Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV Top 3 Results And Top 2 Performance Show 

American Idol Season XIV Top 3 Singers Picture Credit: American Idol

With American Idol’s savvy timing of the announcement that next season will be the final season for the show, the media has exploded with articles and comments galore about this recent turn of events.  

In fact,  American Idol’s announcement that the 2015-2016 season will be the last one has cast a shadow over the major networks’ announcement of the Fall 2015/Winter 2016 lineup. 

Was this announcement planned to boost ratings for the American Idol Season XIV Finale this week or, given that this is normally the time next year’s season’s lineup is normally announced, was the timing purely serendipitous? 

Hard to say…

Personally, I feel American Idol was walking this journey for a while and was looking for the perfect time to pull out. Season 15 sounds good to the ear.  Season 14, less so. 

It is still sad to see this decision in writing because, no matter what anyone says about American Idol, no one can deny that the show was and is ground-breaking.  It continues to produce real stars on every level – from the hundreds of singers receiving gold tickets, to the judges, to the host, to the songwriters, the coaches, the mentors, the guest performers and – wait for it – the bloggers!  Yes!  That would me and everyone else who was fortunate enough to gain a reading audience because of this amazing show. 

And so we move on to the second last Top 2 Finale Perfomance, where either Jax or Clark or Nick will take to the stage to sing three numbers: a Simon Fuller selection, a Personal Selection and a Coronation Song. 

From what I understand, the two singers receiving the highest number of votes based on last week’s Performance Show will be selected at the top of the show on Tuesday. Personally, I wish all three could sing because they have been pumping three singers all week – hence the picture above this article!  

Anyway, the Top 2 Performance Finale airs on Tuesday, May 12th at 9:00 PM on Fox, followed by the Gala Results Finale on Wednesday, May 13th at 8:00 PM. 

Please Note:  I am on vacation this week so will not be submitting a Vocal Masterclass Article For The Top 2 

Good luck to Jax, Clark and Nick!  I love the three of you and are so deserving of this moment in the sun. 

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14 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV Top 3 Results And Top 2 Performance Show ”

  1. Very surprised that Jax was eliminated.


  2. I’m not really surprised–Jax is a much more polarizing singer than either Nick or Clark, going by the comments I’ve seen around and about.

    Nick had a much better coronation song than Clark, so I don’t blame Clark for not being thrilled about his, but he’d have done better not to let that opinion show in his performance. Nick certainly seemed to want the win more than Clark tonight.


  3. Well, I was bummed for Jax. What really upsets me is that she prepared three songs – only to be eliminated? And when I heard a clip of her Coronation Song I sort of knew the end was near. It was the weakest of the three.

    Nick will win this hands down. He came out like a champion and ruled that stage. Clark was excellent but Nick is naturally more extroverted and, as a result, his performances, I feel, resonate din a stronger way with the viewers.

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  4. I agree with your assessment MCL. Although I’m a fan of Clark for the most part I think Nick was owning it tonight and received a better crowd reaction than Clark.

    Neither song was very good to me, although I guess you could say Nick’s was the better of the two. I don’t really care for Nick’s style but he’s got that top 40 thing down pretty well.

    Clark’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” was my favorite song of the night.

    Check out Brooke White’s latest album on iTunes. I think you will find a pleasant surprise or two there.


  5. I’m not surprised the two guys were in the TOP 2, but I believe it will help Jax’s career that she did get as far as third place. I wish her the best with her career. I think both Nick and Clark are good singers and may have success after Idol. I do think Nick will win, but I see Clark getting better gigs than he ever could without Idol. They both seem like nice gentlemen and I look forward to the Finale. I do not look forward to the end of American Idol!!


  6. As a Clark fan, I’m in total agreement that Nick will win. His coronation song was a better song, and I completely agree with Gene’s assessment. As for Clark’s coronation song, it seemed that the backup choir was singing over him. I just hope I hear more from Clark after Idol is over.


  7. Although I’m not into Idol this season, kind of shocked that Jax didn’t make the finals after all the predictions on the blogs that she would make it.


  8. Wow! Both of those guys are as boring as watching paint dry. I think the failure of American Idol is solely the judges fault for picking below average, boring contestants. I hope they bring in new judges for the final season.


  9. The same judges are coming back next year, according to all the news reports.

    They DID pick a bunch of very interesting and good singers this year, but when you have mass voting, different isn’t likely to win–whoever comes closest to middle of the road is likely to win.

    I’m actually glad for Jax that she didn’t win because I fear she would have been squashed into a read-made box before she had a chance to find out who she is, musically–but the way they kicked her off was pretty brutal.

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  10. Funny that with all the talk of “artist” this year that the finale boils down to

    WGWG X 2 – 1 = Idol.

    As much as things change they remain the same.

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  11. Same judges? Big mistake IMO.


  12. I see that The Voice and Dancing With The Stars beat Idol’s ratings last night. http://www.mjsbigblog.com/american-idol-ratings-fall-the-voice-and-dwts-up.htm


  13. Everything was going against Idol getting good ratings last night. The schedule change, the announcement that Idol was cancelled (so the normal pre-final press was almost wiped out), the fact that The Voice semifinal was on the hour before Idol, the lack of promotion for the final, etc…..

    Plus, I hate the new format that starts off with an elimination and think that hurt the ratings.


  14. mcl, i agree, i wish we could have heard jax sing too. that seemed so cold and abrupt at the beginning.


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