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A Viewer’s Perspective On The Jessica Sanchez American Idol Save Contoversy


Look at this picture. Are the American Idol judges and host, Ryan Seacrest, looking into the eyes of a future superstar?

Only time will tell but, here in the MCL community, a viewer recently shared a very interesting perspective on why Jessica Sanchez received the lowest number of votes this past week during the Top 7 American Idol Results Show.

I personally feel that Jessica embodies many of the fine qualities that endeared us to Season 7 Runner-Up, David Archuleta. Her voice is prodigious, her performing style refined and professional, brimming with confidence yet totally different from her shy, unassuming persona off-stage.

Here is Chad’s timely and insightful analysis of Jessica Sanchez’s road on American Idol, as well as some other excellent ideas about the workings of this crazy show we love to hate.

And, FYI, he runs TheXFactorForums.Com, an excellent resource site for, you know, that other show we love to hate.

I have been a fan of Idol (Canada/US/Australia), The X Factor (UK/France/Australia) and The Voice, since most of the shows began. I felt the desire to write in my thoughts, due to some of the great conversation I’ve noticed online over the entire Jessica Sanchez issue. I actually find it quite funny, to be honest.

Why people would be so shocked that she was in the B3, comes as a surprise to me. If we look at the history of Idol, many of the big-voiced torch singers on the show never made the finales; Jennifer Hudson, Melinda DooLittle, Pia Toscano, just to name a few. I’m actually more surprised it took this long for it to actually happen to her. Jessica is a great singer, don’t get me wrong – I love her voice – have since she first auditioned, but, she’s about as charismatic as a wet dish towel, her song choices have been “unique”, to put it kindly, and especially the song she sang on Wednesday night. I’ve questioned why Jimmy didn’t actually step in and ‘86’ that song, in favor of something more contemporary and well heard. Jessica, whenever asked by Ryan what she would like the audience to know about her, she always responds with “I’ve worked hard all my life.” Well big deal, you’re 16, you’ve worked hard, what does that really mean? I work hard as well, but that’s not “who I am”.

Embarrassingly enough, I’m one of “those” people that keeps track of the popularity of the Idol contestants on Youtube, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, and, in the public forums. I actually run an X Factor Forum myself, and it’s always interesting reading the members comments. With that in mind, there are two names that are continually the Top 2 names, since the show began; Colton and Jessica. If you go on iTunes, it’s all about Colton, as well as Twitter and Youtube. Jessica as well, but, this in itself is one of the issues for Jessica. Much (not all) of her fan base online are from the Philippines. It’s definitely not a bad thing, and Philippino’s are very passionate about rallying around their stars and showing support, which in itself, is wonderful, except for one thing; they can’t vote. It’s great that they are viewing her Youtube video’s and signing on to her Twitter Account, but in the U.S. world of American Idol and the votes, it’s not a position of strength.

Jessica was B3, and that isn’t a shock, because it’s actually showing where the votes actually go, and how they’re going. Colton and Phillip have yet to be in the B3, and Colton probably won’t even see it. The major problem with this show right now is the judging, or lack thereof, from JLo and Steven. I like them both, don’t get me wrong, but they are lousy coaches. They have no clue how to cultivate talent – all they know how to do is promote ego. I find it ironic that the three contestant’s that the judges have given standing ovations to, consistently, were the 3 in the bottom. There’s a reason for that. Because of the judges – they’ve peaked. We don’t like to be told how to vote, when to vote, and who to vote for. We make our own choices, and when the judges are continually shoving Joshua down our throats, Jessica, and lately, Elise, it polarizes their votes.

Another thing is connection with the audience. As I said above, Jessica fails to do that. There’s no real feeling or sensuality in her performances – even when she looks into the camera, it’s a vacant stare, but then, on the other hand, there’s Colton. Colton looks into the camera, and whether you like him or not, you’re looking back and you know he’s owning what he’s singing – it’s in his eyes. Colton has affect. Every song he sings, he touches distinctly. Every week, more than any other contestant, he improves, and, he is yet to have his “peak “ moment. Same can be said for Skylar. Colton chooses the right songs, he says the right things, and he knows how Idol works. Truth be known, he’s probably the top in votes, with Phillip coming in somewhere behind, and Skylar is probably closer behind. This is the difference though, where Colton seems to grow each week and his fan base grows each week, Phillip seems to be going the opposite direction. J Lo’s reaction on Thursday when Ryan explained how has never had a standing ovation before, was priceless. I’ll place a wager. He gets one. Next week.

The way they’ve treated Hollie, is almost evil. This is a girl that has a great voice as well, and I think, more of what it takes to connect with an audience, if given the right coaching, than Jessica does. I also found it completely unprofessional and absolutely nasty, the way Jimmy compared her to Jessica on results night. Again, no wonder she wasn’t in the B3 – America came to her defense.

Of all the performers in the Top 7 right now, when you listen to their studio versions – each one of Colton’s songs could be on the radio right now, as is, and be a hit. Also, when you hear it – you know it’s Colton Dixon. Same with Skylar. They both have a distinct sound that they own. Steven gets that about Colton, and has from Day one.

For what it’s worth, I was never a huge Colton fan. I’ve always gone for the more classical sound with singers – the Josh Groban, David Archuleta , Rhydian, Joe McElderry, Theo Tams, types, to name a few. More adult contemporary. But a few weeks ago, I sat back, and I really watched his performance when he was singing during Stevie Wonder week, and I was awed by him. Then, his duets with Skylar, although not perfect, the two of them kill it each time, and, give the boy credit for taking on country, which, as Randy would say, is completely out of his “wheelhouse”. He’s proving what Randy has always said – if you can sing, you can sing the phone-book. Well, I think Colton probably could, and it would be a hit. His performance on Wednesday night was not only beautiful to watch, he sounded beautiful, and the studio-version is first rate.

