Siobhan Magnus Showcases Her Enormous Talent On The Ellen Show

Siobhan Magnus

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Today I was finally able to pick my jaw up from the ground after it fell with the news of Siobhan Magnus’ very untimely elimination from American Idol Season 9.

However, it was a great moment to see her perform on The Ellen Show, knowing that Ellen fully endorsed her unique artistry and musicality.

Apparently Ellen’s Dad was very fond of Siobhan and was extremely disappointed with her elimination. Great news, huh?

He will be forever bugging his daughter to feature Siobhan on her show!  Gotta love  the power of parenthood!

After her interview, Siobhan gave a phenomenal performance of “House Of The Rising Sun” – a song that captured so many of the wonderful musical elements that she brought to this competition.

The multi-layered composition of this performance – starting quietly and poignantly with her a cappella singing, followed by a slow and passionate crescendo, showcasing the beauty of her lower and head voice and then quietly ending with her customary poise and finesse  – all the while brimming with confidence and authenticity, was extraordinary to watch.

However, as much as I was loving this performance, I was hoping that she would sing the song she had selected for the Frank Sinatra Theme next week. Anyone out there who can enlighten me on this subject would definitely be on my new best friend list.

However, for now, just sit back and relax and enjoy Siobhan’s lovely interaction with Ellen, followed by her superb performance.

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  1. MCL,

    Thanks so much for this blog about Siobhan on Ellen’s show. I was just blown away listening to her performance of “House of the Rising Sun”. This was always my personal favorite. It just punctuated the disappointment at seeing her leave.

    I don’t know if I can even bear to know what she would have sung for Frank Sinatra week. Right now it’s so hard to know that she picked this theme are the one she most wanted to sing. I know that she could well have had a moment and given a performance that would have been moving and memorable. Someone on another site said that sometimes fate is cruel. It’s at times like these that I have to tell myself that everything happens for a reason. It’s just that for now I can’t see a reason. The only one that comes to mind is that she will no longer be subjected to the truly horrendous critiques of both Kara and Simon. The judges did praise her performance, but Simon had to keep going on about her scream sounding like giving birth. He really does have a way of coming up with the most bizarre comments at times.

    I do not have a doubt in my mind that the harsh criticism of the judges got in Siobhan’s head. When you have only just turned 20, that is a time when you are so vulnerable. It’s clear from her post Idol interviews, that the comments about her outfits really did cut deep. I am relieved that she out of this pressure cooker and can experience all the love and support of her family. That will help her get back to some sense of normalcy.

    My sweet sister called me from New York when she saw Siobhan get sent home. She wanted to warn me before I saw it out on the west coast. However, I was following the results online and saw the shocking news. My sister went on to remind me about Jennifer Hudson, that you don’t have to win to do well. She was so wonderful with her comforting words. She knows how invested I get when I have a favorite. I went from shock to sadness to absolute fury. That’s why I stayed away for a little while. I needed to just work through my feelings. I know that this isn’t the end of the world, but the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. At least Siobhan will be spared from the hatespeak that was so prevalent in the blogosphere. Some people even felt the need to come here and bash her about the scream. I have never understood how anyone can hate someone they never even met.

    I honestly don’t know if I will be able to watch next week. The thought of what might have been will be so painful. This one has been hard to take, because Siobhan left before her time. This is when I am reminded of all that I despise about this show. I could not be prouder of how Siobhan has handled herself. It was obvious that she was in complete shock when she was sent home. In her interviews the next day, I could see that the reality had hit her. She looked tired and kind of resigned on Ellen’s show. I think this has hit her hard. But she will bounce back and move on with her life and career. I do believe that good things are in store for her. But for now, I am still reeling from seeing her go home. It won’t be the same for me, not seeing her shining presence grace the Idol stage.


  2. Wow – thanks, MCL. I am currently subscribing to Ellen’s “Idol” podcast series so should have a permanent link to today’s show. I can watch it again later. But I agree – it was a marvelous performance. How brave to go before national TV & sing a capella once again. She is the one to watch, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I don’t know what she would have sung from the Sinatra songbook so I’ll have to figure out some other way to make it to your new best friend list. Thanks again.


  3. *hugs Mindy* I hope you’re doing all right. I was a little worried earlier today when I realized that you hadn’t posted ever since Tuesday or so (since the results came out), but I was relieved when I noticed that you’d recently posted now. 😉


  4. Sweet Mindy – we just posted on top of each other basically. Yes, I am pretty devastated too. I actually have NO intention whatsoever of watching Idol any more this season. Even with Lady Gaga’s taped performance, which I would actually be interested in seeing (I happen to be a newly converted Lady Gaga fan). I can always TiVO it & fast forward to it.

    I’m not even sure I will watch Idol every again. There is a fairly widespread belief at this point that the voting was screwed up by Aaron’s number actually being listed on some Facebook page. I can’t vouch for the validity (or lack thereof) of this particular conspiracy theory. I just know SOMETHING happened that contradicts reality & I really don’t want to be part of it anymore. Maybe if someone tells me about some really great singer next year I will TiVO the episodes but NOT listen to the judges. And I will not vote any more. I also know that this really, really hurt. Simon & Kara will have to answer for what they said to Siobhan (& others) at some point in their lives (or perhaps at some point after their lives). Just as a comparison: I watch Project Runway all the time. On Project Runway, the judges criticize the fashions that are created. Sometimes they’re not very nice. But they NEVER EVER criticize the actual designers. I have never heard them say anything even close to: you should give up trying to be a designer. Everyone is treated with respect. Simon & Kara attacked Siobhan as a person this season, week after week. It was awful.

    But for what it’s worth, I think Siobhan is going to be fine. I think she knows, as we do, that both Kara & Simon were totally out of line week after week after week. I think she knows how loved she is by so many people. The blogosphere has indeed been vile, but it was vile last year with Adam.

    My own personal hope is that without having the mantle of Idol winner, or even top 3, weighing her down that she will take some time to study with someone who can help her maximize her potential because as we have seen there is SO much in that voice to love, plus SO much in her as a performer & person to love. Siobhan is one of those people who is going to make the world a much better place just by being in it. And I am grateful to have been able to see this particular beautiful story begin to unfold.


  5. I hope Siobhan will take her time now and work out who she is as an artist and what she wants to do with that extraordinary instrument of hers. I understand that the temptation is to run to a recording studio and capitalize on the exposure from AI, but she can be so much more. And, being free of the AI/19E machine is especially good for someone with such a quirky bent — 19E wouldn’t have a clue of what to do with her, and likely would try to force her into the Top 40 genre, which I doubt is the best place for her.

    Best of luck, Siobhan!


  6. Thanks everyone. Your comments are always appreciated. I KNOW that Siobhan is going to do just fine and American Idol is fortunate to have discovered her. Love her or not, she was the only singer that embraced that stage and her audience with innovative performances eack week.

    She worked very hard – more than anyone can know or, perhaps, understand. What choice did she have? All she was looking for was a little compliment – something positive – and she never received it except from Ellen. I am so happy that she does not have to endure the negative criticism any longer. She can move forward and the faster she does so, the better. Run, don’t walk, Siobhan!


  7. SurelyBSerious April 30, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Oh, I am sorry to hear that you will not watch AI anymore. It is my favorite show. I watch it to see the young people bloom and grow. Not everyone can be AI Idol. I am sure they (contestants) had seen AI before and knows the protocol. They did not have to try out; they had been picked out of 1,000’s and have exposure to their talents. Shibohn do have fans–and if she likes the business, she will take advantage of the wonderful opportunity and exposure. Look how old is Tim Urban, and how he took the criticisms; actually laughed at the judges! Look how the AI discussion boards are~utterly brutal. I don’t have to be part of it nor anyone else who tried out. People (except Masterclass) are not polite anymore!~that is the USA culture as of now~unfortunately.



  8. I’m not sure why it is so appalling to point out that she threatened to burst eardrums, lol. Because she did.

    MCL, one should not go on American Idol hoping for any praise. They don’t owe the girl a thing, it’s a television show. [Although exactly what did they say against her personally? I don’t get that at all. I think they were saying that her singing was shaky at times. They were judges, judging her. And her ending critiques were FAR better, in my opinion, than she deserved.]

    As a singer, I frankly feel that some people are very wrong to suggest that the show did her badly, and she should not work on her musicality and showmanship. She was voted off because she didn’t always sing well. Again, it’s a television show, not the stage of the Met. I’m sorry if anyone is upset at this, but I come here because I’m interested in technical critique. If you’re all going to fawn over her, that’s fine. 🙂 But don’t be upset if someone disagrees!

    She did a nice job on that song. We’ll see how her future goes….:)


  9. What an empassioned performance! I sensed fewer nerves and a more centered focus. I wish Siobhan all the best.

    I do agree with Leeza in that you do not try out for American Idol – a drama ridden reality show at it’s best – to look for praise. I wish it could be different, more focus on the singers with true and constructive critisism for EVERY contestant, instead of creating drama and ‘directing’ votes towards those singers who ‘fit the mold’.


  10. Concerning the conspiracy theory, I can attest to the fact that the Facebook page did indeed have Aaron voting’s number (5705). Throughout the entire voting time (from east coast to west coast voting time period) the mistake was not corrected. In the comments section, people were very upset. By Wednesday morning there was an apology posted on the Facebook page. By Wednesday night, after it was announced that Siobhan will be going home, fans were really enraged and expressed themselves as such in the comment section, many attributing Siobhan’s loss to the wrong number that was posted.

    By Thursday morning, all posts and comments from fan’s expressing their outrage concerning the mistaken had been removed from the website.

    Here’s the link

    Considering that this Facebook currently has 25,000 fans, and many of them voted multiple times (to the incorrect number as was expressed by some of the fans in the comment section), it would seen that a significant number of votes were incorrectly casted to Aaron.


  11. Even if Siobhan had amazing performances every week in the top 12, I’m not sure how far she would have gotten. There’s no question she’s a gifted singer and performer, but she was really unique to the show and very polarizing. I’m not sure if she would’ve gained the popularity that Adam did. Maybe, maybe not. The voting public tends to vote for familiar artists or ones that make a song sound current. Blake Lewis was a good example in that he was unique, but his ability to combine beatboxing and singing intrigued the audience. I don’t know if Siobhan would’ve been able to do that.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter anymore. The important thing is now she has a chance to relax and not worry about being judged. And although sixth place finishers don’t usually get the major buzz, she’ll have more freedom to do what she wants to do.


  12. Glad to hear from you, Mindy and Darlene. Some of the sting from Siobhan’s elimination is gone hearing her and seeing her and knowing that she is okay. And I’m convinced that she will do fine.

    As for you, Leeza, you are just a real bundle of joy, aren’t you? 😦

    And Tony, that’s really interesting about the problem with Siobhan’s number on Facebook. I saw on Dial Idol that Aaron had the highest number of votes, so maybe that explains it. But what’s done is done.


  13. There are conspiracy theories every year. 🙂 First, Siobhan’s numbers were across the screen as always. I think Facebook would have had a very small impact, if any. Secondly, Dialidol admitted that they had a glitch and Aaron did NOT have the highest number of votes. It’s on the site if you want to see.

    Siobhan has great potential, but I have to agree with Leeza. She is not a fully formed talent, and her screams, er, high notes -hah! were too much for me. They did not spring out of a truly musical place. It didn’t work for me.

    I wish her the best of course, but life will go on. There is so much more to becoming a star than raw potential! One can never forget that.


  14. Having been a huge voting fan of Adam, I find it ironic that irregularities once again call into question the validity of the voting system of American Idol. I’m flabbergasted that Siobhan’s Facebook page listed the wrong phone number with no attempt to correct it.

    Besides irregularities, I find the entire voting process manipulative. Before Adam’s run, I had never voted before. Then I fell under his spell and found myself voting the full two hours each week. By the end of the marathon four-hour stretch at the end, I was completely fed up with the entire process. Four hours is a huge amount of investment. But then it became obvious that my land line calls couldn’t begin to match what someone with sophisticated texting capabilities could do. I voted for Siobhan for about an hour this past week and again wondered why I had bothered when she was eliminated.

    The voting process at American Idol is broken. AI needs to adopt a DWTS model of X number of votes per line. I’m not going back to voting again. I just won’t do it. This has greatly decreased my interest in even following the show.


  15. Sorry, Leeza, but some of the judges were plain disrespectful to her. If she is not their cup of tea, fine. but give the young lady some credit for at least trying to be innovative on that stage. And she has a beautiful voice – no one will ever convince me otherwise.


  16. First to the lovely and wonderful people who I have come to respect and admire –

    Dearest J,

    Thank you for your kind words. I just needed a little time to get over my disappointment, sadness and anger. I have been fortunate enough to be thrilled by Siobhan’s performances. I could see the hard work she put into every performance each week. She didn’t play it safe, stayed true to herself and is okay with everything. One can’t ask for more than that.

    Wonderful Darlene,

    Yes, we did post our comments back-to-back. How appropriate! You said one thing that I did not address in my original post. I had so much to say and couldn’t get it all out at one time. I did want to say that I sincerely hope that Siobhan gets hooked up with some classy people who are interested in helping her develop her vocals, learn how to use her incredible instrument and above all, who want her to have the best chance for a long term career as a singer. Josh Groban spoke about how lucky he was to meet up with people who wanted to help him fully realize his potential. He had people who told him that he would have to make a serious commitment to the hard work and training needed to hone his instrument and learn how to use it to best effect. He spoke about the hours of hard work and the dedication required to achieve the kind of vocal prowess he has displayed to the joy and happiness of his many fans. He realized that he was fortunate to hook up with people who were interested in helping him make the most of his opportunities. I hope that Siobhan is able to connect with people of that calibre. I want her to be around people who understand that she has an extraordinary voice and just needs some guidance and training to learn how to control it. She has so much voice and will benefit from the discipline gained by studying voice and vocal technique. I want the best for her.

    Now to the person who made some unfortunate comments about both Siobhan and those of us who are her devoted fans.

    You do not get to judge and decide how and what we should feel. We are entitled to support Siobhan in any way we see fit. We are entitle to express our devotion and admiration and also, our frustration when we feel that she has been treated unfairly and disrespectfully. No one has the right to ever demean, trash or gratuitously insult a contestant who dares to pursue their dream. Anyone who would do that, by virtue of being put in the position of judging a contestant, anyone who would abuse that role, anyone who would blatantly and cruelly try to destroy a contestant’s self-esteem, does not deserve to be a judge at all. I choose to judge the judges. Kara and Simon get an “F” from me. They have failed in their responsibility to encourage and give constructive criticism that helps a contestant realize their potential.

    No one ever said that Siobhan is a delicate flower who cannot be criticized at all. But she deserved better than what she got from the judges. As far as Tim, yes he was able to shrug it off and good for him. But they didn’t stoop so low as to make fun of what he was wearing. The judges also pulled an aboutface and started praising Tim to the heavens, so effusively that it became positively embarrassing. Siobhan handled their attacks in the best way possible. She was never rude or impolite. She tried to explain the concept and thought process behind her performances. I especially appreciated her revelation that “Across the Universe” was meant for her two sisters. It was a beautiful, sincere moment. I don’t think Siobhan wanted anything except to be given a fair chance to prove herself. This girl put an enormous amount of effort into her performances, took risks that she didn’t have to, challenged herself every single week. She didn’t take the easy way out like other contestants. All she got was slimy, bizarre comments about wanting to be her friend but not buy her record, not knowing who she was and how she lost herself and her confidence. Siobhan never lost herself, it was the judges who lost their way. With their stupid agenda always in mind, they turned a dear ear to her performances. She could have gone out there and sung scales and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

    I am tired of people who come here for the express purpose of making fun of Siobhan’s so-called screaming and also to heap scorn on her, throw cheap shots at her as if they know who she is and what she did or did not expect from the judges. Obviously, anyone who would say that Siobhan expected special treatment, has not bothered to read any of her post-Idol interviews.

    I love when people come here and say they are singers and then pronounce judgement on Siobhan’s singing, as though they are the last word. I may not be a professional singer, but people here know that I have enough basic vocal technique and a musical pitch perfect ear that is a gift and I trust what I hear. I have as much credibility as anyone who claims to be a singer. No one said that Idol is the MET and the idea that this show would ever be confused by being anything like the MET, is patently absurd on its face. I don’t think what I say after the weekly performances falls under the insulting term of “fawning”.

    If some come here looking to start an argument, rather than a respectful discussion, then that is unfortunate. MCL has given her critiques of Siobhan and has found much to appreciate. If others cannot or will not hear it, then that is their loss.


