Siobhan Magnus’ Idolatry Interview With Michael Slezak

Siobhan Magnus On Idolatry

Siobhan Magnus On Idolatry: Click To Read And Watch

Okay all Siobhan fans! I managed to find some time to watch Siobhan Magnus’ Idolatry Interview with Michael Slezak.

What a great ride! Twenty minutes of brilliance and Siobhan reveals her eccentric but prolific thinking process during her time on American Idol

We also learn ever so much about the behind-the- scenes operation of American Idol and how absolutely difficult it can be to obtain clearance for many of their song selections.

What a strange and bumpy ride this young lady had to endure and still so many questions remain unanswered.

However, Siobhan reveals how she was able to distance herself from the judges when it became very apparent that she was no longer going to receive positive feedback from the panel.  Well, except for Ellen and, at times, Randy!   Smart girl!

Because she proved very capable of coping with the adversaries she encountered during American Idol,  I know she’s going to be just fine! Better than fine!

Enjoy the article and the videos!

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48 Responses to “Siobhan Magnus’ Idolatry Interview With Michael Slezak”

  1. Even if you are not a SiobhanFan, this is worth every one of the 30 minutes for understanding the AI9 process.


  2. Siobhan’s AI experience could have been so different if she’d not had so many problems with song clearance and constraining themes. I was appalled to learn that the song she chose for “Inspirational Week” was on the pre-approved list yet AI still couldn’t get clearance for it! Not only did she end up wasting valuable rehearsal time on songs that ended up not being approved, it was probably really frustrating.

    Among the many suggestions I’d have for AI if they want to save the show is to get rid of theme nights. Just let the contestants sing what they want to sing. If Siobhan had been able to perform “Helter Skelter” and “Nothing Compares to U” she would have clearly positioned herself as this year’s “rocker” and I think she would have benefited from it. At least she didn’t listen to the vocal coaches who wanted her to sing, “Lovin’ You” — I think she would have been raked over the coals for it.


  3. I watched this interview over my lunch hour yesterday and came away liking Siobhan as a person even more than before. She’s certainly a very thoughtful young woman. I also saw another interview where she mentioned that the week she had a problem with “Through the Fire,” she looked at Kara and Simon after she had hit a note that was off and saw them look at each other and make a face. You can only imagine how this would have helped to throw her off for the rest of the performance.


  4. This girl is going to be better than FINE. She has the talent and she is just absolutely charming!!!!!!


  5. The more I hear about Siobhan’s experience on Idol, the more disturbed I become. Hearing that she originally wanted to sing “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, but the song couldn’t be cleared, is disappointing. This would have been a great song for her. There were so many difficulties and problems with the last minute change from teen idol hits week to billboard #1 hits, then being advised to sing songs that were not suited to her and of course, the judges bashing anything and everything she did, well, this must have been a rough ride for her.

    I can already hear people saying that this is the way it’s supposed to be, the music business is tough and the judges should be insulting to somehow prepare these young people for a career in the music business. I think these kids are under enough pressure every week, picking songs, learning the words, getting the arrangements right, the performance, doing the Ford videos, everything that involved the Idol experience. They don’t need these absurd themes and last minute changes and no song clearance and lame critiques from judges who have a specific agenda.

    The more I hear Siobhan, the more respect I have for her. She has been gracious, forthright, honest and sincere in her interviews. She has given us a glimpse into the craziness that is being a contestant on the show. Despite Kara’s recent interview, declaring that Siobhan has no shot at a career as a singer, I expect this young girl to do just fine.


  6. Mindy wrote, “Despite Kara’s recent interview, declaring that Siobhan has no shot at a career as a singer, I expect this young girl to do just fine.”

    That’s the first I’ve heard that Kara made that comment. Siobhan will prove her wrong!!!


  7. Me_Myself_and_Eye May 11, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Love, loove, looove her – and, her rise and path & horizon is way beyond Ms. K…


  8. Dearest Mindy, can you please give me a link to this interview where Kara said that Siobhan has no shot at a career in singing? Wait, maybe it’s better that you don’t….because I might just have to get in my car, find Kara, and….well, use your imagination on that one. I am still SO angry at what happened to Siobhan. All I can say is that both Simon & Kara will be held accountable at some point for what they did (or tried to do) to her.


  9. Darlene,

    Here is the link to the article. It’s some read.

    We’ve already had some discussion about it in the comment section after MLC’s entry about Siobhan appearing on the Ellen Show.


  10. Sue,

    Thanks for putting up the link!