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out.

MCL EDITORIAL COMMENT Yes, this show has taken on a different tone now. A certain loss of innocence has ensued because of the brouhaha over Jessica’s save. We have all become frightfully jaded and suspicious of the show’s proceedings, gaining a glimpse into the machinations behind this show.

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51 Responses to “A Viewer’s Perspective On The Jessica Sanchez American Idol Save Contoversy”

  1. The only way Jessica will garner more votes from America,is to learn to emote and phrase properly when she sings. To me,there are 2 types of singers, this is just a personal opinion. The technical singer,and the emotional singer. Sometimes we’re lucky and get a singer that does both. My favorite David Cook,and to a greater degree now,David Archuletta. Michael Buble is another singer that grasps the fact that emoting when singing draws your audience in,and lets you tell a story. To me that is the mark of a great singer,technical or not.


  2. Hi -Just discovered this site today and I must say its very interesting to hear the comments of trained professionals regarding “Idol” as opposed to people who are just fans of the show. My comment is on the “Jessica Sanchez” post. The comment box on my screen is not directly under the post so I’m not sure if I;m responding in the right place, but I will take a shot at it.

    I have a blog in which I have rated every singer who has auditioned this year on Season 11 and in it I basically predict how far each singer will go and my predictions have been, I’d say ,about 95% accurate. Those I basically gave low rating to are all gone and only those I rated highly made the Top 8.

    I gave Jessica Sanchez one of the highest ratings of all the girls auditioning for the show so of course I am not surprised at all to see her still in. While, in my opinion, I think that she and Joshua are the most skilled singers on the stage, I must say I would be very very shocked if either will win . I say that because for the past few years The Idol Voters almost consistently put “Rockers” and ‘Country” in the top 2 and 3, because I think thats the style of music that the largest portion of Idol fans enjoy. The person left, to me who fits both of those categories is Phil Phillips. In my opinion hes the one guy there who in my opinion shouldn’t be BUT Idol fans love him and I think if he doesn’t win he’ll be real close.

    What do I think about what happened to Jessica Sanchez on April 12th 2012 ? I think Jessica got what I call “The Judges Curse” . What is that? The ‘judges curse” is initiated by voters when the judges begin to rave or brag about one of the singers (overly so) or say something (over the top) negative as Steven did when he spoke of Hallie. When its a overly very high rave its almost viewed as the judges showing favoritism and the singer is considered “safe” by the voters. And if they’re “safe” … and there are many of them a voting for more than one singer, they feel why waste my vote and its withdrawn initiating “The judges curse” . Its almost always initiated when the judges almost start bragging. The first time I remember it was in Season 3 when Fantasia, Jennifer and Latoya , the judges favorites were all in the bottom 3. When the audience saw what happened they fired back .. as you know …Fantasia won. None of the judges have been silent in letting the audience know that Jessica and Joshua are their favorites … and almost like clock work,in comes “the Judges Curse”. It came in and it worked against Jessica and it worked in favor of Hallie because her reviews from the judges -especially last week-were almost scarey. They spoke lowly of her and the voters fought back and spoke highly. Every time the judges realize it, their comments slightly change. Watch how they speak about Hallie …and the next thing you’ll see..she’ll be gone.

    The judges would have never used their “save vote” for Hallie because its pretty obvious she hasn’t been one of their favorites. Jessica has been and so has Joshua. Neither of them has ever had a bad review and had it not been Jessica, they would have used it for him. They would not have used it on Elise. While she is one of my favorites, she has been in the bottom a lot and her judges critiques sometimes have been pretty brutal.

    Unfortunately, once the contestants stop being picked by the judges, its no longer about talent I think it then becomes about what state thats represented can pull in the highest votes and I’m not sure if a Texan is there but there are country folks represented and Texas is one of our largest states.

    Love this site and while I might not always post, you definitely have me as a regular reader and if you ever get a chance come by and read some of my thoughts. I’m a late blooming blogger , just started blogging for my first time. LOve to have you come by and check me out


  3. geez, i have the very same sentiments. i watched Colton’s performance, and i love it instantly! He has artistry, Jessica only has vocals, sorry.. i don’t like AI judges now, they’re very biased of Jessica, and i don’t like the way they commented on each contestant. the more i miss Simon’s constructive comments – “in the real world” kinda thing.. AI is just a platform, not a guarantee of success. JLO overreacted on the whole thing, for the sake of ratings & publicity?!? David Archuleta sings with connection everytime naturally, unlike Jessica.. she still has a long way to go.. i hope Colton will get his deserving attention..


  4. Nice to see some new readers commenting on this blog topic. Thank you brotherkarl and rhoda.

    Brotherkarl – I will definitely visit your site. You raise some very legitimate points in your excellent comments. I am glad you enjoy reading the other topics here as well. Would you mind if I linked to your site?


  5. While I do hear that Colton is good come on why can’t we have a different type of singer win? David Cook, Lee DeWyze. Kris Allen and now Colton are all so similiar in genre they are interchangeable. I would love MCL and this blogger to say why Deandre was never given a back story, why he always went in the first few performances and why America did not take to him. His studios are even better than Coltons to my ears.


  6. Aubry – just so you know, DeAndre was one of my favorite singers in this competition. I had him pegged for the Top 2 spot with Jessica.

    Why he was treated so shabbily by TPTB is a mystery. It is ridiculous that this young man performed first on the performance shows many times. His Top 8 song should have closed the show. He was absolutely brilliant in that number.

    As long as Idol sticks with cookie-cutter winners, the show will continue to lose viewers. How many rockers and country singers can this show support? It is getting so ridiculous.

    In my opinion, DeAndre is one of the greatest young talents to ever grace that stage and they did him a great disservice on this show.

