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MasterClass Monday: Debbie Reynolds And Carrie Fisher Share A Heartwarming And Memorable Musical Moment

When I saw this beautiful video of Debbie Reynolds performing with her daughter, Carrie Fisher, I couldn’t help but notice the tender and committed love they shared.  From Debbie  gently stroking her daughter’s hair, to the genuine spoken moments and then that final hug,  I was extremely touched and teary -eyed that two Hollywood legends […]

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Masterclass Monday: Good Morning via Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds And Gene Kelly

Look at the vibrancy and precision of this collaborative performance featuring Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly as they performed “Good Morning” from the classic film, “Singing In The Rain”. They flawlessly combined dancing elements of tap, modern and ballet to create this memorable number. Debbie Reynolds was only 19-years-old in this film and […]

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