Archive | April 30, 2015

Okay Shania Fans: A Blast From The Past. 

 This performance of the Timmins High And Vocational School Band brought a smile to my face. Recorded sometime in the 80s, many of my vocalists were dedicated members of this band, conducted here by Joe Bilenki.  Those kids were so dedicated to their music. They lived the art – as instrumentalists and singers – and […]

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Masterclass Memo To American Idol: Lengthen The Performance Time Frame And More. So.Much.More. 

Am I the only one who detests the watered down time frame for the performances by the American Idol finalists?  Yes, they can squeeze in two songs in two hours but, after watching the full – length performances on The Voice, I much prefer the “quality over the quantity” mentality of arranging songs.  The 90-minute […]

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