Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 4 Show: Songs Of The Cinema With Jamie Foxx

Jamie Fox

Jamie Fox


This week, Jamie Foxx, will mentor the four remaining singers of American Idol Season 9  – Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze and Michael Lynche – as they tackle Songs  Of  The Cinema 

They will be singing numbers chosen from a very limited list.  Hopefully, Jamie can use some of his magic and expertise to inject new life into most of these numbers. 

I’m assuming the guitars will be back in full force!  Can’t wait! (she says sarcastically) 

Each singer will perform a solo and then will be grouped with a partner to perform a duet. 

I don’t know – I much prefer the two songs per singer format at this stage of the game.  It allows the singer an opportunity  to brand their artistry one additional time during this 60-minute live telecast. 

Best of luck to the Top 4  Finalists and feel welcome to add your comments before, during and after the live telecast on Tuesday, May 11th. 

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8 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 4 Show: Songs Of The Cinema With Jamie Foxx”

  1. I agree with you on the duets. How can a duet really show where an individual artist wants to take his/her music ? Idol seems to be trying since last year to “gimmick” up the show for ratings sake. I have a novel idea… why not let the contestants sing more?


  2. I like duets because they show the artist’s ability to harmonize and share the stage/play off another person, because let’s face it, almost every artist has to at some point. I think it is a good measure of an artist, but also good preparation.


  3. I recorded this, watched the performances, tried to ignore most of the judge-mentors & tor-mentors tonight, and zipped through the nonsense.

    Overall comments – Where were the WORDS in the numbers they all picked? These songs needed to be interpreted and almost all the words got lost tonight. What happened to the wardrobe department’s budget? Isn’t this dress-up time?

    Lee DeWyze: Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose”
    B(-) – Nerves go to him – tough song and he had a hard time with breathiness and pitch.

    Michael Lynche: Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There”
    B – Hard to get through – should have been good – don’t know why it wasn’t. Maybe Mike was trying too hard and that made it sound forced. For he first time, I felt sorry for him.

    Crystal Bowersox & Lee DeWyze: Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová’s “Falling Slowly”
    B+ – Cute – mostly in sync; that is, most of the harmonies worked. Seemed to be shouting in parts – could have used a bit of dynamics.

    Casey James: Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson”
    B – Painful – This time the vibrato truly detracted (soul-less without Paul Simon’s edge or irony). He seemed to know it, too.

    Crystal Bowersox: Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Alright”
    B+ – Crystal is OK – Smooth, upbeat, pick of the litter; good, not great.

    Michael Lynche & Casey James: Bryan Adams’ “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”
    C – These two did not really harmonize – couldn’t the judges hear that?

    This song made Don Juan Demarco and added to Depp and Brando’s performances.

    Judges –
    C – Phoned it in tonight (Were they just reading their scripts written during rehearsals?)

    Mentor –
    B – Had to follow last week’s HKJ and pales by comparison – could he be the next Judge?

    Overall – B Movie Time – Let’s go watch Chinatown & LA Confidential for their musical scores and dramatic pull.

    Note – I missed Siobhan Magnus this week because this week was a let-down.


  4. Julia, you are more kind than I would be! The only solo that I thought was good is Crystal’s. She added a new twist to a cool Kenny Loggins’ song. I have to also give Crystal credit for the nice duet with Lee; however, Kris’ version was more moving. The rest of the performances were OK. The Judges’ made it apparent that they were not pleased. There is excitement missing from this TOP 4 line-up.

    Casey seems to have lost that desire to win and didn’t work on the issues that have hindered him all season long. Michael is the same each week. No real improvement or change. I like Lee more and more each week; however, I cannot ppicture him as the Idol. This is Crystal’s to lose, IMO.

    I haven’t heard Siobhan’s Summertime, but it was on the “Songs From the Cinema List.” I know she was having some cold issues, but I bet it would have been a lot better than what we heard last night! She provided some entertaining moments that now seem to be missing.

    Mark my words, there will be a major shake-up next year, and it will involve DRAMA like many of the other REALITY shows. I don’t want that. I do not like scripted segments or overacting. All I want is some beautiful music from the contestants.


