Tenor Trio Forte Brings Down The America’s Got Talent House With “Caruso”

20130918-122027.jpgWhat a spectacular evening of performances. One cannot help but love this Top 6 – all are enormously talented and gave some of their best performances of the entire season.

However, I am rooting for Forte all the way. Their performances of “The Prayer” and “Caruso” were exceptional and chill inducing.

However, it was their closing number, “Caruso” that enabled us all to see the enormous probability of ongoing success for these three talented singers. Their stage poise and craft were exceptional – the vocal passion and drive they afforded this song was absolutely and unequivocally inspiring. They captured our hearts and souls and never let go – not even after the song was over.

To see my friend, Fernando, in tears at the end of this number tugged at my heart strings. In addition to Josh and Sean, he has worked very hard over the course of his career, against all odds and weathering rejection after rejection. His indomitable spirit and strength came through during Tuesday’s AGT performances as he, along with Josh and Sean, took hold of and commanded the stage with their exquisite harmonies and charismatic presence.

I would like to address judges Howard Stern and Howie Mandel’s despicable attitude against the singers and, particularly Forte.

Tuesday evening should have been a celebration of all Top 6 acts. The fact that you decided to create your personal , misguided agenda and make disrespectful and misleading comments about the singers – and Forte in general – says more about your lack of knowledge and professionalism about the arts in general than of the singers’ contribution to this show.

This is not your competition to win or lose – that belongs to Forte, Cami, Taylor, Jimmy, Kenishi and Collins.

Your comments soured the entire showcase last evening and deflated and disrespected a large portion of your viewing audience. You need to eat a bit of humble pie and issue an apology to the singers and their audience. It was absolutely disgraceful.

If you think singing is so easy, I would like to see the two of you hit the stage and sing “Caruso” – except you would turn it into a comedy act and think that your performance was more brilliant and original than Forte’s .

In case you missed Forte’s performances last evening, I have added the video links below.

Have a look – and let me know what you think!



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13 Responses to “Tenor Trio Forte Brings Down The America’s Got Talent House With “Caruso””

  1. OMG, Roseanne! You just said exactly what we have been posting all over the Forte Tenors Fan Page and other sites – only you were much more eloquent, specific and professional, as always. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I am sharing this with Forte’s fans there. We were pretty down last night but are rallying today and realize Forte is on its way to super stardom – with or without AGT, Howie, Howard, Mel B or Heidi. In fact some are calling for a NEW SHOW: America’s Got Talented SINGERS (aka The Voice) and split with AGT. Lots of very angry folks out there today. Lots of Forte, Kenichi, Cami and Jimmy fans today too -now, more than ever. Yes, Roseanne. They do deserve a huge apology from AGT and the Gang of 4.


  2. Thank you for addressing the disrespect
    shown by Mandel and Stern,I was absolutely
    Enjoyed all acts,with Forte of course being
    favored here,looking forward to the results
    show tonight,it just has to be Forte..


  3. I do not understand why the judges took a negative tone against the singers, and especially FORTE. Their previous performances WOWED the judges, so why the sudden shift to negativity at the final performance? It felt to me as the the judges were trying to throw the votes a certain direction. Howie was obnoxious in his comments and ruined the show for me. I hope nbc catches a lot of flack for this-but then of course, perhaps the powers over there are behind this. In any case, I’m pulling for FORTE to win tonight.


  4. It was truly obvious that Howie and Howard especially want a Kenichi win. I do agree that Kenichi is incredibly creative and talented. But somewhere in the middle of this season of AGT, they decided that all singers do is sing other people’s songs, so they are not creative people. And after one of them made this observation, they continued to bring it up for the remainder of the competition even though Jimmy actually performed a song which he had written, and Cami always changed the arrangements of other people’s songs. I am not saying that either of them should win, but just that they were certainly creative too. It was the only way possible that Forte could be criticized because they are obviously SO talented that it would not have been much of a competition at all if the judges had only supported them. Comparing magicians, comedians, singers, and dancers is like comparing apples and oranges–all entertainers, but quite different. I love Forte, but I will not be upset if Kenichi should happen to win because I love him too.