  17. Bella and Leeza,
    It’s funny how people seem to complain so much about Siobhan’s “screams” but I didn’t hear many people complain about Adam’s “screams” last year. Personally, I wasn’t that fond of either doing it week after week and I’ve mentioned it here a number of times. But I did love other parts of Siobhan’s voice. Her performances consisted of so much more than just the “scream” and she was the one I looked forward to hearing each week. Most of the people who post on this blog seem to realize that everyone doesn’t like the same type of music or the same sound. Just because you aren’t fond of one person, doesn’t mean that everyone else is wrong. I know that Jeanne and Vonnie were not fans of Siobhan, but they were very gracious after she was eliminated. Last year Adam wasn’t my favorite, however, I did think he was very talented and said so–he just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    Also as for the remarks about the judges not criticizing anything other than Siobhan’s performance, I don’t think you’re correct about that. Do you recall Simon’s comments about Siobhan being a “funny little thing”? And there were other comments which I can’t quote so I’m not going to try. I know there were references to her clothing, but Simon has definitely done that to other contestants in other seasons too. I seem to remember Simon being rather hard on Jennifer Hudson too–including her appearance, but look what happened to her. So that’s a perfect example of Simon not always being right.

    It seems to me that the judges have been using different judging standards for different contestants. As much as I enjoy Lee sometimes, they have not critically evaluated him like they did Siobhan. I basically like Lee’s sound, but sometimes he sounds really off pitch to me and then nothing is ever said about it–in fact, he usually gets quite a bit of praise. Plus they could certainly critique his lack of performance skills.

    And as much as I love Crystal, she hasn’t always been a “fully formed talent” either. If they didn’t love her so much, they could have criticized her for always staying in one place, not working the stage, not enunciating, etc. And the same can surely be said for Casey. I’m remembering Bo Bice and his ability to sing and to really entertain. Casey’s got a nice enough voice, but to me he’s a very boring performer with the exception of the week when he did “Jealous Man.”
    But I also understand that others probably think he’s the best thing ever.

    Watching Idol and reading the diverse views of viewers amazes me as much as following politics and wondering how people can have such opposite opinions.


  18. Sorry, typo again. I meant to say that the judges turned a DEAF ear to Siobhan’s performances!


  19. What AI is sorely missing is quality judging. I have always enjoyed listening to the critiques given on Bravo shows such as Top Chef, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, and Sheer Genius. The judges on these programs are clearly knowledgable experts in their fields, and they provide serious, informed, detailed critiques of each contestant’s work, whether it be a dress or a sorbet. The critiques that I have read here in this blog clearly fit into that category, and I understand MCL’s frustration at seeing the AI judges give such silly, disrespectful, and unhelpful comments week after week.


  20. Sue,
    Very well said about AI not having quality judging. I completely agree.


  21. Thanks, Louise. I really think that the producers and judges of American Idol underestimate the viewing audience. Shows like Project Runway and Top Chef continue to be popular season after season while American Idol seems to be languishing this year in terms of viewership and the number of votes cast each week. Even the judges of DWTS manage to provide better commentaries after each performance despite their often silly antics.


  22. I’ve been thinking about it and I think Casey could win. Country music equals money. If he keeps up performing like he did this week, watch out Crystal and Lee!!!

    I’m a Siobhan fan, BTW.


  23. Alex, you made an interesting point, but I’m almost positive that Casey in no way identifies himself as a country singer. He’s big on blues, especially, and also rock. Randy called him a “bluesy rock god” if you remember, and you’ll get some notable hits for casey james blues rock”

    Here are example quotes:

    Casey James is by far the best guitarist to appear on their stage. Blending a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas-style electric blues with some New Orleans blues rock and some Chicago electric blues styles, Casey James has rocked the stage for the past couple weeks.

    Although he’s had a few spotty critiques, he has pretty much won over the judges. Randy Jackson is constantly referring to his blues licks and Kara DioGuardi, who had cooled off toward James for a few weeks, started warming up again and in the Top 11 week told him he was already a rock star.

    ” ‘Jealous Guy’ notwithstanding, Casey James’ performances have all been the same thing over and over again,” Cantiello said of the ponytailed Texas guitar slinger, who has carved out a blues-rock niche on the show.


  24. Grammie Kari May 1, 2010 at 3:58 am

    Hello, I see many friends are here. I did not want to post this anywhere else but here. Siobhan has been such a bright star this season for both my and my husband. We were out to lunch on Monday and actually discussing Siobhan and how important it is to get to the TOP 5. Last year, they got to go to the Disney World Experience project to promote the process and shoot publicity shots. Each finalist made $50,000 for the promotion. He thought she was on her way to becoming a star and her performances were special each week.

    On Tuesday, he found out he has prostate cancer. We are devastated!

    Seeing Siobhan Magnus get eliminated was heart breaking. We both were very upset. My DH now says he doesn’t want to watch American Idol any more. Seeing her perform on Ellen’s Show was wonderful. I do believe she will have a successful career, whether it be in music, film, modeling, or the theater.

    This is all I am going to write tonight. Thank you, MCL.


  25. Dear Kariann,
    I am so sorry to learn about your husband’s diagnosis, however, that seems to be a kind of cancer that is fairly easy to treat. I certainly hope that this is true for your husband. I know a friend of the family had the same diagnosis six or seven years ago, and he is doing quite well. Siobhan’s elimination on Tuesday was a double whammy for you and your husband. I will be thinking of the two of you and trying to send positive thoughts your way. But this does help to put things in perspective–let’s see–cancer diagnosis or elimination from American Idol. Siobhan will truly be fine, even though we’ll miss seeing her. Please take care.


  26. By the way, I made the assumption that Kariann and Grammie Kari are one and the same. If I made a mistake about that, I am sorry.


  27. I would just like to say that while I understand being disappointed and even upset at the judges’ behavior, I think it is a little treacherous ground to say that they can’t judge the way they do, but I am free to judge them any way I like. When we meet fire with fire, we generally bring ourselves down to the level of the very people we criticize, and no one wins.

    Siobhan showed extraordinary grace in her dealings with the judges, and I think even what some people refer to as her “talking back” to the judges — which may not have been the best strategy, but who’s to say — was done with intelligence and was notably absent of the kind of negative emotion and frustration that I’m sure I would have exhibited had I been in her shoes. She is quite mature in this regard and I think we could all take a lesson from her in how to treat others in a loving manner, even when they don’t return the courtesy.


  28. At the risk of turning this site into the Siobhan Magnus appreciation site, I would like to know where Siobhan can be seen or heard in the next few weeks.

    I saw the Ellen Show and it made me happy to see her gracious and poised appearance (Natalie Portman had that grace and poise at her age). On appearances in cyberspace, she expressed her intentions continue to become a role model for young ladies (such as her sisters). She even played a little bit of piano on some – alas, the quality was poor on the videos that I could find. Lastly, I read that she will be appearing on the Letterman show next week.

    If anyone knows of other links or information concerning her upcoming appearances, please post them.

    As for American Idol, I will be recording AI9 so I can zip through the silly and sad parts of the show, but alas my fingers are worn from texting and redialing for two hours last Tuesday and my heart is just not able to respond to the remaining contestants (although I wish them well). For me, Siobhan WAS American Idol this year.


  29. Grammie Kari — All strength and hope to you and your husband in this difficult time.


  30. Grammie Kari – I am so sorry about your husband’s diagnosis. However, early treatment is key here and so much progress has been made in the treatment of cancer. I am a breast cancer survivor -13 years and counting. And a friend of mine has survived prostate cancer for 16 years.

    I know in my heart that he will be fine and my thoughts and prayers go with you. Be strong! He can beat this! Positive vibes and love sent your way. xo


  31. I agree that House of the Rising Sun was a masterful performance (and almost certainly Siobhan’s best performance on the show), but I’m not sure that her departure was “untimely”. She seemed lost up there, unable to choose songs such as House of the Rising Sun that showed off her voice. Whether by selection restriction or lack of understanding about her voice isn’t clear, but I tend to think the latter. She time after time chose songs that didn’t fit her, and that she couldn’t give any power to except by belting out the last 16 bars. No matter how marvelously she did that last part, the weakness of her beginnings made it seem like the last 16 bars were her “gimmick”.

    For as much as people compare her to Adam, in the most important sense she was nothing like him – the business sense. Adam was a fully formed businessman, always thinking about his look, his sound, his song choice, and his personality to both be himself and to appeal to people. I’m sure he’s a very genuine, personable person, but if anyone thinks he wasn’t being shrewd and calculating during each opportunity to be in front of millions on TV, I think they’re deluding themselves.

    This is where Siobhan lost the competition, I think. Voters need to have a reason to like you and vote for you, and no matter how talented you are they want to feel like they have an agency in a discovery process. The point where she said that she couldn’t even define herself was telling. While some (such as the people here) may enjoy that because they already feel they’ve discovered something, for most it is a letdown that even SHE doesn’t know what she is trying to do up there except sing songs she likes and possibly sings in the car or the shower. We all thought that she was focus-less and lost, and to have that confirmed was disheartening at best.

    I think the best thing that could happen to her is to get with someone who says “what do you want to be” and make her answer the question. Exploration is good but she needs to have some kind of idea of a destination beyond “famous singer” or she’ll be hopelessly lost and never have a chance to be anything at all.


  32. SurelyBSerious May 1, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Cancer~I am also a survivor since 1996. Caught it early~stage one. There is hope.


  33. I have gotten messages in my email which haven’t appeared here yet, but thank you everyone for the words of support and success stories! It means so much. My DH just went for a Bone Scan and CT, so that will put him up to date as to what stage of cancer he has. We will meet with the doctor in about 10 days. The rest we leave to the Lord.

    Louise, I started off as Kariann and when I had my first Grandchild I got the nickname Grammie. MCL, I appreciate your sharing with us. Thank you so much.

    Siobhan did seem very comfortable with Ellen. I loved Ellen’s comment, when she clearly says, “You are such a star.” Also, how Ellen said “way to show ‘em!” when she hugged Siobhan after she sang. She did such a wonderful job!

    Since Paint It Black is on the Idol CD, I am sure she’ll be singing that song and House of the Rising Sun on tour. She should have a third song too. Is anyone planning on going to see the Concert Tour?

    Regarding Casey James, things are looking up for him but I have heard no guitars for Frank Sinatra week. That will be a challenge for him and others. I would love to see Casey in a tuxedo. I bet he’d look quite handsome. Crystal and Lee will also be without their guitars, so it will be a challenging week.

    Unfortunately, we won’t get to her Siobhan sing My Way. We will truly miss her! *sob sob*


  34. Hi All,

    I decided that after Season 7 nearly killed me that I was going to look at Idol from a different perspective and it’s really made watching now a much more enjoyable experience.
    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this show, but I came to grips about a lot of the injustices that are simply not under my control. Top of the list is the voting system, unless they change this we will always see contestants getting knocked out before a lot of others that should. Still, in the end they always get it right, or almost right. Bottom line for the 19 machine is ratings and dollars and they try to manipulate viewers in any way they want with the judging, performance order and whatever else they come up with. What I REALLY care about are the contestants and knowing that they have been given an opportunity that they most likely would never have had otherwise and for me the process is truly enjoyable
    seeing them perform and grow. I feel badly each week for whomever is voted off and if my favorite is voted off before I think that he/she should go I feel really sad. I try to look at the bright side and wish them all well. I haven’t voted yet this season and probably won’t until the final 2.

    I’m looking forward to this week, I think that having the mentor, Harry Connick Jr., be more involved in doing the arrangements and, I am assuming, working with the kids on their performances will hopefully be a plus. I remember back in Jennifer Hudson’s season when Barry Manilow worked with the contestants in a similar way and the results were dramatic.

    Grammie Kari – My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer nearly 4 years ago. Dealing with the diagnostic process was most difficult and scary for us, it was a great diet for me however!!!!! He’s doing just fine now and we are so gratefull to all the medical professionals who were so kind and helpful to us. Keep your chin up and good luck, I’ll be thinking about you.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.


  35. MCL, I’d be proud to be on your “new best friend list”!!! Here’s a link to an interview with Siobhan where she says that she was planning to sing “My Way” for her grandfather.


  36. As a huge fan of both Adam and Siobhan, I’d like to comment on the seemingly endless comparisons that have been made between them, especially those that cast Siobhan in a negative light.

    What is disingenous about them is that they discount their differences in age and experience. Adam showed up on the AI stage as a fully formed singer and performer. He had seven more years of experience perfecting his vocal ability, performing in a wide array of productions ranging from “The Ten Commandments” to “The Zodiac Show,” writing, producing, and performing original music, working in the industry, and discovering himself as an individual and as a performer. Adam has commented himself that had the AI experience been presented to him a few years earlier, he would have crumpled under the pressure.

    Let’s now imagine a 20-year-old Adam on the AI stage. At that point in his life, he was doing the cruise ship circuit and just in the process of shedding his fresh-faced, strawberry blond, slightly pudgy, freckled, wholesome as apple pie look. Could he have pulled off “Mad World” and “Tracks of My Tears” then? Maybe yes. But, could he have commanded the stage with “Ring of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Love” at that tender age? Certainly not.

    Adam arrived on the AI stage as a perfectly cut and polished diamond glittering in the light. In contrast, Siobhan is much like an uncut and unpolished diamond. We have seen flashes of brilliance, but she simply needs a little more time, experience, and training to uncover and reveal all that she has to offer.


  37. Having been a Siobahn fan from the onset, I saw something very special about this young lady. I was and have been very upset when others sang in weeks past quite poorly and were not given scathing reviews. They seemed to save that for Siobahn. I came to the point where I expected an unfair judging week after week and had to mute Kara lest she say one more time “I just don’t know who you are”. Obviously this sent Siobahn struggling to please the judges. She probably should have had the strength to continue on as she was and just temper the high notes somewhat, but she obviously did not see that. I can only wonder for the past two weeks that she has been responding to Simon’s rude comments off screen, ie. the T-Shirt comment as well as others if that is what this elimination was all about. There was not one poll, EW, Idol, etc. that had her behind. It was a given that Mike was going home, with Aaron a close second. I’m sorry, I do not have any faith in the honesty of the Idol judging system. What Happened? Just who is it they want in the finals, Lee and Crystal, third spot Aaron or pompous Mike. They will manipulate it however they can. It is just to angsty to continue to watch. They had a diamond in the rough and they cast her away. Idol’s loss, but look at Daughtry also and see what he has done. Look at Carly, it is taken her awhile, but this is her year also. We need to watch, listen and support Siobahn as she grows. She has all of the elements to be a success.


  38. Excellent point, Sue. It’s totally true that Adam wouldn’t have done nearly as well without those years of experience to rely on. It gives me great hope for Siobhan’s future, as she can only grow and learn more from this process.

    I know I’ll certainly be following Siobhan’s journey post-Idol, and I’m excited to see what she will come up with!


  39. This is in response to the individuals who observed a certain resistance to the popular culture or populist audience in the performances of Siobhan Magnus. No one ever said that Ms. Siobhan was politically savvy. From her responses, she did try to work with the “machine” from “Through the Fire” and subsequent weeks and recognizes now that she performed best in the Rock/Punk/R&B/Soul modes.

    However, Ms. Siobhan Magnus may just come out ahead of the game. She will have the invaluable experience of touring this summer and the exposure from the AI9 machine.

    Perhaps with the right team of professionals, she can use this experience as a platform for future entertainment opportunities – acting & singing, theater & film that seem to be her interests. My hope is that she can take advantage of what I see as her attraction to eclectic arts and integrate these into upcoming venues in “new media” (perhaps fusion?).

    I know that the caricature at the following link was derived from VTFW, but you cannot say the originator was not inspired by the source.

    “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.
    Just be who you want to be
    Not what others want to see.”


  40. Oh dear. I just saw the Siobhan performance on Ellen and it made me miss her already. That was a very good vocal and song choice. I know that every year we say it’s not the last we’ll see some of the contestants who are voted off and then nothing happens and we never see them again. I’m pretty sure that we WILL see more of Siobhan. She’s young, talent and unique.


  41. Grammie Keri,

    I did think that it was you and just a name change, but thanks for clarifying it. I just wanted to tell you that my thoughts and prayers are with you now as you await the results of the diagnostic tests. It is true that this is a cancer that is treatable if detected early. I sincerely hope that you will receive good news. Hang in there and know that you have people who love and care for you. I hope your husband will focus on his health and know that Siobhan will be fine. She has a bright future ahead of her. If you are able to do so, please keep us informed as much as possible. You are a dear soul!


    You basically said what I wanted to about the very real difference between Adam and Siobhan. I don’t think it serves any purpose to keep comparing them as though they were equals. Just because someone has the ability to sing high power notes doesn’t mean they are exactly like someone else. I remember that interview in which Adam said that he is glad that he waited a few more years before going on the show. He said that it gave him a chance to develop a thicker skin. He didn’t think he would have survived if he went on when he was younger. Somehow Siobhan survived the scathing critiques by the judges, but it took a toll on her.

