Adam Lambert Performs With Queen In The Ukraine

Adam Lambert With Queen Performs A Haunting Version Of “Who Wants To Live Forever”

I have received endless emails from fans of the great Adam Lambert about his performances with Queen in the Ukraine.

However, in the wake of the rumors that he may serve as judge on Season 12 of American Idol, the MCL blog has been inundated with discussions over Adam’s possible new role on the series that catapulted him to fame.

One thing I have learned with Adam – any news surrounding him makes for lively debate. He is nothing if not controversial – his off-stage image is a totally separate entity from his on-stage persona. I think this is what is the most intriguing about this man – his complexity shrouded in a veil of mystery. Who is Adam?

Well, one thing I know for sure – he is one heck of a performer. As witnessed in the video above, sent to me by an Adam fan named Sue, he can plant himself on a stage with legends like Queen and sing like he has been performing with them his entire life.


His voice and presence is undeniably charismatic. He is incredibly unique in his artistic approach, as witnessed by his haunting performance of “Who Wants To Love Forever” in the video. I prefer it to the original – and, don’t get me wrong, I mean no disrespect to late and great Freddie Mercury. I think his voice was pure magic.

However, Adam’s rendition is extremely sensitive and expressive. It stays with you long after the performance is over.

Also, and this is a technical point here: (not to be confused with Adam’s sublime artistic performance) Adam needs to relax his throat muscles. I see a nice open mouth and relaxed jaw but the clarity of his vocal timbre is still not evident to me. Plain and simple – too much chest voice, not enough head voice.

In the end, however, I was very moved by this performance. Very moved. Were you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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38 Responses to “Adam Lambert With Queen Performs A Haunting Version Of “Who Wants To Live Forever””

  1. This was really good, but no one can replace Freddie.


  2. Agree! He is a legend. Adam needs to incorporate Freddie’s unique head voice into his vocal timbre. I know he has the technical background to do this and more. Loved Adam’s rendition of this song, though. Very beautiful.


  3. That was fantastic …and SO Adam. He always takes you there!!


  4. He sure does, BrotherKarl. 🙂


  5. MCL,

    Thanks so much for creating a separate thread. Yes, it’s this heavenly voice that captured my imagination and heart back on the AI stage. And, while I don’t follow AI as much as I did that season, I’m forever grateful that this show launched his career and got him out of being an understudy for Wicked. (Just what was that director thinking?)

    I honestly don’t know if Adam is the best for AI or if AI is the best fit for Adam.I’ve heard many arguments on both sides, but whatever Adam decides to pursue, I’ll be along for the ride. 🙂


  6. Sue – I just love Adam. But, part of me wants him to judge because I think that he would impart great vocal wisdom to the singers.

    However, the other part of me wants him to get on with his career, especially now that it is taking off so well. Build on the momentum!!

    But, the two can go hand in hand. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler both enjoyed a career boost so, with Adam so new to the music industry, the judging gig would help him as well.


  7. Got to watch Kiev via live stream TV and the show was amazing! Adam could have been Freddie’s son and I just have a feeling Freddie would have loved him.


  8. Adam does such a beautiful job with this song. He’s just an awesome singer! I wish he could be in the closing ceremony of the Olympics with Queen. I could listen to his Queen performances forever.

    My fear about Adam becoming a judge is that too much would be about him with fans and non-fans debating his presence on the panel. Five years from now – fine. I just want this season to be more about the contestants than the judges!


  9. A little off topic but I think Bob Barker hosted the first episode of American Idol. Complete with cynical outlook and all. LOL There’s Randy, JLo and Steven with their silly comments coming in at 9:11. Bob’s almost as good as Ryan here I think. James Randi might be playing the role of Jimmy Iovine. And who is that guy with the weird hair and the black outfit? They make him look kind of silly toward the end don’t they? You should Google his name. He went off the deep end in 1989 I believe.

    James Randi Quote: “I have an open mind but not so open that my brains fall out!”

    I love that quote! Finally someone as cynical as I am LOL!

    BTW great post Rosanne! Adam can definitely sing!

    Hydrick’s most astonishing confession: He learned how to blow like that in prison!!! Now that is hilarious!!!! OMG!! I can’t take it! I am in stitches over here Rosanne!

