American Idol Season 7 Top 2 Finalists: David Archuleta and David Cook

American Idol Season 7 Top Finalists, David Archuleta and David Cook,
I am so excited about this week’s show, so of course I had to initiate a new post so we can all gather and chat about our two favorite Davids – David Archuleta and David Cook.

Through all seven seasons, I have to say that this is the first time I have felt truly comfortable about the American Idol’s Chosen Two.

Both Davids have worked tremendously hard – against insurmountable odds -to achieve this position in the competition. Clearly, both singers are very deserving of the title and both, as artists, offer so much to the music industry that it is inconceivable that either will not achieve post Idol success or fame.

So, join me in celebrating this exciting David -filled journey, as we look ahead to what we can expect from their performances this week. Any news or links will be greedily accepted. 🙂

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  1. In the middle of this interview (at around 1 minute in)…

    …the two Davids talk about how they feel about being in the finals and each other. It’s really nice to hear.


  2. Thanks rereader. I tired to watch it, but it stalls. Probably there are many viewers watching the video right now.

    But, from all reports iit seems that these two guys really support each other. I love them both – I really do!


  3. There’s a link to it from MJ’s blog, too–it’s the second video clip here:

    Maybe you’ll have better luck with that link! In any case, it just reinforces the other reports, and the glimpses we’ve gotten of them on the couches and in backstage clips, that they seem to like and respect each other (and indeed, this seemed true of quite a number of the contestants this year, happily!).


  4. I’m so excited for this finale…it does promise to be a good one 🙂 I just viewed that link, rereader. It is so true that the David’s really support each other. I really think that it won’t matter who wins, they both are going to have great careers and we’ve only seen the beginning of both of them!

    What a great season this was, except for some wrong (well in my opinion) people leaving at the wrong time (Michael Johns), I still think the right two people are left standing!



  5. Here are the “spoilers” that are so far posted on MJ’s Big Blog

    The Season 7 finale is this Wednesday. As usual, TPTB are keeping details of the final cheesefest close to their vests. But there is information leaking out here and there. Here’s what we got so far:

    -David Archuleta and David Cook will perform 3 songs according to reliable spoilers on Idol Forums. One will be picked by Clive Davis (!!!) Wasn’t he recently banished to an island for irrelevant record executives? WTF??!!? One will be chosen by the contestants–either a reprise of a song already sung during the season, or something new. The third song will be whatever ghastly song wins the Idol Songwriters Contest. There are rumors swirling that there will be a twist regarding the coronation song. Maybe there will be two winning songs? Perhaps re-arrangements by the contestants will be allowed? If you remember, last year, Blake Lewis was forced to sing the horrid “Here Is My Now” just as it was written, and the results weren’t pretty. Hopefully both Cookie and Archie will be handed songs they can make their own.

    -Paula Abdul will debut a song from her upcoming album, and the Top 12 will also be performing alongside Paula for a special group number. Oh goodie! Yahoo.

    -Two Idols from each of the past 6 Seasons of Idol will be appearing on the finale. Bo Bice has already announced that he’ll be one of the twelve. Yahoo.

    -Jason Castro told an interviewer from the TV Guide channel that each of the Top 5 will duet alongside a special celebrity guest. Castrocopia.

    -The Jonas Brothers will be appearing. Finally, something the kids will love. According to recent Nielsen data, the kids haven’t been loving much about Idol these days.

    -The band One Republic (responsible for the mega-hit “Apologize”. Ryan Tedder from the band recently wrote for Clay Aiken and Blake Lewis) canceled a gig in order to be available for the finale. Daily Press

    -There was a rumor floating about that Bryan Adams would be one of the celebrity guests, but I cannot find the source of that rumor. Anybody???

    -The So You Think You Can Dance dancers will be appearing according to Ellen DeGeneres. They will preview their routine on Wednesday’s show.

    I saw a video of Danny Noriega totally bent out of shape (and rightfully so, IMHO) that he and some/all (?) of the non-top-10 top 24 will NOT be invited. He was told directly from TPTB that they didn’t have ‘room’ for him, and other Top 24’s told him they were told the same thing. Something’s pretty fishy to me …
    If you want to watch Danny and his potty-mouth explain the situation, click here!
    I just can’t understand why they wouldn’t have these kids … they were part of why we started watching the season! Have the pre-top-10 top 24 been at the finale before?!



  6. More random spoilers I’ve read tonight (these are their quotes, so “I” is not me – Anita) :

    Clive Davis’s song choice for one of them is “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” Elton John (in one place it was ‘confirmed it was Cookie and in another, it was ‘confirmed it was Archie! LOL!)

