Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 7 Results Show: Songs From This Decade


UPDATE Shocking result tonight as tweeted by both Ryan Seacrest and Nigel Lythgoe. Also from TMZ.Com. Being compared to Jennifer Hudson’s shocking elimination back in Season 3. And, what a coincidence, she happens to be on the show tonight. Oh Idol – you and your scripted results!

Tonight is “The Save” night. Either tonight or a week from tonight. The judges need to save a singer before the Top 5 so it has to happen within the week.

It will be interesting if the judges stretch this out for another week because the suspense will be gone. Either they use it or no next week. Party’s over.

So watch for a fan or producer’s favorite to hit the bottom tonight – it will make for great drama to see them sing their heart out for “The Save”, noting their euphoria when “The Save” is implemented by the judges.

Do you think it will happen? I do, I really do!

But before all this nonsense, we will be treated to performances by American Idol Alumni Jennifer Hudson and James Durbin. I am really looking forward to hearing these singers. They are both so talented.

So, who will be in the bottom? That is such a hard call but, based on last night’s performances, I will venture to say Phillip, Elise and Hollie. But that won’t happen. When have the Bottom 3 selections ever mirror the performances?

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  1. Yes – it sounds like we may see the save tonight! Nigel just tweeted (13 minutes ago) saying “Okay no BS I am truly shocked by tonight’s #AmericanIdol result! #idon’tunderstand!”

    I guess I’ll be watching real time (instead of via DVR)!!


  2. Oh yes. Totally scripted I’ll bet. Jessica in the bottom. That’s my guess. Second guess would be Joshua.


  3. Well at least now that crazy save is over for this year…but now next week 2 go home!!!


  4. So I have a hard time believing that Jessica was really in the bottom. I think they just needed some drama!!! The only other explanation is that people assumed that others were voting for her and they voted for their second favorite.


  5. I think you’re right – people thought she was safe and spent time voting for others they liked – or those who were clearly in danger. Not surprising really – especially with such a strong field. Jessica also rubs a lot of people the wrong way – though I don’t understand why.


  6. I don’t read other Idol websites, so I didn’t know that some people don’t like Jessica. Interesting. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because there is usually something like that every year.


  7. Such a drama fest. If I needed this, I would watch CNN. I tweeted this, actually. I really think Elise was the eliminated Idol tonight but then the drama would not have been as exciting.

    And why Jessica is not connecting with the voters is a mystery. She is a sweet girl, has incredible talent and the judges have gone out of their way not to over-indulge her. Tonight changed all that though. Will be interesting to see how this plays out next week.


  8. nothingspecial April 12, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    I don’t have a hard time believing that Jessica was in the bottom three. There has been no female winner since AI 6. Colton or Phillip will probably win as they have the necessary Y chromosome.

    Part of me wonders how far a male contestant could get simply standing silently week after week, and the sarcastic side of me thinks that standing silently would be an improvement over Phillip’s usual performances.


  9. NothingSpecial – thanks for then laugh of the night.


  10. Thanks for your comments everyone! Glad the save is over and done with. Now ridiculous to find Jessica in the bottom! How utterly crazy. Hope this show gets back on track next week. No standing ovations. Just constructive comments.


  11. I think that the viewers just told the judges what they think of them. I know that instead of sitting around feeling upset, I got busy and voted my fingers off for Hollie. It’s the one way that I can have my voice heard and also support this little girl. She is getting a raw deal from the judges and I am sick to death of it. I have a strong feeling that I am not alone. Judging by what happened tonight with the voting, it seems that there are others who also don’t like the absurd pimping by the judges and their relentless trashing of Hollie.

    I also thought that the judges were extremely disrespectful to the other six contestants by fawning all over Jessica and telling America to vote for the best. Who are they to tell us who to vote for? So if Jessica is the best and we should all vote for her, what about the other six people who are also working hard and going out there every week giving it their all? Should they pack up and go home? Should we stop the competition and declare Jessica the winner?

    I have nothing against Jessica. She is a very talented young lady. However, the conduct of the judges, their outrage tonight, was kind of insulting. Am I an idiot or just plain wrong for voting for Hollie? They seemed to forget that there are voters who like other contestants. I think the feeling that this is somehow preordained for Jessica may have been part of what hurt her.

    Nothing should be taken for granted, especially on this show! We all have to vote for our favorites. I am over the judges at this point. It’s gotten positively ridiculous.


  12. I know this is a minority opinion that no one here may agree with, but here goes:

    I was not surprised that Jessica got the lowest votes. Why?

    Three reasons:

    (1) As Jimmy Iovine said, she’s a great technical singer, and her vocals were excellent. But viewers don’t want to be see a master class in vocal technique, they want to be entertained. She sang a dull, boring, forgettable song that viewers never heard before. And her trio group performance was a hot mess, the worst of the night.

    (2) She got so much praise and pimping from the judges that even her strongest fans assumed she was safe, so their voting motivation was reduced.

    (3) She has the personality of a doorknob.

    In short, Jessica became Pia, version 2.0.


  13. Why does this happen every year for the final seven? If I’m remembering correctly, they ALWAYS put three contestants on one side, three on the other and then have the person who apparently received the most votes try to pick the side with the other safe contestants. And it is ALWAYS a shock to find out that some of the best singers are the lowest three vote getters for the week. I just find it a little strange that this always seems to happen in week seven. I guess one explanation is that the audience votes more often to try to save their favorites when it appears that the judges are trying to get rid of certain contestants. But this is where I also always start to believe that TPTB manipulate the scores for drama.
    Usually at this point in the competition I have a favorite, but this year I don’t. They’re all good–but I just know who my least favorite contestants are. I’m honestly just hoping that Skylar doesn’t win the entire competition. I’d be a little unhappy if a country singer won this show two years in a row.


  14. I was just thinking about my comment in the previous post about not having a favorite. I know that I also posted that Josh was my favorite this week. That is true, but I’m not convinced at this point that I want Josh to win the entire competition.