    I just wanted to say how happy I am that Mike is still in the competition. People have been blaming him for Siobhan going home. They think saving him is what cost her. I think this is just nonsense. The one good thing that the judges did this season was to save Mike. It would have been a travesty to see him leave at such an early point in the finals. He has shown with his performances that he deserved to be saved. It’s interesting that while his technical skills have faltered in his last two performances, his performance value, his ability to connect with the songs, has really improved. I would never want artistry at the expense of technical prowess, but it might actually be helping Mike to stay in the competition. I do believe the drop in technical skill is due to both mental and physical fatigue. Mike has been the most technically proficient singer this season. After reading MCL’s critique, I realized that the softness I heard in his voice, that feeling that the orchestra was overpowering him, was really a technical problem with Mike not accessing his diaphragm muscles and using them to give more heft to his voice. I know he has the power, but it just wasn’t there. However, the sheer conviction and feeling, telling the story of the song with his voice, was quite extraordinary. I hope this week he will manage to regroup and display his usual high level of technical ability AND also show great artistry. Sinatra’s songs are classics, truly great songs that have stood the test of time. They are songs that should bring out the best in all of the contestants. I hope Mike chooses wisely and gives another heartfelt performance.

    I also wanted to say that I do not think saying that someone’s performance was “wet” makes for a rational and reasoned critique. Simon just has a way of making insipid, ridiculous comments instead of just coming out and saying what he thinks. When pressed, he said that it meant “girlie”. I don’t even want to explore the full meaning of that comment, but let me say that this is just another illustration of the silliness and irrelevance of the judging this season. What was Mike supposed to take from that critique? That he shouldn’t use his high falsetto voice so he doesn’t sound “wet” or “girlie”? Many male singers have a high falsetto voice that they use to great effect. But then I see that it has been said that if we criticize the judges too strongly, then we are doing exactly what they are doing. I disagree. I am hardly the only one who has practically begged for more constructive criticism from the judges this season. This is all I am asking of them.

    The judges are doing Lee no favors by just giving him unqualified praise. Lee has had persistent pitch problems all throughout the finals. He has made some progress in addressing these issues, but when he started his song last week in the wrong key, as MCL suggested, it indicates that he is still struggling vocally. He will remain stagnant and static unless the judges point out these problems and give him some worthwhile advice. I also think the lack of facial expression detracts from his performance value. I figured out what was bothering me about Lee – it’s the absolute lack of emotional connection when he performs. Except for one or two of Lee’s performances, I have not been able to feel any real connection with the words of the song. But if no one calls him out for it, then how is he going to deal with it? No, much better to just let him coast along with overflowing praise to ensure that he gets to the finale. Lee can be so much more and it’s too bad that the judges aren’t willing to ask him realize that potential.


  42. Sue,
    You made an excellent point about the differences between Adam and Siobhan. As I think I said once before on this site, the only possible similarity between the two of them that I could see was the “scream” near the end of their songs. Other than that, there was no similarity at all. Adam was probably the most polished contestant ever on Idol. And before Adam, the only other contestant who seemed to have a real plan to earn a spot in the finale was Taylor Hicks. I think the only contestant who seems a little savvy this year is Crystal.


  43. I,m driving home from my granddaughter’s dance recital!.

    Thank you Louise for the link to Siobhan’s Sinatra selection. You are, indeed, on my New Best Friends List!;}

    Thanks to all of you for you comments! Keep them coming!

    P.S. Siobhan would have performed “My Way” in such a memorable way! I can hear it in my head! {sigh}


  44. Hi beloved Siobhan lovers:
    for those who crave for her, here some new songs at the if i can dream house.

    for someone who just watched american idol for her, i realize i`m better now that she is out. got to see singing more this week that she is out than when she was in
    cheer up everybody!


  45. I wish Siobhan all the best. Certainly she’ll become more comfortable with who she is as a performer during the Idol tour and beyond. She has many fans and supporters and it will be fascinating to see what the future holds for this very talented young lady.


  46. And dear Kariann,
    I am so sorry to learn about your husband’s diagnosis too
    wish you both all the best


  47. For those who haven’t watched it yet: Siobhan’s entire visit at If I Can Dream House

    She really is wicked cool. Especially when she’s behind the piano. I miss this girl so much.


  48. Grammie Kari May 2, 2010 at 8:32 am

    But then it became obvious that my land line calls couldn’t begin to match what someone with sophisticated texting capabilities could do.

    Sue, I made this decision last season, but I got all caught up with the wonderful talent of Siobhan Magnus, and did vote for her. I know I cannot compete with 10,000 votes an hour for some of the cute guys. I refuse to believe her faithful fans did not vote, but she may not have captured casual viewers. So, again I vow not to vote ever again.

    Also, thank you for the factual comparisons between Adam and Siobhan. I believe MCL has sighted vocal changes that occur in a young person’s voice. This was most obvious in 19 year-old Elvis Presley’s voice compared to his voice at 25 years-old. Add this change and vocal training, Siobhan can only get better!

    Some forum participants are comparing her elimination to Chris Daughtry’s, and that is so wrong. He landed in the Bottom 3 three times; once was in the Bottom 2. His fans knew the possibility of his going home that last month. She was NEVER in the Bottom 3! We were not prepared, especially thinking she would be TOP 3.

    Somehow Siobhan survived the scathing critiques by the judges, but it took a toll on her.

    Mindy, I do agree with you. Adam and Taylor had the confidence to basically ignore the judges, especially Simon. I will not miss his leaving the show, although many feel it will be the end of American Idol.

    I was surprised that Randy was Siobhan’s favorite judge. However, I believe he really wants her to succeed. The judging on Idol is inferior when compared with the judges from America’s Best Dance Crew. They offer concrete criticism and fair evaluations. Randy is the producer for that show; he knows better.

    Thank you AuntieAudie and Mindy for such uplifting messages! I appreciate all these gracious comments from others.


  49. Correction: Chris Daughtry eas Bottom 2 twice before his actual elimination. At least his fans knew it was a possibility. Siobhan’s fans did not.


  50. Siobhan’s performance on Ellen was beautiful, HOTRS was my favorite performance by her. Although she had some great performances after this, it’s my suspicion that Simon’s bizarre trashing of this performance first planted the seeds of the apparent self doubt that I felt in some of her later performances. Although Siobhan continually reiterated that she wanted to stay true to herself, what she didn’t say is that she also had a compelling (and contradictory!) need to make her AI experience be financially rewarding for her family. To her credit, she never used this backstory to further her success.

    Re the conspiracy theories, I doubt that the facebook mistake is a major factor, and since that’s not under AI’s control, it’s really not their concern. But until AI is transparent and adopts a better voting system, such doubts will continue to surface. The FAQ that Grammie Karie quoted contains a loophole you could drive a truck through. The producers reserve the right to remove power voting when it can affect the “fairness”, but how do they define fair, and how is it done in a truly fair way?

    Let’s say, for instance, that when a competitor is endorsed by VFTW, in order to minimize the impact of that site, the producers remove power text & dial votes just for that candidate. But they have no way of differentiating the power votes from VFTW from those done by legitimate fans all along. If they didn’t remove power votes from other competitors, that would create a manipulation of the results. Now, one could argue that the long run of Tim would undermine this theory. But Tim had a lot of fans; while he didn’t have one of the stronger voices, he’s got a better voice than some very popular performers. Perhaps, if they hadn’t removed power votes for Tim, he would have lasted even longer? Or perhaps they only remove power votes for VFTW candidates in the later stages?

    Do I think this happened? I have no idea, it’s only a theory. But AI should just simply ban all power voting, and provide more transparency about the process. Other shows are able to do this. Of course AI won’t, because of the dramatic reduction in vote totals that would occur, and because apparently they have a lucrative exclusive contract for free text votes with AT&T.

    I wish Siobhan well in her career, and hope some day to purchase her album.

    Great site, MCL, what a wonderful way to use popular entertainment such as AI to advance real music education!


  51. A new article has come out which explains what happened during the Top 10 week. The Teen Idols theme was changed at the last minute to Billboard’s Top 100, making the Idols scramble to choose and rehearse new songs at the last moment.

    The song that Siobhan was going to pick? One of my personal favorites – “To Sir With Love.” I wonder now if she would have still lost her edge and been eliminated if she had been able to sing it.

    Her run went:

    Wicked Game
    House of the Rising Sun
    Paint it Black
    Through the Fire (last-minute replacement for “To Sir With Love”)
    Across the Universe
    Suspicious Minds
    When You Believe
    Any Man of Mine

    “Superstition” was not as strong as her earlier performances, but we all know how she struggled with “Through the Fire.” She was heavily criticized for it, and I think that’s when she really began to lose her confidence and the judges’ support. Had she been about to sing “To Sir With Love,” I really believe that she would still be in the game.

    So, we have missed out on what could have been two stellar performances: “To Sir With Love” and “My Way.”


  52. Here is a link to another LA Times article/interview with Siobhan Magnus:

    “Siobhan Magnus explains the ill-fated ‘Teen Idols’ week, takes issue with ‘scream’ label, more at ‘Dream’ house”


  53. Since I’m de-lurking, I have to first thank this site for providing smart and sane discussion of Siobhan’s performances throughout the season. MCL’s example has inspired commentary on Idol that for the most part builds up each performer without diminishing the other contestants in the process. This is nothing short of a miracle on the Internet!

    What has moved me to comment is the depressing news that Siobhan ALMOST sang “To Sir With Love” on the show, as revealed at the If I Can Dream house. This was actually my pick for her for Teen Idol week! (And I still held out hope it might be done for the rumored Movie week.) Like Sue, I am also lamenting what might have been in terms of Siobhan’s momentum on the show. To that end, I just want to correct her list. “To Sir With Love” would have followed “Paint It Black” (talk about a one-two-punch!) replacing “Superstition” (the Billboard #1 pick) which she very likely would have then done for R&B week instead (it was even on the list), eliminating “Through The Fire,” her only true stumble in my opinion. One important aspect of this change is that there wouldn’t have been the back-to-back “screams” of PIB and Superstition.


  54. Christopher – wlecome and thank you for your lovely comments. We really attempt to be civil on this site, even when dealing with the news of Siobhan’s untimely elimination.

    I, as well, would have given an arm and a leg to hear her perform “To Sir With Love” and “My Way”. Perhaps she will be permited to do so on the tour but I’m not holding my breath given the negative Idol circumstances surrounding Siobhan.

    Hopefully, the tour will open many new and exciting doors in which she can further develop her talent in a positive way, free from restrictions.


  55. MCL:
    I don’t know if you found out yet what Siobhan was going to sing, in case you didn’t it was going to be:
    My Way
    done in a Punk-rock style — Sid Vicious’ rendition.
    Siobhan was wondeful on Ellen, but we all know that.
    I can’t imagine that she won’t become a star, she has it all.
    Her looks won’t hurt, and to be sure, she’ll be looking more beautiful when the professionals/experts get a hold of her. What a voice!
    For me, I am making plans to go out on Tuesday nights now so I don’t watch the show as I’ve been doing for the past 9 Seasons.


  56. MCL, Oh, too late, I notice you found out. You are on to all the news.


  57. Just want to add, my condolensces to all of you on Siobhan’s departure.
    I, too, cried and told my husband to come home quickly from work on Tuesday night. We were devastated, but we will go on because we have to support Siobhan when she is over with the conection to American Idol. In the end, this may be for the best.
    I am boycotting the show as many others are, and I pledge I will not watch Simon Cowell’s new show. He was awful to her; he treated her as if she were sub-human, and I liked Simon before that. Just wanted to get it off my chest. Simon had not right to mess with Siobhan’s mind, and he did!


  58. Error above, should be “Simon had “no” right to mess with Siobhan’s mind. (Sorry)


  59. Ren – a family member who is very intuitive did suggest to me that Siobhan was a closet punk-rocker – that this would become evident as the show moved on. And, from what you just told me, he was oh so correct. Thanks for this information. Darn now, I wish I could hear her perform this number. All in good time!


  60. Christopher,

    Yes, you are right that Siobhan replaced “To Sir With Love” with “Superstition.” Her original choice of “To Sir With Love” would have certainly propelled her further than “Superstition” as it is such an evocative piece both lyrically and melodically.


    I found your blog last year and wish that I had not waited so long to “de-lurk.” I am greatly enjoying the thougtful and informative conversations that your critiques inspire.


  61. JohnT,

    I am in complete agreement with you regarding your thoughts about Simon’s negative critique of Siobhan’s brilliant performance of HOTRS. It was quite bizarre and he was at odds with all the other judges. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I don’t think anyone would argue that this was probably her best pure vocal performance. But Simon’s comments absolutely planted seeds of doubt in Siobhan’s mind. Sometimes you don’t even consciously realize that it has happened. When Simon praised Siobhan’s performance of “Think”, complete with that signature high note, I think she felt that this was what she needed to do in order to succeed.

    It breaks my heart all over again to know that Siobhan wanted to sing “To Sir, With Love”. I loved the movie and that song is one of my favorites from my teen years. I think she would have done an incredible job. However, given how the judges went after her, I honestly don’t think it would have made a difference. They had their agenda and executed it to perfection. I still wish I could have heard her sing that song. As far as Siobhan doing the Sid Vicious version of “My Way”, well, I don’t know about that. I listened to it on youtube and it is kind of bizarre. Sid Vicious and punk rock was definitely not my thing. He was a really troubled soul.

    I will always regret Siobhan leaving when she did, but it’s done and now all she can do is look to the future. I don’t see any way that she could have survived the endless attacks from the judges.

    I didn’t like reading that the producers can remove power voting when it affect fairness. I would hate to think about their conception of fairness – maybe when it affects one of their pre-ordained favorites? This voting system is so corrupt and lacking in transparency that it becomes beyond absurd. I don’t want to vote anymore. As long as the power texting is a part of the voting process, it will give an unfair advantage to some contestants. I don’t see the show changing anything about the voting. The controversy, conspiracy theories and questions will persist. The arrogance of the producers of this show knows no bounds.


  62. Sue – thank you so much and I hope you continue to add your comments. 🙂


  63. Wanted to let you know, MCL, and I accentuate the C for “class”, you have the most intelligent site with the best commentators online.
    Your analysis of the singers, who you are kind to all of them, is informative.
    American Idol should have you on their show as a voice coach/and or Judge.
    And Mindy, Darlene, Grammie, Sondra, Solidarity, John, J, Julia, Gene, Sue and many others (if I left any names out, forgive me I’m relatively new to this site) would be better than who they have on now. Everyone is so polite to each other, unlike so many other sites.

    I went on to the American Idol tonight and I noticed that Siobhan had the most posts of the top 12 contestants:

    (as of 5/3/10 @ 8:45 PM, EST)

    Aaron Kelly 7,381
    Andrew Garcia 1,962
    Casey James 19,855
    Crystal Bowersox 22,210
    Didi Benami 4,634
    Katie Stevens 2,517
    Lacey Brown 619
    Lee Dewyze 29,542
    Michael Lynche 3,500
    Paige Miles 586
    Siobhan Magnus *** 39,359 *****
    Tim Urban 6,179

    Of course, this will change as Siobhan isn’t competing anymore and the last five contestant’s posts will increase, but this shows the interest the audience has in her. Poor Siobhan was robbed!
    Interestingly, Lee was 2nd in posts.


  64. Ren – thank you so much for your lovely comments. I hope you continue to come by this site often and keep the support for Siobhan alive and kicking. And, I am not surprised that her thread count over at the American Idol site is the highest. She has generated the same response here. Idol was done with her – no one will convince me otherwise. Her elimination was a producer’s decision. Well, then so be it! She will find her way based on her terms. She is extremely talented and will be dearly missed come Tuesday.


  65. Grammie Kari May 3, 2010 at 2:30 am

    Welcome to all the participants who were former “lurkers”!! And thank you to all who have posted links. They are all informative.

    In the past, I was a devoted fan of Anthony Fedorov and Jason Castro. I was disappointed they made it to 4th place, but I realized they went about as far as they could. My interest in the show, and the Final 2 continued. Seasons 4 and 7 were still exciting to me! However, I no longer have any true excitement regarding the rest of this season. I do believe Crystal will probably win; however it will not be an easy journey for her.

    When the Teen Idols theme was changed at the last minute to Billboard’s Top 100, was Through the Fire a producer suggested selection?

    Ren, you are right Siobhan fans are/were very devoted. Many have moved on to other more user friendly forums. Mindy’s comments are worth repeating.

    The controversy, conspiracy theories and questions will persist. The arrogance of the producers of this show knows no bounds.


  66. Dear MCL and all the CLASS-y Commenters,

    I agree that this website provides THE FORUM for providing intelligent and thoughtful comments and critiques. I may not always agree with all the comments, but I do appreciate the quality of communication fostered by MCL and supported by the participants.

    While it pains me not to be able to see my personal favorite (Siobhan Magnus) continue to compete this season, I appreciate that American Idol has provided a vehicle for all the contestants in the past nine seasons. There are so many variables that go into success in the entertainment business [Talent, Guidance, Business Savvy, and Luck to name a few] and American Idol has certainly provided us with insights into the not always pretty process.

