Smash Stars Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee

Smash Season Finale Tonight. And The Recipient Of The Marilyn Monroe Role Is….


My bet is on Katharine McPhee! It seems logical, somehow.

However, because that choice seems too logical, perhaps the producers will opt for Megan Hilty.

Ether way, it is one or the other. Boy, am I addicted to this show! Everything about it appeals to me – the actors, the storyline, the Broadway music and, particularly, watching Katharine McPhee blossom into a superstar actress before our eyes.

If anyone was born for his role, it is Katharine, plain and simple. She has the perfect combination of vulnerability and sexuality that we so strongly associate with Marilyn Monroe.. And her voice exudes these qualities as well. Such a nuanced instrument!

Prediction: this show is either Broadway-bound or destined for the silver screen or both. And everyone will be mega stars. The music is wonderful, with contagious melodies and memorable lyrics. I love the mixture of new and cover songs. The production numbers are also so entertaining to watch.

So tune into NBC tonight at 10:00 P.M. It’s going to be a great finale.

Finally, my question to you is: Who will play Marilyn? Talk to me in the comments section.

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13 Responses to “Smash Season Finale Tonight. And The Recipient Of The Marilyn Monroe Role Is….”

  1. Karen (McPhee) will be Marilyn. How else could this dream end?

    I’ve followed Katharine since Idol, and her journey has been one of exceptional recognition. David Foster has showcased her at several of his events. Andrea Bocelli personally requested that she tour with him. Chris Botti introduced her at Boston Pops. She was asked to perform before the President at the White House. Clive Davis selected her to personally sing for Whitney Houston. And Steven Spielberg hand picked her for her role in Smash.

    She is indeed a rising star.

    (You can see all of the performances above on YouTube. “Somewhere” with Foster, “The Prayer” with Bocelli, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” with Botti. Well worth the effort.)



  2. Thanks Don. Yes, she has been notably recognized by the biggest names in the biz. I did feature her performance with Chris Botti here:

    Will add more performances over time. Thanks for your input.


  3. while I like McPhee a lot, Hilty hits her numbers out of the park each time, and gives a depth to her character that isn’t even written on the page.

    The finale felt a bit by the numbers. No way was Ivy gonna be Marilyn after all the set-up, and some of the plot points were bizarre — the director getting his way on the lead over the writers and producer? Don’t think so. But McPhee acted and sang well.


  4. I enjoyed the finale, but I did miss a few episodes along the way. I think Megan Hilty’s character has more bite, more bad ass to her, which makes her appealing in a lot ways, too. Interesting last shot in the finale. Methinks Ivy will not perish. And I, too, want to see the whole musical!


  5. Yes, I wonder what happens to Megan Hilty? I love her! Katharine is a gorgeous Marilyn but I love Megan’s role in the show. Now how are we supposed to wait until February 2013? Yikes!


  6. Karen was the perfect Marilyn, I could see it from the start.
    I must say I was very Impressed with Katharine’s vocal growth, those belts she hit in the song “Don’t Forget Me” really surprised me since those were her main vocal issues in her run on American Idol.

    I look forward to Season 2, it’s a shame we have to wait so long for that.


  7. Alex – totally agree. She epitomizes all the qualities we associate with Marilyn.


  8. Rosanne I am glad you are watching Smash. I just clicked over her from my site just to ask you if you were watching and how you like it. I’ll tell you to me it is rare wonderful television despite the whining critiques. And that final episode was one for the ages. And “Don’t Forget Me” the final song sung by Katharine is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. I am sure the music from this will win many awards and the Emmys are just waiting. And Kat is really amazing.


  9. I’ve been watching ‘Smash’ as well, and I’m glad they axed the shows original show-runner, because, honestly, if I have to sit through another ‘infidelity’ storyline, I think I’m going to throw the television against the wall. Enough’s enough. Is that the only way they know how to create drama on this show? Somebody needs to have a creativity-shake. Also, shouldn’t Ellis be charged with attempted murder? He openly admitted to putting the peanuts in the drink, knowingly. In my opinion, that has “pre-meditated” written all over it.

    The final number was great, but, the believability factor was about “0”. They must really think the viewing audience is a bunch of idiots. We’re led to believe that Julia and Tom worked on that number all day, then, 5 minutes before the curtain goes up, they run it over to Karen, the curtain goes up, and then she does the number perfectly at the end, with the orchestra, and, no rehearsal? Ummmm no. Not so much.

    I hope Karen and Derek end up together next season. Karen would actually be great for him, and they do have a chemistry. The need to just drop the entire Julia/Michael arc and move away from that. Even on the fan boards, people are refusing to watch next season because of how poorly that storyline was devised and execusted. As for Ivy, there are elements to her personality that are rather pathetic, including the fact that she slept with Derek to get the role, she didn’t win it on sheer talent. She’s also somewhat of a hypocrite. She’s angry at Derek for doing the nasty with Rebecca Duvall, yet, she turns around and sleeps with Dev the next night? She performed in a show, absolutely stoned, and it didn’t matter to her whether she ruined it or not, and she also planned and schemed against Karen, yet, this is a girl everyone is supposed to be rooting for and hoping to see succeed?

    Ivy’s not that great, imo, and definitely not deserving of playing the role of Marilyn. Marilyn was more a victim of circumstance, and she certainly didn’t go around trying to sabotage other women’s careers. Marilyn yearned for love and understanding. Ivy wants fame and fortune, and she’ll do whatever and/or whoever she can to get it.


  10. Idolhead Ed – I just love this show but then I am a huge Katharine McPhee fan. HUGE! She looks so much like Marilyn – it’s eerie, don’t you think?

    I am tired of all the affairs as well. Crazy. Too many sup-plots that I don’t really care about.

    And, yes, Ellis should be tried for murder you would think? Maybe that’s coming next season. Who knows? I wonder what will happen with Karen and Dev? Will Derek win her heart?

    Stay tuned, I guess….. Gonna be a long few months here.

    Thanks for stopping by to add your comments.


  11. I loved the finale so so much!
    I am also a huge fan of getting Karen and Derek together. That last scene between was chemistry heaven. Those two need to become a couple ASAP. I think Karen brings the best out of Derek and vice versa. You can tell his soft side. The way he believed in her the whole day not doubting one bit.

    When Derek said: “I do understand love”, even if it wasn´t directly to her, to me that means he really cares what Karen thinks of him.
    The way he touched her so sweetly and looked at her when she was singing. Aww. He is totally smitten and seems in love with her. I really hope he wins her heart and Dev never appears again.


  12. Chad,

    I don’t think they only had 5 minutes to put that final song together. When Tom and Julia made that final change at the end, they only had one sheet of paper, and were making what seemed to be a correction to the lyrics. Remember, Tom said he would have the orchestration finished by 3, and that would have provided a few hours to work in practice. I’m assuming the music was finished and the majority of the lyrics were completed well before curtain.


  13. I actually like Dev – feel sorry for the guy or something. But then, that’s me. I am interested to see the chemistry between Karen and Derek evolve even further. I miss this show already. Is it 2013 yet?


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