    The David’s are going to do One Republic’s “Apologize” as a duet (but there is some question about this, as it seems the band itself is supposed to be on the show, so there could be crossed wires on the rumor) Here’s the band on SYTYCD

    It was quoted Richard (guy who helps with David A’s arrangements) said that the format of the Tuesday show is Clive David’s song + AI Song contest winner + Encore OR New contestant song

    Clive Davis picked picked “Go The Distance” by Michael Bolton for DavidA. Contestant pick is reportedly Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, pending clearance. (although this has Jason fans up in arms, because apparently he asked over and over for this song and they refused to get clearance)

    It hasn’t been confirmed yet that Carrie is going to be there, but I do know for a fact that she cancelled & rescheduled two concerts that were to have been around the time of the finale. Now those days are freed up for her.

    Here is the possible winner of the song contest



  7. Hey, wadahoot–apparently MJ missed a semi-retraction from Castrocopia about the “Jason Castro told an interviewer from the TV Guide channel that each of the Top 5 will duet alongside a special celebrity guest”; now they are saying that they’ve “received some information from a couple of people who’ve also seen the Hollywood 411 interview that don’t agree with the interpretation that I’d previously posted. They’ve stated that this interview was with Jason and Brooke, and that Brooke said she wasn’t sure who’d they’d be singing with at the finale, but didn’t elaborate further” and their new “spoiler” is “according to some who’ve seen the interview, the Top 5 will be performing duets”.

    Rats. I hope it’s true anyway!


  8. Good morning everyone!

    I am loving all these comments and spoilers and links. Thank you so much for adding them.

    There is much to digest here, so I am going to start clicking the links and will be back later.


  9. Yikes – the proposed winner’s song is quite the cheese fest.

    Now, I need to drink Lactaid for the next week if I have to listen to this song. 🙂

    Thanks for the link Anita.


  10. *wincing*

    And we have to listen to that THREE times? (Once by each on Tuesday, and again by the winner on Wednesday…) Oy vey.


  11. According to

    “Could Idol finally be fixing its terrible show? It’s unlikely. But there’s some hope! Next year, the hour long results shows are gone. But we do still have to sit through 30 minutes of crap to find out who goes home. Also, rumors are circulating that Simon Cowell knows the show needs a massive overhaul. At a recent staff meeting, Simon said, “Everything we do needs to be examined … including the sets, the audition process, the choice of musical genres for the final weeks of competition and even how we handle the audience [for the live performances] and say goodbye to the people eliminated.” Agreed. Fix the show. Simon allegedly wants Paula and Randy fired too (good call, though we’d miss Paula’s drunken ramblings… and you need to fire yourself as well). Hey, it’s a good start. Will this all happen? Probably not. The producers are idiots.”

    (the part about cutting the results shows contained a link to a CNN report which said, “Fox executives said they were disappointed with the ratings declines for “American Idol” this season, and will cut back the Wednesday results show to 30 minutes.”)


  12. according to National Ledger:

    “David Archuleta & Dad: Side Deal Grief for American Idol?
    By Mary Shaw May 17, 2008

    David Archuleta’s dad was recently banned from back stage on “American Idol,” and a new report claims that the final straw was when the show’s execs learned he tried to cut a side deal for his son with one of the program’s top advertisers. The National Enquirer is citing sources that claim that dad tried to cut a deal behind the scenes.

    David Archuleta & Dad: Side Deal Grief for American Idol? (Fox)

    The report claims that though it was widely reported that Jeff Archuleta was given the boot because he was pushy, controlling and encouraged his 17-year-old son to change some of the lyrics to a song against the show’s producers’ requests, sources say “Idol” execs finally had enough after he secretly tried to cut an advertising deal for his son.

    “That’s the real reason he’s been officially banned from anywhere on ‘American Idol’ except sitting in the audience,” said a source close to the show that is cited in the article. According to the source, Jeff Archuleta cornered an ad rep on the set of one of a video shoot and tried to talk him into signing David for an endorsement deal, the report claims.

    That was the last straw for producers, who were already fed up with the overbearing stage dad. In addition to banning him from all rehearsals, they refused to allow the older Archuleta on the private jet that flew the final four contestants to Las Vegas for Cirque du Soleil’s “Love” show at The Mirage. He wasn’t even permitted on the private flight back to Utah to film David’s homecoming! Added the source: “No one is sorry to see him go.””


  13. I just watched some fo those links….not liking that possible winner’s song either, I hope it is not the chosen one,

    Wadahoot, if the spoilers you found are indeed correct…I think we are going to have one heck of a finale! 🙂


  14. Oh boy. MCL, the great spam-n-ator in the sky just ate the post above the one about Jeff A, and my post that is similar to this one (and it signed me out automatically!). Could you please un-spam me, and beware the monster that automatically logs one off!