  15. I am writing tis because I believe that American Idol no longer really counts the votes, right from the start they start pimping the people they want in the top 10, and here is my reasons. Deandre nor Jessica got any screen time until the very end of the taped shows, then they realized the reactions they got from america first deandre was considered a contender along with jessica then came jimmy lovine he knew that he had to start downing deandre or another guy was going to win because he was the wholde package and jessica was the one they wanted which i believe she should. Poor deandre he came the marked contestant, but the judges and the other contestants knew he was awesome. His looks, his humbleness and his range in voice so jimmy said so many things about him to justify why he was voted out. Last night was just another reality show looking for ratings so they made the one person who is always on top the one who was voited off, now when she wins american idol they can take the credit for her staying in. They absouloutely do not count the votes they have already decided who was going to win and america has no voice on it no matter how they spin it. so here is how it is going to go.. Jimmy is now after Phillip 2 so he will be next to go, then it will be hollie and then elise leaving jessica skylar joseph and colton then colton will go then skylar then joshuaua and jessica will be are new American idol believe me it is all in the script. IDOL IS A FAKE!!!!


  16. Mindy, I have been upset with the judges also in regards to Holly. The girls’s got such an incredible voice I think. I know she does have some difficulty connecting with the emotion of each song, but still….! I couldn’t seem to get her last performance out of my head. I thought it was beautiful! Jessica is my favorite, and I believe the judges made the best use of the Save ever with her. In regards to what Randy said “Vote for the best”, Ryan always tells us to vote for our” favorite” every week, and that’s precisely what people did, LOL! What are you going to do? As much as I would love to see Jessica win, I highly doubt that it will happen. I predict that the Top 3 will be all guys. Colton, Phillip, and Joshua. I want to be wrong, but I don’t think there is any way in heck AI is going to have a female winner this season, sad to say!


  17. Lots of great discussion here and I am loving it!! Thank you all!! I love Holllie and I feel that she, Jessica and Colton are the best singers left in this competition.

    Joshua is good but he had screaming issues that really bother me. And the judges have not called him out on this vocal issue. Drives me crazy.

    In a real world, I would love to see Jessica and Hollie as the Final 2 – or Jessica and Colton.


  18. Malden – I wonder why they haven!t unveiled Jessica’s personality? She seems incredibly shy but so is Hollie. They have showcased her non-performing persona more than Jessica’s. Strange.


  19. Louise – I cannot stand The Huff formation either. Ridiculous.


  20. Christine – you may have called it!


  21. Anita,

    It’s great to see you here. I am really fed up with all the nonsense from the judges. If they would watch The Voice, then they would feel ashamed of themselves. That may be the only thing that The Voice is doing better than Idol, but it’s a big deal.

    Also, I think the bad judging is not just about Hollie. She is just the latest victim. Contestants who have already been voted off have spoken up about the confusing comments from the judges. Erika went so far as to single out Jennifer for giving her advice that she refused to follow. I have been amazed by the comments from these young people. Hee-jun said in a post-show interview that he would never do the show again. I think he really felt misunderstood and poorly treated. Deandre said that he just let the negativity go over his head, which was a smart thing to do.

    This isn’t a shock. We saw this last season with Pia and the judges had no save to use on her. Now it’s Jessica. Before it was Siobhan. It always seems to happen to these females with the big pop voices. One problem is the ridiculous pimping from the judges. On another blog site on performance night, I said flat out that neither Jessica or Joshua need this kind of silly over the top gushing and standing ovations and hero worship. The judges look like idiots when they stand up all over the place.

    I will be honest and say that I when I listened to the song Jessica chose on youtube before the show came on, I did not like it at all. I thought it was just a boring, one-dimensional song. However, I did think that she somehow managed to pull it off. Maybe that was not the majority opinion among the viewers. I don’t see her doing r&b and this song didn’t show her voice off to its full effect.

    All of the these people need real constructive criticism. Jessica along with all the rest. None of them is perfect or at a point where they cannot benefit from some additional guidance and advice. The judges are blatantly ignoring Joshua’s shouting which is also driving me crazy. I love him and think he has an amazing voice. I want him to take care of it. It’s such an obvious flaw and their failure to even touch on it, is unfortunate.

    Now the question is, how will America react to the judges getting in their faces and calling them out for this result? They don’t seem to realize that maybe it had a lot to do with them. We saw this happen with Haley last season. The judges were trashing her left and right, but she went out there and sang her face off. She had tons of support from the public. James Durbin was virtually dubbed the anointed winner by the judges and he wound up leaving at F4.

    The judges need to keep it honest and real.


  22. @ Mindy Moore, AMEN!


  23. Mindy,

    Gosh, you made some great points here! Last season, Pia was one of my favorites, and I hated to see her go. I was sooo fuming mad when Randy angrily called out the voters for Pia’s untimely exit! How dare he! If they would have only given those contestants constructive advise, instead of that free for all, crappy judging style they all had going on. Talk about ridiculous!! They had only themselves to blame, not the voters! I remember reading what Erika had to say about her time of the show. I can see why it was confusing to her.

    I think Siobhan was treated worse that almost anyone. I would have loved to see her win, and I’m a fan of her’s to this day Her new album, Moonbaby is extraordinary! The show had a Country Agenda going on lasdt season, and of course they didn’t want Haley getting in the way of that, even though she did the best job of anyone, and grew the most! I really loved Jessica’s performance this week. She does a fine job with R&B. She seem quite versatile. My favorite Holly performance so far I believe is Power of Love!


  24. Mindy,

    Hi! You made some great comments. I tried sending through a couple paragraphs of comments for you, but they didn’t go through, so I’ll try this!


  25. Yes! It worked now!! In regards to Pia’s untimely exit last season, I got so fuming upset when Randy angrily blamed the voters for this. How dare he! They subjected the contestants and us to their crappy judging techniques, and the only ones to blame were themselves if you ask me. I read Erika’s statement about how confusing the judge’s comments were. I feel Siobhan was treat perhaps worse than anyone. She’s such an incredible talent, and her new album, Moonbaby is extraordinary!! Haley did the best job of anyone last season, but AI seemed to have a Country agenda going on, so they didn’t want her getting in the way. I believe she grew the most also!


  26. They judges should have let Jessica finish the song. It was a great song with lots of soul, originally done by Deborah Cox. It was a big hit then. She could have done justice to the song had they given her the chance. We saw just a snippet of it. Anyway, she might be around a few more weeks. It is unlikely though that she would win. Colton and Phillip have more following. And Skylar has the support of country fans and the South. It would be an interesting next few weeks. Can’t wait to watch.


  27. Hi Rosanna, my name is Chad and I’ve been following your blog since the David Archuleta days. I actually even made a comment during that time, and you responded kindly, and I appreciated that. I am a fellow Canuck, in Vancouver.
    I have been a fan of Idol (Canada/US/Australia), The X Factor (UK/France/Australia) and The Voice, since most of the shows began. I felt the desire to write in my thoughts, due to some of the great conversation I’ve noticed online over the entire Jessica Sanchez issue. I actually find it quite funny, to be honest.

