Vocal MasterClass Discussion For The Voice Season 8 Top 20: We Are Live!


This week on The Voice, the Top 20 artists perform, with two artists from each team advancing based on the viewers’ vote, and each coach completing their respective teams with their own choice.

Performing live on Monday, April 6th at 8:00 PM on NBC are:

Team Blake Shelton

  • Corey Kent White
  • Brooke Adee             
  • Hannah Kirby             
  • Sarah Potenza  
  • Meghan Linsey  

Team Pharrell Williams

  • Mia Z                         
  • Lowell Oakley 
  • Koryn Hawthorne
  • Caitlin Caporale
  • Sawyer Fredericks

Performing live on Tuesday, April 7th at 8:00 PM on NBC are:

Team Adam Levine

  • Tonya Boyd-Cannon  
  • Deanna Johnson  
  • Brian Johnson             
  • Nathan Hermida   
  • Joshua Davis.   

Team Christina Aguilera

  • India Carney
  • Rob Taylor
  • Lexi Davila
  • Sonic             
  • Kimberly Nichole

A special Results Show, highlighting the Top 12 Finalists, will air on Performing live on Wednesday, April 8th at 8:00 PM on NBC.

There are some mighty fine singers in this batch of vocalists.  It’s going to be tough to say goodbye to many of these singers. 

Who are you rooting for?  Add your comments – beginning NOW! 

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26 Responses to “Vocal MasterClass Discussion For The Voice Season 8 Top 20: We Are Live!”

  1. Wow! Sawyer!!! Loved his performance!

    I also liked Mia, Brooke, Hannah, Meg and Sarah.


  2. Sawyer was good last night, and by the time I looked early this afternoon, he was higher on the iTunes chart than the others. I believe he was followed by Mia, then Meghan and Sarah. I don’t know if any of them were in the top ten over night though.

    I wasn’t a fan of Pharrell’s coaching last season and it has improved some this year but he really came into his own last night with Mia. She is young and prone to over embellish her songs which is the wrong approach for the Blues. He gave her the “less is more” talk and also talked her out of the dauphin call she tried out in practice. As a result, she ended up with a very nice performance. By contrast, her recorded version on iTunes must have been done before the coaching session. The thing I like the most about her is that these are her song choices and at barely 16, she has a heart for traditional Blues. Pretty cool.

    I thought Meghan had a rough night and didn’t do her best work. I hope she makes it through but she had better take it as a wake up call for next week.

    Sawyer seemed to be singing with someone else’s voice. He seemed strained to me. I’m not sure he could sing like that for long. Does he have any original music out anywhere? I would like to see what direction that takes.

    “Free Bird” The Skynyrd classic. How can you go wrong once all of the Bic lighters come out and you raise your arms so that the Hippie fringe on your leather jacket, illuminated by the back lighting, looks like feathers on a pair of wings. It was an odd arrangement but I will give Sarah credit for originality.

    No the part of the show I hate begins, the whole sale elimination of these good singers. I lack words for how stupid this is.


  3. In my opinion, Team Christina creamed Team Adam tonight.

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  4. I liked some from each team, Deanna and Joshua from Adam’s team and India and Kimberly from team Christina.


  5. I thought Lexi Davila was outstanding!! She really sang the juice out of that song and pretty much nailed every vocal element she introduced to that number. Isn’t she only 17? Wow.

    I didn’t enjoy India’s performance as much as I thought I would. The song didn’t seem to work.

    Poor little Sawyer was nervous last evening. Broke my heart. He is a raw,unique talent and his recorded version of “Trouble” is excellent.


  6. I didn’t care for the India’s song either, probably because it is in the Christina style.

    After hearing Lexi’s version of “All By Myself” I remembered that I had Pia Toscano’s studio version from Idol on iTunes and listened to it during the commercial. It was unbelievably good. She went seamlessly from full voice to breathy falsetto at the end of the first two lines and then sang the same passage in the second verse in full voice but still reaching the same high note. So much skill and nuance throughout the song without ever over doing it. I actually got a small case of J Lo goose bumps. (couldn’t bring myself to say goosies.)

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  7. I should have added that even though I didn’t like India’s song but I did think she sang it well.

