Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8: Jacksonville, Florida Auditions

American IdolJacksonville auditions are in full swing, as the producers and judges reach their next stop of the American Idol Season 8 Preliminary Auditions Tour.

I am really pumped for the show this evening. Last week was a disturbing week for me – for a variety of reasons – but, this week, it’s all sunshine and flowers(hidden under the snow. Ha!). So, I am hoping that my positive mood will translate to the airwaves and we see and hear some fabulous singers from the sunny State of Florida. (Ah yes, the Sunshine State. Correlates well with my mood change!)

This article will be written in real time and published immediately after the end of the 1-hour show. Therefore, unlike the full-length Vocal Masterclass articles for the Top 12, my first impressions from the Jacksonville Auditions will be abbreviated. I will leave it up to you to fill in the blanks and add your comments.

Well, my oh my, a police escort is in place for the judges. Even Simon finds this truly weird. haha

Joshua leads off the pack of potential semi-finalists and, he vascillates between having a great voice and a truly awful one. I’m confused and so are the judges. So, throwing caution to the wind, they send him off to Hollywood. Oooooookaaaayy!

Sharon tries to sing “Superstar” originally performed by Karen Carpenter. Okay, this was a lukewarm performance at best, so, like our first performer, she is sent to Hollywood. This is a pretty shaky start to the show so far. The commercials are looking pretty good right now.

After commercial break and a couple of truly delusional singers, American Idol finally discovers superb talent in the form of a 19-year-old named Julissa and she sings a Whitney song with absolute strength and confidence. She has a strange personality, a little “out there”, but she has a great voice. Methinks she will not advance very far, but who knows? Quirky carries one far in this show.

So, we are 20 minutes into this show and it’s looking pretty dismal. Commercials still rule the airwaves at this point.

After the break, we meet a 28-year-old male singer called Darin who is truly overwhelmed that his friend was rejected by the judges. And he sounds like it, unfortunately. His voice is not good and his audition is followed by a collage of rejected singers.. Well, this is uplifting, isn’t it?

Naomi is 25-years-old and decides to wail “Lovin’ You”. Okay, I am truly “fed up” right now. This episode is truly ridiculous so far. She is not good, but she thinks she is, bless her!

At this point in the show, Simon is totally disenchanted with the Jacksonville talent. Really? Is that why my eyes are glazing over, Simon?.

However, according to the teaser before the commercial break, all that is about to change in a huge way. Day 2 begins with the introduction of 16-year-old beauty named Jasmine Murray. My oh my what star power! Yet, as she sings, her voice is a bit disconcerting. There is too much nasal quality in her voice and she audibly pushes the sound from her throat. Oh dear, another MasterclassLady project -in-waiting. Off to Hollywood she goes, nonetheless!

Then, some shy character named George Ramirez makes an appearance and it is oh so sad. At this point in the show, I am rubbing my eyes in frustration. Helloooooo? Are there any good singers out there in Jacksonville?

The positive mood I felt before this show is slowly waning. This is a truly pathetic display of talent. And only 20 minutes left to air? Unbelievable!

Finally, a lovely singer named Ann Marie has a great, great voice but they want her to come back in and re-audition with a different personality. Not too sure what they mean, but I guess we will see in a few minutes. Something about finding her “inner superstar” according to Ryan Seacrest’s voiceover.

T.K. Nash is a 23-year-old male singer who soulfully sings John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I like him – he is good and, apparently, this is his second kick at the can. I’m with the judges – his performance is “over the top”, but he shows promise and is sent to Hollywood. Good call, judges!

Michael Perelli was hoping to be able to play his guitar for his audition and is visibly devastated without his guitar in hand. I love his voice and I love his look. He is truly unique. I’m with Kara, give the kid his guitar. Strange interaction with the judges. I liked this guy, but this is his 15 seconds of fame, unfortunately


Ann Marie is back at it. Lucky girl. She has enjoyed the benefit of an American Idol fashion and beauty makeover. Now she truly looks as good as she sounds. She has a stellar voice, the best I have heard in the last 50 minutes.. “Bubbly” really works with her voice and, just like that, she is off to Hollywood.