    It’s also very funny to me that the name James Hydrick is so similar to Jimi Hendrix who is a singer. (Jimmy being another name for James) and that the magician guy offering the prize money is named James Randi. Just like Jimmy and Randy on AI. History repeats itself. It really does! This is like a window into the future. The judges came in at 911! And Hydrick turned out to be a pedophile like Jerry Sandusky.

    The judges names; John, Steven and Ronald. The same first initials and actually one has the same name as an AI judge. This is getting scary now. LOL

    Yes, I know this is “That’s My Line”. It’s still toooooo funny!!!!

    See if you can find anything else eerily connected to future events in this video.

    I’m trying Rosanne. I really am!


  10. Taymaro – so he went from being a so-called psychic to a convicted pedophile? That’s quite the transition. He really went off the deep end didn’t he?

    Oh my – just watching his attempt to make the telephone pages turn when the styrofoam was added to the mix is just plain hysterical. It’s almost as off the judges knew in advance that it would not work – which, of course, they did. Hahaha

    Eric Dittelman on AGT is incredible though. So smooth. Hard to explain how he does what he does. It is mind-boggling.


  11. Yes Rosanne,

    He did turn out to be a convicted pedophile.

    Ever since Gene posted about Rick Burgess and I found those videos and watched them, I have been praying for that strength to deal with my own issues.

    Then I get a totally unsolicited video link in my e-mail to another(Not this one) of Randi’s debunking demonstrations. That lead me to this video. Then as I am watching it these things just keep jumping out at me. This episode aired in the early 80’s. All of the, although subtle, similarities just started to pop out at me. Some of them are a stretch but there are more than I mentioned above. You are correct, Eric Dittleman came to my mind as well. Also the fact that a phone book is used. This guy can blow that pencil but he can also blow the phone book(if you don’t put packing peanuts around it), which struck me as funny because on AI they always say “You could sing the phonebook.” and they had that little skit where they actually did sing the phone book…LOL

    Also, this guy tried to put himself in a position to get near children by claiming to be able to teach them telekinesis and that is exactly what Sandusky did through his, so called, foundation. Then you have the judge named JOhn PAlmer, which foretells the involvement of Joe Paterno (JoPa) in the Penn State Scandal.

    Mind you, this James Randi is a gay atheist. Which is quite the opposite of myself. In fact, people who read my posts and don’t know my real name or gender usually have me pegged as a 50ish, right wing, female Bible pumper. But with me posting this video to get a ,not so direct, point across one definitely can’t accuse me of being closed minded or anti-gay or even a religious nut case because I actually agree with this guys take on how things so subtly and indirectly cause issues with our children’s psyche. And for him to make that comment in reference to children being affected and then this guy to be discovered to be a child molester was actually very insightful and just plain spooky to me. Maybe I’m just a nut case in general…Who knows?…LOL

    Even when Bob Barker mentions Dr. Drake at the end it reminds me of Dr. Dre the HipHop artist/Record Producer who is a very powerful figure in the music industry today.

    I just think it’s all rather eerie to be contained in this one video that I just happened across at this point in time. That’s all.

    But I like Adam’s rendition of “Who Wants To Live Forever”. I have always said that he has an amazing voice and great stage presence. No one can deny that!

    Oh yeah, I forgot the fact that James Hydrick has the same initials (JH) and first name as someone else who made headlines as of late. It’s just strange is all I can say. Or is it just me?


  12. Rosanne,

    Thank you so much for the insightful article! Really enjoyed it.

    I really liked your take on Adam’s vocals. Through the years I’ve discovered that I’m more into artists like Freddie, Adam, Celine and their likes because of their vocal acrobatics and their powerful, emotional and expressive renditions.

    I think this is a particularly rare quality that somehow wipes out the “proper song” factor out of the equation when talking about songs matching an artist’s style . Because no matter what the song these artists tend to turn even the most dull songs into vocal masterpieces which you would just listen to, solely to hear their magic tricks cast upon the vocals!

    Talking about vocals, you talked about the chest voice and the head voice. Could I ask you to please explain a bit about the difference? I’ve read articles about it, but they were either too professional for me or lacking enough examples to understand the difference in quality.

    I’ll be grateful, thanks again.


