American Idol Season 9 Top 4 Duet Spoilers.

Look at all those gee-tars! Rock on, singers! Thanks, D.J.,  for the pictures! Also, Michael and Casey do love that horizontal mouth position, don’t they?  Tsk! Tsk! Not good, guys.

Repeat after me -round and relaxed, round and relaxed, round and relaxed….

Michael Lynche and Casey Jones

Michael Lynche and Casey Jones

Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox

Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox

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11 Responses to “American Idol Season 9 Top 4 Duet Spoilers.”

  1. I think it’s easier to do a girl-boy duet, unless you are David Bowie and Mick Jagger or Elton John and Billy Joel. But I think style-wise Lee and Crystal will be great together. Crystal may give him some of the confidence he needs.


  2. Oh, great, duets. Because one of them worked really well last year.


  3. Here’s a link to the People magazine article about a rehearsal for tonight’s show . . .


  4. Oooo, I’m so excited! I can’t wait.


  5. Pacific Time here: Just watched Crystal and Lee. I was overcome with the emotion it created. Wow. Virtually speechless.


  6. I’m surprised not to see any other comments about last night’s show. My favorite part of the evening was the Crystal/Lee duet–I hope they sing together again at the finale.

    And I have to admit to being very amused by Casey’s song choice last night–surely he chose that song on purpose because of Kara. I had the impression that she didn’t appreciate being reminded that she’s an “older” woman. But she really deserved that!!!


  7. Lol Simon really got a kick out of the whole “cougar” thing with Kara


  8. Louise,

    I honestly wasn’t moved enough to even come here and post my thoughts last night. This was the first time I couldn’t wait for the show to end. I thought that the duets really saved the night. They were both brilliant and entertaining. It was the highlight of the evening for me.

    I don’t know if it’s even fair to criticize song choices from that dreadful list. The producers seem determined to give these contestants a very limited, cliched list of uninspired songs. I guess they all did what they could with this selection.

    I will say that I thought Lee’s selection of “Kiss From a Rose” was totally wrong for him. This song is extremely hard to sing and kind of out of his range. That high note he tried to hit, was not a pretty thing. Let’s just say that he completely missed it. I thought he was clearly struggling throughout the performance. For me this was a huge step back from last week, when Lee gave perhaps his most fully realized performance. I think it’s a huge concern when someone who is considered a virtual lock for the finale, is having these kinds of vocal problems.

    What saved Lee was the duet with Crystal. I thought at time that her voice might drown him out, but there was no denying the connection and synergy in their performance. Looking directly at each other while singing, was just genius. It gave the performance an intimacy that was utterly charming. It was sweet, heartfelt and a lovely moment in a season in which there have been far too few of them.

    I was disappointed in Big Mike’s song choice. He went back to the kind of over the top style that got him into trouble earlier in the competition. It reminded me of his “Eleanor Rigby” performance, what with the gospel singers and being so overdone. I have loved every performance since he was saved, but tonight I wanted him to go out and show the kind of artistry that has been in his recent performances. He has never given a truly bad vocal performance throughout the competition.

    Casey made an interesting song choice. I guess it would have to be all about Kara. I thought he actually did much better than the judges thought. Were they listening? His voice was miles better than last week. That vibrato was much more controlled. I just wish that Casey could show us more expression, give us more real artistry. He did try to make a few changes, but I hoped for more. He still has some of the vocal technical issues that have plagued him all through the competition. However, I thought the judges were way too hard on him.

    Crystal gave the judges what they wanted – a rollicking, uptempo, “loud” performance that seemed to be just what she needed. I thought she changed up the song nicely, adding her own style and interpretation. She seemed quite comfortable and in her element.

    Casey and Mike’s duet was practically a revelation. Who knew these two could come together and do such a great job? I loved how Casey started it off solo and then Mike joined it. I thought they both sounded great. They worked together so beautifully and it was a joy to watch. Well done!

