Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season 2 Quarter-Finals: Team Blake VS Team Christina


It’s time to get down and dirty with the Quarter-Finals on The Voice. If you think the decision-making process was difficult in the past, just you wait! The next two weeks are going to be brutal and I will be right there with my popcorn and Twitter Feed to join in on the fun and suspense.

I found an intriguing article from The Hollywood Reporter. It was loaded with tons of juicy information about this evening’s televised proceedings.

The one fact that jumped in my face was the decision to have the judges eliminate one member of their four-member-team after tonight’s performance show. Yikes! Now, that’s pressure for the singers I would think!

Then, tomorrow on the Results Show, I am assuming that another member will be eliminated based on viewers’ votes.

Performing tonight will be the four members from Team Blake and Team Christina. I think that Team Christina has the strongest team and will quite possibly have great difficulty with her decision-making process at the end of the show.

Next week, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo will perform.

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11 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season 2 Quarter-Finals: Team Blake VS Team Christina”

  1. Jesse Campbell eliminated? Hard to believe. I guess Christina may have thought that ultimately he would stand in the way of Lindsey going all the way. She is pretty close to ready for prime time.

    I liked Jordus but she had some problems tonight and Blake’s rationale was the right one.

    Got to love the DVR. I was able to see Carlos Santana rocking the house as well as great performances from the contestants on DWTS and then watch my recording of the Voice.


  2. OMG. Christina is insane. I cannot believe she let Jesse go. I wanted to see more of him. I am tired of Lindsay Parvao. She is a one-noter Dang. Jesse poured is heart out in that song. Bad decision IMHO.

    Blake’s decision was somewhat harder. I say that because I think Christina I don’t really get Raelynn though. I did not think her song choice reflected her ability to sing as much as her ability to stomp around the stage & look sassy. I think what did Jordis in, unfortunately, was her nerves. She did what I do sometimes when I’m nervous; she put her hand on her abdomen. It’s a shame because I liked her performance. I think she was the singer who pronounced the “k” in like clearly in a soft part of the song. But I also really like Erin: i just downloaded several of her songs & also voted for her by phone.

    The relentless overproduction has continued and it distracts from the singing. One particularly egregious example of this was during Ashley’s performance. Her softer singing was obscured by persistent guitar playing.

    I love Chris Mann’s voice but I do not feel connected or moved by his singing. I think Adam picked up on that better than anyone else did.

    So now I would say my favorites are Erin & Jermaine. I like Jermaine for his ability to convey the feeling of a song. However he does have technical issues that if addressed correctly would greatly enhance his singing. In his higher notes he has a tendency to yell/scream. Erin is the better singer. Ashley is also quite good in my opinion; her voice is solid & she has good diction. She seems to me to have the “fire”

    The judges continue to make good comments. And I loved Adam’s comment on “pitchiness” “we all do that”. Adam is a good model of performance that incorporates good vocal technique & true connection to the song (of course it’s easier when it’s your song). I like him a lot.

    I will miss Jesse. Double dang.

    Watching “Alien”. I love Signourney Weaver’s performance in that. She was so real.


  3. I appear to have not finished a sentence. I thought Christina’s choice was clearer because I thought that Lindsay should go home. But it’s possible that Christina knows more about which artist has the best shot at winning and it wasn’t Jesse.


  4. I just watched my dvr recording after first watching DWTS live. Wow! I was really shocked to see Jessie eliminated. I thought he was one of the best singers. I don’t really get Lindsay. I think she is generic and not unique or original at all. I don’t know what to say.

    I basically thought pretty much like Darlene about all of them. I don’t get Raelynn at all. It’s true that she growled and stomped all over the stage, but it was like watching a little girl trying to be a real singer. Sorry, that just baffles me. I am trying to wrap my mind around Raelynn staying over Jordis. I did sense the nerves in her performance. There seemed to be some hesitation at points in her performance. Also, she was out of her comfort zone with this song. I would keep her in a heartbeat over Raelynn. Blake must know something that I don’t know.

    I agree with Darlene about the overproduction. It is driving me absolutely batty! You can’t hear the singers at times and it’s like a cacophony of too much going on.

