Katharine McPhee in Smash

Katharine McPhee Debuts in NBC’s Highly Anticipated “Smash” Series


Well, after much hype and ballyhoo, the NBC Premiere of the long-awaited Smash series debuts at 10:00 P.M. Eastern on Monday February 6th.

Katharine McPhee stars in the role as Karen, one of two singers auditioning to play the role of Marilyn Monroe.

By all accounts, her performance looks more than promising and the show looks fantastic. Also starring in this series are Megan Hilty, Debra Messing and Angelica Huston.

New NBC entertainment chief, Eric Greenblatt, wooed Steven Spielberg to produce the series and the network has persistently promoted this potent collaboration.

This is a real coup d’état for NBC, a network that is fighting strongly to reclaim its number one position in the television industry.

And with The Voice and America’s Got Talent in its back pocket plus numerous other projects down the line, it looks like it might just reach its goal.

Have a peek at Katharine’s “Touch Me” video below. And tell us what you think in the comments section. Will you be watching “Smash”?

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15 Responses to “Katharine McPhee Debuts in NBC’s Highly Anticipated “Smash” Series”

  1. MCL – David Archuleta just finished filming a television miniseries in the Philippines called Nandito Ako. It’s a romantic drama that will start airing in the Philippines on February 20th, with a new episode each night for 5 weeks. David plays Josh Bradley, a Filipino-American who was born and raised in the Philippines until he was 5 years old when he got separated from his mother in a hotel fire. After moving to the U.S. and becoming an international singing sensation, Josh eventually returns to the Philippines to find out what really happened to his mother and also search for the little girl he encountered and befriended during the hotel fire. The main language of the miniseries will be Tagalog, but most of David’s lines will be in English.

    Here is a video of David singing the theme song of the miniseries in Tagalog. Check it out and prepare to be amazed. Excuse all the screaming. The fans were VERY excited to see David perform.

    The Tagalog lyrics and an English translation can be found at http://fansofdavid.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Screen-shot-2012-01-13-at-4.34.57-AM.png. What do you think of David’s latest musical gem?


  2. Sorry for the extraordinary length of my comment but I had a lot to share. David Archuleta fans have been so excited about this ever since David first got to Manila. It’s been a wild 3 weeks for us. I was waiting to have a full version of the theme song to share with you. I’m crossing my fingers that international fans will be able to watch the miniseries online, preferably with subtitles. We’ll see!


  3. It looks as though the audio won’t work unless you click the YouTube button at the bottom of the video.


  4. Disregard my most recent comment. I simply had my YouTube player on mute. The video plays fine right here. Just make sure it’s not on mute if you want to watch the video! The sound is the most important part!


  5. Rosanne,

    I’m certainly going to watch Smash! What a tremendous opportunity for Katharine. She was always my favorite from A.I. Season 5. I hope this boosts her music career, because she is truly one of the finest artists in the music industry!

    Of course huge things have been coming David Archuleta’s way also with his lead role in a Filipino miniseries. Words cannot express how excited I’ve been about this! All the buzz, buzz, buzz, and tremendous promo Nandito Ako has gotten goes to show us that the Filipinos truly appreciate David, and are thrilled that he accepted their offer to be a huge part of this TV miniseries! I hope this makes other fans feel better about him leaving for a 2 year mission soon. I know he’s got my blessing!!!


  6. Anita – You comment occasionally at FOD, don’t you? I comment as kmb over there.


  7. Kirsten,

    I sure do! That’s me! It’s nice to know your first name now. I just love MCL’s site, and comment here quite often for the last 2 1/2 to 3 years. It’s been information overload at FOD the last 3 weeks, hasn’t it? I’m sooo excited to hopefully be able to see Nandito Ako online, that I can hardly contain myself, LOL!!!


  8. I’m glad that Katherine has won such an impressive role in a star studded cast. She more than held her own. Like Anita, I think she was the best of season five.

    I am also glad that the premier episode featured a lot more singing than I expected but I was disappointed to see that most, if not all of it was lip synced over studio recordings. I think the audition scenes would have been much more believable and authentic if they were recorded in real time. This isn’t unusual in films but it was particuarly noticable on a few songs. To their credit, the program appears to be shot on film or in a manner that appears to be film. It has a much classier appearance than typical taped or digital recordings. The Spielberg influence is showing.

    The subject matter of this program isn’t particularly interesting to me but I would like to see how Kat will win the role over a girl who was born to play it. I’m a Kat fan and at this point I would cast the other girl, wouldn’t you? It’s good to be the star I guess.

    I noticed an interesting use of the old product placement routine. Do you remember when they mentioned the iPhone app that features Marilyn’s skirt flying up when you blow on the screen? Do you think they measured the response at the iTunes store to see where their audience was located?

    I have noticed from watching some of the Idol tour videos on You Tube that the audiences in the Philippines are probably the most enthusiastic that they encounter throughout the tour. There is no doubt they are excited about the show that David is staring in there. Thanks Kirsten for the report.


  9. Anita – Hi! Information overload is an understatement haha. MCL’s site is always super calm compared to FOD. There are a lot of Anitas in the world but I jumped to a conclusion and I’m glad I was right.


  10. Kristen,

    You’re right! That is an understatement!! It says alot that the cast and crew of Nandito Ako is already missing David after he left for Singapore. David got so used to getting up so early every morning for full days of filming, that it seemed strange to him not to be. I loved the tweet the director sent to David’s manager, Kari, saying they were missing their “angel”. They really got to love him. Of course that doesn’t surprise me at all!!


  11. I quite enjoyed the pilot episode of Smash. I think it’s going to be really interesting seeing how the storyline plays out. I love the idea of taking a behind-the-scnes look at what goes in in making a Broadway musical. I wish we saw more of the creative process, as opposed to just skipping from the demo to audition. I’m certainly rooting for Katharine McPhee’s character…and Let Me Be Your Star was a great performance!


  12. Katharine was spectacular in Smash. She is truthfully headed for superstardom. I’m surprised it took this long, but the music process is a long and difficult road. The important thing – it’s finally happening for her.


  13. Megan Hilty said that they do not lip synced. All in real time. This was stated in an interview when they met with TV critics.


  14. Mano – well then, that is impressive. And a welcome and refreshing change.


  15. I am really glad for Katherine McPhee. I also thought she was the best that season. Hope she’ll be a big star on Broadway.


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