David Archuleta Scheduled For A November 6th Appearance On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

American Idol Season Seven Runner-up, David Archuleta, is very busy these days with numerous appearances in anticipation of his new CD, due to to be released on November 11th

Tonight – November 6th – he is scheduled for an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I already have my DVR set to go and, if that fails, I will see the repeat version of the show on the Star network on November 7th.

Purchase David Archuletadavidthumb1

I am extremely excited for this young man and all he has to offer, not only to his fans, but also to the music industry. He is definitely on the road to an extremely exciting career and this CD, although excellent, is only a small fraction of what he capable of achieving in his lifetime.

If you can’t wait until November 11th, you can download the tracks from his CD at Amazon.Com or ITunes.Com.

You can also pre-order his new CD here.

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5 Responses to “David Archuleta Scheduled For A November 6th Appearance On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”

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  2. OMGosh MCL here is David singing Crush with his new band. This performance ought to gain him a few new fans and boost record sales.


  3. WOOOOOOOOTTT! That was an exceptional performance. And The Jay loved it! Thanks Janey. The band was awesome as well.


  4. Hi MCL
    OH YEAH! That was just awesome. Watching David fronting his own band. He was spectacular!


  5. Thank you MCL for your high regard for David Archuleta. I hear him sing “To Be With You” and it brought tears. I know this is a love song,but I felt a love for my children with this song also. I am grateful for a boy like him who was raised to value life. I commented here recently about our new President elect. I have very sensitive feelings about life as David does. I am saddened any time I see a leader of our nation condone killing innocent lives, as in abortion…. I know David values life also and this song just brought me to tears , thinking of my life, my children who I love. And it makes me want to fight for every life. And saddened for every life, the millions, which has been taken by those who don’t understand the beauty of life. I want a leader to share that passion with me. I long for leaders who have this passion as I feel from this song David sings. “I know God does exist cuz he will have answered every single prayer”
    and that is my prayer…that we can come back to our roots , here, in America, and see the light of life. And life that is valued and loved. Our nation has so many giving, sacrifing people of faith who tear up when they think of all the little ones who have not made it here… “this journey, it was worth the fight, to be with you” I want all to feel that way that David describes in this song. I am so blessed. And this song reminds me how precious my life is and I cry to think of any one who would want to promote a woman to consider an option of ending her little one’s life, for selfish reasons. I just want to have them listen to this song and David and feel loved and know that God will help them through any hardship.. And that many other open arms would love to cradle that little one and lift the burden from those who may think it too much to handle a little one at that time. So many crying couples who want just a chance to hold a little one. Every single life is of worth. I only have one daughter, not two like obama. but I would never tell her that it would be ok to end that little one’s life. That life is just as valued as hers. I would teach her that sometimes circumstances and choices are not always perfect. But, that ending one life so that another is made easier is not the answer. I admired one woman during this election as David once proclaimed. I felt for Sarah Palin , for the ridicule of keeping a child who was not perfect in body. But she kept that child and loves that child in it’s imperfect body, but perfect spirit. And yet those followers of this new elect scolded her for this predicament she put herself in. She answered that bringing this little one into her world was one of the most beautiful experiences in her life. What a spirit? Many, did not see that beauty, but tarred and feathered her instead. They stood with Obama instead. Making fun of anyone who valued life above circumstances. I look up to a person who values life. I looked up to her and for once in a long time, I saw someone stand up to the media and the liberal agenda being heralded in this election. She stood up for life and it’s beauty. She stood up for me as a woman and the beautiful gift of bringing life to this Earth. What an honor. What a gift to bring God’s life to this Earth. I long for the day when I can look up to a leader who truly loves life and it’s beauty and will not be ashamed to teach his two daughters that standing up for life is grander than taking it away from someone who is defenseless.
    I can pray for our leaders to soften their hearts. For if a nation does not value life, that nation eventually erodes. Erosion is trying to creep its way in..and there is a part of me saddened after this election. That more little ones lives will be in harm today, because of a leader who they look up to tells them it is ok and rightful to take that little one’s life away…to build there own dreams , but to take away someone elses dreams and right to life. That is where I am saddened today. And David’s song brings me to those emotions. I would want a leader who would take that woman in their arms and tell her that the gift of life she possesses is so beautiful and that there are choices to give that life a chance. That brings tears to me to think that anyone could ever tell a woman that she can take that life away if she wants. And yet, that is where we are today in our land of freedom. It was very hard for many religious people when this change took place. And we take it very personally when another leader tells us that they support taking life in it’s fullest. I hope that sheds some light as to the division in this nation. So many little moral things that get pushed aside for the sake of including all people. And so, little by little, the little things that did matter, no longer are important anymore. The sanctity of Marriage, the value of life,
    these things do matter to many still today. But some feel that we leave so many out when we set such high standards. I tend to believe that by setting high standards, we help others excel and work and strive for perfection. And that is the road to true happiness. When one strives to live the best they can. To value life, and be an example of good living. And help others feel that pride and strive to better their own lives little by little, day by day. In the end, it is all about what we do with our lives.

    Why does this song make me feel this way? But it does.

    “I can’t imagine two worlds spinning apart,come together eventually….just to be holding you for the very first time….and when you’re standing here in front of me, that’s when I know God does exist”…Life is beautiful!
    Thank you David, for writing such a beautiful song full of emotion and life.


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