    I just do not see keeping Chris Mann. Yes, I loved what Adam Levine said. He totally got to the heart of what was missing in his performance. I felt exactly the same way. You can tell this guy is classically trained just by hearing him sing. It’s wonderful but even for someone like me who appreciates that so much, it’s also important to connect emotionally with the feeling and emotion of the song. I just heard his trying to get every single note technicall perfect and he lost the greatness of the song in the process. I do not see the reason for keeping him on the show.

    Again I agree with Darlene about Erin and Jermaine. I will really miss Jessie. I loved him.

    I don’t know if Darlene has been here reading my comments, but I really went after the judges earlier this week. I do think the judging is miles better on this show. I am not saying that they aren’t above some gamesmanship, but they make such astute observations about the technical skill, performance value, ability to interpret and connect with a song. They do it without looking down at any notes! Good for them! I have not heard any judge on this show deliberately mislead or disrespect any contestant. I realize that they have a stake in what happens because they are all competing against each other with their respective teams. I understand that the format is quite different from Idol.

    It’s just nice to hear some good advice and constructive criticism. There are things I don’t love about the Voice, but the judging is really so classy.


  5. Sorry, I just wanted to make one clarification in my previous comment. I wanted to make clear when I said that I went after the judges, that I meant the Idol judges.


  6. After the shock wore off, I became extremely upset over Jesse’s elimination. Has that woman(Christina) gone mad?

    As soon as I watches her babbling incoherently and ad nauseum about who she was going to eliminate, I knew something was up. Jesse was speechless and so were some of the other contestants -in fact all of the contestants.

    Something makes me wonder if there was more to this elimination than we already know. And, the last-minute decision to eliminate a singer before the viewers’ votes kicked in made me even more suspicious.

    Controversy on the voice too? Does it ever end with these shows?

    However the judges are wonderful mentors and extremely articulate in their comments. You have to really respect that.


  7. i have always wondered why they say rae lynn is so good, i just don’t get it. i think it is her looks, she’s a cute little girl with a big flower in her hair. i was uncomfortable with her performance: ‘you’re only 17, and you may be getting the wrong kind of attention by how you’re strutting your stuff with that oh-so-short skirt’.


  8. Hunter. Yes, that’s what I thought about her performance. Too mature!


  9. hmmm, couldn’t write anymore on the last post.

    i really felt bad for jordis. as i’ve mentioned before, i ‘met her’ by watching her on ‘rock star’ another mark burnett produced music show and i loved her there. she was more unique then and i got to know her a lot better. she sang a lot and was outstanding. here she was good but never seemed to differentiate herself. she looks a lot different now..almost like blending in whereas before she stood out. i wanted blake to eliminate rae lynn because as i mentioned above, ‘i just don’t get it’, but….blake ‘listens’. every one was talking about rae lynn at some country awards show. but, in a way, that’s why i don’t understand why he didn’t keep jordis…she was number 1 on i-tunes. the voters who vote by purchasing her song are going to be the ones who continue to purchase her songs. will the other voters be purchasing music? but..yes..she didn’t do well on this song.


  10. Hey everyone. There is some sort of technical glitch on this site via WordPress. Some of my comments are disappearing as well. The App is not working properly.

    Make sure you save you save your comments in a Pages or Word Document BEFORE you add them in the comments area.


  11. I think I understand why Christina decided to eliminate Jesse. I don’t think it was so much a personal decision, as a business/industry decision.

    People have compared Jesse to last year’s winner, Javier Colon. For anyone that knows, Javier sold less than 150,000 cuts of his feature CD, and has basically disappeared into oblivion. As good as his voice was, Javier wasn’t “original” enough to make an impression on the record buying public.

    I think the same would be true with Jesse. I’ve come to realize, being a judge is not only about finding the right voice, but, finding the right ‘package’, that you’ll be able to sell, and, one that will sustain itself in the industry. I think that’s why, when you look at some of the singers that have been kept, even though they may not have perfect voices, they have a look, a uniqueness, that sets them apart from other performers you’d find in the chorus.

    Out of all the judges on that show, I give Adam the most credit for wanting the acts to be authentic to themselves, and stay within their own personal style. The critique that he gave to Chris Mann (and I hope Christina was listening), that he would proudly promote his Classical sound, and would use it to showcase Chris, was fantastic. The program is called “The Voice”, not “Pop Voice” or “Top 40 Voice”, but, “The Voice” that reaches out, touches people, and has affect. There’s no reason, whatsoever, why a classically trained soprano can’t take home the prize.


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