  13. Still in limbo huh? No word on judges?


  14. Hey All….

    Well … I’ll tell you what I did hear …or whats in the air. From what I understand Toby Keith was offered a seat and also that Brad Paisley is meeting with them. Both country singers …which to me is a disappointing because that makes it look like we’re going to be seeing more and more WGWG’s finalist. Now I’ve been a faithful fan of Idol. And while I’d like great judges, not having my pick of judges won’t stop me from watching. BUT if its going to go all the way there another season …I’m done. Its not a style of music I enjoy or would buy so there’d be no reason for me to continue. I’m sure they wouldn’t miss me We’ll see.


  15. Brotherkarl,

    I’m thinking with this new flavor of judge, idol has seen the writting on the wall. Country right now, is where it is at…with the pop, R&B world, idol is not bringing the right artists/contestants to the stage.

    You can’t year after year bring young sound alikes to the stage and think they are going anywhere…Whitney, Mariah, and all the big voices are old skool…need new fresh sounding/quirky if ya gonna make it today.

    Phil phillips could easily hit the country stations with “Home” and do great, he may have, I don’t listen to country, I like only a handful of country artists, Scotty is my boy!!!

    Sounds to me like idol is looking to open up the menu for other artists to try out…I think it is brilliant for idol. Both of these judges will pull in a different contest and audience!

    Now! For those of us who have been faithful watchers, we are the one’s I think idol would like to see fall by the wayside…we are a voting rut for idol, we don’t vote the way they want us too. Say what you will, but idol has stacked the deck for the last few years and couldn’t pull a girl win outta the hat!!!



  16. Vonnie

    It looks like we’re on a different page here. I can’t believe it 🙂

    … I guess I don’t understand … If we’ve had Scotty, we’ve had Phil, we’ve had Carrie … who all are country, how is bringing on a country judge going to bring us something different to Idol? It sounds to me its just going to bring much more of what we’ve already had? I guess I don’t get it.

    What I DO get is …the Idol audiences have shown over and over and over again that they LOVE country music. They have also shown that they have a very small R&B audience. Thats why they have not had an R&B winner in many years and adding a country judge to me .. just says we’ll never see it again now. It sounds like they are going to take us all the way there.

    In the sense that they want to cater more to their larger audience ..then it makes sense to bring on a country judge. It doesn’t make sense though if they are trying to be more well rounded and trying to get a different kind of singer to win.

    Like I said. One more country singer or rocker and for me, I’m done. It begins to sound like they’re continually just picking the same person and same style all the time. Thats cool. They’ve got to cater to their audience. The De Andre’s of the world already don’t stand a chance of winning with that audience. Adding a country judge would bring an even larger country audience and then they’d just kick people like DE Andre right out of the door. Oh well …. got to go with whats most popular.

    I guess I have to go hide under my rock now 🙂


  17. Brothrkarl…my point exactly!!! The writting on the wall is, drum roll please, idol has found a cash cow in the country industry. Not saying I like it, but if they can change us out for new viewers, new contestants, then they can move on to a fresh faced new show!

    I understand idol’s madness…look at all of the new shows cropping up, all seeking the more pop, R&B type singers; Idol will be the show with a new different twist, country winners!!!

    Idol has produced more country artists than they have any other genre…Carrie, Scotty, Lauren Elaina, Josh Gracin, Danny Gokey, that Phil guy (bald guy), Kelly Pickler, and Skylar will sell records after she comes off the tour, who am I missing???

    We are actually on the same page! I’m just saying from a marketing standpoint…BRILLIANT! From a long time viewer, I just turned off my tv.


  18. Addendum…I think it was Gene who was saying that Nigel, has been experimenting with a country show!


  19. Help me here Vonnie …..

    If Idol has already been producing all of these country singers ..then how is bringing on a country judge bringing change to the show?


  20. Cause, the audience right now is limited within the country ranks…the amount of country artists to this point has been a fluke!

    Now bring Brad Paisley or another large name in country, then you got the non-viewers attention. Right now you have idol watchers who may not like country music “me” but who loved Scotty…I voted my little fingers blue for that kid. Now bring the screamer Paisley fans to the tv screen…they’re gonna vote country! Alas! Idol puts more country artists through, fills in the gaps with a few pop/rockers here and there; they’ve made their switch.

    Right now there is no true blooded country music fan gonna watch idol…would you? Look at the guest singers and mentors…other than Dolly and Randy Travis they are all on the other side of country! The only time they have country artists perform is when a country contestant is in the finale!

    The only connection right now that country listeners has to an idol country contestant is when they hear them on there radio, alot don’t know who the people are while on idol…I live in a predominantly country music listening area!!!

