Archive | September 18, 2013

Performance Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Results Finale

Picture Credit: America’s Got Talent What an absolutely stellar Performance Finale on Tuesday evening. America’s Got Talent truly went out of their way to celebrate each act with mouth watering productions. Unfortunately, the judges didn’t receive the AGT Memo stating that this was a festive affair where all the Top 6 acts should be lauded […]

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Tenor Trio Forte Brings Down The America’s Got Talent House With “Caruso”

What a spectacular evening of performances. One cannot help but love this Top 6 – all are enormously talented and gave some of their best performances of the entire season. However, I am rooting for Forte all the way. Their performances of “The Prayer” and “Caruso” were exceptional and chill inducing. However, it was their […]

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