    He was never shown during the Hollywood Rounds and, apparently, he blew everyone away with his performances.

    He will do fine. He doesn’t need the show. It was a platform – albeit a shabby one – in order to jump start his career. We have not heard the last from this talented young artist.


  7. Vocab – I find that Jessica is very emotional when she sings. Everyone is getting some strange vibes from this girl. I love her. Oh well…..


  8. Deandre is obviously a fantastic singer as he beat out literally thousands of other singers to make it to the top 10. Problem is, Deandre is R&B and while its really cool music, ( I LOVE it) its just not a style of music that the overall Idol audiences are really into these days. Unless the singer is just phenomenal, I think it will be a long time before Idol will see another true R&B’r. I’m with you as far as Colten is concerned, he definitely is good but like you said, he sings so much like so many of the other guys that have won. Thats why he’s still there. He sings the kind of music that most Idol audiences loves.


  9. I’ve been watching Idol since season 1, and I have noticed one consistent thing about personality on this show. Coming across on screen as warm, friendly, and approachable is highly correlated with success on this show. I call it the WFA factor.

    Having WFA doesn’t require having a bubbly, outgoing personality. Kris Allen has a quiet, reserved personality, but also rates very high on WFA, and it was an important factor in helping him win season 8. Melinda Doolittle in season 6 is another example of someone who was quiet and reserved but with very high WFA.

    Idol has had numerous examples of girls with great voices who were voted off sooner than expected, in part because they did not rate particularly high on WFA:

    Tamyra Gray (season 1, position = 4)
    Carly Smithson (season 7, position = 6)
    Thia Megia (season 10, position = 11)
    Pia Toscono (season 10, position = 9)
    Crystal Bowersox (season 9, position = 2)

    In my opinion, Crystal is the only person ever to make the TOP 2 who did not rate high on WFA. I think this was the main reason she lost to Lee DeWyse, and not because she was female. Lee rated much higher on WFA than Crystal.

    Here is how I would rank the remaining contestants on WFA:

    1) Skylar
    She has the same kind of bubbly, outgoing personality as contestants like Lauren Alaina and Jordin Sparks. People like this almost always rate high on WFA.

    2) Hollie
    She is similar to Melinda Doolittle in being quiet and reserved but also very “open” with a warm and easy smile. Athough born in England, she exhibits the friendly and approachable manner typical of the southern states where she now lives.

    3) Phillip
    He has a mellow, laid-back personality with an approachable and playful manner, exactly what you would expect from a boy from Georgia. He is comfortable with who he is, and this makes the viewers feel comfortable with him.

    4) Colton
    He is more serious and business-like than Phillip, and thus not quite as approachable. But he shares the same playful and friendly manner that Phillip has.

    5) Joshua
    Joshua can be very emotional when he performs, but somehow it does not translate into a strong emotional resonance with the viewers. His personality does not have the same kind of “openness” that Phillip and Colton have, and he comes across as somewhat less friendly and approachable.

    6) Jessica
    I would rank her rather low on WFA, and NOT because she is quiet and reserved. It’s because I’ve seen little warmth from her. She does not seem very approachable. She seems so timid and skittish that if you approached her she would shy away like a frightened bunny. She might be friendly off-screen, but I have not seen much evidence of it onscreen. Jessica’s low WFA is causing her to suffer from a lack of “emotional resonance” with the viewers. Some people have said Jessica got the lowest vote this week because voters assumed she was safe (I said it myself on a different thread). But if a contestant has emotional resonance with the viewers, this should not happen. Last season, everyone assumed Scotty would be safe every week, but that did not stop viewers from voting for him. People felt so emotionally connected with Scotty that nothing would stop them from voting for him. Jessica, like Pia last season, appears to lack this emotional connection with the viewers.

    7) Elise
    She ranks quite low in WFA along with previous contestants like Pia and Crystal. She often seems like she’s not enjoying being on the show, and is annoyed with the whole process. She has admitted she often has to force herself to smile on the show. She is not a natural “hugger” and often fails to acknowledge other contestants during the vote-off segments. All of this makes her seem lacking in warmth. She is one of the least approachable contestants to make it this far on Idol.


  10. Lots of activity here tonight. Malden, you as well raise some interesting points. WFA! Who knew? But, it does make sense.

    It’s funny how people are drawn to certain contestants for a variety of reasons. I just love Jessica because she has a strong work ethic and is really working to make an impression on this show. She is a determined young lady and I see quiet strength in her demeanor.

    However, I teach young vocalists and I am usually drawn to singers like Jessica who truly strive to aim for the very best. Some are sublimely talented and others not as much, but it is this work ethic that impresses me. Constantly challenging oneself and taking risks.

    Let’s keep the conversation flowing.


  11. BrotherKarl – yes, I understand that R&B is not as hip anymore. Very sad. But, DeAndre added a reggae twist to this iconic sound that I thought was really unique and interesting. And, I thought the viewers would fall in love with this sound.


  12. Aubry:

    I disagree with you calling Kris Alen a ‘cookie cutter’ singer. FYI, like Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraue, he is a singer/songwriter/instrument player and if you hear his original material, the songs are quite thought-provoking.

    As an aside, Kara Diogaurdi praised Scott MacIntyre when she heard him sing original music. As a rule, singer/songwriter types–as with myself–tend to be STRONGLY introverted types.

    Besides, Near the AI8 finale, I can remember the judges talking about Mr. Allen as though he were somehwere else. A couple of questions were even asked and ‘talked over’ before Kris could even respond.

    Also, Mr. Allen is only 1.66 m tall and–at times–he can be overlooked. Hmmm… If I were a director, I might consider casting him for a role. With his reserved personality, I would suspect he would never throw a temper tantrum.