    Now! That said put Tim McGraw on my tv twice a week and baby I’m there!!! 🙂


  21. When the flukes are doing better than the intendees, ya can’t stand around scratching your head, ya gott start strategizing…is that a word???

    I think if idol would have had more country viewers last year Skylar would have won!!!


  22. Hey everyone. I I’m typing with one hand and holding my grandson with the other. Busy here but will add another more current blog topic later on.


  23. And just for the record I am tired of him all the country artists and judges and so on and so forth. Time to be more creative Idol really has to explore innovative singers.


  24. Sounds like your gonna have to batten down the hatches MCL…there looking to give us a country judge!!!


  25. I’m confused…but of course you all knew that.

    No, really. If they Idol PTB are doing this with the intent on bringing in the country viewers, how are they gonna market the move?

    I agree with Vonnie because I disagree with her…LOL. I think that the core audience for Idol is indeed the “country” type right now. Southeast US to the nations heartland and south to Texas. New Englanders just don’t watch and by the time it airs on the west coast they have already gone online and watched the performances and already know the results so why watch the show?

    I think that maybe AI is making a stability move instead of a growth move at this point. I think they are embracing who they are as a TV show and who their core audience is instead of trying to compete so much. But I do agree that it will set them apart from other competitions in that they would be mainly country though.

    But I’m probably wrong! Everyone knows I think too much sometimes. Maybe John Deere came on board as their primary sponsor so they just decided to go full country for one year to help sell some farm equipment. I kid folks, I kid…..

    I, for one, enjoy the diversity of the show so I hope they haven’t gone all country. I wouldn’t want to sit through two hours of “Suds In A Bucket” every Wednesday night.

    Song choices for season 12:

    Suds In A Bucket
    Any Man of Mine
    Independence Day
    Way Down Yonder on the Chattahoochee
    Aint Nothin Wrong With The Radio
    Rose Colored Glasses
    Islands In the Stream
    Stuck Like Glue
    Water Tower Town
    Drinkin Man
    Mr. Know It All
    In the Arms of An Angel
    Coat of Many Colors
    I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
    Stand By Your Man
    For Ever and Every, Amen
    Ring of Fire
    Always on My Mind
    The Dance
    Still the One
    I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

    So Funny!


  26. Taymaro,

    Nah! Idol viewers are not country viewers now! There is nothing for country music listeners right now, if idol were full of country tv watchers, Skylar would have been top three with all probability of taking the win.

    Read all of the different blogs, everyone is pretty much on the same page as MCL, they don’t want any more country!!! The only time you are gonna bring out the southern voters is to bring a southern contestant, idol has this figured out. Scotty and Lauren!!!

    Idol has to separate from the pack…they have up the ante, out trump the competition, come up with a bigger name than , duets had. Kelli is a cross over star and with Jennifer Nettles on that show, you gotta have the winning hand…Brad Paisley!


  27. Hey Rosanne ….. We’re just a waiting on ya 🙂

    Taymaro – I’m with you. I can’t do two hours of “Suds in the Bucket” . Loved that analogy 🙂 That was too funny!!

    Hey Vonnie –

    You said a few things here …

    ” Right now you have idol watchers who may not like country music”
    “the audience right now is limited within the country ranks”
    “Alas! Idol puts more country artists through”
    “no true blooded country music fan gonna watch idol”…
    “I think if idol would have had more country viewers last year Skylar would have won!!!”

    My response is ….. Yes they are. Right the majority of Idols audience IS country. Thats why Skylar made it to the top 5 (way further than De Andre) and Phil actually won. Thats nothing new with Idol. If that doesn’t show that the audience is hugely country already, then I don;t know what will. The only other thing that could have happened to show that it was more a country audience is …that all 5 finalist would have been country. That would not be “American Idol”. That would be “Country Idol” and if I’m not mistaken that show is already in the mix. Thats another show, And right now when a country music concert comes on I flick the channel.

    Ahhhh ….I don’t know Vonnie. I don;t think Idol producing country stars means R & B is old school now and country music is the new music. R & B to my knowledge has always had a smaller audience than country. Beyoncee, as far as I know, is still pretty hot. Her audience is never going to morph into an audience who cares more for Carrie Underwood. They just have different audiences and Idols audience is largely country (thats something that I said all throughout last season) . Actually it almost alway has been since day 1. Even Kelly was very close to a country singer (sang a couple of country songs) I believe thats why she won.