    You better get in your car and go hunt Kara down! It really is that bad. She advised Siobhan to write her own songs if she wants to have a chance for success as a singer.

    I am relieved that at least it’s all out in the open. No more pretending, no more wondering, no more guessing. Kara will had it in for Siobhan! For real!

    I hope you don’t have high blood pressure! LOL!


  11. I was so excited, I don’t know what I thought I was writing.

    It should have read – Kara had it in for Siobhan!


  12. Mindy,

    You’ve made some excellent points here.

    “They don’t need these absurd themes and last minute changes and no song clearance and lame critiques from judges who have a specific agenda.”

    The AI survey we took really failed to address some of the key causes for viewer dissatisfaction. After nine seasons, I think that we are all getting tired of the same old songs and themes being trotted out again and again. The contestants are told to be “contemporary,” but there are very few recently recorded songs available to them. And, it’s a bit much to expect relative novices to come up with their own modern arrangements of old songs within such a short time frame.

    Siobhan would have fared much better with “Don’t Dream It’s Over” than with “When You Believe.” It has a more current sound, and since the original is sung by a male voice, she would have avoided the inevitable Mariah Carey/ Whitney Houston comparisons. It’s unfortunate that TPTB couldn’t or wouldn’t go to bat for the song.


  13. I watched video of Siobhan on Wendy Williams show singing “Summertime”. I loved what she did with that song, however her voice was at times squicky and pitchy. Does it have to do with a strepthroat or perhaps bruised vocal cords ? What is the quality of her voice? Will appreciate if someone would answer, perhaps masterlady?


  14. I thought Micheal Slezak did a great job asking relevant questions and Siobhan really showed the charm and perhaps a touch of naivete in wanting to sing songs like It’s Raining Men and Helter Skelter on American Idol. I suspect that wouldn’t have played as well as gems like Wicked Game, Think and House of the Rising Sun that she ended up with.


  15. From later articles and videos we heard that Siobhan is at home resting with a cold and that before the season had started she had had a bout with strep throat or tonsillitis. Let’s just hope that she recovers quickly and well.


  16. OK, to be honest – it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. She didn’t say that Siobhan didn’t have a chance at a recording career. She said Siobhan should write her own songs, which I believe Siobhan is more than capable of doing. So the bottom line is: do we all think that Kara is the final word on what sells & what doesn’t sell? Does she have a bottomless crystal ball? In my opinion, she’s a twit. She proved this over & over & over again this season. She proved it when she wrote the unsingable “No Boundaries”. And here’s my prediction: Siobhan will outsell both Crystal Bowersox & Lee DeWyze PUT TOGETHER. In my opinion, neither Crystal nor Lee have anything original or new to offer the music world. Siobhan does.


  17. Also, as you may have gathered, I stopped watching AI when Siobhan left. And I still hurt for her for what happened. If I do watch next year, and that’s a big big if, I will start watching when they are down to 12 and I am not voting. There’s no point. What a waste of time that was.


  18. On a happier note: check this out.

    Has nothing to do with American Idol and everything to do with talent & Lady GaGa


  19. Darlene,

    I value your opinion greatly. Maybe I overreacted initially to Kara’s comments. I have kind of hypersensitive about criticism directed at Siobhan. I also have a very negative opinion about Kara and anything she says would most likely bother me. I just have zero respect for this woman.

    I still believe that she was basically saying that Siobhan will have very little, if any, chance at a successful singing career. I agree with you that Kara’s opinion shouldn’t count for much. I guess that I was just surprised that she would bother to comment at all. Once someone is voted off earlier than everyone expected, usually the judges just leave it alone.

    I don’t pretend to know who will have the best chance at commercial success. It seems to be getting harder and harder for the Idol winners to achieve major success. I don’t think that Lee and Crystal have what it takes to be extremely commercially successful. The talent is there, but as we have seen all too often in the past, that does not always translate into big numbers on the charts.


  20. Sorry, typo again!

    It should read – I AM hypersensitive about criticism directed at Siobhan.


  21. The following three get Parades…

    Casey in Texas – anyone taking bets that the South won’t win again?
    Lee to Chicago
    Crystal to Ohio

    Big Mike goes on the Celebrity Tour and back home to Astoria/Queens/NY/Florida?
    Big Mike was always better than the show…

    BTW – in case you missed it –

    American Masters is having a film about The Doors – “the band that broke all the rules”.

