Piers Morgan, Lauren Alaina and Jay Leno On The Tonight Show

Revisiting Scotty’s Scheduled DISAppearance On Jay Leno


Some things just can’t be ignored. And this is one of them.

Jay Leno was scheduled to interview the American Idol winner on Thursday (yesterday). Also scheduled to appear was Piers Morgan. He blabbed about it all week and it was posted on the Tonight Show website.

Well, lo and behold, on Thursday, guess who was sitting between Jay and Piers? None other than Lauren Alaina. Hmm. Last time I checked, she was the Runner-Up and Scotty McCreery was the Winner.

And, just by coincidence(wink! wink!), Piers has a humorous past with Lauren – apparently she auditioned twice for America’s Got Talent and didn’t make the cut.

Now, we all know how Jay likes to piggyback his guests. He often groups them so they have something in common. It makes for a livelier show, I guess.

Interesting that Lauren got the Leno gig instead of Scotty. Even more enticing is that Piers just happened to be there. Was this planned in advance in the hope that she would take the title of American Idol winner this year?

I checked Jay’s schedule for next week and there is no mention of Scotty. Now, that seems a little weird. I checked Lee Dewyze’s schedule last year and he was on Jay Leno and David Letterman.

I will keep checking for updates and post them in this blog topic. In the meantime, gossip away readers.

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20 Responses to “Revisiting Scotty’s Scheduled DISAppearance On Jay Leno”

  1. Not surprising – Scotty had an AP English test scheduled for Friday. Probably studying/resting.


  2. I am sure that test could have been re-scheduled. I hope to see him on the media circuit soon.


  3. i find this fascinating and i’m glad you let us know.

    based on the ‘in the audience’ reports at idol, scotty always got the loudest applause.

    at the top three performances second was haley, third was lauren.

    because of this i ‘knew’ scotty would win.

    i can’t believe that the voting was so close that the powers that be thought that lauren would win.

    i can’t believe that leno wouldn’t acknowledge that ‘the winner’ wasn’t there.

    totally odd.

    certainly piers was there to ‘meet with lauren’. did they discuss the america’s got talent connection? she may never have gotten as far as meeting the ‘big’ judges.
    i don’t think she should have gotten as far as she did on idol..except for the coddling.


  4. Hopefully Jay will have Scotty on soon. If not next week, maybe the following. We’ll have to find out. It’s only right for Jay to invite Scotty. I’d be shocked if Regis & Kelly didn’t ask him to be a guest. They both come across as such kind and considerate people. I really like their show.

    I saw Lee in the audience at the A.I. Finale Wednesday. That was so out of line for the A.I. producers to snub him like they did. Then Nigel comes up to him that night, and asks Lee if he would present Scotty with the trophy. It was to late for that, Nigel. I’m glad Lee declined.


  5. Bee – both times, she never advanced to the TV judges on America’s Got Talent.


  6. Anita – let’s hope we see Scotty soon – somewhere.

    Re Lee, now Nigel is saying that he asked Lee a week before the Finale to present the trophy to the winner. What trophy? I never even knew there was a trophy. Maybe I missed it with all the confusion and confetti.

    Plus why would Lee make an appearance in the audience and then not be on stage to pass the baton on to Scotty? It makes no sense except that he was asked at the 11th hour and, wisely, declined.


  7. Nigel is so transparent.


  8. Idol/19 thinks Lauren will be the bigger seller due to wider market of both country & pop-country similar to Miley. Scotty’s record sales market like most male country singers is fairly small but huge for radio and live shows. For example Tim McGraw is the most played on country radio and sells out live shows but records sales are very poor compared to Carrie or Kelly C.


  9. B-Scott – welcome and thanks for commenting. Where did you read this information?


  10. it’s funny because i woke up this morning thinking, ‘scotty is ‘pure’ country, so he won’t sell as much, THAT’S why they were pushing lauren’. i was going to write that here, and forgot, and now i see b-scot’s post. interesting!!


  11. to me lauren just doesn’t have that *thing*, simon calls it the ‘it factor’, i just don’t think she has it….

    using dancing with the stars as an example, if anyone watches it: chelsea, a ‘disney person’, to me didn’t have the ‘it factor’, whereas last year the young black guy, can’t remember his name, but he too was from disney, and even though i ‘didn’t know him’, i loved him because of that ‘it factor’, that charisma. he was chunky, but a great dancer, and he had personality going off the boards.


  12. Bee – I thought so too re Lauren’s “it” factor. But did you see her on Jay Leno? She navigated the interview like a pro. She has been groomed to the max.


  13. I just heard on the radio that with regards to Lee not presenting the trophy..he said (Lee did) that Idol only asked him seconds before the winner was to be announced and he said no because he didn’t want to take the spotlight away from the winner. He felt it was the winner’s moment and he felt that if he had presented it, it would have taken away from that moment.

    I dunno..I’m glad he declined. But really, would it really have taken away from Scotty’s moment?? I highly doubt it…all he was doing is presenting Scotty with a trophy. I believe JLo ended up giving it to him, he looked at it, and then it was back to the celebrations.


  14. Anita,
    Scotty is supposed to be on Regis and Kelly on Tuesday, and Lauren on Wednesday.

    Remember how Larry King used to have the Idol contestants on his show. I don’t watch Piers Morgan’s show, but I’m assuming he hasn’t asked them to be guests???


  15. I really will miss the Idols on Larry King’s Show. He was so “cute” with them and we got to see them in a very relaxed (if not funnr) setting! I will miss that.

    What was done to Lee was wrong. Nigel blew it. Have the 2010 winner sing a song. I believe Lee and he did the right thing.

    I think Lauren has a good shot at becoming a star. Scotty, not so much. They will have a hit record together. I am sure he’ll make it to Jay Leno’s next week.


  16. For the record, Lee tweeted several days before the finale and said he “was not asked” to be on the show. What a bunch of morons running the show, asking Lee right before the show “Hey, last year’s winner, we’d love to have you”.

    Grammie Karl, I hope you’re wrong about Scotty vs. Lauren. I love Scotty & so does the person I live with. We would both go see Scotty & we would both buy his CD. Neither of us would be remotely interested in going to see Lauren. I’m not wishing her ill but this whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth & it should leave a bad taste in hers too.


  17. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Nigel only asked Lee to be involved with the Idol finale after fans started giving him grief about the fact that Lee wasn’t going to be on. I think Nigel is just covering this up by making it look like he invited Lee and Lee turned him down.


  18. I just read that Scotty is scheduled to be on Leno on June 15.


  19. I just added a topic now and credited you, Louise. :). Thank you so much.


  20. Thank you, MCL. Not necessary, but appreciated. 🙂


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