    Why people would be so shocked that she was in the B3, comes as a surprise to me. If we look at the history of Idol, many of the big-voiced torch singers on the show never made the finales; Jennifer Hudson, Melinda DooLittle, Pia Toscano, just to name a few. I’m actually more surprised it took this long for it to actually happen to her. Jessica is a great singer, don’t get me wrong – I love her voice – have since she first auditioned, but, she’s about as charismatic as a wet dish towel, her song choices have been “unique”, to put it kindly, and especially the song she sang on Wednesday night. I’ve questioned why Jimmy didn’t actually step in and ‘86’ that song, in favor of something more contemporary and well heard. Jessica, whenever asked by Ryan what she would like the audience to know about her, she always responds with “I’ve worked hard all my life.” Well big deal, you’re 16, you’ve worked hard, what does that really mean? I work hard as well, but that’s not “who I am”.

    Embarrassingly enough, I’m one of “those” people that keeps track of the popularity of the Idol contestants on Youtube, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, and, in the public forums. I actually run an X Factor Forum myself, and it’s always interesting reading the members comments. With that in mind, there are two names that are continually the Top 2 names, since the show began; Colton and Jessica. If you go on iTunes, it’s all about Colton, as well as Twitter and Youtube. Jessica as well, but, this in itself is one of the issues for Jessica. Much (not all) of her fan base online are from the Philippines. It’s definitely not a bad thing, and Philippino’s are very passionate about rallying around their stars and showing support, which in itself, is wonderful, except for one thing; they can’t vote. It’s great that they are viewing her Youtube video’s and signing on to her Twitter Account, but in the U.S. world of American Idol and the votes, it’s not a position of strength.

    Jessica was B3, and that isn’t a shock, because it’s actually showing where the votes actually go, and how they’re going. Colton and Phillip have yet to be in the B3, and Colton probably won’t even see it. The major problem with this show right now is the judging, or lack thereof, from JLo and Steven. I like them both, don’t get me wrong, but they are lousy coaches. They have no clue how to cultivate talent – all they know how to do is promote ego. I find it ironic that the three contestant’s that the judges have given standing ovations to, consistently, were the 3 in the bottom. There’s a reason for that. Because of the judges – they’ve peaked. We don’t like to be told how to vote, when to vote, and who to vote for. We make our own choices, and when the judges are continually shoving Joshua down our throats, Jessica, and lately, Elise, it polarizes their votes.

    Another thing is connection with the audience. As I said above, Jessica fails to do that. There’s no real feeling or sensuality in her performances – even when she looks into the camera, it’s a vacant stare, but then, on the other hand, there’s Colton. Colton looks into the camera, and whether you like him or not, you’re looking back and you know he’s owning what he’s singing – it’s in his eyes. Colton has affect. Every song he sings, he touches distinctly. Every week, more than any other contestant, he improves, and, he is yet to have his “peak “ moment. Same can be said for Skylar. Colton chooses the right songs, he says the right things, and he knows how Idol works. Truth be known, he’s probably the top in votes, with Phillip coming in somewhere behind, and Skylar is probably closer behind. This is the difference though, where Colton seems to grow each week and his fan base grows each week, Phillip seems to be going the opposite direction. JLo’s reaction on Thursday when Ryan explained how has never had a standing ovation before, was priceless. I’ll place a wager. He gets one. Next week.

    The way they’ve treated Hollie, is almost evil. This is a girl that has a great voice as well, and I think, more of what it takes to connect with an audience, if given the right coaching, than Jessica does. I also found it completely unprofessional and absolutely nasty, the way Jimmy compared her to Jessica on results night. Again, no wonder she wasn’t in the B3 – America came to her defense.

    Of all the performers in the Top 7 right now, when you listen to their studio versions – each one of Colton’s songs could be on the radio right now, as is, and be a hit. Also, when you hear it – you know it’s Colton Dixon. Same with Skylar. They both have a distinct sound that they own. Steven gets that about Colton, and has from Day one.

    For what it’s worth, I was never a huge Colton fan. I’ve always gone for the more classical sound with singers – the Josh Groban, David Archuleta , Rhydian, Joe McElderry, Theo Tams, types, to name a few. More adult contemporary. But a few weeks ago, I sat back, and I really watched his performance when he was singing during Stevie Wonder week, and I was awed by him. Then, his duets with Skylar, although not perfect, the two of them kill it each time, and, give the boy credit for taking on country, which, as Randy would say, is completely out of his “wheelhouse”. He’s proving what Randy has always said – if you can sing, you can sing the phone-book. Well, I think Colton probably could, and it would be a hit. His performance on Wednesday night was not only beautiful to watch, he sounded beautiful, and the studio-version is first rate.

    It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out. I look forward to reading your thoughts, and those of your members. Thanks for a great blog. It’s always a good read.



  28. Chad,

    I’ve gotten fed up with how Jimmy is always comparing Jessica and Hollie. Of course Hollie always gets slammed in some way. She deserves better. I do like Jessica alot, and thought her cover of the R&B song Stuttering. Since you were speaking of David Archuleta, I think he does an incredible job with R&B, and has proven that time and time again. He recored two R&B songs on his new album Forevermore during his time in the Philippines. He has also sung Ribbon In The Sky for customers in a resturant once. I’ve seen the video. Holy man, I would love it if he included this song on his new album, which will be released in the Fallo He sings with such soul and emotion. It just blows me away!


  29. Chad,

    Colten has been my favorite guy this season. He’s got much better stage presence I feel than Jessica. The way he looks into the camera is pretty special I think, and how he arranges a song to fit his vision of it is so cool! Now Phillip to me seems to do the same things with his voice every week, which makes him sound the same to me. Does anyone wlse feel this way too? That’s not the case with Colton though. Colton just has STAR written all over him!! Frankly, I believe Colton stands the best chance of winning than anyone else!


  30. Chad, I’m not a Colton fan but I have seen his improvement. The judges made it clear they wanted a female winner this year. The way they’ve treated Hollie has been very cold and insensitivie. I would prefer one of Simon’s pithy criticisms to their blatantly false assessments. Carrie Underwood made an interesting comment recently. She said she felt like an elected official being voted the winner of AI. It was the votes she got on AI that made her feel validated as a country star (remember Faith Hills’ reaction when Carrie won Country Music Star of the Year? It was not good and the anti-AI feeling persisted among other country music professionals when Scotty and Alaina won.) I mention this because the judges seem kind of clueless as to how the voting works. Maybe their machinations worked last year with putting Alaina thru but it’s not working this year. BTW, I was also a Rhydian fan!


