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The Dick Van Dyke Show Returns To CBS On Sunday In Color. 

                                      Picture Credit: Calvada Productions Oh my goodness.  My Sunday night is complete. CBS is bringing back the Dick Van Dyke Show on Sunday, December 11th at 8:00 PM which will feature  colorized versions  of TWO of […]

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I Don’t Like Reality TV Says The Legendary Dick Van Dyke.

This article caught my eye today, if for no other reason than it was centered around one of my favorite actors of all time, the legendary Dick Van Dyke. Apart from some other humorous anecdotes, he mentioned that he really dislikes reality television. He was quoted as saying: “Yes I do hate it I must […]

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A Life Lesson From The Legendary Dick Van Dyke

Over at the MSN Homepage site, I found a wonderful interview with Dick Van Dyke. I have always had great respect for his comedic talent; he is a legend after all and has provided generations with countless memorable moments with his genuine and effortless abilities as an actor. He is one of those rare gems […]

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