    Thank you so much for providing an opportunity to participate. I look forward to participating in future conversations concerning our culture and opportunities for others to showcase their talent.


  67. Here is another site that contains information for those of us who are missing Ms. Siobhan Magnus and would like to follow her on the web:

    Note the following:

    “CBS (NYSE: CBS) is bringing all its online music units together under one roof, the company said. The new unit, the CBS Interactive Music Group, will house CBS Radio’s roughly 100 music websites and online audio streams, as well as its various mobile apps. The creation of the interactive music group is meant to further formalize CBS Radio’s relationship to music recommender, which CBS Corp. bought for $280 million in May 2007. “


  68. Don’t forget to watch/record:
    11:35 p.m. CBS Late Show Siobhan Magnus.


  69. I do not like all of the comments, but I have quoted the what I find most cogent.

    ‘Siobhan’s TV run was a scream’

    Article URL:

    ‘By Mark A. Perigard | Friday, April 30, 2010 | | Television News’

    ‘When your singing is compared to the screams of a woman in labor, there’s really no coming back from that.’

    “It was almost like you were giving birth up there at the end,” Simon Cowell concluded Tuesday night after Siobhan Magnus’ rendition of the Shania Twain song “Any Man of Mine.”

    ‘That careless zinger may go down in “American Idol” history as the cruelest, possible career-ending blow in the show’s nine-year history.’

    ‘It reverberated all across the blogosphere.” ‘

    ‘ “American Idol,” is not, as Fox might have you believe, the search for the next great vocal talent.

    It’s the search for the next pop commodity, someone who can be easily defined, tagged and marketed to the masses. Last year’s winner, the bland, teen-idol cute Kris Allen gets more exposure now in car commercials than from his music. ‘

    ‘ “Idol’s” female-skewing demographics probably did Magnus no favors. The so-called year of the female singer is down to just one, Crystal Bowersox.’

    ‘In a night when the men inexplicably excelled (Aaron Kelly can sing. Who knew?), Magnus was an obvious target.’

    ‘The odd thing is that if you listened to Cowell’s entire critique, he actually said he enjoyed Magnus’ rendition of the song.’

    ‘But all that got lost in the blather that is “American Idol.” ‘


  70. Mea Culpa – I cannot resist this last one – I had a great chuckle over this one –

    American Idol

    Happy Meals all around

    “American Idol without Siobhan Magnus is now like Chinese food, it satisfies your appetite now, but in 30 minutes you’re going to be hungry for more. Siobhan’s blend of talent, originality and eccentricity could propel her to be one of the most successful Idol hopefuls this season.”


  71. Julia – these are great links! Thank you for sending them.


  72. Here’s a link to a wonderful tribute to Siobhan (and the article even mentions this website!!!) . . .


  73. J writes: “I’m almost positive that Casey in no way identifies himself as a country singer.”

    Casey’s brother Bill said in an interview that he and Casey cut their teeth on country music. Casey can play bluegrass mandolin as well as acoustic and rock guitar and he has performed in country and bluegrass bands as well as rock and blues. Nothwithstanding Randy Jackson’s preferences for Casey to do the blues-rock thing, and Jim Cantiello’s non-preference of Casey in general, I think Casey’s live and recorded performance of “Don’t” proves that he could have a career in commerical country music, and frankly if he was offered a country record deal, do you think he’d turn it down just because his first love is blues? I sure don’t.

    As for Cantiello’s comment that Casey always doing the same thing with a couple exceptions, the same can be said for Crystal, Lee, Michael and Aaron. Only Siobhan took some chances and mixed it up this season. And on that note…

    I’ve had mixed feelings about some of Siobhan’s artistic choices, just as I did Adam last season. I may not have loved all of her performances but respected that she tries to bring something different to the show this season. That the judges didn’t always appreciate her performances probably has more to do with the way commercial music is marketed than a qualitative reflection of her talent. They want “product” that fits neatly into prelabeled boxes: “pop-rock”, “country”, “r&b”, or “singer-songwriter” (whatever that means as a genre). Siobhan said herself that she can’t define what she wants to do/be as an artist. While that makes for an interesting and diverse performances on a tv show, it makes it hard for the “suits” at the labels, represented by Simon, to figure out where she belongs… not that I’m cynical or anything. 😉


  74. Grammie Kari:
    Sorry to hear about your husband, he’ll be in my thougts and prayers.
    I enjoy your comments.


  75. Siobhan’s elimination was absolutely devastating to me. I have watched AI for so many seasons now but have never been more attached to a contestant like I was and continue to still be to Siobhan. What a breathe of fresh air. Such an endearing, talented, wonderful, unique person. She was truly the only reason I watched. I know it may sound like sour grapes but something truly just doesn’t sit right with her untimely elimination. But I know we have to move forward. I know she will be successful. This girl has all the tools to be a successful recording artist. And I know this is only the beginning of a bright future. Just hurts that I won’t be able to see her every Tuesday and Wednesdays. I am completely done with the show this year. I just can’t bare to watch the show without her.


  76. Mindy,

    If something as little as a Simon comment threw Siobhan off, then she wasn’t mature enough for the competition.

    The truth is, she was inconsistent, and no one should be surprised. Now maybe she can get a good vocal coach and learn how to sing like “House of the Rising Sun” every time instead of once in a blue moon. For the last few weeks, every performance lacked any real substance. She went downhill after “Paint It Black.” Surely, even a fan can see that.


  77. “Sorry, Leeza, but some of the judges were plain disrespectful to her. If she is not their cup of tea, fine. but give the young lady some credit for at least trying to be innovative on that stage. And she has a beautiful voice – no one will ever convince me otherwise.”

    Once again – television show! They are under no obligation to be “respectful” because this is not about innovation. [And I think she really did get credit] This is about sounding good, and Siobhan often pushed her voice to the limit and didn’t sound very good to the average listener.

    The judges have their opinions, and Simon is known for being hard on the performers. He’s made mincemeat over many of them over the years. Why shouldn’t he be as honest with Siobhan? Because she is your favorite? 😉 I wish her all the best, but to read the comments here she needs only a backing band and a pat on the rump to conquer the world! LOL. She hit notes in rehearsal she couldn’t hit in performance countless times apparently. If only for this reason, I agree with Jimmy. She needs coaching and maturity to understand that listening to advice is not the same as “changing for everyone.”

    Don’t know why I’m bothering to argue. You are all entitled to your opinion as well –


  78. Grammie Kari May 3, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    I could see her getting a role on Glee. I think she would be great. What do ya think?

    Louise, this is from the article you cited from Idolheaded. Siobhan has mentioned that Glee is not her cup of tea, although I thought she would fit in nicely. I also can see Tim Urban appearing on the show. Unfortunately, all episodes for this season have been recorded.

    Julia, you have provided some excellent links. Thank you so much for your efforts.

    ‘That careless zinger may go down in “American Idol” history as the cruelest, possible career-ending blow in the show’s nine-year history.’

    ‘It reverberated all across the blogosphere.”

    I don’t believe this will end her career outside of Idol; however, it may well have influenced casual voters to not vote for Siobhan. Simon’s comment was so unnessary and out of context. Much of the judges comments have been formulated prior to the actual performance, and I can’t help but wonder what Simon was thinking? Was all this drama worth it when the end result is that Idol lost one of their most interesting and talented contestants in many years?
    I can only hope that Simon will admit his comments were incorrect. I won’t be holding my breath, though.

    Thank you, Ren!


  79. Hello! In answer to the following:

    ” to read the comments here she needs only a backing band and a pat on the rump to conquer the world! ”

    I never thought of Siobhan as a seasoned performer — for me, the quintessential seasoned performer will always be Melinda Doolittle who lost to a fairly inexperienced Jordin Sparks and Beat Box Master Blake Lewis. However, both Ms. Sparks and Mr. Lewis came on strong during the last few weeks and I truly wanted to see Ms. Magnus have the same opportunity to develop her skills.

    I do not believe this will stop Ms. Magnus, we poor deprived fans will have to watch Siobhan in other venues to see if she lives up to her promise.

    Plus – I ENJOYED Siobhan’s performances so much more than the other contestants this year — this IS Television after all 😀


  80. It is going to be so heart breaking for me to watch Idol tomorrow night. This most likely would have been an awesome night for Siobhan!! She and Crystal have both been my favorites this season. I certaining believe she wasn’t given enough credit by Simon and Kara. She has such a beautiful voice!! I must say though, I wish she had not chosen When You Believe. I wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t one of her best. I had to download the studio version, and I must say, she sounds much better. I love it!!! Most of my co-worders did not like her at all, and one of them even said she hoped Siobhan was going home last Wednesday. Ugggggh!! I just don’t understand how people seemed to be so unimpressed with her. I can see why they wouldn’t be keen on her screaming, but other then that, come on!! Frankly, I believe Shiobhan helped save Season 9, if you know what I mean!! I spent last Thursday, crying off and on and getting angrier and angrier that she’s gone! This season has been been enough, and then I get that blow! God bless Ellen Degeneres! I saw Siobhan on her show, and is so wonderful theat she and her dad have both appreciated Siobhan’s artistry so much. Thank you MCL for seeing what a beautful talent Siobhan has. God bless you.


  81. Anita – thank YOU for supporting the extraordinary artistry of Siobhan Magnus. And, between you and I and the rest of the blogosphere, we know that she would have excelled in an enormous way tomorrow evening. But, the twist is this: she would have been further humiliated and degraded by some of the judges and the fans and so the heartbreak would continue: “What? A punk-rock version of “My Way” How self-indulgent and confusing. I know you alienated your audience tonight blah blah blah” .

    So, she has been thankfully spared from pointless and non-constructive comments and can now further her career by tapping into people who value, understand and appreciate her creative instincts. It won’t be easy, but neither will it be easy for whomever wins this competition this year.


  82. So many comments since I last posted. Where to begin!


    Thank you for saying what I wanted to say – her elimination was a foregone conclusion, a producer’s decision. I don’t care if people think I am a disillusioned Siobhan fan. That’s how I feel. Siobhan had the voice to blow this competition wide open. After reading that the producers can remove power voting when it affects “fairness’, well, anything can happen.

    I know you don’t say these thing lightly. You have been a generous soul and always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but this season has finally made it impossible. As much as I would have loved to hear Siobhan sing on Sinatra week, I think she is much better off being with her family and friends. She is in a loving environment and can regroup and become reinvigorated. She stayed true to who she was, she never sold herself out, she did indeed do it her way! What better song to sing that would exemplify this lovely young woman!


    I am getting a bit tired of people deciding if Siobhan was mature enough for this competition, predicated on her ability to handle Simon’s bizarre comments. If you think that comparing her high power notes to the screams of a woman giving birth, is anything even remotely resembling constructive criticism, then we must live it two different worlds. As a matter of fact, I think Siobhan handled the criticism of both Kara and Simon far better than I would have expected from a young lady just turned twenty. She was composed, respectful, honest in her explanation as to why she sang a particular song. In fact, I would go so far as to say that she sounded far more reasonable and rational than the judges.

    Simon is known for being tough, biting and sarcastically witty. But his comment to Mike about his singing being “wet” will certainly rank in my hall of fame of dumb, lame, pointless judging comments. It wasn’t tough, it wasn’t biting and it wasn’t even close to being witty. Right up there will be the comment about Siobhan’s screams sounding like a woman giving birth. Simon is a smart man, but these comments border on pathetic. He used to be interesting, but it’s clear that he has already left the show. The man seems so totally disengaged. He used to urge good singers to up their game and actually came up with genuinely great advice and suggestions in the past. Now he is quite the comic figure.

    The definition of maturity is not whether you can handle mindless comments from the likes of Simon Cowell. It’s whether you can stand your ground when being attacked and stay poised and composed. That’s exactly what Siobhan did.


    I adore you! Thanks for that great link to idolhead! I love this guy!


  83. In case you missed our STAR –

    Ms. Siobhan Magnus sings with Paul Shaeffer and the Late Night Band on Late Night with David Letterman …

    “LETTERMAN DELIVERS WORDS OF SUPPPORT — Less than a week after getting voted off American Idol, Siobhan Magnus of Marstons Mills found herself singing with Paul Shaeffer and the Late Night Band on Late Night with David Letterman May 3. Magnus painted Dave’s door black with a redition of “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones (hitting the ‘Big Note’) that was arguably better than her Idol performance of the same song. In post-performance comments, Dave asked what could be a question for the ages: “… the whole thing stinks. And can you take any show, forget what it is, can you take any show seriously that Ryan Seacrest is a part of?” After acknowledging the futility of it all and suggesting that the purity of Idol may be compromised, Letterman said, “Simon Cowell can take all his money and go buy sweaters.”Meanwhile, hopes remain high for a homecoming reception of some sort for Barnstable’s American Idol.”


  84. Ms. Siobhan on Access Hollywood – Stevie Wonder’s Superstition – just a piano & SCAT!

    I don’t think I have ever heard the lyrics so clearly! “Superstition a’int the way”…

    In the interview video, she thanks her naysayers, discusses her WAIL, Hanson, and acting…

    From ‘Idol’ To Access: Siobhan Magnus Performs ‘Superstition’
    “The most recent contestant to be eliminated from “American Idol, Siobhan Magnus, performs her rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” on the Access Hollywood stage — complete with her trademark scream…”


  85. I just wanted to come back here and give a shout out to those who have provided such great links of Siobhan’s performances on David Letterman and Access Hollywood.

    I think she sounded better than she did on the show. I really loved hearing “Paint it Black” again. Wow, did she nail that note! I also really liked the big vote of support from David Letterman and his dig at the show at Simon!

    Siobhan seems so much more relaxed to me now. It’s like she is free and can just really let it go with those vocals! So nice to see! I feel so much better.


  86. Sorry, one more thing to say and I am done for the night.


    I have not thanked you for your kind comments. I should have said something earlier, but there has been such a lively discussion that I just didn’t remember to acknowledge what you said.

    This is a wonderful place, a refuge from the incivility and hatespeak that permeates so much of the blogosphere. I have learned so much frome the great professional singers like J and Darlene and of course, our wonderful inspiration and the heart of this site – MCL!


  87. Siobhan Alert!

    The Wendy Williams Show –

    ‘Siobhan Magnus was eliminated from “American Idol,” and this Tuesday, May 4th she’s stopping by to chat with Wendy and perform on our stage!’


  88. Julia . . . thanks for providing those links. Siobhan sounded GREAT!!!


  89. I’ve been keeping track of Siobhan’s post-Idol appearances by following the links posted by “Team Siobhan” on Twitter: (no Twitter account necessary to read what they post).

    I was a bit concerned about Siobhan last Thursday, her first day since the boot, because she was obviously exhausted and probably hadn’t slept. She did well on Friday on the “If I Can Dream” House broadcast, and her appearances on Letterman, Access Hollywood, et al have revealed a refreshed, renewed performer who seems to have shed a large burden. Siobhan really looks as though she’s having fun, and I’m glad. I’m sure she’d rather still be in the competition, but it looks like she’s made peace with leaving.

    The naysayers can have their negative opinions and I’ll ignore them, because when Siobhan sings she makes me feel HAPPY. There are all sorts of musical genres in the world, all sorts of singing styles because music affects people differently. I’m sure there are people who think that Margo Timmins doesn’t sing well, yet “The Trinity Sessions” is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard. I’m sure there are people who can’t stand the music of Bjork, yet she’s a unique talent with millions of fans. I’m ashamed to admit that at first listen, I wasn’t a fan of Kate Bush, but after giving it some time I grew to love her. There’s enough music out there for everyone — I don’t see any point in picking apart what you dislike when you could use that energy listening to something you *do* enjoy!


  90. Now that we have had a chance to enjoy Siobhan Magnus on other shows, for example, Ellen, Letterman, and Access Hollywood (piano and Siobhan), the following comments yield an extra punch.

    “Not that any of the judges deserve any prizes. You can argue that last week’s castoff, Siobhan Magnus, ignored advice, though it was often so confusing and contradictory as to be incoherent. But when someone makes it that far into the contest and leaves a worse singer than when she arrived — halting, unsure and singing as if she had no concept of how one musical phrase is supposed to relate to the next — it’s an indictment of the judges, the mentors and the show.”

    Oh well, I have my DVR set to record the Williams show…


  91. Hi everyone. Haven’t read all the comments but will definitely come back & do that when I have time. There seems to be a lot of (in my opinion) well-justified excitement about Siobhan. I’m so glad!! And I hope it’s OK to “pimp” a website here. My friend M.H. (Mary Helen or mimiMH on Twitter), who is a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert, set up a website for Siobhan. It needs more members!! Please come visit. Thanks!


  92. Siobhan performs “Summertime” on Wendy Williams. Wow!


  93. Hello everyone,
    Let me take a minute to offer my support to Grammie Keri and her husband as they face one of life’s unwelcomed challenges. You are both in my thoughts and prayers as you work through this together.

    Vonnie, you too are in my thoughts and prayers.