  31. Chad – thank you so much for your detailed, precise comments. I would love to add it as a blog topic. I would like the readers to be aware of your views on the machinations behind this show. It is really one of the best I have read in a long time and deserves the exposure as a separate blog topic.

    However, I really think that Jessica is just a shy young girl with a great big gift. Wasn’t David Archuleta similar? I love them both because of this. They haven’t exactly tried to bring this girl out of her shell and connect with the audience. This is where the “powers that be slipped up”.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort in shining an illuminated perspective on this crazy show. Please let me know if you agree to the addition of your views as a blog topic and, of course, I can send you a draft prior to publication.


    I checked your X Factor site. It is a happening place. Excellent!


  32. I have been thinking about Thursday night and it still bothers me. I think about the reminder which appears at the end of each show. It allows the producers to determine when power voting is taking place. They can eliminate votes. I had the original statement somewhere, but I refuse to believe what took place on Thursday was real. Were there scripted moments – absolutely. I am thinking Jessica was in the Bottom 3 but not the one to be sent home. Why would Nigel take such a chance with Jessica?

    I felt so sorry for her, like a deer in the headlights. I replayed the final 2 minutes three times and cannot figure out why the Judges were so out of control. I lost a whole lot of respect for Randy, and JLo was acting like a crazy lady. I think Elise may have been the one to go, but we’ll never know. She is a lovely young girl with a fantastic voice. MCL might be right about her shyness. I follow her on Twitter and find her to be very sweet.

    It is my belief the producers want her to get to the TOP 3 but I don’t know if they want her to win.I believe they want Joshua in the TOP 5 for the Disney World trip.

    Chad. although I don’t agree with you about Jessica, I can tell you that Colton is my second favorite and I do indeed believe he is a VERY talented young man and will get a recording contract. He is improving each week which makes him exciting.

    Nigel loves all the drama and they live on controversy. Sadly, it is sometimes the Finalist who suffers from their ego trips. Many people want Randy fired, JLo controlled, and Steven retired.

    I hope that Jessica can break out of her shell and share a ton of enthusiasm with two outstanding appearances!

    Anita, I agree the comparisons between Hollie and Jessica were not necessary. Jimmy is in on all of this as he tries to appear to be helpful. Nigel will be happy because the ratings will increase, So we’ll see what they have in mind for us on Wed.
    In the mean time they have a lot of time to chck out the competion


  33. Rosanne,

    You may definitely do what you’d like with my comments, and I’ll be more active here. I love the discussions here – everyone’s opinion is honored, unlike so many other sites. I look forward to sharing with all of you more.



  34. ,Chad,

    MCL beat me to it, but I was planning on posting a huge Bravo and Standing “O” for your comment! Brilliant! Thank you so much for explaining why when you sit down and think about it, that Jessica getting the lowest votes wasn’t as surprising as it would seem. I have been trying to remind people of Pia, Siobhan and too many others who have gotten voted off too soon. As a matter of fact, some on MJ’s blog were predicting that this would happen for weeks now.

    There is so much wisdom and wonderful logic and understanding about how this show works in your comments. A special thank you for saying that what the judges did to Hollie was almost evil. I got emotional just reading it. That is why I think there was such a huge backlash with the voting. It wasn’t about Jessica, it was about what the judges are doing to this sweet, incomparably talented young girl who just stands there without making any faces or saying one word back and just showing her class and poise. She puts them to shame.

    Someone said on MJ’s blog that it’s obvious that Steven is reading from a producer written script. She said he did it last year and is doing it again. I absolutely believe that. His comments don’t have conviction or and realness to them. Frankly, I don’t understand why the judges need these cheat sheets. The judges on the Voice don’t have any notes and their commentary is light years above and beyond what we are hearing on Idol this season. On Buddytv there was a blog calling for Idol to get rid of Steven. I happen to agree.

    I also want to be sure to say that it’s not just about Hollie. Others have been victimized by the judging and have spoken out after they were voted off. I remember Erika flat out saying that she thought Jennifer’s comments were completely wrong and very contradictory. She was gracious, but clearly perturbed with the mixed messages. Heejun said that he would never do the show again. Deandre said he let the negativity go over his head. They are all struggling with it. But the way they have singled out Hollie and also, as you said, that comparison by Jimmy of her and Jessica is just unacceptable.

    Does Jimmy realize that Jessica has had vocal training and more when she was still a child? She was performing on talent shows and other events when she only nine years old. She as also on America’s Got Talent. That is why she seems so much more poised and confident than Hollie, who hasn’t had any of that training and experience. To compare them was just wrong and unfair.

    I don’t see Jimmy trying to help Hollie with her performance skills. I didn’t hear him give her anything she could use in her performance, however he was full of suggestions and advice for the others. Why not help this girl out so she has a chance to realize her potential?

    Finally, I loved your comments about Colton! This young man who has never received a standing ovation from these judges, yet has never given a bad performance. I really liked this latest performance from him. He is not someone I would normally listen to or love, He sings a genre of music that I don’t love a lot. However, I am really impressed with how hard he has worked, his great song choices, how he has listened to the advice and used it to get even better. He has never been in the bottom. I think Philip could learn a lot from Colton.

    Anyway, I can’t wait until your blog topic comes up and we can continue the discussion. Please promise that you will be a regular contributor!


  35. Thank you Mindy. I promise 🙂


  36. Mindy,

    I think Hollie is doing exceptionally well on the show without having the vocal training and experience that Jessica has. Why the heck isn’t Jimmy taking this into consideration. I think he’s being down right cruel, and you can tell from the voting, people had enough of it. Randy has gotten more ridiculous with every passing season, and he just seems to irritate the heck out of me. He used to be better than this when Simon was still around.


  37. Chad – thank you so much. It is a pleasure to welcome you here as a regular commenter. I will post your article later on today. I have a few obligations today, but look for it sometime this evening.

    Glad everyone is on board with Chad’s comments. Thank you all for your feedback. Always!


  38. Yes, Chad’s comments really added a lot of insight to what is happening with Idol. I’m glad you’ll be posting here too.

    Chad mentioned that Jimmy isn’t giving Hollie anything to work with. I remember thinking that the comments she received from him in her pre-performance session seemed to go over her head–not that I’m blaming Holliei–but I didn’t think he did a very good job of explaining himself. She just stared at him and I remember thinking that she didn’t understand what he was saying.