    PBS’ ‘American Masters’: “When You’re Strange, a film about The Doors”

    Johnny Depp narrates

    Wild, Scary & Bad Boys…

    Jim Morrison
    Keyboardist Ray Manzarek,
    Drummer John Densmore
    Guitarist Robby Krieger.

    The name came from a poem by William Blake…


  22. Julia,

    When will this film about the Doors be on PBS? I would love to watch it! Yes, Jim Morrison was the baddest of bad boys, but my how he could sing! Such a talent, but he was really messed up. I knew he wouldn’t be around long, but he gave us some great music. This is so exciting!

    I agree with you that Mike was always better than the show. It’s funny how being a great singer isn’t enough these days. He wasn’t commercial or whatever, so what! I don’t care! I loved his gorgeous voice, his larger than life personality, everything! He earned that save. It was the only decent thing the judges did all season.


  23. Dear Mindy,

    We have CABLE so it is on several channels here. I would Google (Search, sorry, I love to google) ‘American Masters PBS The Doors’ or look for ‘American Masters – When You’re Strange.’ It was on last night during AI9 Top 4 Results Show and they replaying it today if you are able to record.

    AM – The Doors was produced in a documentary style and uses original (if somewhat grainy) film from the late sixties. The film describes Morrison’s intelligence, fondness for Blake & Nietzsche, Sinatra & Elvis, and his rapid deterioration from wretched excess, drugs and alcohol.

    The show’s 90 minutes too briefly discusses the Doors’ musicality – the drums, keyboard, and lead guitarist – I would have liked to hear more of this – and how the four members came together to developed the unique sound that so many more recent groups echo today. At the end, my interpretation is that the musicians propped up the detiorating Morrison, but somehow enabled his self-destruction.

    My take on The Doors is that Jim Morrison had one of the best ‘natural’ voices ever to hit the rock scene and (like so many songbirds) the vessel could not contain the contents and he self-destructed. I think that Morrison was a self-created ICONOCLAST who (at the beginning) thought he could control the image, the drugs, and the public antics; however, at the end, we know he did not.

    One interesting note is that Morrison’s father had been an Admiral in the US Navy in Vietnam while the Doors was the height of its fame that so exemplified the counter-culture -“sex, drugs, and rock & roll”.

    I want to warn everyone that this show does not pull any punches – some of the scenes are graphic even for today and I would recommend this for only the most mature teens and young people.

    Although the documentary maintains an distance from the material, I think that if it is introduced properly, this doco-film could serve as a cautionary tale of what not to do with your gifts/talents.


  24. I know that there are typos and editorial errors in that blog – here a two obvious ones:
    “maintains a distance”
    “they are replaying”
    I thank you for your patience.


  25. For SiobhanFans only –

    Less than two weeks until we see Siobhan perform in the finale! Let’s
    hope that AI9 provides the right material and setting for our future STAR – you GO, girl.



  26. Love what mega producer, Steve Lillywhite, has to say about Siobhan. I think he nailed it on the head. Also, he has some not so nice comments on Crystal.


  27. “The girls are definitely better than the guys,” says the 54-year-old producer. “Though Casey James had a very good first week.”

    Along with Crystal Bowersox, right?

    “Oh God, I hate Crystal Bowersox,” laughs Lillywhite. “She’s a subway singer! If they think they’re breaking the mold by having Crystal Bowersox on the show, then… there are so many girls better than Crystal.

    “I love Siobhan Magnus. To me it’s all about, do you want to be in this person’s world? You want to be in her world. You’re interested in her. You buy into her. You want to know more about her, the way she looks at you through the camera. She’s got good potential. I like Didi; she’s not bad. And I’m interested in Lilly Scott. “Fixing A Hole” is such a difficult song to make your own and she did a great job with it.”

    In case you did not read the article from above. Yea.


  28. I apologize to copying the “hate” part of that – can I please take it back?

    I know this is a promo from the AI9 E19 machine, but it shows Crystal as a decent and down-to-earth human being.


  29. Julia,

    I’m glad that you amended your post about Crystal. What sets Crystal apart from a generic “subway singer” is that she has much potential as a singer-songwriter. I find this original song incredibly moving. She has many more.

    By the way, I think Lillywhite could be a strong replacement for Simon.


  30. Yes, I should have been careful – I was wrong to paste that whole blurb. I meant to just quote the positive comments about Ms. Siobhan – I was using my iPhone to cut an paste and was discourteous, clumsy and careless to copy that nasty. We have had enough of that this year and I did not need to add to it. Mea Culpa.


