear pants because you could clearly see every move she made). I think those things, plus the fact that Bristol upped her game last night in the first dance (even though she wasn’t better overall than Brandy), all contributed to her elimination. But I still believe that the biggest reason she was eliminated was because of Bristol being a Palin.


  198. i think bristol gets the votes cause she’s the anti-sarah. maybe the black sheep of the family.

    i dont get why people think sarah has this huge popularity…(wasnt it like 6 weeks ago we were saying she was being booed out of the building?). from what i’ve seen she is the butt of tons of jokes and she might not have cost mccain the election but she sure made it worse of a slaughter then it should have


  199. I just saw a poll this week that gave her a popularity rating of 40%. That’s still a lot of people who like her, unfortunately.


  200. well 40 percent wont get you elected president.
    unless ross perot splits the vote again


  201. i love all the outrage.

    if you dont want your favorite to lose, VOTE people!

    i still dont understand. this isnt a real competition in my book…….brandi isnt losing a dance contract cause she didnt win.


  202. Wow!!!

    I am happy that Bristol and Kyle are top three…just missing Kurt!!!

    Dancing stacks the deck each year…this year it backfired, their fodder is top three!


  203. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kyle continues his string of terrific dances so that I can, in good conscience, vote for him on Monday night!!! And vote I will–as many times as I can.


  204. I think Mark Balis(?) said it best on Good Morning America this morning, he said,’each year people complain because the winners have too much dancing experience when they come on the show’, he used Kristi and Nicole as examples, he said, “people want to see stars with less dance experience make it to the top, and then when they get it as in this year, they complain about that, it’s a lose, lose situation”

    I agree…I am happy that two of the three in the top three are less experienced dancers, I would have loved for Jennifer to have gone home and Kurt, Rick, or Audrina be in her place! That would be a great finale!!! Just my opinion!


  205. Vonnie,

    I agree to an extent that it’s more fun to see someone who started with not much dancing ability, improve each week, and get to the finals. I’m not hoping for a Jennifer win. But honestly, others on the show this year besides Jennifer have been able to dance circles around Bristol. I agree that she definitely improved a lot from the first week or so, but it still hasn’t been enough to be crowned the champion. And if she wins, it will be a very disappointing season. I voted for Kyle tonight and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that enough others did as well.


  206. kyle will win.

    so sick of jennifers dull repetitive garbage.

    at least bristol and kyle step it up. jennifer is playing safe.

    btw, plenty of boos when the carrie ann and bruno low balled bristol’s second dance tonight.

    its obvious jennifer is the judges favorite and they will probably make sure she wins.


  207. Scott,
    Don’t be so sure about Jennifer winning. The judges favorite does not always win on this show.


  208. Happy Thanksgiving to my MCL family…I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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