  39. Welcome to all of the new posters…so glad to have you all…! 🙂

    Where? Oh! Where has our Gene gone…why did he leave us here all alone…we searched the sight over and thought we had found him…but he met another and pthuut he was gone!!!

    Where are you Gene…I want to give you my nomination for the much coveted “confetti bagh award”.

    I nominate Skylar…I think she has the “it” thang that our bus driving trio is looking for!


  40. Vonnie – yes! Where is Gene? Are his ears ringing you think?


  41. Rosanne-Thanks for posting Chad’s comments. I think they are very insightful. I found it interesting how he mentioned a large part of Jessica’s fanbase is in the Philippines, which I think is wonderful, but it doesn’t help her with votes. This is another thing that she and David A. have in common. David has a HUGE and extremely supportive fanbase in the Phillipines!! Asia as a whole has been a part of the world David has found tremendous success. Many of his fans there are heartbroken that he hasn’t found the same success here in the U.S., but I hope over time that will change.


  42. Rosanne-I’m really hoping for a Jessica/Colton AI Finale this year! I do think Joshua has done an amazing job also, and I’m with you when it comes to his screaming. He needs to just tone it down.

    Vonnie- You are hysterical! You had me laughing so hard, even before I finished reading your comments to Gene, LOL! HEE HAW!!! I hope Gene shows up soon!


  43. You are most welcome Anita. He raised some valid points and I wanted to highlight them.

    Actually, for a change, I would like a Hollie/Jessica Finale. Now, that would be neat, huh? Only time there were girls in the Top 2 was during Season 3 – Fantasia and Diana Degarmo

    But, Colton has earned his place in the Top 2 as well. Still a few weeks left. Anything can happen.


  44. Rosanne,

    Yes! That would be neat!! Of course if that would happen, the judges and Jimmy probably would hit the roof. I say, so what, the heck with them. She’s done so much better than Jimmy gives her credit for.


  45. Hello everyone. There has been a lot of good discussion on this topic and I enjoyed reading the new posters, but Vonnie, you take the cake! A Hee-Haw moment just for me. I love it! I wrote everything below before reading the last half dozen posts or so. I guess you would call this a pre-script. So here’s my take on the week that was if you are in the mood for a long winded post for late Sunday night.

    My bet is that Jessica actually received the lowest number of votes this week. It’s common phenomenon on Idol for the best singer, especially if they make it seem easy and times 2 if they are a girl.

    The outcomes are heavily influenced each week by the pre planned comments of the judges that are written for them based on the dress rehearsal performance and the show’s agenda. The guest mentors get into the act by adding comments that sound like they watch every week too. Add to that comments from Jimmy and even Ryan and the voters begin to think what they want them to think. However, I think it would be fool hardy for the upper management of Idol to actually change the outcome of the votes. Why? That’s the $64,000 question, as well as the first half of my answer. I’m sure no one remembers the game show from the 50s by that name, but the cheating engaged in by the producers and one of the sponsors resulted in congressional hearings and a grand jury probe of game shows. In its own way, Idol is a game show with a large prize at stake. Not only could they be called to account legally by blatant cheating but they could also be sued by one of their very powerful sponsors if they rigged the voting. I don’t think they go that far or that it is necessary to achieve their goals.

    You would need a crystal ball to decide if the harsh treatment of Hollie is an attempt to recreate the Siobhan effect, (contestant looses confidence, errors mount, and the fans lose confidence) the Pia effect, (contestant is voted off the island sooner than their talent would suggest they should go) or the Haley effect (fans rally to the side of their favorite who is being harshly and unfairly judged.) I think they were shooting for Siobhan but have gotten Haley so far. I don’t think it matters in the end. The extra time she gains won’t likely propel her to the top. The reason that they pick on the minor pitch issues that Hollie has is because she had major pitch problems before this season. I looked at her You Tube videos when I first noticed her in the competition this year, before Hollywood week, and she had a tendency to lose control of her pitch mid song. I don’t know if all of the old videos are still out there or not at this point. Some of them are very good as well. But pitch isn’t why they are after her; that can be magically fixed now days. I even recall one Idol winner who never made it through a single song on key. Her real problem is that she has a paint by numbers approach and doesn’t connect with her songs or the audience as well as she needs to at this stage of the competition. Every mentor as well as Jimmy has tried to tell her that and you would have to assume that other staffers do as well. These made for TV moments are not all of the coaching they receive for the week. Personally, I liked her performance this week better than any of her prior solos, but her delivery wasn’t right for the song or the message it conveys. It might have been better if she had prepared for this week’s song by singing the original lyrics during practice. If she had done that she would have realized what Pink was trying to convey. This song would have been better suited to a singer with a raspy, rock voice, like Allison Iraheta, rather than Hollie, but the message was one that she should have been able to connect with. On it’s on, it was a decent song, but in context of the original, it was not good. I also would have liked to see her remain on the stool to draw attention to her message rather than taking the stroll. Should they have criticized her pitch? No, I don’t think that was her major problem this week. Was she due criticism for the delivery? Listen to the original. This isn’t an endorsement for foul language in song lyrics, BTW. I like Hollie and her voice, but I think Idol is done with her and Jessica will win the battle of the Divas.

    This week, like no other, was a week for listening to the original song because some of these songs are unfamiliar to a large portion of Idols viewers. I too had never heard Jessica’s song choice so I pulled it up on You Tube as well. I also brought Jessica’s performance up on my DVR and watched a few lines from first one and then the other. I wanted to know if she is the world’s greatest karaoke singer or a budding artist. I had enjoyed her stage performance of this song but the “wow” moment for me was when I compared the two. She slayed this song. She made some interesting changes to it and it demonstrated to me that she is more than a copy cat. I think she will go to probably third place in the competition. She is a cash cow and they will not let her get away. Unfortunately, she will be making dance mix songs that could be recorded in a phone booth and require no real musicians. The “producer” and his synthesizer is the entire band and what they create is trash. That is why I only have a passing interest in her and it may be why no adults vote for her. It’s a shame for her, and unfortunately I think Pia is doing the same thing.

