Updates For The Week Of September 13th, 2009

Kyra and Nonni I will be away visiting my daughter and her family for most of this week. She and her husband are expecting another baby at the end of September, so this is a very exciting time for all of us.

The picture in this blog topic was a quick photo from our last visit and that beautiful little angel beside me is my granddaughter, Kyra.

So, I am leaving it to my readers – once again – to add interesting articles and links and videos from events that will occur over the next few days.

And, I am sure I have missed many events in the last few days, so please add your comments about these as well.

I am excited to view the new The Jay Leno Show tomorrow night. His first guest is Jerry Seinfeld, with musical guest Jay Z and Kanye West. So, he is off to an excellent start!

I will check back every so often over the next few days and join the chatter party. Fire away, readers!

Update: September 15th, 2009: Jay Leno Blog Topic

Update: September 15th, 2009: Katharine McPhee Blog Topic

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16 Responses to “Updates For The Week Of September 13th, 2009”

  1. Hi MCL!! David Archuleta performed in New York Sunday evening 9/13 before the US Open women’s finals. WOW!! I could go on and on…but here’s the performance on youtube. His singing speaks for itself as I am left utterly speechless!! Take care and congrats on your new grandbaby – what a blessing! And thank you for all you do – I enjoy reading your posts and adore your love for David! 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu_NlPiDnuQ&fmt=18


  2. Heading out the door, but had to watch this! David’s performance was beyond gorgeous. Sheer brilliance, as always! I had goosebumps. Thank you Sheryl for adding this link! Keep them coming!


  3. Hey there MCL, nice to see you back and congratulations!

    I’m with Sheryl, David’s rendition of America The Beautiful was AWESOME and OUTSTANDING! Watching and hearing David sing last night is something to remember, I can’t say enough good things about that young guy!


  4. Roseanne, I am so happy for you, your daughter, and family! I remember when you first announced the upcoming birth of your Grandbaby. May your daughter have an easy delivery.

    There’s nothing like a newborn baby to make life just a little bit brighter! Take care and God bless.

    I hope to hear David’s song when I am at my daughter’s later this week. I am so happy that both Davids are doing so well!


  5. Looking at a Twitter message: “How could i forget David Cook? My daughter & I were just speaking about him tonight, how he changed the sound of Idol -paved the way for Adam.”

    I agree David Cook opened up more doors; however, he did say that Bo Bice opened up doors so he could be a contestant on Idol. I was watching reruns of Season 4 (one of my favorites) and Bo was definitely a rocker. Just awesome, as is David and Adam!


  6. Thanks so much, Kariann. And have a wonderful time at your daughter’s as well. A change is indeed better than a rest.


  7. David Archuleta always sings anazingly. Great job.

    MCL – I don’t know if you’ve seen this alrady, but David also sang Desperate LIVE for the first time on 8/6/09 in Rockford, IL. Check ir out and COMMENT. This performance is just him and the piano. I was able to FEEL the song more this way. Enjoy and tell us what you think:


  8. I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I figured here would be okay. I was fortunate to see the Idols in Syracuse this past Monday. I thought all of them sounded really good. I was particularly impressed with Lil, Anoop, and Matt. Their voices sounded quite strong, and they performed well. Of course, the top 4 were awesome as usual.
    My brother took some vids of the Idols performances in Syracuse.

    Kris’s Ain’t No Sunshine:

    Adam Mad World:

    And I thought I’d mention the Manchester concert, the final Idol concert from last night. The last song, Don’t Stop Believing was all fun and silliness as the crew sprayed the Idols with silly string..lol


  9. Please be sure to catch the American Latin Music (ALMA) Awards airing Friday night – tomorrow!(9/18) on ABC at 8:00 pm. David Archuleta is performing (song unknown…drats!) along with accepting an award for Male Rising Star Honoree. Should be a wonderful treat and honor for him (and us fans, too haha). This is really the official ‘breaking out’ to the Latin community – and what a major way to do it! Somebody knows what they’re doing, IMO! I think everyone, no matter what ethnic or racial background, will get a treat from this wonderful talent! Enjoy! I’ll send a youtube of his performance as soon as one posts. 🙂


  10. HQ version of David Archuleta singing “Contigo En La Distancia” at the Alma Awards.

    Beautiful, soulful, emotional, and amazing! MCL have tissues nearby.


  11. MCL Can’t wait for your review of David’s Alma performance. It was stunning. Also would like your review of Desparate. Hope you had a nice visit with your family.


  12. MCL, have you seen David Archuleta’s performance at the ALMA awards on 18 Sept.? Stellar! See the link below.


  13. Adam and Kris performed at Ford Day yesterday. The songs were all acoustic, and they both sounded amazing.

    Tracks of My Tears and Mad World:

    Adam and Kris’s duet – “Crazy”

    It was fun hearing Adam and Kris sing Crazy, as Adam has sung that song various times at Upright Cabaret. I loved the duet and thought they enjoyed it as well.


  14. Beth, I wish I could have met you there! Look at your YouTube videos. Uh, well I can’t look at them because I have Dial-Up service, but I can see the picture. I hope to get to my daughter’s on Monday to see them. Look how close.

    Were they more relaxed? I just imagine that they would be.

    Roseanne, I hope all is well!


  15. Are you referring to the acoustic performances for the Ford Day? Or the Syracuse concert? The Idols were definitely more relaxed in Syracuse and were more comfortable than on opening night!


  16. Wanted to second to give you credit, yes please continue with your postings, i really enjoy them. You constantly can write something entertaining that won’t leave you with an empty feeling like what you see on countless other blogs.


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