I am still upset about Michael – I think he is truly talented, but, obviously the chemistry between contestant and judges really fell flat. Such a shame!

Now, to you the readers, this is your forum as well. What say you? The Masterclass doors are now open.

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10 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8: Jacksonville, Florida Auditions”

  1. Not to mention TK sang the song that made everyone fall in love with David Archuleta!! I was like, WHAT? BTW, off-topic but Melinda Doolittle’s debut CD comes out next Tuesday…hope you’ll check it out.


  2. I agree about michael. I really liked him. Sometimes, well, most of the time, you gotta ask “What are these judges thinking?” I mean …some of the people they put through… and then they cut someone unique like michael.
    Michael should have been given the opportunity to go to Hollywood where he could play his guitar.
    just my opinion…
    jo 🙂


  3. I agree that Michael should have at least been sent to Hollywood where we could see what he was capable of with guitar in hand. If the judges allowed someone to go out and change her “personality,” then they could’ve at least let Michael pick up his guitar and sing a few lines of a song with it. After all, from Hollywood week and beyond they are allowed to use instruments, aren’t they. Perhaps an exception to the rules should have been made here.

    As for T.K., I agree with you, Erin. It seems like he was “trying” to sound a bit like David’s stellar performance of Imagine. He even started the song at the same spot, which wasn’t the first verse of the song. Still, while he’s no Archuleta, I think he has a pleasant enough voice and is completely worthy of Hollywood. As for the Top 36, I’m not convinced yet.


  4. Oh, dear, I was working and forgot the show! But I love this recap… maybe it’s just as well I missed it, I can watch commercials anytime!!


  5. First off with Michael, if this competiton ment so much to him, he should’ve been more prepared and known the rules of what’s allowed before getting in, in addition to having a few backup plans in case plan A didn’t work out. And I’m not so sure what he’s so afraid of: I mean, it is EASIER to sing without simultaneosly playing the guitar. I think what happened is that when his voice is separated from his guitar, he felt vulnerable and ‘naked’, as it were. It is easier for others to pick out the flaws in it since he’s unable to hide any vocal errors behind guitar playing. Still, no excuse for his lame nervous breakdown. If you’re alone on stage with millions of people watching you, you’re not gonna last if you break down like he did. It’s like a golfer crying and getting all upset because the conditions just aren’t what he expected. Boo-hoo. To sum up: He has an okay emo-type voice, but lacks the confidence and mental tenacity required to succeed in higher levels of this competition or make it in the music biz. The judges saw this and did him a favor by cutting him loose now rather than let him go on further in the competition and prolong the inevitable.


  6. MCL I agree the one audition that stood out to me last night was Michael P. He had a wonderful tone to his voice. He could sing. I feel the judges were unfair not putting him through especially seeing and hearing the mediocre talent they did put through.


  7. Good morning all:

    I am still upset over Michael Perelli’s dismissal.

    It is hard to know what really went on during his audition, as the editing of his audition segment was really fragmented.

    All I know is I really loved his entire package.

    So, Michael, here is an MCL shout-out. Never give up. You have a great commercial voice and show oodles of promise. And, come back next year – stronger and more determined than ever.:)


  8. Yeah, I just watched Michael Perelli’s performance again on Idol Wrap. I am more convinced than ever that the judges just didn’t really give him the chance he deserved. He wasn’t perfect by any means, but he was absolutely good enough to get a golden ticket. I say give him one more chance to shine or flop in Hollywood, and leave it at that. I personally would’ve liked to see what he was capable of with his guitar.


  9. Hi friends!

    Just want to say hello! I’m Chris from the UK! I’m reading here for a few weeks! This is a great community! Just continue like that….



  10. This looks cool so far, what’s up people?
    If there’s anyone else here, let me know.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.

    See ya,


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