    I have said all along that the contestants are paired with similar contestants, and I still think that is the case. Jimmy has alluded to it several times in recent weeks as well. It would seem the reason for it is that Idol’s major competitor, NBC’sThe Voice, plays its game that way in the battle rounds, so pairing of similar contestants is Idol’s subtle version of the battle rounds. They are just trying to stay current in the ratings game. The pairs are Erica and Elise, Colton and Phil, Jessica and Hollie, and DeAndre and Joshua with Skylar unopposed. It will be surprising if both members of any pair make the top 5, let alone the finale.

    I think Skylar or Colton will win. Skylar because she is the only country singer, a country singer finished first and second last year, there are four times as many country music radio stations as pop in the US, besides that, a lot of her fans are not country fans. She has done songs from country’s current leading female singer, as well as the two country females that Idol has produced not to mention Dolly and Reba and top that off with a song from arguably the best Idol of all, Kelly Clarkson. Isn’t that convenient? She has been heavily pimped and hasn’t been challenged very much by the themes so far. She has over sung every song she has done so far, with exception to the Kenny and Dolly duet. Again, listen to the originals. I like for someone to make a song their own, even if by just doing a familiar song in a different voice or doing the cross gender rendition, but that isn’t what I see with Skylar. She does fairly straight covers but in a way that is less pleasing than the original to my ear. I wonder how many of her Idol fans will follow her into the post Idol marketplace?

    Colton has “performed” well on the show. He hasn’t been challenged or judged and he gets the big drama sets for his performances. Even his piano was upgraded from a Yamaha to a Steinway. If you couple that with the way he was brought into the competition in the first place (Melanie Amaro) he’s a strong contender too.

    Both of these singers have distinctive, identifiable voices which is the most valuable commodity a singer can have. The jury is still out on their singing, but they are my pick for the top two. I’m an Elise fan but she isn’t Idol winner material. She’s just that girl with an interesting voice that has a background in music I like and won’t have the opportunity to sing much of it on the show. These girls finish between 3rd and 6th and it’s up to their fans to keep them in the business after Idol. To that end, any of the Siobhan fans out there should have her album in their collection. In her position she has to pay for the production and promotion herself. Just sayin’.


  46. Gene,

    Well! Vonnie’s pleas and humor got you to reappear! I was wondering where you were!

    As always, I enjoyed reading your comments. The one part that had me thinking that we must be mind readers, is when you brought up the 50’s game show scandals. That is exactly what I have been thinking in response to all the conspiracy theories about Jessica not being the one who got the fewest votes. You are right to remind everyone about that era. The damage to the credibility of game shows was massive. They disappeared for a long time. Gradually they made their way back, but this time there were guidelines and strict rules. We now have the FCC, so no network can risk rigging any show. The consequences would be disastrous.

    I am not sure if Jessica will benefit from this or not. Yes, her fans should vote their fingers off this week but what about backlash because the judges getting in America’s faces and ordering them to vote for the best, meaning Jessica. There were six other contestants standing on that stage that night. What about them? Are they just meaningless fodder? I don’t know that America is going to take kindly to take ridiculous display from the judges.

    Where I don’t agree with you is Hollie. Now I am very aware of her limitations. However, I do think that she has been deliberately and cruelly thrown under the bus by the judges, Jimmy and the producers. It’s not hard to see why. In their minds, Hollie is taking precious votes from Jessica. They don’t want her to finish too low. I do not agree that Jimmy or anyone else has given Hollie some specific instruction or advise on how to interpret a song. We don’t see everything, but even with what we did see, Hollie received nothing from Jimmy or Akon. Nada. Some of the others got much more help in their mentoring sessions. I don’t agree that Hollie has been told what to do and not understood. She is not stupid, just inexperienced. For instance, Jimmy could have suggested singing the song in the same tempo as the original. He also could have asked her to read the words and then tell him what the song is about. We have seen him do this with help from the mentors in past weeks with other contestants. He could have stopped her and given other options or suggestions as to how to sing the song. Nope. He let her go out there and stumble all over the place. I had other songs in mind for her that I thought would be great. However, I think she has been doing much better than the judges have said for the last three weeks.

    Hollie is a work in progress. I don’t expect her to win. I am realistic enough to know better. However, her voice is simply amazing and she deserves a chance to have a career in this industry. She is a diamond in the rough. For as long as she is there, I intend to vote my fingers off for her. I listened to many of her youtube videos, including “I Told You So”, the one you mentioned. I don’t know what pitch issues she has had in the past, but I didn’t hear them. And if anyone would hear them, it would be me.

    Where I am again in agreement with you is when it comes to Skylar and Colton. I think they both do have unique voices that are immediately recognizable. Skylar was in the bottom a few weeks ago, but has given two strong performances and has been safe. I can see her coming on strong being one reason why Jessica got the lowest number of votes. The other reason was the backlash of votes for Hollie. I also think that Colton is doing very well in the voting. He’s got it all – the “y” chromosome :), an artistic identity, vocals that get better and better, good song choices and just being smart and strategizing very well in this competition. For all we know, it could be Skylar and Colton in the finale. Oh and I don’t love Skylar’s voice as much as others do.

    I don’t know what will happen to Jessica. I thought she sang that obscure song well, but still really disliked the song itself. I think America might well have not enjoyed it either. They don’t necessarily vote for the best vocal. The song was quiet and slow and kind of boring without any real dynamic power. Jessica has always given a strong vocal performance. But now there is no wiggle room. Audiences respond to the song and not always to how it was sung. I think Joshua suffered for a similar reason. I just do not see him singing Bruno Mars. I think it’s not for his voice. Jimmy would see him doing it as a means of having commercial success, but he would be throwing away that great voice. He also tends to shout more on the uptempo numbers. I don’t think that performance deserved a standing ovation from the judges and don’t think it went over well with America.

    Elise isn’t Idol material, sorry to say. That is no reflection on her talent. The show is what it is. I will be shocked if she gets through this week.

    This is way too long, so that’s enough for now!