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  8. This is what impressed me about Lexi – her ability to go from full voice to head voice without a break in the vocal armour. It was pretty darn amazing.


  9. From Blake’s team – Corey stole my heart a little with Garth Brook’s version of that song. He’s very sincere and tender. I hope he goes through. I love Meghan but I didn’t care for that song for her.

    Team Pharell – Mia was sublime. I didn’t want her song to end. Koryn was powerful with her gospel. Sawyer was a bit off but I love his talent.

    Team Adam – Deanna has a lovely contralto but that song was too dull. I love Joshua’s voice and style but he needs a bit more oomph – his songs are a bit TOO relaxing.

    Team Xtina – India can do better. Her lower register was good but she was struggling on the higher notes with her vibrato. Lexi was a mess, the poor thing – that song was far too big for her. Major pitch issues.Sorry to disagree MCL.Kimberly was superb with a very difficult song.Best performance for me.


  10. Oksana – thank you for your comments!

    I think I may have to go back and re listen to Lexi. Many did not enjoy her so I may have not heard what y’all heard? I just think she is amazing vocalist given her age.


  11. Oksana,
    You make a good point about Joshua being a little too sleepy. He has a nice tone and just the right amount of rasp but he might be better than a cup of Sleepy Time Tea for insomniacs. Beware, a whole album could induce the Jackson Brown effect.

    I am beginning to wonder if India can do better in her upper range or if that is all there is. She has such an over all professional presence on stage that it is a little hard to see her flaws. I enjoy watching her perform but it seems like something is lacking.

    They have made some interesting song choices this season. Two from the “O Brother Where Art Thou” movie sound track so far. Got to love that.


  12. MCL I’ll have to go back and watch all of Lexi’s performances because I do think she’s done very well on The Voice for a girl who’s so inexperienced. I just blame Christina for giving her that song.

    Gene I agree with all of your comments. Being an insomniac I’d listen to an album by Joshua at bedtime.

    I love the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack! I was surprised to hear those tunes. It was great to hear a Carly Simon song, and Ain’t No Sunshine.as well.

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  13. Thank you for bringing up “Ain’t no Sunshine.” It’s a long time favorite of mine. I have the original Bill Withers version, the rip-your-heart-out, oh so good Eva Cassidy version and a pretty decent cut by Joan Osborne. I added Mia’s version to my collection in a show of support but I wish she had done it in the same way as her live performance. The fact that this young woman is familiar with this song and chose to sing it on her own, and sang it so well, does my heart good.

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  14. I think America and the coaches got it right tonight!


  15. Totally agree Vonnie!


  16. Joshua’s style brings to mind Jack Johnson.



  17. india-interesting, normally that kind of singing isn’t the type i enjoy and i was totally and completely pulled in and mesmerized and moved. christina’s style is not my thing.

    sara-oh nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she and sawyer are my favorites. i am sooooo upset that she is gone. 😦 i loved her song last week, i played it over and over. i didn’t buy it, maybe i should.


  18. I agree with Vonnie except for Sarah, as Hunter said. She really grew on me. Her Free Bird this week may have done her in. As much as I like the song, I thought she had an interesting take on it.

    The group performances on this show are so much better than on Idol. I thought Pharrell’s team did a good job with song selection, arrangement and sharing the parts to create a performance that worked for a pretty diverse group. Didn’t the coaches sing with their teams at this stage in the past? maybe not.

    Blake’s team was very good as well. I had hoped that Sarah and Meghan would get to work together more but it was still good.

    It’s a strong group but I wish that The Voice would reconsider their elimination process.

    Mia, Meghan and Sawyer are my favorites.


  19. I really liked Sarah too; Blake was left with a hard choice!


    What do you think of Christina coming to Nashville…I’m none to happy about it, love that show but seriously considering not watching while she’s on!