  13. Colton’s idea of performing is slowly every song to a crawl with his affected tone. The only reason why he hasn’t landed in the bottom is because most people vote with their libido and not on skill. Colton and emotional don’t belong in the same sentence as his performances are the most contrived and artificial of them all. His diction and enunication are big messes and his falsetto is nowhere near those of much superior vocalists.


  14. As a 71+yr old, I wish I could tell Jimmy Iovine,that after finding Pia Toscano, he is going to have to wait another 100 yrs or so to find a voice and talent like hers again.I’ve watched American Idol all 11 seasons, I’ve watched these music reality spinoff shows, and folks, Pia Toscano is the cream of the crop!! Oh, and I follow her on twitter @piatoscano


  15. Vance – actually, now that you mention it, Colton does have a tendency to sing at slower tempos. He does need to change it up and choose a song that has more life to it!


  16. Malden:

    I so agree with you ,as personality being a key factor in audience selection. I thinks its definitely got to be a key factor for those aspiring to be stars. It’s way more than talent involved in this. Part of being able to be comfortable at allowing true personality come out on stage, is having confidence in your talent. People who are confident about their abilities don’t generally have a hard time being comfortable. Problem is, when you go from just singing to a few hundred to millions for the first time in your life and your standing before some of the most famous people in the country who are not only listening to you but many times telling you’ve got some issues. Not only that but then you go online and you’re hearing more than just a few people all over the country saying you’ll “never make it”. All of this is new ground for these kids. It’d be a challenge to remain confident let alone still have that WFA factor, especially if this is the first time you’ve performed before a true audience.

    You mentioned Crystal. If I remember correctly before Idol the only place she’d ever performed before was in subways with people putting dollars in her cup and almost instantaneously she was performing before millions. Never ever before the show had she even had an opportunity to develop the WFA factor whereas so many of these other singers have performed at party’s, schools, clubs churches long before ever getting to Idol. They”ve had plenty of time to develop that.

    Lets take Jessica. She’s what 16,17. I’be been watching her, I think from her first audition. She seemed to be so strong and have so much confidence until Jimmy gave her this critique. He said something to the tune of “shes over confident and it might work against her”. It was something about “she believes too much in the praise”. Ever since that, although she has had a great performances, to me it seems she has almost lost her entire personality , now trying NOT to “appear” over confident in an effort to do whatever they tell her she needs to do to get her votes. I am with you 100% she does now seem unapproachable and so “timid and skittish that if you approached her she would shy away like a frightened bunny”. But if you roll back the tape, before Jimmy;s comments she didn’t appear that way at all. Even in her auditions she seemed like a pro. Its gone now. A lot of these kids make every change the judges tell them, instead of just being themselves and it almost always works against them, because instead of just relaxing and being themselves they try to be the person the judges want to see. Erica cut all of her hair off because THEY thought it was right. THEY loved it but the very next day she was voted off .. and no save.

    You mentioned Phil Phillips and and how high he rated on the WFA. Thats because He doesn’t care what anybody says. Hes very comfortable with who he is and doesn’t care if he’s liked or not. Steven even called him the “I don’t care man”.They’ve told him to change his look. He wouldn’t. A couple times they’ve told him to try things that he didn’t. One night, I remember him saying “if they like me cool, if they don’t, oh well”. He really doesn’t care what the judges or anybody says. Hes not really trying to please them. He’s doing his thing. Hes very rarely followed their instructions and he seems to always come out on top. His confidence level has remained high and with that confidence he’s been able to remain himself. Jessica is little a younger than he and to me seems to take in everything Jimmy has said. Now she looks un-confident and is in the bottom. Unbelievable! She was not that way in the beginning.

    Elise has been in the bottom a number if times. So I;m not surprised at her confidence level dropping. She’s an experienced singer BUT its very obvious she’s not use to criticism because whenever she gets it, it takes her there. It shows all in her face. I’m sure she does feel annoyed. She said the other day, she’s missed performing with her band who’s glad to have her a part, as opposed to now all of a sudden hearing “it wasn’t that good”.

    All of these factor in, in the voters choice who are not necessarily professionals. But remember WFA is not all you need because a ton of people had it who haven’t won. Nor is this simply about talent. Don;t forget a lot of people are merely rooting for the person on that stage who represents their state. Hollie is from Texas one of the biggest states in the country . Its amazing to me how she has gotten so many low reviews from the judges, yet despite any of it , she’s still there.

    They’re all good though. They beat out thousands to get to the top 10.

    Love which I just found yesterday and I love American Idol. I just started blogging myself this year for the first time. If you ever have a chance, come on by. Even if you don’t come by though ,you’ll see me here all the time at


  17. I dunno. Jessica definitely connects with her songs. If some people here cannot “connect” with her, I wonder if it is a subconscious racial block. Not prejudice, just an inability to “identify” with that person. Jessica is 16 years old. She is not supposed to show off sexuality or deep pain. Understand that.

    I find it laughable that so many recent winners have been big zeroes in the real world. Are you kidding me with David Cook and Kris Allen? Lee DeWyze? Idol has messed up by allowing power voters to dominate the vote. One phone, one vote should be the rule. I don’t vote because I know that for my one vote, there will be some snotty teen putting in 500 for a cute boy.

    It was ironic that JHud was on the results show that night. Talent will usually find its level, regardless of the idol voters. The same voters who don’t buy albums from their “favorites”.


  18. Smokhee

    For me Jessica is the most talented female left on the stage. All the judges recognized it. Thats why they gave her the “save vote”. I truly don’t believe she was in the bottom because she doesn’t connect. She does seem to be not as confident as she was to me. But connecting? I think she was spot on. I just believe its because of the “judges curse” which I explained above. Hollie was saved and Jessica was in the bottom? What?? I can’t remember Jessica ever being in the bottom before or ever getting a bad review from the judges, but Hollie has. That was simply a one time event for Jessica. I can’t say that she’ll win or be in the top 2 (although I think she should be). She’ll return. Don’t forget though. Her fans who got tricked into thinking she was safe and on her way, will all be back next week. Trust. Her being in the bottom had nothing to do with her talent or not connecting. Its a numbers game now. Not a talent game. Her talent is incredible.
    Its the numbers that she needs.