  47. Hi Mindy,
    How’s the blood pressure? 🙂
    I don’t think Hollie is dumb; not at all. We can only guess what they say to them when we aren’t watching. We can assume that someone was astute enough to have her sit on the stool, at least to open the number. This worked very well for her. In fact, I noticed something that I thought was a big victory for Hollie. When she stepped down from the stool, she had a little trouble getting her footing or something and she had to work at it a little bit. She took the unexpected trouble like a “professional” and it didn’t seem to upset her at all. At that point I thought “yes” she is over the stage nerves. This week there were several key words and phrases used. “Professional,” “own it,” “doesn’t worry about what others think.” You have to interpret what they are saying to her. I think they were suggesting that she sounded amateur or like a student rather than a “professional” and that there is no sense of connection with the music or she doesn’t “own it,” or it doesn’t sound like her song, her message. Gwen Stefani told her that there is a time when the preparation is over and you have to just let it go. I took that to mean if you have done your homework and developed the skills necessary to be a singer then you have to push all of those lessons to the back of your mind and just let the music and the message flow out of you. It’s the same principal that anyone who has undergone intensive training in a discipline, like soldiers, firefighters, police officers and so on, do. There is a time when you no longer think about the books and the training, you just react instinctively. You can tell the rookies from the “professionals” in the way they are able to utilize their skills in an effective way. I agree that the suggestions you offered might have helped her deliver the song better. Like I said, I didn’t think it was bad except in context of the original. I didn’t care for the pageantry end to the song, really just the last few notes. I don’t know if Jimmy was trying to steer her away from that ending with his remark about the “award for big note of the night” or if he was serious. I’m not against Hollie by any means; in fact, she and DeAndre were the first contestants that caught my eye this year because I remembered them from last year and they were hiding both of them during the early rounds except for a second or two here and there. The videos I’m referring to may no longer be up. It’s not uncommon for contestants to remove some of their less favorable old videos once they get into the top 24 or so. Erica took some of her wedding singer stuff down. I think pitch problems were why she didn’t make the cut last year if I recall correctly. Most of her videos are good and several of her iTunes downloads are good as well. I think they were harsh with their criticism of her, but to what end? It seems to have helped her stay in another week. I wish they didn’t treat kids the way that they do on Idol but you have to remember that it’s a reality show, only a kinda-sorta contest, and that even the worst of the top 10 will walk away with $100,000 in their pocket for this year’s work. By all means vote, blog and buy the kid’s downloads if you are inclined. I think all three help them succeed on the show and those measures of popularity probably are considered when it’s time to offer contracts.

    When I said Elise isn’t idol material I meant that she isn’t a top 40 mainstream artist. Her Idol journey has been less than consistent but the themes have not suited her as well as they have the others. They haven’t stretched the rules for her as they did in allowing Skylar to sing a song that was from 2008 I believe. They also allowed Joshua to sing a song in its original R&B form and call it the Simply Red version so that it qualified as an ‘80s song. It’s no big deal when you are that contestant who is in the “cast” to add interest and variety. Who knows, maybe Stevie nicks really wants to take her on the road. If I were Elise I would have sung “Why Don’t You Try” Kelly Clarkson. Personally, I disagree with the notion that only big hit songs should be used on Idol. If it’s a really good well known song, like “Whole Lotta Love” well sure, why not, but Lady GaGa? On the other hand, there are an awful lot of good songs that the download bots need to be exposed that would set well with these contestant’s voices. What did you like for Hollie?

    I meant to add earlier that if Hollie had gone home this week that Phillip has been standing dangerously close to the bus stop lately. I don’t know for sure if they will have the double elimination due to Jermaine being kicked off the island prematurely. It seems that they would have an extra week in the schedule due to that.

    Regarding the judges: Idol judges are basically actors IMHO. They don’t read all of their comments word for word but I think the direction of their comments is predetermined. As previously stated, you can see them refer to their notes on occasion. We don’t know if they made the notes themselves or not. I think they do influence a lot of the voters. The Voice judges are different but they aren’t straight up either. They play all sorts of games with each other but as far as their honest comments go, you have to take into account that they are invested in a different way than the Idol judges are. They are actually part of the team. The judges from the Sing Off offered the most honest and constructive criticism of any singing contest judges that I have seen. The judges on DWTS offer a nice balance of useful critique, entertainment and guidance for the voting audience. They have a nice mix of numeric score, critique and audience vote for the final result as well. The Idol judges, like a broken clock, will be right a few times a day and the rest is useless blather, much like me. 🙂

    BTW Mindy, there is an interesting interview with Siobhan at her fan site that I think you will enjoy if you haven’ seen it.


  48. Gene,

    So nice to read your reply! I don’t think that you were being mean to Hollie, but I have some pretty strong opinions about what may be going on behind the scenes. I just found out today that they got rid of that vocal coach, Debra, that they had for years when Jimmy Iovine came on the scene. I am wondering who works with them now.

    Oh and my blood pressure is fine! 🙂

    Doing all that voting was very therapeutic, because I put my frustration into my fingers and just kept on going and going. I honestly felt at that point that Hollie was a lost cause and the judges and producers and Jimmy had succeeded. So I was kind of at peace after I spoke with my fingers, shall we say!

    I was floored when I followed the results on Thursday night. I am on the west coast, so I have to go online to check out what is happening. I had trouble believing she was really safe. Then as I heard the results, I had the sense that America had told the judges where to go! I wasn’t happy to see Jessica and Joshua in the bottom three because I like them, too. But there was this sense that I was not alone in my outrage.

    Of course, you are spot on in saying that at some point you have to just let it all go and get out there and sing without thinking. I have said that about Hollie on other blogs. I don’t know if I have said it here in any of my critiques. I completely agree with you that in the end she will have to find her way on stage. What concerns me about the judges comments is that they were focusing on her technical skill, when that is not the issue. So my issue was the self-fulfulling prophecy. The more they talked about her supposed vocal issues, the more she was going to concentrate on that. This was the reason for my elevated blood pressure. It helps if the judges also remind you to think about performance value, connecting with the song and the words. The more you get the message, the more likely it is to click at some point. However, when you are getting all of these mixed signals and misguided comments, then you can lose focus.

    I didn’t see Hollie at all last season, because I didn’t watch the early rounds. So it’s entirely possible that she did have pitch issues but has worked on that. Also, I do get that she will go on tour and make a lot of money. In fact, that is what I was telling myself the day of the results. As I said, I was prepared to see her go home and that’s why I was reminding myself of all the good things that will come out of this experience.

    I cannot stand the judges. I don’t even want to talk about them. I realize that they are more like paid actors, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like them. I do think that they are told what to say to some extent. I actually usually don’t pay much attention to them. Once I hear the performance and have my own thoughts, then I am ready to move on. But the nasty comments directed at Hollie for the last three weeks did get my attention. Maybe now I can go back to basically ignoring them.

    What did you mean by the Sing Off? Is that a different show or is that what happened on the Voice? I have still been watching the Voice, but as I said I record it and watch DWTS live. I am not trying to idealize the judges on the Voice, merely showing that there is the possibility of some decent criticism on a reality show. They do have a vested interest and I have pointed that out. So in that sense it’s quite different from Idol. They do play their games, but I think it’s done with more finesse and intelligence. Since I have been watching, I have not once heard them diss any contestant the way they can on Idol.

