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The Jay Leno Bruhaha: A Masterclass Perspective

I don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of the television industry. If I did, I would have immediate answers to remedy the mess that we now call our television wasteland. Yet, honestly, this Jay Leno story has made me step out of the comfy confines of my technologically enhanced home and reach out to […]

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Two – Hour Premiere Of Smash Season Two Airs Tonight

Oh! My! Goodness! Am I living in a cocoon or what? I just noticed on NBC’s Facebook page that Smash is airing as we speak here. Or write. Whatever! It is on! Now! For some reason, I thought this show was starting in March, but I was probably confusing its start time with The Voice […]

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Smash Stars Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee

Smash Season Finale Tonight. And The Recipient Of The Marilyn Monroe Role Is….

My bet is on Katharine McPhee! It seems logical, somehow. However, because that choice seems too logical, perhaps the producers will opt for Megan Hilty. Ether way, it is one or the other. Boy, am I addicted to this show! Everything about it appeals to me – the actors, the storyline, the Broadway music and, […]

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Katharine McPhee in Smash

Katharine McPhee Debuts in NBC’s Highly Anticipated “Smash” Series

Well, after much hype and ballyhoo, the NBC Premiere of the long-awaited Smash series debuts at 10:00 P.M. Eastern on Monday February 6th. Katharine McPhee stars in the role as Karen, one of two singers auditioning to play the role of Marilyn Monroe. By all accounts, her performance looks more than promising and the show […]

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Katharine McPhee

Tweet: Katharine McPhee To Make An Appearance On The Finale Of The Voice

This just in via Twitter from American Idol Season 5 Runner-Up, the very talented Katharine McPhee: “Katharine McPhee (@katharinemcphee) 11-06-22 2:19 PM got a call that I’m going to the finale of @nbc ‘s The Voice next week to watch the final battle & give a sneek peek of @NBCSmash! #excited” Now that’s exciting news! […]

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Smash Promo Looks Simply, Well, Smashing

Has anyone seen this NBC Promo for the new series, Smash, starring the very talented Katherine McPhee? I posted it below the yada yada in this blog topic. It looks really exciting and I can’t wait to sink my teeth, ears and eyes into this show in 2012. Katharine was the runner-up during American Idol Season […]

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