    It is great to hear the encouraging news that our own Master Class Lady, Rosanne, is a long time breast cancer survivor. The young woman across the street from me, who is in her early thirties, has just celebrated her first year as a breast cancer survivor and I know she will find it uplifting to hear of your long term success.

    Thanks to Ren for the kind mention. You placed me in pretty good company earlier in the thread.

    Man you guys have been busy! What a nice collection of thoughtful, well written post. Thanks for all of the links to Siobhan’s guest appearances. I might just watch them all over again tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 Central.

    I told you that Siobhan was winning. There seems to be a substantial difference in opinion between me and the Fox Network as I write this. I still think I’m right! Can I get an Amen?

    At this point it doesn’t really matter why she went home, what matters is how can she make the most of the remainder of her Idol experience in order to help boost her career into the future. I have a few thoughts on that and maybe we can work together to help her a little bit. She has two more opportunities to shine before her obligation to AI is over. The first is the finale. Favorites in the top ten or even twelve have gotten some pretty sweet spots in past finales. Two of my personal favorites were Allison Iraheta singing a duet with Cyndi Lauper and Brooke White singing a duet with Graham Nash. What an opportunity for these young artist to shine, and shine they did. With that in mind, Siobhan needs a memorable spot in this year’s finale.

    Her second opportunity will come in the concert tour. There are a lot of choices to be made regarding song choice, props, wardrobe, performance order, pre- show publicity and so on that can significantly boost the audience’s perception of a performer and have a positive impact of that performer’s future in the entertainment business.

    If the producers of these two shows, the finale and the Idol tour are smart marketers, they look at every metric possible to gauge the popularity of a performer before deciding how much exposure they will receive and how large of an investment they will make in them for both the finale and the tour.

    I think this is where we can make a difference. Some of the metrics that they may look at are search counters from Google, Yahoo and other search engines, hits on all of the various links for each performer at the American Idol site, sales, or even free previews, of each contestant’s downloads at iTunes. Fan mail and request for autographed pictures received in the American idol mailbox. All of these things have counters running on them for the use of the marketing team. I suspect that even mentions of the contestants in blogs may be counted. If you search her name now and then when you think of it or mention her by name in your favorite blog or preview or buy her tunes at iTunes, IMHO, you are increasing her worth in the eyes of the powers to be at Idol.

    Just in case anyone at Idol happens to be listening in and is looking for a way to reward this young woman for making AI9 interesting, I would like to see Siobhan do a duet wit Eric Burdon of House of the Rising Sun. That would be way cool. It could also be a medley with Paint it Black. (What, you didn’t know the Animals covered Paint it Black?) Another thought would be To Sir, With Love performed with Lulu of or even a duet with Shania of her Robert Palmer styled performance of Man, I Feel Like a Woman. The last one would be more of a feel good type of performance and would be my least favorite of the three choices.


    The message in the credits at the end of Idol may actually be an improvement over what it used to say. The older shows had something to the effect of “the final outcome of the voting is at the sole discretion of the producers.” If they are limiting their interference to correcting perceived wrongs brought about by power voting, it may represent slightly less interference than in the past. I don’t know if they have ever exercised the power they have reserved for themselves or not but it would certainly seem like it on several occasions.

    Were any of Siobhan’s support groups advocating the use of the power voting technique? I don’t follow a lot of web sites on this topic. I don’t think the Idol producers would, or should, have any problem with what we were doing, i.e., one person, one phone, voting. I wish they would eliminate the power voting entirely, but that would upset AT&T’s applecart.


  94. I can’t help thinking about the lovely and talented Siobhan who I’ve been watching on “If I Can Dream House” on Youtube. Well, not the whole thing, but a lot and from I’ve seen she is charming and doesn’t speak in that s-l-o-w manner she did when responding to the Judges comments.
    I like her hair dark and in bangs against her large dark eyes and light skin, it is more flattering than some of the weird hairdos the American Idol stylists gave her.
    In the house, she plays the piano while singing and there’s no screaming. Many have criticized her lower register, she had no “lower register problems” problems that I heard on YouTube.
    Every season I get withdrawal after the season ends for I’m an AI addict. This always happened after 8 complete seasons. Not this year, my withdrawal begins tonight, it won’t be easy; that’s why I’m writing this so as to put my Pledge in writing.
    Fortunately, I got a Kindle in the mail today for my Mother’s Day present, and I’m getting busy learning it.
    I will watch the performances on Youtube or some other site.
    Have any of you heard the rumor that Lee is crazy about Siobhan? They are very close. Anyway, I don’t mean that in a bad way, they’re both young and attractive and why not?
    Sad night tonight without our Siobhan.


  95. To Gene W.



  96. Tony permalink
    Siobhan performs “Summertime” on Wendy Williams. Wow!

    Wow indeed. That was fantastic! Thanks for posting the link.


  97. That link to Siobhan singing “Summertime” on the Wendy Williams show was absolutely amazing! Where was that Siobhan on Idol? She’s like a different singer now that she is off the show. Why didn’t we get to hear something like this? Her range and phrasing and interpretation of this iconic classic, was simply sublime! I am so proud of her! She really does have a way of making a great song her very own. You go girl!


    I am only repeating what someone here said about the voting and the ability of the producers to somehow affect its outcome. I have had issues and concerns with the voting process for some time. If you read the blogosphere, I am certainly not alone. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories at all, but there are serious and persistent problems with the voting. As long as there is power text voting, the results will end being rather bizarre. Idol will never get rid of it, because they have a lucrative contract with AT&T. I don’t pretend to know what goes on behind the scenes with the results. I just know that there is something about this whole business of Siobhan getting voted off that bothers me.

    It could be that the results were accurate and it was the effect of weeks of unending bashing from the judges, some of Siobhan’s less successful song choices or the fact that she was too different and not in the Idol mold. It’s all history now.

    I will agree with you that there are opportunities for exposure both at the finale and on tour. I think that the show is very much aware of how entertaining and exciting Siobhan has been. I am hopeful that she will get a chance to shine on the finale. It’s tough when you finish this far back, but she was such a standout that it may not matter. I think her performances on the various shows can only help her a great deal. Viewers will get to see for themselves a much more confident, liberated Siobhan. She has sounded incredible in each performance. It’s like hearing someone else. I believe that things happen for a reason. There is a plan in the grand scheme of things.

    The exposure you want for Siobhan is happening right now. All of these appearances are an opportunity to showcase this girl’s vocals without any judges to get in the way. The audience has nothing to interfere with their perception of Siobhan. They can hear it for themselves and will realize that the judges were one of the big obstacles that got in the way.

    I loved what was written in that USA Today article. I must say that this season there has been a huge outcry about the poor quality of judging. I also liked the suggestions for changing the show. The fact that the producers think they can keep rolling along without doing things to make the show fresher, more relevant, more enjoyable, is their mistake. For the first time Dancing with the Stars is beating Idol in the ratings. If this show isn’t willing to make some long needed and overdue changes, then it just may sink. So far the ratings are going down with each episode. This season is a trainwreck. For me it will be my last. No one is going to persuade me to watch this horror show anymore. I can finally say farewell to a show that was once so much more than it is now.


  98. With Idol sending Siobhan on the talk show circuit, my guess is she will get signed by 19. Just a feeling that I have.


  99. I know Siobhan will get signed, it’s only a matter of time.

    I read in the LA Times interview with Siobhan that she’d enjoyed a mini-reality tv show experience when a film crew came to her highschool and filmed her throughout her time at school. It was there she learned to choose her words carefully so as to not be misconstrued. When she was on Idol, I think she was even more careful to choose her words carefully, thus the slow talking. But in interviews since then, we’ve seen her personality come out even more, and that has been encouraging.

    It’s funny, cause I’m Siobhan’s age, so I know what it’s like to be unsure of yourself and a little intimidated by those around you. But I know every experience will shape Siobhan’s character, and she was strong enough to handle the judges with grace and dignity. Still, I believe we will see a change in her throughout the Idol tour, as she grows in confidence.

    Even this performance from Siobhan in high school shows how far she’s come since then:


  100. Mindy,
    We are not in disagreement, I was only saying that the statement in the credits used to be even worse than it is now, if you can believe that.

    The exposure she is getting now is priceless. I think the most valuable contact that she has made since hitting the road is meeting and getting to perform with Paul Shaffer on the Letterman Show. He is a music industry power house and knows, and has worked with, everybody who is anybody. Anytime there is a major concert with all of the top names coming together for a charitable cause etc, Paul Schaffer is the guy they call on to be the musical director. Hopefully, she made the most of that meeting.

    I am glad that she is able to do all of these appearances to broaden her fan base. The down side is that the combined audience of all of these shows doesn’t equal Idols audience on its worst night, so she still needs to make the most of her time there. It will be very interesting to see how they use her.

    Did you notice the various musical influences in her rendition of Sumertime? Listen to it again, particularly at 1:03 and tell me who you hear?


  101. Gene – I heard that “baby, baby, baby” phrase as well and it rang a bell. But, for the life of me, I can’t place it – the name and the vocals are tugging at my brain. Driving me crazy!


  102. She sounded just like Janis Joplin at that point in the song to me Roseanne. Does that ring a bell? She has mentioned before that Janis was one of her favorite singers but this is the first time I have heard her influence in one of Siobhans songs.

    Later in the song ( I didn’t note the passage) I’m thinking there is a Mahalia Jackson influence, but I may have that one wrong.


  103. Gene – yes, she does. I am not a huge follower of Janis Joplin’s music, but I have heard some of her music and do appreciate her artistry. That’s why I couldn’t “call her up” right away! Thank you! Will listen again adn try tpo find Mahalia! 🙂


  104. Gene,

    It’s all good. You and I will always be buddies. I was just surprised, because I know that you have been one who has questioned the voting quite a bit.

    I listened to Siobhan again and – YES, I heard a lot of Janis Joplin in that part of the song. I am blown away! Janis Joplin was a very special singer for me when I was in my teens. She showed that a woman could hang with the boys and even blow them away when it came to powerful vocals. She put it all out there when she sang. I said before that I knew she wasn’t going to be around long. I could see what was happening to her. Her death was painful and sad, but unfortunately, not surprising. She has left quite a legacy. This is a side of Siobhan that I have not yet seen.

    You are right about the Mahalia Jackson sound in the song. I heard it, too. Who knew that she had a soulful, gospel sound? This song was a revelation. Too bad that MJ isn’t a fan. She wrote on her blog that Siobhan was a little pitchy, said she wasn’t going to lie and also referenced the expression on Wendy Williams’ face as she was listening to Siobhan. That woman really does not like Siobhan! I heard maybe one or two slightly off pitch notes in the beginning, but nothing that would really detract from the quality of the vocals. I don’t know what MJ has been hearing. I usually agree with her quite a bit, but this time she is just not hearing what I am hearing.

    Just when you think you know Siobhan, she pulls out another surprise. I was feeling good about seeing her get this kind of exposure, hopefully to audiences that don’t watch Idol and can listen to her without all the bias from the judges. Maybe Letterman and the other shows don’t have the kind of audience that Idol gets on each performance night, but I still think that any chance Siobhan gets to be heard on her own, is a good thing. This can help to undo some of the damage from the critiques of Kara and Simon. At this point it can only help.

    I also agree that getting in touch with a guy like Paul Schaffer is a good thing! He does have connections in the industry, and Letterman was so strongly supportive of Siobhan. I think this girl is going to have a lot of people in the industry pulling for her.


  105. Just watched Idol sans-Siobhan…
    They gave it their best, but …


  106. Just listened to Shiobhan’s Summertime…
    So sweet, so sad…


  107. I don’t know if this will embed properly, but here is that wonderful video from TV Guide.


  108. MaryS-NJ – I stand corrected. 😉 Thanks for that information; very insightful! My main point was to emphasize that Casey primarily identifies himself as a blues singer and not a country singer, but I realize now that my wording came off as trying to denounce any ties to country music whatsoever, which was not my intention. I got a little overly excited with the phrasing. I agree with you that Casey could certainly inhabit a nice niche in country music as well. I wanted to make a distinction between the two genres (blues and country), but I think Casey’s diverse background certainly prepares him for both or either of them. I definitely appreciate the clarification you gave! 😉 Also, for the record, I only quoted Cantiello for the point he made about genre and not because I agreed with anything else he said.

    Dearest Mindy – I can’t speak for MJ, but I have to say that Siobhan did experience a number of technical issues in her performance of “Summertime,” including some I haven’t heard from her before. (I wonder if she’s suffering from fatigue in any way?) She encountered many problems with airflow (for lack of a more technical term, there are some subtle cracks in places) and compression (her vocal folds are pressed too tightly against each another in several parts, which is a form of constriction) in this performance, but not so many pitch problems, as you correctly noted. I think MJ, without realizing, seems to use “pitchy” as a blanket term to describe other problems she hears in Siobhan’s voice. (Remember when you pointed out that she mistook Siobhan’s lack of twang as being flat in pitch when Siobhan was really sharp?) Unfortunately, in this case, Siobhan’s technical issues detracted from my enjoyment very much, but I can say that I admired her confidence and phrasing.

    Would you like me to do a technical evaluation of the performance (pointing out more specific notes)? I’ll be a little delayed in writing one—I have a matter of pressing urgency to attend to between now and tomorrow afternoon—but I’ll be free tomorrow evening. 😉


  109. I also agree that getting in touch with a guy like Paul Schaffer is a good thing!

    Gene, I am a Founding Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, and agree 100% with you. Paul is on the Board of Directors and has been involved with the Rock Hall from the beginning. He has been the musical director for its Induction ceremonies and has worked with everyone in the popular music business. Ofcourse, his band has been there for performers on Dave’d show, and he knows talent when he sees it.

    I believe Siobhan was a topic of discussion between Paul and Dave before the show. I just loved Dave’s comments. YAY! Did anyone notice the reaction of the musician standing to the right of the screen when she hit the high notes. He smiled and pointed to her with approval. This was so much better than just working with Michael (on piano).

    Thank you for your personal comments. That is so kind.


  110. I am wise enough to know not to compare Siobhan to Adam. Their is such vocal changes in a young person from 19-20 years old to over 25 years-old. Siobhan will only get better.

    I am wise enough to know you cannot compare a person of mostly amateur status from high school musicals and local band work, to an established singer/perfomer. That is, a person of confidence and poise. Her time will come.

    I am wise enough to know how difficult it is to compare a female’s voice with a male’s voice.

    I am wise enough to appreciate the talents of both Adam and Siobhan.


  111. Oops, wrong thread. Sorry!


  112. J,

    Yes! Would you please do a more detailed critique of Siobhan’s performance of “Summertime? I think that because of what MJ said, I was focusing on pitch only. But I heard a crack in her voice on a few notes. I have listened to it a few more times, because I hear different things each time. I think that I initially was blown away by her style of singing and just focused on that. I haven’t heard her do anything like this and it was fascinating.

    I think MJ has no clue about vocals. She says that it’s off pitch because it’s the only word she knows. That’s when it gets confusing. I listened only for pitch and didn’t concentrate on the other things. Also, sometimes a part of my brain hears something, but it stays in the back of my mind, if that makes sense. I heard the cracks in her voice and didn’t know if that was intended or not. I don’t think so. This was a case where the phrasing and artistry initially overpowered the technical issues. But having listened more, I think I understand what you are talking about. That cracking sound is something I haven’t heard from her and you explained why it happened. I am concerned that she may be suffering from some fatigue and overuse of her vocals after all of these performances. She is usually quite good technically.

    I think the fact that she did a song like this just blew me away. But you are never wrong. I just didn’t want to listen to what my ears were trying to tell me!


  113. I could hear the stress in Siobhan today also – I loved the passion in Summertime, but I fear that she is overworking and not allowing for some mending time…

    Please Siobhan –

    Go rest your voice from talking and singing and promise your fans that you will get professional coaching and lessons on how to care for your wonderful instrument.

    We want you to do well so we can enjoy your performances for many years.

    Streisand is one of the few dynamos that has stated that she never had professional training, but she has been extremely careful over the years to take care of herself.


  114. Mindy,

    I still have the same problems with the voting and judging as I always did but now that two of the judges are dead to me, a quite a burden has been lifted. If there is any small contribution that I can make to help Siobhan reach her potential, that is where I will direct my energy. I think we as fans can make an impact.

    I love Janis Joplin, aka, Big Brother and the Holding Company! The funny thing about JJ is that she was a pretty regular sort of girl. I’ve seen letters that were exchanged between she and her family and you would never think that she was the person who we knew by her public persona. One thing that I take away from singers like Joplin or Cocker and so on is that sometimes artistry trumps pure technical ability. I wonder if anyone ever said that they didn’t know what kind of artist they were.

    You make a good point about her hanging with the boys. Just off the top of my head I would say that is very close to what made her unique in her day. To refine the point a little bit. One of the primary roots of rock and roll is the blues. I would call it the tap root, others may disagree. There were many male rockers to personally make the link between the blues and rock but I can’t think of any female singer to have done it prior to Janis Joplin. She did it in the same way that Aretha Franklin personally linked Gospel to R&B. Both artists started in one genre and ended in the other, bringing the influence of the former to the later. You might call JJ the female missing link of blues rock. So she was hanging with the boys in a big way.

