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Jay Leno Returns To Television With Jay Leno’s Garage On CNBC and Tonight Show Appearance On November 7th

Picture Credit: CNBC/Jay Leno’s Garage I should have seen this coming. Did you? I am very happy to share with you that former Tonight Show Host, Jay Leno, will be starring in a new television show, tentatively titled, “Jay Leno’s Garage“. It will be based on Jay’s Emmy Award-winning Web series, which has more than […]

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The Jay Leno Bruhaha: A Masterclass Perspective

I don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of the television industry. If I did, I would have immediate answers to remedy the mess that we now call our television wasteland. Yet, honestly, this Jay Leno story has made me step out of the comfy confines of my technologically enhanced home and reach out to […]

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Top Four American Idol Season 11 Finalist, Hollie Cavanagh

Top Four American Idol Finalist Hollie Cavanagh Departs With Class and Grace

Last week, the little engine that could, Hollie Cavanagh, was eliminated from American Idol Season 11. We all knew it was coming but all her fans were hoping beyond hope that the inevitable elimination wouldn’t come to pass. But, we know how this show works. It is pre-determined from the get-go, despite what the producers […]

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Video Of The Day: Clay Aiken On Jay Leno

I just found this video this morning and it put a smile on my face. I happened to miss Clay Aiken’s appearance on Jay Leno, but, I have to say, this guy is a so funny and so talented. Check out the beautiful head voice that he uses at the beginning of his performance of […]

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