    Anyway …if thats what they want to do …go for it. R&B viewers are leaving that show by the droves …. because nobody they enjoy ever wins. A lot of my friends were all once very loyal Idol fans. The only folks I personally talk to who look at it now are those on this blog. I’ve enjoyed the country singers that have been on the show, Scotty was incredible, but if it goes all the way country, Count me out.


  28. Nothing against Adam Lambert but I don’t want him as a judge. He is not even an american Idol winner. He does not have enough ability or experience to handle the job. I can’t believe AI does not have access to more talented artist or record producers. American Idol should if nothing else make a judge one of their 11 winners


  29. Hey brotherkarl…I didn’t run away!!! Had to go to class, and then we had a nasty storm!

    So where were we….Ahhhhh! Country!!! My thought, if idol already has mostly country followers, then there’s your soucre of change then. I personally don’t see how it could be mostly country viewers, cause idol does not cater to them up to date. No country themes any more, no country mentors, no country guests to sing other than in the finale if someone country is there!

    I can’t think of anyone who posts on this thread who listens to country music, several of us liked Scotty, but not country music…

    I don’t know, but all I can say is idols gonna change, if they are filling the table with a mixed bag of judges we are in for a mixed bag of contestants, which I think is maybe a good thing. Maybe they will bring another judge with a broader range of knowledge in R&B, Broadway, etc.

    So I guess we wait and see…longevity in this business can be a bad thing, the risk of the show getting stale, viewers stop watching, it may be time for idol to reinvent themselves!!!

    At the end of the day though brotherkarl…it is a wonderful world, Oh! Yeah! 🙂


  30. Hey Vonnie

    I got to admit you did have me a little sacred there …but thank … GAWD … wasn;t what I thought !! So yes it is indeed still …..A wonderful …..WOOOOOOORLD 🙂

    Okay here comes all of my blah, blah blah

    Listen … I don’t have a problem with adding a country judge to the panel. The panel could use some balance as all of it’s judges who were performers have always, for the most part been from the pop music field. So having a country judge was not the problem. If you remember …my problem was that I heard they invited TWO COUNTRY JUDGES to be on the panel. For me …that would be imbalanced and even to somewhat unfair. One country judge on the other hand or from any background for that matter …classical , broadway ..whatever would bring a little balance.

    So no I don’t mind changing to a country judge, but I don’t want to see its change its entire format and style. I think it would be its doom. Star Search was very hot at one time but after changing and adding and adding and changing to its format for about 13 years , it went off with lower ratings then some Saturday morning cartoons. Nothing they did worked anymore. How sad. Some of our greatest stars today were on that show but it had ran its course. You’ve got to know when to quit. Ten years for a show like Idol is a lifetime. I personally don’t think Idol is broke ..and you know the old saying is …if it an’t broke don’t fix it. Idol has been on for a long time. If its suffering from anything I think its just like any other o show. Its boardering on “wearing out its welcome”. After a while people just get board and want something different. Not IN the show. They want a whole new show. Thats why a lot of people quit Idol and went to the Voice. ( I never did but a lot of folks did) .

    Its going to go off the air at some point. I hope it doesn’t wait until its cancelled. I’d like to see my favorite show go out on top while its still my favorite show. Not because somebody tried to keep it going in a bad state and then see it sold off some inexperienced billionaire and be put on OWN or MTV or somebody and only air on Saturday nights and then still go off. The owner’s changing to a whole new show instead though with a country format would lose me, BUT if you ever just look at the country music awards ratings you can clearly see there’s definitely an audience out there for that show. It would work

    Oh well … a bleh, a bleh a bleh …ah thats all folks. (At least for now)


  31. I musta notta read the part about them approaching both judges, I thought it was an either or OR situation. Well that just opens another whole can of country fried worms then, don’t it!?!?!?

    Hhmmmmm! Two country judges in a three seater judges table can only mean one thing, we going country boys!!!!!!!!!!

    Bummer, I don’t wanna go country! I would like to see ALL genres of music represented!

    Sure does sound like idol is looking for a change. I agree, I would just rather them go off the air than to look like they are grasping for straws!!!

    I think Reba would have been a better choice than Mariah, and then found another male judge like, Prince or somebody, see who’s grasping at those straws???