  15. Goodmorning All,

    Wow….quite the bits of information in here this morning. WTG Wadahoot, thanks.
    I started my summer vacation today, I have a long “To Do ” list, tons of household projects, organinzing a garage sale, painting, and spring cleaning. So what did I do first thing this morning…powered up my computer and started looking for anything Idol. I hate for the show to be ending but it’s probably a good thing for me. I’m very excited for this week. I have a gang of friends and every Tuesday we alternate having dinners and then watch the show. This week there will be two dinners and I’m hosting Wednesday night, I almost always get a little weepy and they all think I’m nuts.
    Do any of you have special plans?

    Yesterday I posted something I wrote on the Idol Forum and it was very well received. It’s pretty long, I hope that it’s ok. Cya all later.


  16. Had to chuckle at this one!

    Archuleta Took Fellow ‘Idol’ Finalist Brooke White to His ‘Prom’

    The day that 17-year-old “American Idol” finalist David Archuleta was meeting with music legend Neil Diamond was the day that all his school pals were going to their prom in his hometown of Murray, Utah.

    But it seems fellow finalist Brooke White helped him ease the pain by being his “date” for the day.

    “I spent the day with Brooke, so she’s the one I danced with for my prom day,” he told Pop Tarts after the “Idol” elimination on Wednesday night. “I would have preferred this anyway; it would have been nice to go to prom, but I’m so glad I was here instead. Standing there dancing with Brooke was pretty cool.”

    Mind you, Archuleta did get other offers.

    “[David] Cook also asked if he could dance with me — that was a little awkward,” he said. “So I said no.”



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    It was at this point that I woke up. Dreams are elusive, when you first wake up and you don’t conciously make an effort to commit them to memory then they tend to quickly fade away. I’ve told this story to a few friends and they always ask if it drove me crazy that I woke up before the game was over. I always say, no, because in my mind both GUYS had won already.


  18. Auntieaudie, brilliant! I’m gonna have to send some folks over here to read your dream-story. Thanks! LOLOL. I’ll be laughing at that one all afternoon.


  19. Mamma Mia! How long have I been away from the computer – maybe an hour? You people have been busy and I am lovin’ it.

    Wadahoot – I retrieved your VFTW comment and I had heard about the major overhaul that Simon has requested for American Idol. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but I won’t hold my breath. Let’s see if Simon’s bark is stronger than his bite.

    Auntaudie – I loved your last comment. What a great story. Pure brilliance. I absolutely agree with every detail. Kudos and standing O from MCL.

    I hope the Davids – or someone close to them- read this.


  20. Oh, wadahoot — LOVED the prom story!


  21. According to Castrocopia, Nigel Lythgoe was on Ryan’s radio show this morning and confirmed that the Top 3 will, indeed be performing duets at the finale–with “somebody”.



  22. Oh, and in the same interview, Nigel said that David A. is going to be singing “imagine” again, Tuesday night. That could work.


  23. I just listened to Ryans’ interview with Nigel Lythgoe. Nigel said David A. is singing “Imagine” and “Don’t Let the Sun go Down on Me”. They said info. from DC’s camp was not coming out. Why tell all for one contestant and nothing for the other? Whats’ up with that?


  24. WOW on the proposed winner’s song! Lord I hope they let them at least make their own arrangements for this syrup.


  25. rereader, if it’s only the TOP 3 that will perform duets, do you think they will have Jason and Brooke sing with the same person? I would be so disappointed!

    ” Simon allegedly wants Paula and Randy fired too (good call, though we’d miss Paula’s drunken ramblings… and you need to fire yourself as well). Hey, it’s a good start. Will this all happen? Probably not. The producers are idiots.”

    There was no link on this, right Anita? I really can’t imagine that Simon said this, but hope it’s true. Even if it is just Randy.

    Honestly, both David’s are worthy to be the winner. It should be a GOOD show!


  26. Thank you MCL and Kathylmh for your comments. Writing it was good therapy for me.
    Archie won the coin toss and will be performing last, I really wonder why his songs were released. ” Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me ” is a great song but it’s sort of becoming the anthem of American Idol. I think this will be the 4th time it will be sung,
    Aiken,Trias and Bice previously. I listened to Ryan’s radio show link and I only heard Nigel say that he would be singing ” Imagine “. Off to watch Dancing With The Stars,
    have a good night everyone.


  27. My bad, kariann1–the clip said Top 5, I mistyped. Sorry!

    There’s a great roundtable discussion with 5 AI bloggers (MJ, Michael Slezak, Maura Johnston, Rickey, and Jim Cantiello) about the whole season 7 here:

    It’s a bit off-topic for this thread (only one segment is about the finale), but it’s very interesting!