  5. Thanks everyone. This was an upsetting turn if events last evening. Horrid and insulting.

    But, someone just put another spin on it saying that perhaps there was a fear that Jimmy would win the crown with all the country votes.

    So they attacked the singers in general. If they attacked Jimmy alone, the country fans would retaliate.

    Thoughts? Still disrespectful no matter how you look at it


  6. It is america got talent,and any act once
    accepted should be respected,what happened last night should In my opinion call.for america got talent to never produce another show again..


  7. Well, the judges run hot and cold. Howie Mandel wants the comedian to win, you can see him forcing laughter when that clown is on. How he ever got this far is beyond me. Yesterday online Mel B predicted a win for FORTE. I pray she is right. For them to say the singers sing other people’s songs is correct to a degree. Cami sang Can’t Help Falling In Love by of course Elvis. I did not care for it per say even though I am a huge Elvis fan, but that is me, she put her own take on it. I have to say too that I prefer the show The Voice but since Ferdinando sings at my sister’s church in Florida, she shared the news and like I told her if they do not make it there is nothing wrong with having Josh Groban in your corner. Their story is amazing. Well, let us see tonight and hopefully the judges did NOT scew things up for Forte.


  8. I was so appalled at Howie’s/Howard’s comments that it ruined the show for me. Forte is so so so brilliant (yes, I am blinded by their light) that I do NOT understand how it can even be considered that all they do is sing someone else’s songs. The years and years of dedication, hard work, vocal training is so much harder then coming up with a few jokes that makes nasty fun at the judges. That they like? Really? As far as I am concerned AGT should be PAYING Forte to even be on their stage. They brought the quality of that show up 1000% and the 4 judges should consider it an honor that Forte would even sing for them. They have no business even judging Forte at this point. Those young men have a tremendous future ahead of them and I am so proud to have been there at the starting line. Shame on you both, Howard and Howie (especially Howie).


  9. Well, it’s 630 PM ET and I’m off for dinner. It’s been an amazing day as so many folks agreed with the superb Roseanne here that Howard Stern & Howie Mandel (mostly) were just plain rude and disrespectful to the final 5 (mostly singers) in trying to influence the votes last night toward comic, Taylor Williamson. I like Taylor and can’t blame him for the debacle. I don’t think Howie would have the class to apologize tonight to the singers. Howard might. I am not holding my breath. The big concern I had was the possibility of Forte throwing in the towel if they did not win tonight as they have families to feed and clothe. That was shot down today by Fernando Verelas of Forte when he assured us they will continue, win or lose. Thank God! I think the fear was that Sean Panikkar is so booked out as a soloist into next year already that he could not perform on the AGT tour or any tour and recording for that matter. Sean just had to cancel his Dresden, Germany performances – a first in 10 years he said – but he could not let down his “brothers” during the finale. I have come to just love Sean, Josh & Fernando of Forte and, believe beyond a doubt that they WILL be superstars in their own right – with or without AGT and all its warts.


  10. Thanks everyone again!! I know that Forte will soar even higher once they are left to record and perform freely and without the constraints of being judged. This has been a wonderful platform for them and for all the acts. The sky’s the limit!


  11. Forte is what AGT is all about. None of the other acts could even come close to the talent these three singers have. Mandell needed to up his standards of what talent really is. But, because of the exposure these three got on the show everyone knows them and their future will be very bright I’m sure. Their musical contributions will only grow and be shared with the world. BRAVO guys!


  12. Throw Anna Christine in with the mix. That girl doesn’t need to go home and bounce a ball. Those judges are pathetic. Anna is going to rise up and slap the hell out of all those losers. You watch. Forte rocks. Cami did well in the duet also go Cami!


  13. Greg – I was very upset that Anna was eliminated. And the judges could have prevented it. As much as the young dance duo was excellent, Anna’s voice was truly beautiful and extremely mature for her age, as was her interpretive ability and artistry. Of the two acts, she was the exceptional one.

    I really hope that Anna moves on to a very successful career and I have no doubt that she will. Her talent is undeniable. I will personally be rooting for her.


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