  19. hopespringseternal April 16, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    i think this is the most sensible and intelligent site i have ever come across since that fateful day for jessica sanchez. i hope that all your valuable insights will reach jessica sanchez and her detractors as well. true, this a popularity contest after all. i very much agree to what brotherkarl said about the judges’ curse. they have the tendency to overeact to the the contestant’s detriment. i have downloaded all her performances till date and brotherkarl’s observation is 100% correct. re-visit her “i love you i do” performance. she had spank. she was moving on stage. she was shaking hands with the crowd. notice jennifer sanchez moving her head to the beat and all eyes at jessica. and after being “misjudged” by jimmy of a tendency to be overconfident, she folded up. the power of being an underdog is at play. sad though that jessica might be the underdog now however she may not be lucky enough to make a big comeback. i am confident of her talent however i dont trust that AI will do her justice. i just wish her all the best after AI.


  20. hopespringseternal April 16, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    oops..sorry i meant jennifer lopez (not jennifer sanchez)…


  21. I have tried a few times to post without success. I hope this one works. The theme for this week is “Now and Then”. The contestants will choose one song from 2000 – 2012 and the other a soul song from a previous decade.

    This should be good.


  22. Smokhee:

    Don’t worry about that person who you said is going to vote 500 times against your one vote. There are thousands of people who are not voting for that very same reason and if they all give that little one vote they’ve been withholding, they’ve outdone that little brat you’re talking about …and sometimes the votes are that close. If all you can give is that one vote then give it. Some of these people who are right on this site are all talk and don;t vote at all and then they sit around and complain because the person they like doesn’t win as if it was the shows fault.

    As I said, this is no longer a talents show, its a numbers game but it can turn back into a talent show if people will take their votes and put them behind the people who have the talent. Jessica is there because she got the lowest votes, not because the show is rigged but because all of those who really love didn’t vote. Instead we’re seeing someone who the judges (who know the music business) clearly don’t see as a winner, zoar just because they are mad at the judges? Because they are tired of seeing the judges shove Jessica and Joshua down their throats? Really? What about just voting for who the best talent is and not voting because you;re mad at the judges. Every talent that you’ve seen in the 10… the judges picked . They know they’re good but they also know who will sell the most records

    Thats why Idol keeps voting for these winners who after they’ve won, you never even hear from them again. They can’t sell records and the judges know it. Thats why the judges try to show the audience who they need to be voting for. Do we really want to see Hollie, someone who the judges clearly see as not ready for this business, win. She can sing. All of them can sing, “the judges” picked them for the competition , the audience did’nt . But what sense does it make that she win and can’t sell records. They know who will have a hard time. These voter don;t know the business. The judges knew Jennifer Hudson was good , Thats why she was picked as a wild card. but … the voters.. rooting for the person from their hometown, didn’t understand and voted her off and now she has a Grammy and an Oscar. Are you kidding me? All of my friends will tell you I pegged her a star from the beginning.

    Just like Jessica. I would love Jessica to be one of the last finalist but if she doesn’t get there , it won’t be because of me. I;m no where near a teenager and I don’t give anybody 500 votes (LOL) but when I believe somebody deserves something, I;m going to do everything I can to help them get it.. Jessica will get more votes for this week than I have ever given.. If you think she deserves it then help her get there.


  23. Yes it sounds like a great fit for all – well, not sure about Phillip or Skylar. Hollie? Hmm. Not sure. Colton will make it work. Jessica and Joshua – a walk in the park.


  24. I’m right with you Master Class Lady. But trust me. Phil and Skylar aren’t going anywhere. We’ll see them for a little longer whether they do well or not. This is not about talent or performance. It about numbers and they have them.

    Thank you so much for this site.


  25. brotherkarl,

    I respectfully disagree with you about Hollie. We have seen female singers come on this show and be nowhere ready to win, but still go deep. I am thinking of Allison Iraheta and Laura Alaina. People act like Hollie is the only girl who had some performance issues, didn’t always connect to a song or know how to sing it.

    I also do not agree that last week’s voting was specifically a rejection of Jessica and a backlash in favor of Hollie. Maybe the people voting for Hollie really like her and think she is better than the judges are making her out to be? I think your view of the judges is a bit naive. They are not giving spontaneous comments. America rebelled last season when the judges were trashing Haley all over the place. They wanted her gone and wanted James Durbin to be in the finale. It didn’t happen. America may not know about who sells records and I don’t think that is something that we have to think about when we vote.

    I also do not agree that the judges know what sells. Jimmy Iovine knows what sells. That’s his job, not mine. I am speaking as one who got so fed up with the machinations and manipulations of the judges that I picked up the phone and dialed for two hours. I put my energy into voting for Hollie because for me she is the best singer. I love her voice. Yes, she needs work but so what? Young people are like sponges. They soak up good advice and constructive criticism.

    I wouldn’t trust Steven, JLo and Randy to know the time of day after some of their comments.