  28. rereader, I was going to post that link. It is a good summary of the Idol season. No problem about the number. It would be nice to see Jason in a duet while hoping he does a good job.

    MJ’s blog was talking about a mystery guest who is a top star. My guess is Paul McCartney. Wouldn’t that be great…finally?

    auntieaudie, if I visited your dream, I imagine it went in extra innings because of such high quality players. LOL! You would have to sleep a lot longer.


  29. OMG!!! MCL, if Cookie gets to sing U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” well …. :::squeeee::: Amazing song! And JUST up David C’s alley! I read further ahead on the forum you posted and people were saying that Bono is a Cookie fan and that may be why U2 is cleared for AI for the first time.

    Honestly, I loved Archie’s “Imagine” but I feel he would have been wiser to have chosen an all new song, since that one was such magic first time around (assuming the spoiler is accurate).



  30. From MJ

    -The Davids picked their own coronation song from the 10 most popular songs in the list of 20 that were available for online voting. How’s that for a twist? We don’t know which song either contestant has chosen yet. Some “contest”, huh? Think TPTB didn’t like the song that got the most votes? They just changed the rules of the game midstream. Makes it hard to do the contest again next year, don’t you think?

    -Carrie Underwood will perform her new single “Last Name”.

    – There’s going to be another “Dead Elvis” video (last year, Celine Dion sang a “duet” with Elvis Presley), this time including several people. Per Nigel on KISS.

    -The “biggest star” in the world will be there, says Nigel. (Anita sez: Paul McCartney?! oh, yes, yes, pleeeease!? or Michael Jackson? Who else would be the ‘biggest star’ other than Macca or Jacko?)

    -Nigel told Ryan this morning that the Top 5 will sing duets with “somebody”. The FOX reporter said the Idols will be singing with one of the celebrity mentors who appeared during the season. That would be either, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton or Andrew Lloyd Webber. Who would be the 5th mentor? Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr? McCartney would fit the “biggest star in the world” description. But neither Beatle were actually mentors. Or, was the FOX reporter confused, or talking about something else entirely?

    Nigel and FOX confirmed a Jonas Brothers appearance.

    Wow! What a couple of nights! (I’m already sore from working so hard watching the final dance night on Dancing with the Stars!)


  31. Ohhhh, I’m SO sad. is reporting:

    David Cook’s Brother Unlikely to Attend Idol Finale
    May 19, 2008
    While David Cook prepares for this week’s two-night American Idol season finale, PEOPLE has learned that it is unlikely that one of his biggest supporters, brother Adam Cook, will be in the audience.

    Adam, 37, who has been battling brain cancer for the past ten years, was able travel to Los Angeles to see David perform live on April 15, but will likely stay home this week due to his condition.

    Adam’s health is “a day-to-day thing,” his wife Kendra told PEOPLE last month. “I can’t look at tomorrow. I have to look at today. If I start planning out and thinking about too much in the future, I can get overwhelmed in all the details. I have to concentrate on today.”

    David Cook and David Archuleta will go head-to-head on Tuesday’s live performance show from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The results will air live on Wednesday’s two-hour season finale.

    Cook supporters will host a viewing party in Terre Haute, Ind., where Adam lives, on Wednesday, but Adam, Kendra, and their two young children, will most likely watch the show from their home. –Pam Grout

    I can’t imagine fighting something as terrible as brain cancer for TEN YEARS … his wife must be an angel. I do understand that the money raised to help bring Adam back this week will go to toward medical bills if he is unable to go this week. Still a thing to do that makes my heart full!



  32. I agree that they’ve set David A up for a cheesefest. David Foster says he’s improved week after week over the last month and in his opinion should win. I think David A has a voice that’s quite exceptional. David C has great stage presence but he’s off key to my ear much of the time. I like them both and I think it would be awesome if the “biggest star” were Sir Elton John to sing DLTSGDOM as a duet with David A ala George Michaels.

    Whoever wins – it’ll be because TPTB want them to. Clive Davis says he’ll sign them both so I’m glad I’ll have an opportunity to enjoy both of them post Idol.

    I can’t wait to hear your summary Masterclass Lady.


  33. Yes, I read David Foster’s comments and I always feel good when we are both on the same page. David Foster is all about the VOICE, as am I.

    David C. is trying so hard to surpass his previous performances that I feel it has taken a toll on his voice. He was most definitely singing better at the start of this competition.

    I can imagine both Davids are extremely tired and just want this to end, as do I. This season 7 competition has been a little disenchanting for me.

    However, I think both singers will have very good careers – totally different – but equally successful.


  34. I feel pretty confident in guessing David will win this competition.


  35. I really liked your blog! I submitted it to digg. The jonas brothers are awesome


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