    That’s pretty much it. There isn’t much more to say, because the judges could not be more obvious about who they want in the finale. I just want to give credit to Casey and Mike for coming out and delivering, all the way knowing that to the judges they are also rans, or “also sangs” as someone on another blog so aptly put it.


  9. Mindy,

    I very much agree that last night’s show was a dud except for the duets and I was very pleasantly surprised by both of them. This morning, I was motivated to watch the duets again, and some weeks there are no performances that move me enough to do that. My preference for tonight’s elimination would be Casey, but I know that anything can happen.

    All in all this has really been a disappointing season, and it will be very interesting to see just what TPTB come up with for next year.


  10. I have just found out some information about Casey from another site. Apparently, this is the one year anniversary of a horrific motorcycle accident that he managed to survive. I am hearing that there is another reason that he sang Mrs. Robinson. There is a line in the song – heaven holds a place for those who pray – that supposedly has a lot of meaning, given what Casey went through.

    Casey never got the chance to explain why he chose the song, because the judges were too busy making a mockery of him and the whole Kara cougar thing. I have felt for a few weeks now that Casey has emotionally withdrawn from the competition. I think he just wants it to be over, so he can go back to being a guitar player who sings, maybe with a band.

    If they don’t do something about this wretched excuse of a panel of judges, then they will make it a lot easier for me to say goodbye to what was once such an enjoyable show.


  11. louise,

    I would prefer to see Casey go, because I think that Mike deserves to be in the top three. Consistency in vocal performances, demonstrating a level of technical skill and control, is deserving of someone making it to that special place. Mike has more than earned his spot in the final three. However, I don’t know that he will get it. I have learned to temper my enthusiasm with the reality that the voting can produce startling results. I will be quite disappointed if he doesn’t make it. I have never heard him sing off key, not once. He has shown great artistry and a superb ability to connect with the words and emotion of a song. But anything can happen, as we all know too well.

    I listened to all the performances again, with my eyes closed. It was very revealing. I heard the clear vocal problems in Crystal’s solo performance. Of course, the judges never said a word. It can be so different when you are not watching them, but only listening. Any vocal issues will be magnified.

    Lee was almost unbearable to listen to with my eyes closed. The bad notes, way off key singing, was so glaring. When you see him, with his shy smile and beautiful eyes, it doesn’t seem as bad. But this performance was easily the weakest of the night. If he wasn’t so popular and blessed with blatant pimping from the judges for so many weeks, then he might well be at risk of going home. His duet with Crystal was the only saving grace for him. Yet again I could hear some dissonance listening with my eyes closed. Their voices don’t blend all that well. Crystal has the stronger, purer vocals and it felt like she overpowered him in parts of their performance. When you watch them, though, all you see is their wonderful connection. It makes a huge difference.

    After listening to Casey and Mike’s duet, I stood up and gave them my own personal standing “O”! I thought their voices worked so much better together. Casey had trouble with some of the high notes, but all in all, they really sounded great together. Mike’s voice was particularly mellifluous and lovely. Congratulations to two great competitors who have not given up on themselves, even if the judges can’t be bothered to hide the fact that they are also-rans. They are heroes in my book! The look on Casey’s face after the judges actually praised him and Mike, was priceless! His face lit up. It must be nice to finally get some good feedback after having to hear himself described as a bleating lamb last week.

    When I listened to Casey, he sounded really good. I think he could have given it a little bit more, but in comparison to Lee’s debacle, he was terrific. Of course, no surprise that the judges didn’t see it that way. I think Casey will be fine doing his thing once he is done with this show.

    I thought the judges comments sounded even more canned and predictable than ever. There was no way they weren’t going to describe Lee and Crystal’s duet as anything but a “moment”. While it was quite lovely and charming and much better than either of their solo performances, it was not quite a moment for me.

    We need major changes to this show for next season. Anything less and I will be happy to just skip it. This season has hit an all time low.


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