  26. I really enjoyed this guest post and everyone’s comments! Interesting reading!


  27. Mindy

    I agree with you on almost 98% of all that you saying. I think you;re just misunderstanding me .I think Hollie is a fantastic singer. She beat out thousands of people to get to the top 10. The judges thinks shes a great singer as well. They picked her. And I absolutely believe that the people who voted for her voted for her because they do indeed like her. But when the judges give a bad critique of a performer it would seem to me that it would alert her fans and that her fans would vote more. I’ve done that many times. When I have a contestant that I like I’ll call in and I may vote 25 times for that person every week and when a critique is pretty bad for that person I like …then because I like them instead of voting 25 times I’ll vote 50 because they are in trouble. It would only seem fair that her fans would come to her rescue. Thats what fans are more. I hope thats whats happening. If its not then they are not real fans. Thats always how I vote and I;m sure there are thousands who vote just like me. You’re rooting for the person you like. What good are her fans if they are not going to help he when in trouble. I’ always vote the other way as well. When I see a singer who I like, that does well and gets nothing but raves from the judges, I tend not to vote as much and sometimes I don’t vote at all because I feel they are safe.

    Whats naive is to believe that the judges have no effect at all on the vote. Its not a backlash though .Its just the way it goes. Even from your own admission you said “America rebelled last season when …the judges …. were trashing Haley all over the place. They wanted her gone and wanted James Durbin to be in the finale”. That proves what the judges say has a big effect. Haleys fans came to her rescue. Even in the article Master Class Lady posted at the top from Chad he says “We don’t like to be told how to vote, when to vote, and who to vote for. We make our own choices, and when the judges are continually shoving Joshua down our throats, Jessica, and lately, Elise, it polarizes their votes” These are not backlashes though. Its just voting for the people you like .

    We only differ on two things. I believe Jimmy Steven, Jennifer and Randy DO know what sells. They have all been in the business for years. How could they not know. That doesn’t mean the voters have to do what they say. Its no longer in the judges hands. Its in the hands of the voters and the voters are supposed to pick who they want not who the judges want. And the only other part we disagree on is who we think is the better singer. I just happen to believe Jessica is the better talent and she was in the bottom because I believe her fans thought she was safe. So all I’m doing in encouraging those who believe in her to come back and give her the votes. If they want her to win. She needs them and obviously much more than Hollie because Hollie was safe.

    I don’t believe ever person that Idol crowns as winner is the only person on the stage that can really sing. I think they all are good -every last one of them – and the one who wins is the person who gets the most votes. Its a numbers game. Hallie is a great singer. I personaly don’t think she needs any work at all. Shes’s great! Shes just not my pick 😉


  28. brotherkarl,

    I appreciate your response. First let me say that I do think Jessica may be more ready right now that Hollie. However, once I read her biography posted online, I realized that she has been training for this all her life. That’s not a dig on her, it’s just accepting the fact that she has more training, has been performing longer and has that experience on which to draw. I love her voice, too. Both of these young women are extremely talented. There are good reasons to like both of them. For me Hollie’s clarity and tone are just mind boggling. I could listen to her sing anything. Obviously, she has room to improve on some things, notably her performance skills. She has to learn how to interpret different songs and use her voice differently and most important, to connect with the emotion and feeling. I believe that she will learn all of this and be a better singer for it.

    I am really not happy with Steven or Jennifer right now. But I guess that I do have to admit that they know what music is commercial. I still have lost a great deal of respect for both of them. I don’t like what they are saying to these contestants and the blatant pimping of some and the dissing of others. That is what brought about the voting results this week. The idea is to try to do it with some finesse and they are incapable of that. They sound like they are reading from a script all too often.

    I do believe that the judges have an effect on the voting. So maybe we have some miscommunication or I didn’t say it well enough. I do think they are responsible for what happened with the voting this week. American had enough of the trashing of Hollie for three weeks running. They did me a favor, though. They got me to pick up that phone and dial for two hours. I wanted to support Hollie.

    I guess what concerns me is the tendency for some of Jessica’s fans to continue to paint her as a victim. Hey, she was saved! That’s what it’s for and she is still in the competition. So that’s a good thing! My problem is how the judges acted when they ran up on stage and told America to vote for the best, vote for Jessica. The only problem is that there were six other young people on that stage who are working hard every single week. What about them? It was self-indulgent and a disgrace. How do you think the others felt hearing the judges say that? It was overkill. Just use the save and then you have spoken. They nullified the result, so there was no reason to continue to go on yapping about it. My question is, should we just stop the competition and give Jessica the win? Because that is what the judges were saying. Should the other contestants pack their bags and go home? I wouldn’t be feeling all that great if I were them.


  29. I think Jessica was in the bottom due to lack of votes. She is a talented young lady, but when she isn’t sounding like Whitney, she sounds like Mary J. She has an old style sound that I myself do not find appealing to my un-trained ears.

    Hollie got lost in the crowd in the beginning of the competition, and then when she outstayed her welcome, Jimmy and the bus driving trio gased up the Hollie non-senic bus tour.

    Elise started out singing more of a jazz style which did not help her in the vote department.

    However when she sang “whole lotta love”she gained fans and votes! There is no rocker this year, Elise my girl you still have time, be that rocker! You have already proved you can cover one of the hardest bands to sing, go after some Steven Tyler!!!


  30. Sorry…non-scenic…!!! 😉


  31. Vonnie

    Love Elise. Loved her from her very first audition. Always rated high with me! When I look at this show I’m not necessarily looking for who’s the best singer on stage (they’re all good to me). I’m looking for who’s among these good singers thats going to bring something different to the table. And for me Elise is that one. BUT (always look out for the buts). The Idol audience overall is not looking for something different. To me, it seems like they’re just looking for someone who sounds like one of their favorite singers, which means they;re not looking for “different”. They are looking for someone who sounds “just like”. I love Jessica. She sounds a lot like …….(I could name a number of singers) And of they’re good and if she sounds like them, then she’s good too. Different? …. I duno. I’m with you. As much as I love Elise who has always been at the top of the chart on (LOL), she does not sing a style of music that the voting Idol audiences (who are generally younger) take to. How do I know? Because almost every other week shes in the bottom. She doesn’t sing their style, nor does she sound like their favorite singers. so she doesn’t get the votes and without them she can;t win. LOVE Elise though.