    I read the reference to Wendy Williams’ facial expression somewhere else, but I wouldn’t put much credence in that. I watched it again, looking only at Wendy during the brief periods that she is in the video, and I see nothing to suggest a bad reaction to the song. It appears that she isn’t looking directly at Siobhan but rather at her studio monitor which would account for the odd appearance of her face. There were a few glitches in her performance but you have to consider that she hadn’t been practicing this all week like the songs that she sang on Idol, she must be physically and emotionally exhausted, the piano player was off in his intro and on and on. It was a quick throw down and a pretty good one for my money. I guess that I’m lucky that I don’t read MJ’s blog, although I have followed a few links to it in the past, and that I’m not expecting perfect performances during this whirlwind tour she is on. I know you aren’t either. People’s taste vary and there are new acts coming along daily to cater to them, so someone to suit MJ should be along shortly.


  115. I don’t know if any of you saw Siobhan’s entire visit to Wendy’s show or if you only saw the clip of her singing. This is a link to her visit complete with interview and Wendy’s full reaction to Siobhan’s song. I think it offers a little different perspective.


  116. Wow, this thread has over 100+ comments already.. O_o

    I agree with you post. I never really thought she talks s-l-o-w (LOL), or maybe it’s because I hear many people speak ever so slowly here?

    I LOVE her bangs. 😀 But she said it again and again that she’s the one deciding what she should look like while still in the show, so I’m not blaming the stylists for the “weirdness” of her looks.

    “Have any of you heard the rumor that Lee is crazy about Siobhan? They are very close. Anyway, I don’t mean that in a bad way, they’re both young and attractive and why not?”

    Thanks for posting this, I thought I was the only one who thought they might look good together, but I dunno whether there’s any real attraction between them, after all Siobhan has a boyfriend…


  117. Solidarity:
    Thanks for your cute comments to my remarks.
    I’m still getting over my Siobhan withdrawal.
    Really miss her, but loved all the posts on here and the links.
    I did read that there was romantic connection between Lee and Siobhan, but it so doesn’t matter and even if it’s true they’re young and those kind types things (crushes) last about a minute or two.


  118. I heard some fan videos of Siobhan singing yesterday at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to sick children. It’s part of the Idol exit sequence of appearances and her voice sounded very tired. She sang the same material (Hanson songs & Halo) that she sang at the If I Could Dream house last Friday. She should be back in Cape Cod by now rubbing on her rescued cat’s tummy.


  119. Grammi Kerri,

    How cool! Tell me more about your membership in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    The concert from the 25th annual hall of fame induction ceremonies was nothing short of phenomenal. I was struck by how well each of the performers was still able to sing. It’s not unusual to see some of the older rockers or R&B artist that use their back up singers to carry them through the parts that their own voices can no longer go. I didn’t see that happen at all during this concert. I also enjoyed the arrangement of the various stages that were hosted by a key artist who invited others to join in and perform with them. The stage hosted by Crosby, Stills and Nash had some really good performances with Bonnie Raitt ripping my heart out. Stevie Wonder’s stage ROCKED. How can you beat BB King and Stevie performing together? Well you could throw in Sting.

    To your point about Siobhan’s performance on David Letterman’s show I’m glad to hear you agree with my point about Paul Shaffer. Maybe that meeting will open a door for her.

    Yes, I noticed the band member giving her the nod. That is sort of my thing. One of the things I enjoy most about music is to see one performer acknowledge another one in that way. There is a young British guitarist that is a phenom. He began playing at around 6 years old and has played quite a bit on stage with Buddy Guy. Of course Buddy is the “guy” that Eric Clapton says is the best blues guitarist in the world. So when he shares his stage with this kid and gives him props it gives me goose bumps. You also see this same thing happen during the Idol competition each year, particularly from the top 24 on down. I particularly made note of the other girls watching Siobhan performances at the point when they perform on the round stage and the others are on the balcony above them. You can always tell when the observers are watching a serious contender. They too give props to there piers and it’s a great thing to see. Oh yeah, one more example from the R&R HOF concert. When Art Garfunkel finished singing Bridge Over Troubled Water the look on Paul Simon’s face was priceless. He was so proud of his “Old Friend.” Any troubles that they have had between them over the years seemed to disappear in that moment.

    I am sorry to have gone so far off topic.


  120. Have any of you watched the Cape Cast video news reel on You Tube? I ran across this series of small town news videos when we first met Siobhan on Idol and I began to search the web for more info on her. This edition was taped after Siobhan was eliminated and is largely an interview with her Dad, Alan Magnus. There is good news in it if you watch until the very end.

    If you dig back through the older episodes you can see the shop where she blows glass and hear comments from her high school drama club teacher etc.


  121. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy Siobhan’s rendition of Summertime as much as I had hoped to. I’m no expert in the voice, but it seems to me that she needs some vocal training in order to be able to produce consistently strong performances. Sometimes fatigue or nerves seem to get the best of her.

    If I could, I’d like to suggest to her that she stick with one or two signature pieces in all of her performances as a form of branding. When Adam came off of the Idol stage last year, he performed “Mad World” in almost all of his appearances. For diehard fans, that got a little old, but I’m sure that it helped with his recognition among casual fans. He also seemed to pull back from striving for some of the very high notes to conserve his voice as he made the rounds.


  122. Gene,

    I agree about the two judges being dead to me. They just do not exist anymore.

    I was lucky enough to see Joe Cocker in concert when I was in college back in New York. I was at SUNY at Stonybrook and a guy I knew begged me to come with him to the concert. I didn’t think I would like Joe Cocker, but seeing him in person was one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had. He closed with “Delta Lady” and the whole concert hall was literally shaking as people were dancing in the aisles and rocking it out. You have to see Joe Cocker live to appreciate him. I have never forgotten it. We were so lucky to have this kind of talent when we were younger.

    People think I am only about the technical aspects of singing, but nothing could be further from the truth. However, it does take an exceptional singer to get me on board. Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker are great examples of artistry trumping perfect vocals. In fact, I think it was their vocal imperfections and idiosyncracies that made it possible.

    I know that Janis Joplin loved Billie Holiday. They both died of the same thing. Janis was brilliant when she performed, but you could feel the pain and heartached in her songs. It was all too real. She seemed to be a tortured soul. Even though I felt she would not be around too long, I was devastated by her death. Every time I hear people say someone is another Janis Joplin, I just say – no. She was a true original and some may try to emulate her sound, but no one will can ever take her place.

    I am a bit frustrated with MJ lately. She just seems to have a bias towards Siobhan that colors what she hears. When she doesn’t like someone, then nothing they do is right. She skips over pitch issues with other contestants, but is a stickler when it comes to someone she simply doesn’t like. I don’t spend too much time there. Sometimes, it’s interesting to read the comments.

    I think Siobhan is exhausted and should take it easy. I loved the artistry of “Summertime”, but listening to it a few more times, I can hear the technical issues. The girl just needs to get some rest and take care of that voice.


  123. Sue,

    I did notice that Siobhan’s voice was a bit hoarse or strained. The article below explains the situation — she has a cold and was very tired. She went home later in the night after she performed on Wendy Williams.


  124. Good for her to rest; sad that we will not be able to see her.


  125. For those of us missing Siobhan this week…

    In case you have not seen this …
    By K.C. MYERS
    March 28, 2010

    …’When viewers see her on “American Idol” answering questions and taking criticism calmly, that’s just how she is, Sullivan said.

    “She’s always had a cool, calm exterior,” he said.

    Her personality, almost as much as her singing, is winning her fans in exactly the way Siobhan — a young feminist and proud nonconformist — might hope.

    She has a fan club in Plainfield High School in Illinois, said Kim Rumberger, who works in the technology department at Barnstable High School. They make banners and wear buttons in her honor.

    “They identify with Siobhan so much,” said Rumberger, who knows a teacher at that school. “They are so inspired by how she is different and not afraid to be different. And by the way she handles criticism. And she’s so talented.’



    Siobhan talks about the judges, internet stuff, her relationship w/ Lee, long term goals.


  127. Thanks for the link, Solidarity. That was a very revealing interview.


  128. Mindy,
    Judges, what judges? Have you done the survey on the Idol site yet? It is worth taking a look at. It gives you an opportunity to address virtually all of the things that we complain about. I hope everyone will take a few minutes to fill it out.

    I saw Joe as well, quite likely the same tour. I believe it was the first time he was on the road after the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour. Now THAT was the one to see. Leon Russell is another one of those less than perfect singers that I love to listen to now and then. I also liked Rita Coolidge who was one of the back up singers on that tour. She had a silky smooth voice and great tone but a very limited range. BTW, my previous remark about technical skills vs artistry wasn’t pointed at you or anyone else, “I was just saying,” as they say.

    He performed at the University of Alabama in maybe 1971 or so. I’m guessing the date though. It was within half a decade or so from that time anyway. He had been in Atlanta the night before where he reportedly feel off of the stage and broke several ribs. He was somewhat subdued when I saw him, but not too much. No one could ever accuse him of not feeling the music. I like his recent work as well. Have you seen the video of his duet with Pavarotti? They made it work, somehow.

    Check out the link I posted for the Cape Cast interview of Alan Magnus. I think you will find good news in it. I have been concerned that Siobhan would return home and go back to doing $100.00 gigs with Lunar Valve, (you have to love the name) disappear from public view only to be seen 10 years later running a cash register at Walmart. His comments give me hope that will not happen to her.


  129. Mindy and Gene,

    I’m so envious that both of you have seen Joe Cocker live–it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Last year he gave a concert about an hour from my phone but I was unable to attend. One of these days . . .


  130. Oops! I meant to say “an hour from my home” and not “phone.”


  131. Louise
    I have some Cocker on my iphone, so it made sense to me the other way too.

    If you have another opportunity I would recommend going. Of course his concerts are different today than they were in the early seventies but I like his newer work as well. I hope it works out for you to have another chance in the near future.


  132. Thank you so much for the links!

    (Waving at Gene and promosing a response at a later time.)


  133. Gene,

    I went on the site and completed the questionnaire. I said it on another blog, but I guess you didn’t see it. How empowering! I felt so good to be able to have my say! Now it’s not about complaining, it’s on paper! I can only hope they take a good look at these things. This show need some major revision.

    I am trying to remember the year in which I saw Joe Cocker. This was really when he was at his peak. I know the years I went to SUNY in Stonybrook – 1969- 1971. So it would be somewhere in that time frame. He was hotter than hot. I learned a lesson from that experience – always keep an open mind about singers. This poor guy went through so much to persuade me to go. I was very stubborn! But I ended up thanking him with all my heart. I was on a natural high for hours after seeing him. Listening to his recordings is one thing, but to see the man on stage is like catching lightning in a bottle. It was so long ago, but my memories of it are so vivid. I didn’t want the concert to end.

    I well remember Rita Coolidge. You are quite right about her vocals -nice but very limited range. Wasn’t she married to Kris Kristofferson?
    This is some trip down memory lane.

    I didn’t think your remarks about technical versus artistry were directed at me. I just sometimes become concerned that my comments focus so much on the technical, that my appreciation for the artistry gets lost. We have discussed a few great singers who are excellent examples of artistry trumping vocal technical skills.


  134. All of MCL’s followers need to watch the MTV video that Solidarity posted! Very interesting to hear what Siobhan thinks about other singers and their high notes.

    And now the definitive Siobhan interview from Micheal Slezak: (35 minutes!!)

    This interview is a real treat in a week that’s been kind of a bummer with Siobhan off Idol. It’s chock full of insight about her approach to the show, including some surprising alternate song choices, plus how the PiB arrangement came about. She doesn’t seem like someone who was ever really “lost” in the competition, as some have said, just more whimsical than we could imagine.

    One tidbit: “Don’t Dream It’s Over” was her first choice for Inspirational Songs week but the producers couldn’t clear it. I must point out that DDIO was actually *on* the official list songs. So are the lists of 77 or 34 songs that everyone is saying are too limiting actually SHORTER we think? Like they’re lists of songs they *think* they can clear?


  135. I am watching Siobhan’s interview with Slezak.

    She is a delight – self-depricating humor – eclectic tastes – rock – little girl friendly – theme week – new wave week. Co-writer week?

    Please let us see her again.


  136. Thanks for all the links to Siobhan’s interviews. They are all great
    and if this is a Siobhan fansite, so be it. The girl is “wickedly” talented!


  137. What is not to love about Siobhan Magnus? This interview was very enjoyable. She is such a smart young woman and her references have the depth of someone in their fifties. If you haven’t seen her interviews at the Idol site, I would recommend them to you. They offer a lot of insight into this young woman’s personality and character.

    I’ll be waiting for Siobhan’s album and concert tour and also to buy that “little girl friendly album” for my granddaughters.


  138. Solidarity said – “I’m sorry for turning this site into a Siobhan fansite. LOL but I think everyone should look up the links.”

    Do NOT be sorry – I think this thread fills in the empty hole for those of us who miss seeing what Siobhan could or would have done these weeks.

    In the videos, I especially enjoyed hearing Siobhan discuss the journey and critiques of the wails – she has a way of making the viewer like her – even when she was analyzing Gokey’s squeal after his Dream On sequence – she added how she liked that he got down on his knees.

    On the other discussion threads, the participants refer to communicating the emotion and story – maybe this explains the so-so response that I have to the other contestants this year? For example, although I forgave every flaw that Siobhan had in her performances, I had a problem with Crystal’s enunciation. I understood how others could like her, but I did not wish to hear or see her again or buy a CD. With Siobhan, I replayed her performances and each time I could hear something new and fresh.

    Curiously, I was watching some replays of Carol Burnett the other night and thought that if we had variety shows or showcases today, Siobhan would fit right into that sort of platform – I can see her doing that special mix of comedy (pathos) acting, and music. Ms. Burnett mentioned that the show would be too expensive to do today as they had full-time cast members, costumer people, set designers, writers, and musician. They also had two performances each week from which they recorded the show.

    In the homogenized and narrow music industry we have now, we wind up with bland contestants whose best performance last week was the quartet that displayed their harmonies – I could listen to that again. I still think (outside of Big Mike), these are all “members of the band” performers. Even Crystal seems like the ‘opening act’ for other players.

    The good news is that she will be a draw for the tour and I hope for the future.


  139. MCL, can you clear something up? That really high note Siobhan belted in ‘Think’, I believe it was a Bb5, was it totally in chest voice or was there head voice in there as well? I believe there was some head voice in there.


  140. Grammie Kari May 9, 2010 at 4:39 am

    Erin, from the Idol forum: is a pretty cool site that keeps track of the range of notes that contestants sing while on the show. Siobhan has a range of 15 steps (not including head voice), which is ranked only behind Adam and Daughtry, and tied with Anwar Robinson.

    Here’s her quick summary:

    Hollywood Round 2 – Bad Romance
    ….. Lowest note : G#4/Ab4
    …. Highest note : E5
    Hollywood Round 3 – Living For The City
    ….. Lowest note : D#4/Eb4
    …. Highest note : F#5/Gb5*
    Top 24 – Wicked Game
    ….. Lowest note : E3
    …. Highest note : C#5/Db5
    Top 20 – Think
    ….. Lowest note : A3
    …. Highest note : A#5/Bb5
    Top 16 – House of the Rising Sun
    ….. Lowest note : F3
    …. Highest note : C#5/Db5
    Top 12 – Paint It Black
    ….. Lowest note : G#3/Ab3
    …. Highest note : A5
    Top 11 – Superstition
    ….. Lowest note : G3
    …. Highest note : A#5/Bb5
    Top 10 – Through the Fire
    ….. Lowest note : G#3/Ab3
    …. Highest note : A5
    Top 9 – Across the Universe
    ….. Lowest note : G3
    …. Highest note : B4*
    Top 9 – Suspicious Minds
    ….. Lowest note : G3
    …. Highest note : G5
    Top 7 – When You Believe
    ….. Lowest note : F#3/Gb3
    …. Highest note : F5
    Top 6 – Any Man of Mine
    ….. Lowest note : G#3/Ab3
    …. Highest note : F5*

    Overall lowest : E3
    Overall highest : A#5/Bb5
    Overall range : 15 steps

    *Head Voice/Falsetto
    Hollywood Round 3 – Living For The City
    …. A#5/Bb5
    Top 9 – Across the Universe
    …. D5
    Top 6 – Any Man of Mine
    …. G5


  141. Also added:

    Highest note
    1)Adam Lambert & Siobhan : A#5/Bb5

    Highest note Including Head voice and Falsetto
    1) Kelly Clarkson : F#6/Gb6
    2) Syesha Mercado : D#6/Eb6
    3) Kimberley Locke : C6
    4) Adam Lambert and Siobhan: A#5/Bb5

    MCL and others – does this sound accurate? I will admit that I had no idea Chris had such a large range. I did enjoy many of his ballad sounds, though.