    I did understand your point about Elise and agree with that assessment.

    Thanks so much for the info about Siobhan! I will check it out! 🙂


  49. Gene,

    I forgot to answer your question about what songs I wanted for Hollie. Thanks to the people on MJ’s blog, I got a lot of suggestions. So I was busy on youtube listening to all of them. I really liked Katy Perry’s “Firework”. That was my favorite. But there were some good suggestions – “Brokenhearted” by Karmin, “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson and more. I thought that Hollie could easily have blown away any of these girls. Some suggested a few Taylor Swift songs, but I didn’t want Hollie go country. There were so many songs. I checked out every song that each contestant sang because I didn’t know any of them. At least now I know who Gotye is! That was one of the suggestions and Philip and Elise sang ” Somebody I Used to Know”.

    I am content to now go back to my own collection, back to living in the past with my favorite great singers from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. I even checked out Bruno Mars for Joshua and some Rihanna for Jessica. I thought most of the voices were pretty medoicre. Even watching the digitally enhanced videos, the voices still didn’t sound that great. It just ain’t what it used to be.


  50. Chad, while your comments are mostly on the mark, disparaging a 16 year old sweetheart like Jessica is very misguided. I don’t know what you want from a 16 year old girl, and why you think American Idol is showing you her real personality. Her personality is like a “wet dish towel”?

    She has incredible stage presence and is a fantastic entertainer. You can see it in the audience responses. That’s all you need to know about how she does or does not “connect”.

    You discredit the voting but then talk about how Jessica’s personality did her in. Let’s face it, Lee Dewyze won American Idol. What else do you need to know about the voters?


  51. Hi Mindy,
    That was pretty funny! Exercise is the key, right?

    I didn’t know they had changed the vocal coaches. I know that Katherine McPhee’s mom was still there early in the season, which surprised me in light of Smash, and the queen of mean with “Blue” in her name was still there earlier in the season.
    I think your “self fulfilling prophesy comment is exactly the point of why they are treating her that way. I think there is a plan for when each of them will go and apparently it’s her turn. She’s not the worst on the show at all, but it’s a year, of pretty close competitors. Personaly I hope she beats the system and gets to stay a while.

    The Voice judges are on a much higher level than any group of judges that Idol has ever had. I wasn’t a big Simon fan either and if he wasn’t the originator of the games they play today, as you know, he sure played them too. The “Sing Off” was a singing competition show that has aired for three seasons, on NBC. It’s a little geeky, but it grows on you. The competition was between a cappella groups of all types, Doo Wop, Urban, Street Corner, R&B, College Glee clubs etc, and all of the elimination process was controlled by the judges until about the top five. It wasn’t a big show like Idol or any of it’s major competitors, but the judges were excellent. The host was Nick Lachey from boy band “98 Degrees” and is / was married to Jessica Simpson, and the judges this year were Ben Folds, who is a singer / song writer and producer, Shawn Stockman who is an R&B singer and member of the group Boyz II Men and Sara Bareillis who replaced Nichol Scherzingzer in the third season. Season three was the only one that I have seen but the judges commentary was pretty in depth, fair and spot on. Each Judge commented on every performance pointing out both the good and bad aspects of it in an in depth and genial way. Here is a link to te show’s site. http://www.nbc.com/sing-off/ I don’t know if they will be back this year or not. You should find some videos of the winning group the Pentatonix, who were actually my favorites. Maybe they will have some with the judges’ comments as well.

    DWTS was excellent tonight. I was surprised how many times Carlos Santana played during the show.


  52. Gene,

    You really are a wealth of information! 🙂

    I learn so much from you. I really wish that I had known about that show. Just from how you described it, I would have really enjoyed it. I love Sara Bareilles! Competition between acappella groups! Yay! Doo wop! Sign me on!

    Do you know how much doo wop I have downloaded in my music collection? Now that they have digitally remastered more of the late 50’s and early 60’s music, I can listen to it and it sounds terrific!

    This is the kind of show we need on tv. I want something that doesn’t feel so shallow and artificial. I am sick of silly judging with crib notes!

    Watching the Voice again tonight, I found myself struck by the quality of the judging. They don’t use notes and seem to be responding spontaneously. Adam Levine mentioned Chris Mann’s lack of emotional connection to “Viva la Vida”. That was exactly how I felt! This guy is classically trained and so focused on getting all the notes just right, that he forgets about interpreting a great song. There were comments on being “pitchy”, but Adam made me laugh when he said that we all do it and he hates using that word. Just some off notes! They really give them well rounded critiques on all aspects of their performances.

    I think you said that the judges are on Idol for entertainment value. I am not happy with them, but unwilling to waste any more energy on them. I will do my part for Hollie again tomorrow night and wear out my fingers voting. I don’t think she will last much longer, but for as long as she is there I will support her all the way.

    Oh and I loved DWTS tonight! I didn’t realize that Carlos Santana was going to be there. What a treat! I was so glad that he played as much as he did throughout the show. It heightened the whole experience. I thought the dancing was great and we have a real competition on our hands.

    I did comment on The Voice topic thread where you and Darlene said some things. I don’t understand why they had these live eliminations tonight. But that is for discussion on the other topic thread.


  53. Hey everyone. There is some sort of technical glitch on this site via WordPress. Some of my comments are disappearing as well. The App is not working properly.

    Make sure you save you save your comments in a Pages or Word Document BEFORE you add them in the comments area.

    Hopefully it will be rectified soon. However, it is important that you initiate the save process each time you comment. File them in a folder then add the comment.


  54. Hi everyone. These are all wonderful comments!! Mindy, I don’t remember where you asked me to give me my opinion regarding what voice type Hollie is but I’m giving it now. In my opiinion, she’s a mezzosoprano. To help me formulate my opinion, I listened to a performance of “Hallelujah” and also her performance of the Star Spangled Banner last year (in which she actually changed keys halfway through the song, bless her heart). The place where her voice “lives” is in the mezzosoprano realm.

    I hope she can move through all this & get some classical training because she has a wonderful instrument but she’s SO young. She does have some good top notes in her. I think what she has been doing in this competition has not helped her and the judges attacks on her have been horrific. She would not have been treated this way on The Voice. She would have had to compete with the productions LOL but the judges would have supported her. Anyway, my final answer is: mezzosoprano.


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