    Jessica is young and I’m sure she listens to a lot of music and depending on the song she sings sometime she sounds a lot like the person who sings it. I’d choose her because I think she would’nt have to break any new grounds to make it as an artist. Elise would because I can’t think of any singer out now that she sounds like. It’d be hard.

    And Hollie …. To me she sounds great! but just she sounds like a lot of other great singers. For me, there is nothing unique that distinguishes her from other great singers. If I heard a record and didn’t know the artist I don’t think I would recognize her. Sort of like Adam Lambert. He has his own style and while its not my style, I could pick his voice out anywhere. Hes different. I feel the same way about Elise. I like Hollie too, I just don’t hear anything different. Its like going to an opera where you listen to some of the most beautiful trained voices in the world … but the only way I can can distinguish whos’s who is by looking at them … unless they are really not that good. They all sound a like. Its like they all were trained the exact same way. Love Opera, but the the only opera singers I really know are those that I know personaly who sing it. Its a popular music among its followers but it not very popular in the general public. A lot like R&B.


  32. Hey everyone. There is some sort of technical glitch on this site via WordPress. Some of my comments are disappearing as well. The App is not working properly.

    Make sure you save you save your comments in a Pages or Word Document BEFORE you add them in the comments area.

    Hopefully it will be rectified soon. However, it is important that you initiate the save process each time you comment. File them in a folder then add the comment.


  33. Brotherkarl,

    I love Elise…I started watching this year at the top 24, usually watch audition and hollywood rounds but decided this year to skip all of that.

    Top 24….I knew Elise was my pick for this year, she and Phillip (I always haveta like me a boy, not usually do I like many of the girls).

    You’re right she has her own sound and the youngun’s don’t know what to do with her; so that is why I think it is vital that she covers Adeles “Rolling in the Deep”. Then the teenies will start voting for her!!! Just my thoughts on that!

    Glad to have you posting!!! 🙂


  34. Interesting and balanced comments, thanks. Elise is an interesting singer, but there are literally thousands of women who can sing like her, who are toiling away in coffee houses and dank bars. Sure I have liked a few of her performances but let’s face it her vocals will not make great songwriters want to give their songs to her. Elise will need to be a great songwriter to make it, but she’s already in her late 20’s and I have no idea if she is a songwriter or not.

    The thing that people forget is that stardom after Idol generally comes only IF YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN MATERIAL. Even Kelly Clarkson needed some of her own great songs to push her to the top of the heap (because of you, etc.). Carrie Underwood. Daughtry.

    Singers are dime a dozen, it’s the good SONGS that make or break you. JHud eventually has succeeded a bit in music because she was able to get some great songs to record after her Oscar. Look at all the other great singers on Idol who NEVER made it. Studdard, Lambert, Archuleta, Fantasia, etc. Please don’t tell me that Adam Lambert has “made it”. He has had one semi-hit song.

    Jessica Sanchez is the only contestant with the talent level to attract the best writers and producers. Akon has already gone on record as wanting to sign her. The Philips and the Hollies will have to make it on their writing ability because their voices are not special. It’s always about the music, which is why the singers always sound so good singing great songs…but then their new songs generally suck and they eventually get released from their recording contracts.


  35. Vonnie :

    Thanks for the welcome. LOVE this site. I know a singer here in Michigan named Vonnie. You are probably not her , but if you are anything like her, shes got one of the sweetest personalities I know. I come in LOOOONG before the Hollywood auditions though because I every time i hear one of those non-singers sing I’m just in awe at their belief that they can sing even a little bit. I don’t know but every time I see it I’m amazed.

    I’m not really sure what kind of singers are at small coffee houses or bars but I do know this … there are a lot of singers out here who have know idea how talented they are because the right person never gets a chance to hear them. And the people who need to hear them never will, because they don;t go to small coffee houses and bars. So I’m sure there are some folks out there blowing that we’ll never here of. Elise might sound like the others out there but I can’t think of anyone who’s famous now that sings like her, so for me thats different and somebody I definitely would like to hear more of. I like her but I’m sure she won’t win because shes not a voice that Idol audiences will put through.


  36. Lol brotherkarl,

    No I’m not a michigan gal, I’m a southern girl…! Are you a yooper?


  37. Regarding who wins the show, in my view the producers have three goals:

    1) They want a winner who will be successful at selling records, because this is what gives the show relevance to the music industry (as opposed to someone like Lee DeWyse, who the producers seem to regard as an embarrassment).

    2) They want a winner who has exceptional vocal talent, because this is what gives the show credibility as a singing competition (as opposed to someone like Lee DeWyse, who the producers seem to regard as an embarrassment).

    3) They want a diversity of winners in terms of age, genre, and ethnicity (as opposed to a long string of white males who the producers are starting to regard as an embarrassment).

    From early in the competition this year, it seemed like Jessica was the “perfect” winner:

    — Jimmy Iovine is an expert at selling records, and he is enthusiastic about her prospects for commercial success.

    — She has the kind of outstanding vocal talent the mainstream press and music critics will respect, regardless of how many records she sells.

    — She would be the first female winner in four years, and the first ever Asian and first ever Hispanic winner.

    But now, she has seemingly turned into another Pia, rejected by the voters.

    I can imagine the producers are pulling their hair out over this. They now have two choices:

    1) Accept the fact that Jessica may not be what the viewers want in a winner, and let the chips fall wherever they may go.

    2) Go all out to promote their perfect winner by:
    —— repeatedly giving her the pimp spot
    —— having her sing only popular, well-known songs rather than the songs she prefers
    —— coaching her on how to show more personality
    —— trying to make her more likable with video clips of her playing with puppies, being playful with her fellow contestants, hugging family members, etc.