  142. Grammie Kari -thanks for the comments re the highest note information. However, for me, I don’t really focus on that aspect but rather how well the singers deliver when singing within their natural singing range. If they sing extreme upper notes and sound awful, then, what’s the point, right?

    I always felt that Siobhan had incorporated some lovely head resonance when she delivered her powerful high end notes. She was stretching a bit, but, still, she generally knew how to focus her voice.

    Chris Daughtry’s voice always sounded strained – really tight. He has a naturally beautiful vocal instrument, but used it with little technical enhancement whatsoever. I will have to check my VM articles from Season 5 – all I remember is his tendency to elevate his head when he sang through his upper range – bad sign.


  143. I read somewhere that the first thing art appraisers look for in fraudulent art is a “too perfect” version of a master — even applying additional brush strokes to “perfect” the work. The said the original artists seemed to be more “casual” with their brush strokes — even leaving finger prints where they used their hands to modify their work. I surmise they were looking for a total effect as — opposed to a set of perfect brush strokes. The pros always seem to know what to leave out.


  144. I wonder if Kara was trying out for the Simon role this year. The original dynamic was good cop (Paula) bad cop (Simon). I don’t remember Kara being this bad in Season 8. If so, it is too bad that Kara was practicing her Shtick on Siobhan because this helped ruin Season 9.

    During one of her recent interviews, Siobhan Magnus mentioned that during “Through the Fire” Kara and Simon started make faces and threw her off for the performance. After that, she stopped looking at the judges during her performances.


  145. I know, Julia – this broke my heart when Siobhan mentioned how impolite and downright cruel they were during her performances. We only saw and heard what happened after the performance but during? Unbelievable!


  146. Let me add my concern after hearing Siobhan’s revelations about the judges. Apparently, it was even worse than we thought. My heart broke when I heard Siobhan speak about how she happened to look at Kara and Simon when she was trying to sing, only to see the disgust evident on both their faces. When you hear something like this, then you realize just how bad things were for this young woman. It would appear that Kara and Simon didn’t even bother to hide their displeasure when she sang. This really is an all time low!

    What really made me realize just how uncomfortable Siobhan had become performing in front of the judges, was when she revealed that she was the one who decided to go behind the judges and sing directly to the audience. This way she wouldn’t have to see their faces. Many of us who felt that Kara and Simon had it in for Siobhan, were justified. If you feel compelled to avoid having to look at the judges, for fear of the expression on their faces, then that tells us all we need to know about what went on. I am beyond disgusted. Honestly, nothing else would even shock me at this point.

    My belief that Siobhan was thrown under the bus with a vengeance, has now been confirmed. I don’t know how I would feel if I was on stage singing my heart out and happened to catch unpleasant expressions on the judges faces, before I had even finished performing. I have even more admiration for how beautifully poised and composed Siobhan was in the face of such blatant disrespect. It really is the worst thing you can do when someone is singing. I guess there really isn’t anything too low for Kara and Simon when it comes to getting rid of people they don’t want.


  147. MCL, I often withheld my opinion of Chris because he was so popular. He often did a good to really good on his ballads, but I didn’t like his uptempo songs. I think his voice has definitely improved since leaving Idol. I think his range is larger because of his lower range notes.

    Thank you for your opinion!

    From my post:

    Highest note Including Head voice and Falsetto
    1) Kelly Clarkson : F#6/Gb6
    2) Syesha Mercado : D#6/Eb6
    3) Kimberley Locke : C6
    4) Adam Lambert and Siobhan: A#5/Bb5

    Again, knowing almost nothing about musical notes – I was not surprised about this list because I believe all are terrific singers.


  148. Mindy – amen to everything you said. But, the question still remains. Why? I mean – they did select her as a Top 24 semi-finalist. I just feel there is one gigantic piece missing in this puzzle and I wish I could find it.


  149. I really don’t even know what to say about this article. What is Kara’s purpose? Why is she continuing to sabotage Siobhan?


  150. It seems to me that all the big-voiced divas were eliminated early in the competition. [Simon has never been fond of ‘theater’ people.] I think they were looking for another Adele or Chasing Pavements “organic” singer this year and it back-fired on them. The contestants they cast this year just did not have the experience of working in that huge environment (coping with nervous energy, hearing oneself over a band, working on a television soundstage, choosing material, creating a mood, and communicating the message).

    Add to that the situation in which some of the mentors seemed more interested in the publicity (others writers have referred to drive-by mentoring) than coaching this year. [Mr. Harry Connick, Jr. was a notable exception.] Even Judy Garland had Roger Edens as musical coach and mentor when she was at MGM – little Frances Ethel Gumm had the raw talent; but Mr. Edens helped to shape this gift into the stellar voice of Ms. Judy Garland.

    Then versatile (dynamic) Siobhan Magnus came along at a time they were looking for consistency and they did not know what to do with her. Ms. Crystal Bowersox has been the consistent (steady) one this year and she fit the “indie” mode they thought they needed.

    The irony is I like Adele and I enjoy listening to Chasing Pavements among others, but I already have Adele’s music (and Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin).

    I was hoping that this year we would have another breakout artist and I wanted that to be Siobhan. I just saw that much-needed spark in her and still feel she would have wowed them during Sinatra and Movie themed weeks – ‘indie’ with a twist 🙂


  151. Sue, the link you gave with Kara’s comments were very revealing.
    They revealed nothing about Siobhan but everything about Kara.

    When Kara told Siobhan in front of millions that she would like to hang out with but she wouldn’t buy her record, I started to dislike Kara. After reading her interview, I dislike her even more.
    Kara must be one of the most insensitive, unkind unprofessional person in the music business.

    Why is she trying to ruin Siobhan’s career?

    It’s outrageous that she continues to repeat that ugly remark. I for one, will never support Kara in her career.
    Siobhan has Kara beat as a human being in every way with her looks, her talent, her personality, and her soul.
    Kara is a very disturbed person.
    I didn’t watch American Idol last week for the first time in all 9 seasons. After reading that interview with Kara, as long as she is a Judge on Idol, I will never watch it again. She is too cruel for words.


  152. Ms. Kara said –

    ‘…but local fave Siobahn Magnus may have trouble spinning her “Idol” turn into music-biz gold…’

    ‘… She said the Marstons Mills homegal probably needs to write her own music “to define herself” as an artist.’

    If Ms. Siobhan Magnus is as smart and versatile as I think she is, she will do just that – use this opportunity to learn every little thing she can about the business – then write and make her own special music (and own the rights to all of it – even the Beatles learned that the hard way). That way she will be able to adapt to the changes that are exploding in the entertainment world.


  153. MCL,

    When you read the link posted right below your last comment, then you will see that there can be no doubt as to how Kara felt about Siobhan. She basically said that Siobhan can’t make it as a singer in today’s market. That’s why they wanted her off the show. This woman really is a nasty piece of work. I dislike her immensely. If Siobhan actually were to believe what Kara was saying, she might as well stick with glass-blowing! Shame on you, Kara! This is just an extension of the gibberish we heard from her when she critiqued Siobhan. Kara has tunnel vision when it comes to talent.

    As for the “why” question, I agree that this is the key here. Why, indeed? Why did they pick her for the top 24 and why, once they did, were they so intent on sabotaging her once she got to the finals? I will have to give this some thought and see if I can come up with an answer.

    For now I can only believe that they might have thought she would fit into a certain artistic mold, maybe someone like Cyndi Lauper. However, Simon was going after her even in the semifinals. He didn’t seem to know what to make of her. I will always remember how bizarre his comments seemed after her iconic performance of “House of the Rising Sun”. He just seemed to come out of nowhere with his critique. It didn’t come off as real, sincere, believable at all. It sounded kind of rehearsed, almost pre-planned. There is just so disagreement about the quality of that performance if you have ears. So even early on, there was a problem with her as far as Simon was concerned.

    I could also ask the “why” question about a few of the others who made it into the top 24. I guess we will never know the real answer. The one thing we do know for certain, is that Kara and Simon did not like Siobhan, her singing, her style, all of it was pure grist for their mill. Kara has come right out and said that Siobhan can’t make it and has no future.

    My conclusion for now is that they may have felt that she had some real commercial potential, but became convinced that she was too quirky, too different, danced to the beat of her own drummer too much and just would not fit into their concept of the Idol mold. I will think about it a bit more to see if I can come up with other reasons why they put her in the top 24, only to destroy her in the top 12.


  154. Sorry, silly typos!

    It should read – There is just NO disagreement about the quality of that performance if you have ears!


  155. Julia,

    I never heard of Roger Edens, the musical coach for Judy Garland when she was at MGM. He was a lucky man to have worked with this great natural talent. They apparently made a great team, because Judy Garland blossomed into one of the greatest singers and performers that ever lived. Anyone who has read my posts knows that she was my idol when I was growing up. She meant the world to me. I used to study her performances and learned so much just from listening. Talk about a master class! She was incomparable. She has served as a inspiration to me all my life.

    I actually like your theory that the judges had no idea what Siobhan was all about. Kara certainly doesn’t seem to have the creative and musical intelligence to spot raw, unpolished talent. One thing I believe with all my heart – Siobhan will be extremely successful in her singing career and Kara will have to eat her words!


  156. This is a great link on the AmericanIdol site about what Kara said in the Boston Herald:
    I have a hunch this could be the end of Kara as a Judge. It may not be Siobhan’s career that gets destroyed but Kara’s…couldn’t happen to a nicer (meaner) person:
    Great link:


  157. I have lost all respect for Kara after the way Siobhan was treated on the show, but this article justifies my opinion. I agree with you, Mindy… I hope Kara has to eat her words. I believe much of this has to do with their desire to have Crystal and Lee in the Finale. How could the judges not realize what a talent they have? The fact that Randy is Siobhan’s favorite judge may indicate that he was fair to her and may have encouraged her in off-the-show moments.


  158. Erin – The most accurate way to describe physiologically what Siobhan was doing is “head voice with a LOT of twang.”

    Personally, I wouldn’t consider it chest voice at all because the vocal folds are very thin in this coordination. The twang intensifies the sound and causes it to sound much fuller than it actually is, but underneath it all, it’s head voice. It’s certainly a very nifty auditory illusion, though!

    Here is an explanation of twang I wrote in a previous post: [click]

    Also, the Idol Ranges site that Grammie Kari mentioned is very accurate in terms of pitches, but the site owner is more of a fan and not actually a student of vocal technique, as far as I know, so I sometimes disagree with her categorization of notes under head voice versus “full voice.” She tends to incorrectly categorize notes that are done in head voice with twang, which mostly affects the ranges of Siobhan and Adam Lambert (off the top of my head).

    The term “full voice” is used with very little precision, but the way I use it refers to sounds that involve thicker vocal folds—mainly “chest voice,” a chest-dominant mix (which I also call a “heavy mix”), and some other sounds that can’t be adequately described with the chest voice/head voice terminology system.

    The highest note that I’ve heard Siobhan sing in a genuine chest-dominant mix from the top 24 onwards is probably a D5. If someone wants to ask me about a particular note that’s higher, I could analyze it, but from off the top of my head, most (if not all) of the notes that Siobhan’s done higher than a D5 were in head voice with varying degrees of twang (or pure head voice also, of course).

    Prior to the top 24, though, Siobhan did show some glimpses of being able to do thicker sounds higher. In “Bad Romance,” you could convince me that the as long as it’s free run, which goes up to an F5, is in a genuine mix, and in “Living for the City,” the “oh” on the F5 is actually done with thick vocal folds as well. The latter song is actually a good one for learning the difference between a sound where the vocal folds are actually thick and one where they’re not.

    Here’s the video I’m using for reference:

    If you listen very carefully, the sound underlying the “oh” note @ 0:55 sounds very intense, but if you listen to the “yeah” @ 1:03, the sound is actually very light and thin in comparison.

    Hope that helps! 😉


  159. Thank you <strongJ for your comments!


  160. I meant thank you to J for helpful comments!


  161. Grammie Kari, you are very welcome! 🙂 I always love hearing from you. 😀

    On a side note, I’m afraid I accidentally messed up the bolding for the rest of the page.

    I’m not sure if I fixed it with this post, but hopefully, I did. If not, MCL can go in and edit my post above (along with this one). 😉


  162. Dearest J,

    That was a great clip to demonstrate the difference! Wow! My ears heard that!

    When Siobhan hits the “oh” note, is that a good balance of head and chest voice? You have said that she often lacked this balance in her singing, using more head voice. On the next word “yeah”, that sounds more like her normal sound with a lot of head voice.

    If she managed to get a better chest and head voice combination on these earlier songs, then I wonder why we didn’t hear more of it in the finals.

    Grammie Keri,

    Maybe I am overanalyzing this too much. However, I do think that MCL asked a really good question. The judges had to think there was real talent to put her into the top 24. It is their decision. It could be that your straightforward explanation of the judges simply wanting a Crystal/Lee finale is our answer. The fact that they had to pound her every week, no matter what she did, is evidence of their obvious bias. It also means that they understood that she was a real threat to make it to the final three or the final two, otherwise why bother? They worked too hard to whittle away at her inner confidence and self-esteem. If they didn’t think she had the voice to blow this competition wide open with one incredible performance, then they could just as easily ignored her or not put as much effort into it. They didn’t destroy Aaron.

    My feeling is that they had to go after Siobhan with everything they had, because she really was good enough to throw off their plans. That’s how I see it. Kara and Simon knew Siobhan could sing her face off, but they didn’t like the way she did it and didn’t believe she could be a commercial success. They see Crystal and Lee as their best bets.


  163. Grammie Keri,

    I just wanted to add one more thing related to your comments. I did take note of Siobhan saying that Randy was her favorite judge. He seemed to be the most supportive, followed closely by Ellen. Randy has never been articulate and can really butcher the english language, but what I do like about him is that he seems to respond viscerally and instinctively to the performances, more than Kara and Simon. His remarks don’t seem so prepared, no sardonic punch lines, no pettiness. Sometimes I do wish he could expound a bit more, but then he wouldn’t be Randy! He just seems to call it as he sees it. I will say that I don’t always agree with him, but at least I don’t get that feeling of a hidden agenda.

    The more we hear from Siobhan, the more we know just how hurt she was by what Kara and Simon did. I know that young people seem to have this resilient quality. They bounce back rather quickly. I don’t think there will be any lasting scars. She knows she’s good! When she was voted off, I held it together until she finished singing and rushed to the comforting arms of her family. That’s when I lost it. As I teared up, I found myself thinking – good for you! You go and find comfort in the loving arms of your family! Hold on tight and feel the warmth and comfort and acceptance. She didn’t want to let go. Ryan had to practically tear her away as the minutes counted down. But to see that girl run straight to her family, told me all I needed to know. That’s why I am not worried about her.


  164. I really don’t even know what to say about this article. What is Kara’s purpose? Why is she continuing to sabotage Siobhan?

    My take on this? She clearly has some deep-seated emotioanl issues with Siobhan. Jealousy, perhaps? Who knows? As I have previously said, there is a huge piece of the puzzle missing from the Siobhan/ Kara/Simon brouhaha


  165. Maybe, what is happening is that Kara is so focused on taking over Simon’s role as the upfront, critical, shall I say “snarky” judge when he exits at the end of this season that she’s been ripping into Siobhan in an effort to put forth that image. Siobhan could just a convenient target for Kara to show that she can be “tough,” that she has “the cajones” to fill Simon’s chair.

    But, why Siobhan? Could it be because she’s a beautiful, talented young woman who poses a threat to Kara is some way? Is Kara threatened by that in some way? She ended up looking like a “cougar” when she started flirting with Casey. (By the way, I hate terms like “cougar,” which denigrate maturing women). But, maybe Kara herself is concerned about her image as an attractive, sexy woman still in her prime. We can look back perhaps at the silly antics involving last season’s “bikini girl.”


  166. Since I am not a licensed psychologist (and Kara’s psyche is scary), my guess is probably NOT as good as yours, but here goes my pop-pycho-babble …

    Kara does not like pretty and talented young women because she feels threatened by them and (consciously or subconsciously) tries to compete with them.

    It seems that much of the voting audience seems to be in sync with Kara here so (as much as I think AI/E19 could easily lose this ball and chain) they will not be replacing her soon.

    Some have suggested that Ellen would make a better host than Ryan, but I don’t see that happening either.

    Randy has never been truly bad to me – he just gets hooked on cliches – (Dog and Pitchy are the most overused). This year, the inexperienced cast of contestants needed more substantial critiques and he just did not have the knowledge base or vocabulary to provide what the contestants needed.

    Simon was tired of the whole thing this year and it showed. In the military they call this being on the Retired On Active Duty (ROAD) crew.