  5. Since for many of us Siobhan Magnus made AI9, Siobhan Magnus has earned a “Virtual Parade and Hometown Visit”. Let’s see – a cyberspace panorama of her story…


  6. I find it very disrespectful that the judges, instead of giving Casey some useful critique, decided to act like teenagers and tease Kara for Casey’s song choice. No one even said a peep about his vocals. Was it good? Bad? Just ok? *sigh* I know they have thrown him under the bus already, but maybe they could pretend just a little bit that they actually care.

    These four people do not deserve the earnings they get on this show. What a shame.


  7. Solidarity, it was quite obvious, wasn’t it? They want Michael to be in the TOP 3 so badly. You better believe management will be checking Casey’s totals to see if there are votes they consider illegitimate. They won’t be checking out the others, I just know it. Now, I don’t think Casey deserves to be in the TOP 3, but advice for the future should have been given.

    OFF TOPIC: I still can’t comprehend why the “Dancing with the Stars” results show goes head-to-head with “Idol.” Performance show trumps results show. I watch DWTS on Monday, and tried to switch on commercials, but they had the same schedule. {rant over}


  8. I gave my comments on another blog, but just wanted to join in with some final comments. Now Big Mike is gone and it was a great run. I loved his beautiful vocals, great technical skill, control, that fabulous falsetto and never a bad note, not once off key throughout his time on the show. After the save, he delivered some truly stellar artistic performances. It was a joy to watch him. I had a feeling that his time was up, but he made the most of his second chance.

    I really missed Siobhan while I was watching the show last night. She brought the excitement and drama. Where was it? None of the solos were really good. I am really concerned that Lee is having the kind of vocal problems that he did with “Kiss From a Rose”. Of course, it was absolutely the wrong song choice. This song was far too difficult, too tricky with the melody changes. He missed that high note so badly that I was truly embarrassed for him. For someone who is a favorite to make it to the finale, a performance like this is unacceptable to me. I guess the viewers have made up their mind and will vote based on looks, personality, past performances, a voice they like, whatever. But I ask more of someone who could be the next Idol. You need to know your voice and what you should and should not sing. The judges didn’t really call him out honestly and say just how bad he sounded.

    Crystal was the best out of a weak group. I liked how she rearranged the song and made it her own. However, she is having some technical vocal issues that seriously need to be addressed. She was shouting for too much of the song, she completely lost the words to the first part of the song, again lack of enunciation, and those last notes were just plain bad. Surprise! The judges didn’t say a thing about it. They were pleased that she gave them what they wanted. If Crystal doesn’t learn better vocal technique, then she is risking damaging her vocal cords. You cannot push your voice like that without ultimately paying a price. It’s not like the judges really care.

    I think Mike played it safe and went with a big ballad and over the top singing, complete with the gospel singers. I dearly wish he had tried a smaller song and showed off his great voice and ability to interpret the words and emotion of a song. He has never sounded bad. His consistency is taken for granted or not appreciated by many, but for someone with my musical, pitch perfect ears, I loved every performance.

    I said in my previous comments that I think Casey has emotionally withdrawn from the competition. He didn’t really do enough with the song. His voice sounded much better this week, the vibrato was more controlled, but his heart doesn’t seem to be in it. I don’t envy him next week when he will be nothing more than excess baggage or cannon fodder for the judges. We know it’s all about Crystal and Lee.

    I think Lee was saved by his duet with Crystal, but it certainly wasn’t without its flaws. She was overpowering him in some parts and their voices didn’t really harmonize all that well. What was so great about it was the chemistry between them when they were singing.

    Casey and Mike did better with their duet than I expected. Casey is the weaker singer by far, but for most of the song he pretty much held up his part. He lost it on some of the high notes near the end, but Mike was simply superb. They complemented each other and the guitar playing was brilliant. Excellent job by two guys who have a lot of heart. It can’t be easy to compete and do your best when you know that the judges could care less about you.

    So here we are with Casey, Crystal and Lee. I don’t know that this is going to be a particularly memorable top three. If Lee can’t get it together and delivers another sub-par performance next week, it could be positively embarrassing in the finale. I agree with someone who said that this is Crystal’s to lose now. She should have clear sailing right through to the end.

    It’s the viewers who have lost out this season. Are the best three singers still there? I don’t think so. The judges are a disgrace with their canned, preplanned critiques. If this show isn’t willing to make some major, significant changes for next season, then I am done.


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