    Will the producers meekly accept the viewers preference and probably get another white male winner, or will they fight to get their “perfect” winner? I am really curious to see how this plays out.


  38. Mindy,

    So the theme for this week is then and now? So the then is a soul song? Bummer! Trying to think of soul songs…!!! I shall go on a soul song search!

    I was hoping that the then, could be songs from any genre. I’d love it if Hollie could cover sinead’s song ” nothing compares to you” I heard that song just recently and thought that would be a great song for her…!


  39. Vonnie.

    Would that be why you have a little favoritism towards Phil? 🙂

    And no …. I’m not a yooper but I went up there last year for the first time in my life and I must say it was one of the best vacations I ever had.


  40. malden,

    You make some very good points! I think sometimes the judges and Jimmy make some of these contestants less appealing to voters because of the pimping and over praising!

    One thing that I have learned about watching this show is that not everyone is going to like the same person, and the judges need to grasp that concept. After watching them last week ranting on the stage with Jessica, I don’ t think they did her any favors!


  41. Brotherkarl,

    Yeah! I like my southern boys, lol. I’ ve been to the UP a couple of times too! My sister married a yooper!!!


  42. Malden – nice to see you back here. You made some valid observations. Now, I AM interested to see how this plays out. Should be a fun show tomorrow!


  43. Malden

    I don’t think the producers of these shows have as much control over the results as you think. I’m with Vonnie, if the judges and producers haven’t learned yet how their bias’s affect the voter choices by yet , then they are pretty bad producers . I think they are smarter than that. Every season you see how the bias’s backfire Everybody sees it. So I think you;ll see them holding back so they won;t ruin it for the ones they like. I think all the dis-service they gave to Jessica (which the intention of helping her) all happened prior to last week because it got her the lowest votes last week. This week her fans (who thought she as safe) will be back for her support. How strategic is that?

    My prediction of 4 who will be in the top 5.


    My personal favorites;
    Joshua and Jessica (but I’d be shocked to see either of them win) as Idol audiences have been on this country and rocker kick it seems like forever now and they are the ones doing the picking ….oh and while Hollie is not a country singer she is from Texas
    one of the biggest states with the biggest numbers of voters. Its all real interesting.


  44. Boy, you people are having a great time here tonight. Love the comments. Glad to see you back as a regular brotherkarl. Keep the conversation flowing. I am loving it.


  45. I agree with what some have commented about Jessica. I was a big fan of hers,especially MCL,when you uploaded her YouTube doing Love On Top by Beyonce. She looked like a pro and seemed to enjoy doing that song. Since she’s been on Idol however,she has closed up and is very stiff with her performances. It appears that the whole Idol process has worn her down,and she may be sucumbing to the intense pressure of the competition. I would suggest that at 16,it would be very hard to react otherwise,the lack of experience is making it difficult for her. It was suggested that because some aren’t connecting with her that it’s a subconcious racial bias. I don’t think that is the case at all, everyone’s taste is music is subjective,and therefore that kind of blanket statement against any criticisms of her is unfair and unecessary. A great voice is a great voice period. I really hope she makes it in the business regardless whether she wins or not. I have enjoyed reading all the opinions offered and have enjoyed brotherkarl’s comments as particularly insightful.


  46. Elise and Joshua are my favs. I too have wondered what happened to Jessica after her top 25 performance. She was all over the stage, enjoying herself, musical, spot on vocal, had the entertainment factor down pat. Now, she has lost that spark. Not since top 25 have I felt anything when she sings. Thats why I love Josh and Elise, I feel their songs. Iovine may know what sells, but Pia last year didnt do what he thought she would commercially so he didnt factor in her likeability. I found her self absorbed and stiff though a great singer but I didnt feel she emoted. Of all the Idols, for me, Kelly Clarkson takes me there every time. Her Already Gone is my fav Idol single ever. As for Lee DeWyze, he was out of tune so much his season and not called on it. I always felt Simon promoted Lee hoping it would be a nail in Idol’s coffin since he was leaving for XFactor. For me, Colton is always sounds like he has a head cold and stuffy. I don’t get Phil at all. I loved the reggae DeAndre. Hollie has never impressed me. Skylar imitated Miranda so much at first it was hard for me to warm up to her. I do see improvement in Skylar and think she will get a deal. IM not sure I could stand a P2 and Colton final.


  47. I have to say, I never thought Jessica was good at all. My favs have always been Sylar, Colton, and Philipp. Saving Jessica was just crazy to me, but I knew they were going to do it, Funny though, I have been able to pick the American Idol for the last 3 years…it will NOT be Jessica! Seriously, really? I can’t stand her voice…like nails on a chalkboard, and when she sings, my best friend is the fast forward button on the remote!


  48. tammi,
    now i can see, you never been into singing lesson thats why your choices sounded like yours..i really hate skylar cuz shes nasal..the judges save for jessica is worthwhile…


  49. my top 3 are jessica philip and joshua.


  50. “I just love Jessica because she has a strong work ethic and is really working to make an impression on this show. She is a determined young lady and I see quiet strength in her demeanor.”

    I love this comment you made about Jessica. That’s exactly what draws me to her too, besides her incredible talent. I think people forget that she’s only 16. I know I do. She just comes off as such a seasoned performer. And it’s amazing how much she’s grown since she was younger. I watched a few of her youtube videos from when she was only 9 or 10 and to see her performances now, its just amazing to see how much she’s improved. Although she did have a big voice when she was younger, it’s as if now her body’s grown to match it! And with so much more control and emotion. I know she’s only going to get better. I pray and hope for the best for her and her career. I’ll definitely be watching.


  51. i’m a hollie and jessica fan. i think phillip is overrated. but my main reason i’m commenting here is to point out that the person, who was quoted in this article, has used the wrong spelling of Filipinos. it’s common knowledge that it’s not spelled the same way as the country.


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