  32. Hey Vonnie

    What I had said was that I read that both Toby Keith and Brad Paisley were offered seats. My thinking was, if two were called, that there would be two country judges and Randy would be out which would change the format a bit even with Mariah there. From what I understand though now Toby Keith has since turned the seat down. So they are just adding another judge and not changing the flavor entirely like I thought.

    At any rate there is still no word about Brad. If he bit. He flew in to talk to them and I’m sure he’ll get a good offer and the fact that they called and hes going in to talk about it …shows he;s pretty interested. From what I understand the only problem might be coinciding with his schedule with when they need him for the show.

    I guess ..what I don’t understand is why they have to get these folks …who’s main focus is everything but the show. There are a ton of great folks with out big concert schedules that are cut for the job (but then I’m sure its all about the ratings, getting someone who every body knows that’ll draw the in)

    Truth is ..Just to show you how “NOT” into country music I am … I had heard of neither one of these guys until their names came up as candidates ….. thats because but I ain’t even a little bit country.


  33. brotherkarl,

    I’m not country either, but like I said I live in an area where the good ole boys have country blasting outta their trucks on a Friday and Saturday night, so I do know who alot of country singers are!!!



  34. I’ve read all the comments and no offense but I can’t see how anyone could believe that a country artist as a judge is good or even necessary. Last year, WITHOUT one, the top 2 spots were country singers. Then this season (well last one) you had WGWG again. Phillip Phillips, for ME, was as interesting as watching paint dry.Ditto Kris Allen and Scotty McCreery. I’m into great vocalists, period ie: Ronnie James Dio, Steve Perry, Freddie Mercury, Mark Boals,Daniel Gildenlow, Roy Orbison, etc.
    Adam Lambert is the most dynamic, all around singer/performer/artist they’ve EVER had on the Idol stage, bar none, in my opinion.
    Fox/ABC could also accomplish several things in the process of having him judge, even if just for one season. They could show that they aren’t as homophobic as they’ve certainly acted in the past.
    Adam would also add a youthful, current “edge” that has been sorely lacking. His knowledge of music (current and past) is extremely vast. He has insight, intelligence, wittiness and charm as well as an undeniable sense of fashion.
    I do believe his critiques would be helpful to new contestants without being cutting (as Simon’s could be) but he also wouldn’t be uttering inane nonsense (as Tyler did) such as “Oh well, pitch doesn’t matter. You look beautiful” etc.
    MCL, I enjoyed your critique of the Queen song (WWTLF) but yes, like one other here, I would like more explanation of what you meant about Adam’s technique as you’ve stated “too much chest voice, not enough head ” As you know certainly, Adam DOES know techniques that most rock and pop singers (especially those of the past) never learned. He even has some basic opera training. I’ve noticed that he protects his voice like a Stradivarius (which of course, it can be likened to) and I’ve not heard any strain, etc. He seems able to take a note, rocket it into orbit, then float it back down to earth like a feather on a summer’s breeze, all with apparent ease. His breath control and register switches/blending also look and sound effortless.
    Are you familiar with Angelina Kalahari? I’ve enjoyed her Sound Cloud critiques of many of Adam’s performances. She’s a trained opera singer and teacher who lives in the UK and after hearing so many friends and associates talking about this young man, flew to see him live in New Orleans (during his Glam Nation Tour) and was so floored by what he was doing (technically) that she attended two more shows before flying home.Now she has added him to the list of great vocalists based upon the things he does and can do, technically (as well as for his ability to hold a crowd enthralled)
    I look forward to reading more of your critiques and explanations etc. Thank You. ~Rose~


  35. RedRoseQueen – I am glad that you brought up the head voice vs. chest voice discussion. I forgot to comment on it In another blog topic.

    Chest voice is most apparent in a singer’s lower register. It is a deeper vocal quality – almost dark if not sprinkled with head voice.

    Head voice is the lighter, soprano-like quality that is naturally present in the higher register.

    When a singer uses too much chest voice in the upper register, knocking the head voice off-center, the vocal timbre sounds strained, less-centered and lacking in clarity.

    This is what concerned me during Adam’s performance but, if he was tired or not feeling well, then his diaphragmatic support may not have been working at optimal levels.


  36. Hello. I am WAAAYYYY behind the times on just about everything but I am still out here. I love this video, MCL, thanks for sharing it. I just added it to my Adam Lambert playlist :).



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