  20. I think you should watch when Christina is on because she is bound to have an affair with Teddy An argument will ensue while they are having a low rent rendezvous, she will jump out of the car in a scary part of town, Rhena (sp) will happen along in her SUV and pick her up, and while paying too much attention to poor Chris’s tale of woe, they will be T boned at an intersection by Scarlett in her old Volvo wagon, who is running away from involvement with one of her two X’s during a concert. Rhena suffers a head injury and of course, the soap opera stalwart amnesia but poor Christina makes the ultimate sacrifice. (stop cheering Vonnie) Rhena see’s Christina’s eviscerated liver laying next to her in the car and, despite her amnesia, knows she must get it to the hospital. Well, you guessed it, the liver is a perfect match for long suffering Deacon’s cirrhosis riddled organ. After the transplant, his remake of “Achey, Breaky Heart” takes him to the Top Single of The Year award at the CMA’s and his video featuring Millie Cyrus leads to yet another scandalous affair. Should be good.

    I would have kept Sarah on team Blake instead of the girl from the Elaine Bennis school of dance, although she was much better this week than she has been during the whole season. He may have been clearing the path a little bit for Meghan.


  21. Lol…Gene! Well since you put it that way, I may have to watch. Do you think they could wrap that up in a fifteen minute segment of one show???

    I really don’t care for Christina and the thought of having to watch her on two shows is a bit overwhelming!

    Yeah! Not sure Blake wanted to have to make that choice, I’m wondering if he wasn’t thinking his choice would have been between Corey, Brook and Hannah?


  22. Oh yeah Vonnie, 15 minutes tops! The rest of the show will be spent bringing Rhena up to speed from her bought of amnesia.

    I’m not a fan of Christina either. I’ll give her credit on those rare occasions when she acts right but most of the time it’s “there she goes again.” Like when the girl auditioned with one of Christina’s songs and came over to sit in Christina’s chair and sing with her. The girl was pretty decent but of course Christina had to blow her away with a “you can’t touch this” belt. She does the same thing in her coaching sessions. Sometimes it’s useful, but usually it’s more about her than the contestant.

    Keep in mind, we’re getting a liver for good ole Deacon out of the deal…

    You may be right about Blake’s choice. Corey has had a couple of good weeks but I got the feeling that it was more about the songs than him. I preferred the other country boy from Oklahoma to him. Anybody who sings a little George Jones is ok by me. I would be happier if they had only cut one from each team at this level. Two is just too many.


  23. Yeah! What happened to that girl that sat in Queen Christina’s chair and sang…I thought she had better chops than Christina! Old brain, short term and long term memory loss!!! What happened to the country boy from WVA, I missed a couple of nights and when I watched again he was gone?

    I guess Christina is the fill in for Sadie, since she is now gone from the show…Rayna can’t seem to keep singers on her label; I guess she is going to have to sign her daughters!


  24. She just got cut in this round from Pharrell’s team. I believe that is her in the bottom left corner of the picture at the top of the page.

    I think Scarlett will end up signing all of them in the end. Sadie was pretty good. I hope she isn’t gone permanently. Maybe she will get amnesia and forget that she left. Did you see the live show a few weeks ago from the Grand Ole Opry house?
    DWTS is good this season too.


  25. Okay! Wondered where she went!!! Yeah! everyone was sending well wishes to Laura Benanti who plays Sadie on twitter, so I guess she was written off or busy…I did read somewhere that she was doing something with Derek Houff, and singing somewhere too! She is a great singer, sad to see her go!!!

    I did watch the Live show, it was great…I really liked Jonathan Jackson’s (Avery) solo. He has a great voice!

    I’m not watching Dancing this year either…No idol and no Dancing! I had to make room for a few other shows that I like and have to tape because they come on when no one should still be awake…Castle, Nashville, Night Shift and am loving The Flash and Big Bang Theory! See that is entirely too much tv! I need tv therapy!!!


  26. In one of the DWTS practice sessions Derek said that he was currently doing 10 shows a week in NYC in addition to his duties at DWTS. She may be joining the show he is currently doing.

    Yeah, I caught Avery speaking “Australian” briefly in last weeks show. He does have a good singing voice.

    Dancing is good this season. They have a young veteran this season from about 5 miles down the road from me who lost an arm and a leg in Iraq and is dancing with Sharna. (he had me at dancing with Sharna) He’s pretty inspirational and she has done fine work working the choreography around their abilities. Several really good dancers as well this season.


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