David Cook, Irving Plaza New York, December 9, 2011

David Cook’s Moving Performance Of Fade Into Me At Irving Plaza, New York

David Cook can make me smile like no other. The sincerity and warmth, not only of this performance, but also with his rapport with the audience was so refreshing in this video.

In this intimate and cozy environment, the acoustic performance of this song was heightened and resonated with me long after the performance was over.

Performed at Irving Plaza, NY on December 9, 2011, the song was recorded by justicelvr and brought to my attention by a David Cook fan named, Nina.

He does so many things right. His phrasing is impeccable, his articulation skills clean and precise and his musicality so fluid and free.

Although equipped with solid diaphragmatic support, he needs to loosen that jaw for the occasional upper note. However, he looked pretty tired at the end of this concert and tour, so fatigue was probably a contributing factor here.


Yet, even through the fatigue, you could hear the ringing sound of his beautiful head voice in the vocal mix.

And his sensitivity and the passion are so real and so heartfelt. It touched my soul.

When the audience joined in on the refrain, it was a beautiful, singular moment that heightened the intimacy of this performance even more. It was spellbinding to observe and listen – the haunting melody of this beautiful song sung by both David and his fans.


He was clearly moved by the reception from the audience. This is what endears him to the public. His gracious and humble disposition and total respect for his audience is absolutely beautiful to watch.

Kudos to David Cook fan, Nina, for bringing this wonderful video to my attention. Bravo David!

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19 Responses to “David Cook’s Moving Performance Of Fade Into Me At Irving Plaza, New York”

  1. Wow it was actually brought to my attention that the re-view was here. I loved it very much – FADE INOT ME is my fave song at the moment, so for me there were some extra “nerves” while waiting and reading.

    I love how you also described the very special vibe between David and the audience, while singing this song. Yes it was the end of the tour, but a very special show!!!
    I liked your “it touched my soul” – that is how I have felt from fist listen and even more, when he did it live.

    Masterclass Lady thank you very much and I will look forward to the others, when you have the time of course!!! 🙂
    You just made this fan very happy 🙂


  2. My pleasure, Nina. You got the whole ball rolling here. It helps when fans send me clips. Here’s to more David Cook love in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. What a superb artist.


  3. Hi Rosanne!!!

    I just listened to the song again, then read your re-view and just have to say WOW!


  4. Audrey Lefkowitz April 17, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Completely agree with you. He is my ultimate singer, musician, performer and song writer. His cd´s are my favourite. The most amazing singer, he is able to make one feel his songs. I would travel to America to see him live if I was financially able.


  5. SO glad and happy to see beautiful things written about this beautiful singer who is STILL so UNDERRATED (why? I have NO clue).


  6. No one else does either, Deborah. Drives me crazy! We’re here to change all that.


  7. It was so refreshing to read all the well deserved superlatives you wrote about one amazing artist Mr. David Cook. I was lucky enough to be there that evening and it was an experience I will never forget. It was magical moment when we became one with David. I will continue to buy and listen to all of this man’s music I hope for years to come.


  8. Oh Rosemary! What a thrilling experience it must have been for you to be in that audience. Great memory! And thank you for your kind words. Please stop by again.


  9. Really wanna thank you for such a refreshing reviiew of ALL that David Cook is!! FOR THE PAST 4 years both myself and fellow DC Fans have written comments… searching for the perfect words to describe his talents and his humble huge heart! Masterclass Lady ~ You really “get” David Cook and found the perfect words to say so!


  10. I’ve read a few of your reviews of David’s voice and have to say it’s thrilling to hear from someone with your expertise. I am never able to express how David’s voice makes me feel and what his performances do for me, and the DC fans I know. He’s just incredible and, yes, seriously underrated and I, too, wait and expect that to change. A voice like his cannot be denied. Thank you for this wonderful review. This is one of his most moving performances I’ve seen (sadly only via Youtube this time). What a wonderful audience too, who was right there with him!


  11. Sharlemagne F. Jovennaire April 18, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Wow……thanks ma’am for this another wonderful review!

    Fade Into Me is really a sure hit for lovebirds….if you know what I mean… 😉

    Uhm, can I haz song review request too please? The song’s called “Right here, With You”. I really have a ‘special’ attachment to this song that I couldn’t understand; well, the first time that I’d listened to it was I ignored it (with the thought that i’s “so-so”), but then it kept a hang on mah head and then the next thing that happened…song was looping on mah phone.

    I keep wishing that it should be a single, because I think it will move many people’s souls out there. ^_^


  12. Tina Healy-Leather April 18, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Wow, great review! I was there that night and I can’t even describe what I felt during this song when we sang it back to David…the energy in that room was unbelievable. I will never forget this performance as long as I live. I am a diehard David Cook fan and will be a fan for life. I just love this man, his music, his heart and his soul. He moves me like no other person ever has.


  13. DC is tops in my book. Amazingly robust and satisfying voice, and when he unfurls that top note and lets it fly, the sound is ravishing.
    BTW, are you aware of Josh Krajcic from Xfactor? Another ridiculous talent, IMO. let me know what you think.


  14. Hi Marc. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I thought Josh was amazing and, actually, was rooting for him. I have lost track of him. I wish him well in his musical endeavors.


  15. You like great voices, I gather. Here’s a fave of mine you might not have heard. Hope you like


  16. Okay, back to DC. There’s a lot of noise on this vid but bear with it to the end because he does the most incredible finish, apparently never repeated. One for the ages.


  17. Thank You for a honest review of “Fade Into Me I saw him sing it live in York, Pa and it seemed the whole audience was spellbound including me. I know my ears could not believe how much emotion he was putting into the song and the connextion between him and us. I was speechless.


  18. You are most welcome Frannie. Love him!! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  19. Hi every one!!!

    Thank you very much for telling the rest of us about the magic it really is to hear him sing this song (well just the VOICE live). I do hope I get my chance some day 🙂

    Rosanne: I just had to read your FIM review again and I really hope you get to some of my other requests some day – when you have the time of course. Good stuff to read. 🙂


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