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It’s December! And the TV Networks Have You Covered With Tons Of Christmas And Holiday Specials

Happy December everyone! And what a December it is going to be! There are innumerable television specials – most of which are happening on NBC. The NBC network is digging into some deep pockets this season to bring us some exciting holiday fare. First and foremost, with only two months left in Jay Leno’s contract, […]

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It’s Official. Jay Leno Leaving The Tonight Show.

Picture Courtesy Of The HollywoodReporter.Com Well, there you have it! After weeks of speculation, Jay Leno has officially announced that he is leaving the Tonight Show. And, television, as we know it, has taken a strange turn and embraced a newer, “hipper”, McDonald’s kind of comedy – where we can mindlessly play with our iPads […]

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Jay Leno And Jimmy Fallon Rock “Tonight” From West Side Story

This video, featured below, made me laugh and get misty-eyed at the same time. Can the end of the Jay Leno era be this near? No matter the answer, at least his successor, Jimmy Fallon, is playing nice, allowing Jay to leave with the dignity he so deserves. The idea behind this video originated with […]

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Tonight Show Bandleader Kevin Eubanks Named Artistic Director of Thelonius Monk Institute

Since tonight is Kevin Eubank’s last performance with The Tonight Show, I thought I would bring you up to speed on Kevin’s plans for the future. In addition to exploring recording opportunities, Kevin Eubanks plans to continue working at the Thelonius Monk Institute.   Upon reading the news that he was appointed Artistic Director of the Institute,  it appears that Kevin has […]

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Katharine McPhee’s Backstage With Bryan Interview

I thought I would add a blog topic featuring Katharine McPhee’s Backstage With Bryan interview. It was filmed after her outstanding performance of her new single,“Terrified”, on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The number was written by American Idol Judge Kara DioGuardi. Katharine’s voice and presence continues to impress me; she is an extraordinary […]

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Backstage With Bryan From The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Here is a clip filmed just for the fans after last night’s telecast of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It features American Idol Season 8 Runner-Up Adam Lambert, Republican Sarah Palin and Olympic Gold Medalist in Snowboarding, Shaun White. They are interviewed by Bryan Branly from the Jay Leno Show’s Backstage With Bryan segment […]

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Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien crack wise about NBC’s late-night shuffling –

Found this article this morning and wanted to share it with the readers.  Humor truly is the best medecine! Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien crack wise about NBC’s late-night shuffling – Posted using ShareThis

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Conan O’Brien Says No Thanks to NBC Move To Later Time Slot

Below is an article from the MSN Entertainment Page regarding the NBC brouhaha over the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien/ Jimmy Fallon situation and Conan’s decision to walk away from this trainwreck.   What a mess and, yet, Conan will come out of this smelling like roses.  You have to admire the integrity of the man and, say […]

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Liz Feldman: Twitter with Seniors

I saw this segment on The Jay Leno Show and it was hilarious! Enjoy! Video Recaps | Full Episodes | Webisodes

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