Performance Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Results Finale

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What an absolutely stellar Performance Finale on Tuesday evening. America’s Got Talent truly went out of their way to celebrate each act with mouth watering productions.

Unfortunately, the judges didn’t receive the AGT Memo stating that this was a festive affair where all the Top 6 acts should be lauded for their success on this season’s show.

Oh no – instead they went on a rampage against all singers, blatantly stating that they were not worthy nor talented nor creative enough to win this competition and headline an act in Las Vegas.

“Singers just sing a song” , “singers just train, they don’t put together an act”. Oy vey!

At some point those words were uttered in some such fashion by one of or both judgmental “judges” Howard Stern and Howie Mandel, who obviously do not know, understand or appreciate the first thing about the art of vocal music.

Interesting. Very interesting Mr.Stern and Mr. Mandel.

And who will be starring in the guest line-up on Wednesday night’s Results Finale?

Hmm – let me see. There’s Il Divo, Josh Groban, Heather Headley, Earth, Wind And Fire, Luke Bryan – the list goes on and on. Now let me see, what do we have here – a singer, a singer, a singer, singers and, oh yes, another singer.

What? No novelty act to bring in the ratings or pack Radio City Music Hall? Well, me oh my, I can’t believe my eyes!

Yes, those singers are real turn-offs for prospective audience goers. Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble, two of my favorite singers in the entire world need a wake-up call I guess. Their careers are doomed according to the Howards. They just sing! Tsk tsk! Such a pity!

Well, I don’t know about you but music makes the world go round. Singers especially. Even comedian Taylor Williamson incorporated a choir into his act last evening. This was a beautiful way to embrace all forms of artistic expression.

And as my guys, Forte, move on to the stellar careers that they so deserve, it will not be whether or not they won the America’s Got Talent title. No!

It will be because they have won our hearts and our continued devotion with their passion, poise, artistry and genuine personas.

Enjoy the show everyone and thanks for reading. And, as I said over on Facebook, thank you for supporting Forte here on the MasterclassLady.Com site. It means a great deal to me.

And to all the performers tonight, have a blast and soak it all in. You are all stars in my book and have great careers ahead of you. Your lives have changed for the better. Congratulations to all!

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11 Responses to “Performance Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Results Finale”

  1. Beautiful write up,these exact thoughts
    went thru my head all day,thank you for putting it into words!
    Waiting impatiently for the final results,either way they are winners in my eyes..


  2. You are most welcome Rosa. Pretty ironic that tonight’s show is packed with singers.


  3. Howard and Howie……Shame on them! Judges should have more tact than what they have displayed. Their comments were inappropriate and disrespectful! All the best to Forte!


  4. Thanks Pam! So! Much! Will touch base with you very soon. Been busy promoting Forte! Fingers crossed.


  5. MCL – my take… the judges. producers etc. didn’t want a singer to win. AGT is a ‘variety’ competition and to have yet another singer win… As with any reality show there is ALWAYS this kind of manipulation, like it or not.

    FORTE will be well on their way now. They know what hard work is and so I have no worries for their future success. What I would give to hear them live!


  6. Yes awestruck. This show, over the last two weeks, was fiercely aimed at a Kenichi win. And, AGT is a manipulative platform – after all, Simon Cowell is at the helm.

    Forte is working on an album. They are one or two steps ahead of us in terms of the progress of their career. Stay tuned.


  7. That’s awesome news MCL – an album whooohooo!


  8. Hey Roseanne! I FINALLY got over here! What a night, eh? Your comments above are brilliant/spot on – again! I have to believe NBC/AGT and others have seen them or heard about the backlash from many of us. However, as you say, this is a Simon Cowell machine… What say you to Simon Cowell wanting to corner the singing market on his X Factor product and all other acts on AGT? (But even Ed Sullivan had useless singers on his variety show such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and worse)! ; )

    Our Forte sites are blazing with speculation about a Forte announcement coming soon! Some of the comments posted by the guys are pulling almost THREE THOUSAND LIKES – EACH! Yikes! We are standing by to help Forte succeed / launch their next journey in any way we can! They’re stuck with us! : )

    Will be in touch with you regularly, Roseanne! Please do the same! You are terrific!


  9. Suncatcher. Thank you so much for stopping by again. I appreciate your kind comments and ongoing support.

    Now, can you send me links to any FORTE sites so I can become a member and add links to them on my site? I know I should know where they are but I don’t. Ha!

    I am aware of the Facebook page. And I am sure Forte will have their own site very soon.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to more interaction with you in the future. It’s going to be a FORTE future – strong and loud – as the name suggests.


  10. Hi Rosanne! My pleasure!
    (BTW Sean Tweeted this afternoon that Forte is staying together and he hinted at the CD. : )

    Our links so far:
    1) On FB: Forte Tenors Fan Page (whoever set this up has folks “applying” to join; no big deal, just follow the quick instructions); last night we all agreed to stick together for Forte and it’s a great bunch of really nice folks who love Forte and good music.

    2) On FB: Forte Tenors (I think you already have this. It’s open to anyone).
    Go to FB and search either one and they will pop up immediately.

    3) Otherwise we just go to the guys personal FB pages for updates and to comment. Same goes for Twitter.

    We’re having fun this afternoon sharing Sean’s video of Beatrice et Benedict from Boston. I saw it at least 2 months ago on his website when he first joined Forte to replace Hana Ryu. He is BRILLIANT. So glad the guys found him! The rest is history (in the making)!

    And YES, you and I WILL be interacting more, Rosanne, as we head down a new road with the guys hoping to help them reach their goals wherever we can. Love your words: “It’s going to be a Forte future – strong and loud!” That it is!

    Will be in touch!
    : )


  11. Oops! Here are the links: (for Forte Tenors Fan Page)
    and (for Forte)


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