  31. Yes, I have finally heard the Michael Slezak eight part interview with Siobhan, and it was outstanding! She seemed totally relaxed with him, and it was most interesting. There is so much more to her than we saw on the show. She is a charming and mature young lady. Furthermore, Michael seemed mesmerized by the honesty and humor apparent in this interview. How can you not love this girl? I had to watch the interview twice. The best part was her excitement when she spoke of the planning for her Paint It Black performance. IMO, not only was this her ‘moment’, it was the best moment of the entire season. There may be more to come; however, it may well be Siobhan’s performance in the Finale. Watching parts of her performances made me think, “How can this girl not be in the TOP 2?” The answer is that young girls are putting their votes out to the cute guys on this show. I am done voting.

    I feel the program has lost so much without Siobhan. It is painful to hear how Kara and Simon acted during her performances. It was so unnecessary. Why can’t they let things just flow naturally? All the gimmicks and manipulations of this show are almost unbearable. And, it will only get worse next season. It seems with the tone of that American Idol Survey, we may be seeing what occurs in their residence as well as dress rehearsals. Perhaps resembling Dancing With the Stars? Again, I want more singing, not more drama!

    I do agree that her Summertime performance seemed a bit strained; a cold/sore throat was predictable. If she performed this song on the show, I believe Randy and Simon would have mentioned Fantasia’s version.

    I AM hypersensitive about criticism directed at Siobhan.

    I still do not understand why Kara had to give that interview. What was accomplished by showing what a small-minded woman she is? Oh, this gets me so angry. Mindy, I agree I just have zero respect for this woman and I thought she would be a good judge.

    Julia, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had an exhibit on The Doors which was excellent! They also presented film and video documentaries. I may have seen one or both of those presentations. We were at the Rock Hall in August, so the information was current. Many years back members were asked to vote on their favorite Rock Song, and I selected, “Light My Fire”, even though I knew another excellent song would win – “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones!

    Ren, Mindy, and others – thank you so much for your comments regarding my husband’s health concerns..


  32. Dear Grammie Kari,

    I agree with your comments about the wonderful interview with our Ms. Siobhan and how the AI9 season lost its heart and spark when it lost the Magnus. When I watched the other AI9 contestants and their reactions to Siobhan’s departure, it seems that they all knew it, too.

    After my inadvertent posting earlier this week, I promised myself that I will not write or repeat derogatory comments, so I will not comment on the less-than-useful comments from bloggers, critics, and judges this year.

    However, I agree with you and other posters that Ms. Siobhan was (more than any other contestant this year) singled out for consistent putdowns, while other contestants were allowed to slip through without useful and constructive evaluations.

    I also enjoyed reading the background about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    The Rolling Stones’ get-up-and-dance driving rhythms and energy (deservedly) take the Stones to top of almost every list; and, (except for Jones who seemed to self-destruct) they are the survivors as Jagger and Richards evolved into dual focal points.

    I have to admit that I have a weakness for The Doors and their haunting but flawed pieces that remind me of the poetry of Blake, Coleridge, and Poe. Since Jim Morrison was the center, his Byronesque or Dionysian lifestyle doomed The Doors.

    Since most of the contestants this year are singer-songwriters and collaborators in which their comfort zone seems to be as members of a band, I hope that they have the opportunity to sit down and try to work through the music of rock groups such as The Beatles, The Stones, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Allman Brothers not to mimic them; but to try to pull from them what made these groups timeless. Try to pull the music apart — what works, what doesn’t, would their works be as great without the rest? What could have been omitted?

    Other groups were great for their time, but can you still listen to them? Will we want to hear them in the future? Why?


  33. Dear Kariann,

    The part of the interview where Siobhan mentioned Kara and Simon making a face at her bum note was infuriating to me. But Siobhan is quite a neat person and her interview with Slezak was wonderful.

    I haven’t mentioned before but I think it’s quite cool that you are involved with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. My husband and I have been wanting to visit it some day. We almost stopped last summer but were on our way home from a family funeral and had been on the road for about four days so we just weren’t in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. I’ve been thinking that maybe we’ll try it in early June. I’ll check out their website to see if they have anything interesting going on.

    I hope your husband has excellent medical care. Stay strong.


  34. I cannot attest to the accuracy of the numbers or the date that the sample “contract” was signed, but here is a link to an article that addresses idol contracts.


  35. Ok – I bought a ticket for the tour this summer because I want to support the contestants.
    I am hoping they get some of the money for “incidentals”.