  167. Kara’s comments would seem to indicate that Siobhan will not be getting signed by 19 Entertainment. However, she has gone even further by publicly saying that Siobhan has no future as a singer. This latest comment is so over the top and, on the surface, unnecessary, that I think it’s perfectly reasonable to question Kara’s personal issues. It’s obvious that it’s more than just not loving Siobhan’s voice. There does seem to be a real dislike for her and a need to crush any chance she may have to make it as a singer.

    In a interview from Cape Cod, Siobhan’s Dad said that offers have been pouring in from everywhere, some really excellent opportunities. Kara’s comments would seem ill-timed, to say the least. It’s personal with Kara. Maybe Siobhan’s extraordinary talent is intimidating. Maybe there is a jealousy issue. Kara seems to want to show everyone that she is still an attractive woman. That whole business with Casey was pretty tasteless. I also detest the term “cougar” as inherently disrespectful to older women, but there was something unpleasant about Kara’s fascination with Casey’s physical charms. Fortunately, most of that seems to have been put aside.

    I don’t know Kara, so it’s hard to figure out what’s going on with her. But from what I have observed of her on the show this season, I see her as intensely ambitious, tough, low brow, inarticulate, full of affectation and lacking in class. I didn’t like her when they brought her on last season, but she wasn’t as aggressive and hostile.

    I don’t think her latest comments will endear her to viewers of the show. It’s overkill to say the least. Isn’t it enough for her that Siobhan was voted off in sixth place? I would think she could at least keep her feelings to herself.


  168. MCL,

    After thinking this over a little more, I have to agree with you about a big piece of the puzzle being missing. I think there was more going on behind the scenes than we may ever know. Siobhan has been about as honest as she can, while making sure to express her gratitude at having the opportunity to be on Idol. I think she may be leaving out some of the story out of necessity.


  169. For you Siobhan Magnus fans, if David Letterman is willing to put his money where his mouth is, Ms. Magnus may have a future…,40609/
    David Letterman launches his own record label
    by Sean O’Neal April 29, 2010

    “Considering David Letterman (or at least, whoever does his booking) has a reputation for being ahead of the curve when it comes to booking musical guests—and he has enough money to just throw away a big chunk of it if he wants to—the news that he’s launched his own record label isn’t a total surprise. ”

    Apr 28 2010 11:13 AM ET

    David Letterman starts record label, signs pop-punk band
    by Simon Vozick-Levinson


  170. I am wondering what 19 Entertainment would do with Siobhan? Is there anyone on that label who recognizes the greatvtalent they have with this lovely young lady?

    I was willing to give Kara a chance at the beginning of the season, but she’s lost control. I would like for Idol to sweep the slate clean with just Ryan and Randy remaining. I haven’t liked Simon for a long time. Will the show survive without him. Maybe. The right person could keep Idol competitive if there is a talented line-up.

    Best of luck for Dave with the record label. I hope Paul will be an advisor.


  171. Kara can’t help losing control. Her neuroses is such that it would show itself sooner or later. Without Paula in the way, her main competition last year, she has now revealed many of her characteristics. Kara does have problems with other women as witnessed by her desire to show up Bikini Girl last season with her body. Before that when Bikini Girl was trying out, Kara sang the same song she did to prove she could sing it better.

    For some reason, Siobhan struck a chord in her psyche that perceived her to be “the Other.” Psychologically, for Kara, Siobhan is the girl in school she admired but couldn’t be. Siobhan is the type of female that men are drawn to, attractive, nurturing, and fun with tons of talent.
    Kara doesn’t radiate these qualities. Although attractive, she’s comes off colder and insincere, which men find intimitating. She’s unsure of her appeal and has an enormous need to succeed. Constantly, she pits herself against other women.
    Crystal doesn’t present the same threat to Kara that Siobhan did.

    Kara’s mother died after battling cancer for 7 years. She was 20 when her mother became ill. The toll that took on her had to have a major impact on her life. Her father has remarried. All these events contributed to who Kara is. Perhaps, she could never the “woman” in her father’s life. Recently when she posed in the nude, she couldn’t bring herself to tell him it would in the magazine. Finally when she did mention it, he tried to avoid the subject.
    Kara must always prove herself and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is, she does it at the expense of someone else.
    Narcisism is very prevelant in Amercia today for reasons that aren’t relevant for this discussion except for Kara who possesses this disease.
    Unlike Siobhan, Kara came from a very privilged backgound and she enjoys flaunting this thinking she’s superior.
    At first Kara showered compliments on Siobhan, but something happened where she turned on her which had nothing to do with her performaces. Perhaps, she witnessed men oogling Siobhan on the show. After many of the dress rehearsals it was reported that the stage hands and musicians were in awe of her.
    Somewhere in Kara’s life she felt abandoned.

    It’s sad that someone as talented and attractive as Kara is so unsure of herself. Still it’s sadder that her insecurity hurts others.


  172. Ren, I am not sure I agree with all you have said, but there is enough there to reveal some truths. One thing I might add is that Crystal is the mother of a young baby. Her son has been brought to the set, and I am sure Kara has seen him. Because of her inability to conceive at this moment, she may have different feelings for Crystal that she does towards Siobhan.

    You didn’t mention the other lovely girls that have been on the show. Do they fit in there, some where?


  173. Grammie Keri,

    I am with you as far as agreeing that some of what Ren has said is probably true. We can’t ever really know these people, unless we have the chance to meet and interact with them. I was not aware of Kara losing her mother at the age of 20 and the other details of her life. To be honest, I am not especially interested in her life history. I am interested in how she has come across as a judge and whether or not she is qualified to be one.

    I do feel that Kara is a narcissist. She fits the description perfectly, however, many people in show business would most likely fit that description. I do think she felt threatened by Siobhan in some way.

    I also believe that with Paula out of the way, Kara is free to come out of her shell and be more aggressive. She seemed kind of unsure of herself in her first season. She made a lot of gaffes and provided comic fodder to many because of it. She was kind of in Paula’s shadow. Now she is gunning for Simon’s spot. I am sure of it.

    I don’t know why Kara would be so threatened by Siobhan over appearance. Kara is quite attractive and has a nice body, which she is not averse to showing off. I just think she developed an intense dislike for her, maybe from some jealousy over this girl’s awesome talent, guts, fearlessness and being true to herself. There was a realness to Siobhan that just could not be denied.

    Sometimes when people get into a position of power, they enjoy taking other talented people down. Kara made her critiques far too personal when she was evaluating Siobhan’s performances. Maybe it was Siobhan’s quirkiness, her uniqueness and her boldness that bothered Kara. Or else it was just the power to destroy a promising talent. That normally wouldn’t make much sense, but who says it’s all about being reasonable. I have seen this type of thing all too often in the business world. Women who manage to claw their way to positions of power, then feel threatened by other women who may be even more talented. It’s happened to me. Although why Kara would feel specifically threatened by Siobhan, I just do not know.

    We can feel free to speculate, but something else was going on under the surface when Kara was cutting Siobhan to shreds with her scathing critiques.


  174. Hi Grammie Karl,
    I hope your husband is doing well.
    I don’t know where many of the lovely women fit in. Siobhan was the 2nd highest woman to compete this season so none of us got a chance to see that much interaction with Kara and the others.
    Kara’s criticsm of Siobhan was over the top on the show and she continued it in her Boston Herald interview. Not only did she say that Siobhan has no future as a hitmaker on Billboard, but that she doesn’t know who she is as an artist. Then later in the interview Kara said that when she appears in person, people are surprised at how well she sings. This is the same pattern she followed with Bikini Girl. Downing someone else while building herself up.

    I have no idea if Kara is able to conceive or not,nor do I know if she is trying since her career is going so well. For some reason and they may be all legitimate ones, Kara likes Crystal more and doesn’t feel threatened by her.
    Siobhan is such an exceptional singer and personality along with being so attractive that it wouldn’t be unusual for someone like Kara to be jealous of her.
    We all react to people differently….Kara has a need to hurt Siobhan which is neurotic so I was trying to understand why that is.

    Besides, how in the world did Siobhan come in 6th?


  175. Thanks Mindy, I always love your comments. (you, too, Grammie Karl).

    Yes, Kara is also talented and attractive,which I mentioned.
    We don’t know if she was always so attractive; especially, as an adolescent where confidence in oneself is forming. Without having tons of confidence in oneself many women are always worried about their looks (I probably should amend that by saying “all women”.
    If someone doesn’t feel beautiful inside, it makes no difference what they look like.
    Though attractive, Kara lives in the world of many very beautiful people, it has to be difficult.
    Personally, I feel Siobhan is one in a million with her quirky personality and superior vocal skills. She deserved the T-shirt “Artist” last night.
    I didn’t watch the show, but I read about it on many sites.

    Btw, Simon, as we all know, is terrible to many of the contestants, but he never builds himself up while he’s doing it. He laughs when others call him out for his T-shirt and man boobs. Imagine Kara laughing at herself…won’t happen. Sure hope they drop her for next season. And I used to like her!


  176. The producers reserve the right to remove power voting when it can affect the “fairness”, but how do they define fair, and how is it done in a truly fair way?

    JohnT. tonight this process may come into play. If casey and Michael are close, in all fairness it will be Michael who will be in the TOP 3. It will be how they define fairness. In all honesty, I think Casey may be relieved.

    Ren, there was an interview with Kara and she stated that she has been trying for almost a year to get pregnant. And that yes, she wants a baby.

    I cannot let Simon off so easily. He planted the idea that Siobhan screams not wails near the end of her songs. He said that 4-5 weeks and many seem to beloieve him. We cannot go back now, but the producers better make it up to her in the finale.

    Yes, yesterday we did find out that my husband’s cancer is contained and soon he will have surgery. It is all rather scary, but a necessary journey in this battle. Thank you for asking!


  177. Well, hello. I was going to say that I obviously missed the bus on this discussion but I noticed that comments are still being posted. So here is what I have to say: it’s interesting that people who don’t like/don’t care for Siobhan seem to get really upset when people who do like Siobhan fight back. In my opinion, of course. It’s always hard to figure out exactly what people are feeling based on what they post on the Internet. It’s extremely easy to overread posts. But even so, the people who criticize Siobhan seem just a little mean & sarcastic.

    For the record, I think that Siobhan was horrendously treated on this show. From the very beginning. After her brilliant rendition of “Wicked Game” she got “You’re a funny little thing” from Simon. After “House of the Rising Sun” she got “I found it all a bit weird” from Simon. What was weird about HOTRS? That it was wonderfully sung? By someone who looked like she was enjoying singing it? Whoa, yeh, pretty weird, Miss Magnus.

    No, Siobhan did not always make the most absolutely brilliant song choices and sometimes she held onto her high notes just a second or two too long. “Superstition” was not as good as “Paint It Black”. And “Through the Fire” was not as good as “Superstition”. But, in my opinion, from then on the performances were back on track. But then came Kara’s woeful litany of “I’m confused” “I’m confused” “I’m confused”. As a mental health professional, I really want to write to Kara & let her know that there are some great medications for that kind of confusion.

    I am reasonably convinced, based on the quality of her performances and by comments she has made since she left the show, that Siobhan was able to shake off Kara & Simon’s most likely scripted inconsistency & negativity. However, I think that many American viewers are pretty gullible and could be swayed by what supposedly “objective” judges say (Hmmm….Kara’s confused…Simon says she’s weird…hmmmmm…..). Kara’s sucking up to Siobhan on the night of her elimination was late and disingenuous. And then Simon’s insane comment about giving birth may have been all that was needed to tip some people to the other contestants. I also think that the voting procedure in general is pretty flawed & can be manipulated by people with little else to do than to become skilled in power texting & other repetitive dialing technologies.

    I think I have come out of this experience a little bit wiser. Next season I will probably watch once the Top 12 have jelled. The main reason I will watch is so that I can come back here & stay in touch with the nice people I have met on this site. I will not vote. I will not listen to the judges. And let the chips fall where they may.


  178. Hi Darlene! You are absolutely correct. Many viewers don’t come to the Idol forums and swear by what the judges say. Kara just said, “Siobhan’s back.” She went no further with favorable comments. That was a cop out on her part. Yes, I do believe Simon had his comments scripted before hand. I don’t know if I can ever get over the unfairness of her elimination. I wish Aaron would have left first.

    Like yourself, I planned to never vote again after Jason Castro. However, Siobhan was so unique that I went back to the two hours straight voting. I don’t feel my votes counted much. She needed those young girls text messaging like crazy. There are many guys that post on her forum. Now, I have to remember not to get all involved in all that voting. Right?

    I will probably watch next season, but my heart won’t be invested as much.


  179. “Ren, there was an interview with Kara and she stated that she has been trying for almost a year to get pregnant. And that yes, she wants a baby.”

    I didn’t know that so now I know.

    It’s good news that your husband’s cancer has been contained and he will be in my prayers that he has a successful outcome with his upcoming surgery. You are both going through a lot now and you seem like such a thoughtful and caring lady. Please stay well.

    Anyway, we can divert our minds from our problems and the world’s on American Idol and 2 of those nasty judges.
    No, we can’t let sour Simon off the hook, and we can refuse to watch his new show but, “Do I mean this?” I don’t know yet?
    I was in Cape Cod in 2004 and stayed in Hyannis where my husband became ill and wound up in Cape Cod Hospital. It was off season, and I got to see what the “Codders” were like; that’s what they call themselves. They are very arty and independent like people (in gereral).
    I don’t care who wins the show; the season is over.


  180. Grammie Keri,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have kept you and your husband in my prayers. I am happy to hear the good news. I know that you will get through this difficult time with your usual strength, courage and heart. I will be thinking of you.

    Wonderful Darlene,

    Thanks so much for one of your very best posts! So much wisdom from which we can all benefit! I loved how you put everything in such great perspective.

    I have been more than perplexed by the intense reaction of people who don’t like Siobhan to people like us who do. I can never understand why there would be such spite and mean-spirited feelings towards a young girl that they don’t even know.

    I do agree that Siobhan was treated disgracefully on the show. Simon was quite negative about her in the semifinals. With each great performance, he seemed to make even more bizarre and irrelevant comment. What does – you are a funny little thing – supposed to mean? For one thing, it sounds incredibly condescending.

    I also agree that Siobhan did not make the best song choices. That responsibility falls on her shoulders. I didn’t think “Superstition” quite came together and then there was “Through the Fire”, which was probably her weakest performance. However, I thought she made decent song choices after that and seemed to get back on track. The one song I honestly wish she did not sing was “When You Believe”. It was always going to work against her, because anytime you pick a Whitney/Mariah song, you will inevitably be compared unfavorably to these two singing icons. I also think the song itself is one of those cliched, hackneyed ballads that just don’t go over well on a show like this. It gave the judges more reason to attack her, not that they needed any.

    I have said before that if you repeat lies often enough, then become truth. I think the seeds were planted in the minds of the viewers by both Kara and Simon. The repetitive nature of the code words and phrases sent a clear and unmistakable message to the viewers about Siobhan. Saying “I’m confused” or “Siobhan has two voices” or “You are someone who I’d like to hang out with, but I wouldn’t want to buy your record”, along with the now infamous comment by Simon that Siobhan’s scream reminded him of a woman giving birth, all factored into her early exit. That comment was probably the nail in her coffin. He felt the need to drag it out, repeat it several times, laughing all the while. It was quite effective. It ultimately worked.

    The voting process is appalling. They will never do anything to change it. I did vote my heart out for Siobhan, but never again. I feel like I am trying to climb Mt. Everest when I keep hitting redial, all the while knowing that I will be outperformed by those kids with their relentless power texting. I won’t be voting anymore.

    The only reason for me to tune in next season would be to once again have the chance to chat with all the great people on this site. Also, reading MCL’s critiques is always like the icing on the cake. I would really miss this place. But I will not be participating actively. If Kara is back, as I expect her to be, then I am determined to tune out everything she says. I have no desire to listen to her mindless, self-indulgent, crass prattling. She rarely has anything of merit or value to say about any of the contestants. I think we are all wiser after this experience.

    I am also feeling better about Siobhan having bounced back from the wretched treatment at the hands of the judges. She knows who she is, she knows she can sing like no one else and she is surrounded by the love of her family and friends. She will survive, will go on to bigger and better things and will triump in the end. You can never stop real talent!


  181. Sorry, typos!

    If you repeat lies often enough, then THEY become THE truth.

    Siobhan will TRIUMPH in the end.


  182. This is another SiobhanFan link about the technical aspects of “pitchy”, off key, in tune, and out-of-tune experiences …

    Beauty is in the EAR of the behEARer.



  183. MCL, have you noticed that Siobhan’s lower register is somewhat nasal? Everyone seems to think it is.


  184. Erin, what do you mean by “everybody”? And if it is, I would argue, “so what”? Actually, on the 3 tracks that were just released where she sings with Lunar Valve, I don’t think she sounds “nasal” at all. I’m also interested as to why you’re asking this question now. Was there anything in particular that brought this up? I’m not trying to be argumentative but when it comes to Siobhan I tend to get that way. Thanks.



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