  36. Rewind – TV Guide Interview…

    American Idol: Siobhan Magnus Interview
    May 15th, 2010

    American Idol finalist Siobhan Magnus talks about standing up for herself, being one of the last girls left in the competition and her horror film dreams.


  37. Julia, last year it was my understanding that the Idols got 5000 per concert, for a total of 250,000. I would be hard pressed to give you a source for that figure. I did a quick “google” but didn’t come up with anything. Maybe MCL knows. What concert are you going to? I think it’ll be a good time. Even though I was there for Adam last year, I thought everyone did a great job & I enjoyed myself.


  38. Good that AI9 E19 is paying them – I hope that they set aside some of the money for education and training – and I know they all have families.

    As for the concert, I have decided to open up to all possibilities and hope for the best. I choose to be optimistic.

    I have always found that just when I think I have life’s ocean all figured out, the wind changes and I need to jib and tack.



  39. I think that Kara is a very talented songwriter and I also think she might be right about Siobhan. Siobhan is really not a Pop Artist. That said, neither was Linda Ronstadt who also could not be held to a genre (I suspect that Kara might have had a similar impression of Ronstadt if she were a contestant on Idol).

    I’m not worried about Siobhan, she seems to have developed a strong fan base that encompasses older men, women, and even younger kids who like her quirkyness. Siobhan also seems to have alot of followers from overseas. Pop Artists cannot claim such a demographic – they are in the realm of the tweens who are typically young girls who are the biggest music buyers. Since Siobhan does not cater to that genre, she should not fade into the background like other Idols who were pop singers first and foremost. Siobhan might not succeed in the type of music that Kara writes, but I suspect that Siobhan will be one of the more successful contestants from Idol in a very long time. Crystal will have some success, but she and Lee will follow the well worn path to pop stardom and that is a very crowded path.


  40. I haven’t seen this website before, Idol Democracy, which proposes one person, one vote. In the week Siobhan was eliminated their poll (don’t know how many and what the cross section is):

    Crystal: 35.2%
    Casey: 17.4%
    Siobhan: 16.5%
    Lee: 12.3%
    Michael: 10.4%
    Aaron: 8.3%

    By week:
    3/16: 2nd- 19% (to Crystal w/ 22%) “Paint It Black”
    3/23: 2nd-10.7% (to Crystal w/34.4%) “Superstition”
    3/30: 6th/10 – 7.4% “Through the Fire”
    4/6: 6th/9 – 9.5%, but in a statistical tie with Lee at 9.7% “Across the Universe”
    4/13: 5th/9 – 8.8%, but in statistical tie with Casey (8.1%) and Tim (8.3%) “Suspicious Minds”
    4/20: 2nd/7 – 12.4% (to Crystal’s 44.5%) “When You Believe”
    4/27: see above “Any Man of Mine”

    Interesting for all the crap the judges gave her that she was second for “When You Believe.”

    Does anyone know anymore about these surveys?


  41. For SiobhanFans and SiobhanFanatics only –

    I cannot help myself – these fans of Siobhan have devoted a lot of time and effort to this site:

    Perfect “genre” for Siobhan: The Rock Opera Goddess??


    I don’t know if the rest of this is just rumor control because I understand that Siobhan is under contract through at least September 2010, but the idea is intriguing.

    If Allison Iraheta is successful with the Mattel’s Monster High, that might open doors for other young ladies that trend to the Rock/Punk/Goth genre that do not seem to ever fit into the AI E19 mold – Rocker Gals tend to get eliminated early on AI.

    Anyway, I am still an Allison fan (from last year) and I am happy for her if this is true.

    ‘Mattel considering Siobhan Magnus to be in music/dance video to promote “Monster High” toy franchise…’

    ‘Earlier, Weiser indicated the video could feature “American Idol” cast-off Siobhan Magnus, but Chidoni said the former “Idol” contestant who will be involved in a separate venture tied to “Monster High” is Allison Iraheta. Iraheta’s music will be featured in a separate, half-hour program that will be broadcast in multiple ways, such as on the Internet or possibly television, Chidoni said.’


  42. You cannot say the Ms. Siobhan Magnus does not inspire others:

    May she bring out the best in others.


  43. “Ex-Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller is leading a consortium bidding to buy the company that owns the rights to hit TV show American Idol. ”


  44. i love kara dioguardi shes my idol<3


  45. I predict that Siobhan Magnus will make it way up there regardless of what American Idol has failed to accomplish: make her the winner!

    Only Siobhan Magnus has that magnetic STAR quality…no matter what she does she’ll be talked about…that translates into $$$$$$ in any language!


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