David Archuleta and David Cook Perform In Manila: A Special Report From Janey

David Cook and David Archuleta in Manila

David Cook and David Archuleta in Manila

 I am a little behind in speaking about this monumentous event, but one of my readers, Janey, who is an avid David Archuleta fan, asked if she could share her views on David Cook ‘s and David Archuleta’s recent performances in Manila.

I have been meaning to cover this wonderful collaboration of this talented duo, so I thank God everyday for fans -in this case Janey, as well as others – who gently nudge me back to my computer keyboard.

The Davids are never far from my mind and heart and I know that they will continue to have very successful careers.

These two young men are truly special!


Here is what Janey had to say about the Manila concert and I welcome your comments as well.

Many of you here at Masterclasslady.com might already know that I’m a HUGE fan of David Archuleta.

Having followed his career ever since he stepped foot on the Idol stage I felt it was important to update you on THE EVENT in Manila that occurred Saturday, May 16 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

David Archuleta and David Cook performed in back to back concerts in front of a sold-out crowd of 50,000.

Both performed a full concert set with 14 songs each giving concert goers reason to stand on their seats the entire time. The Davids were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the occasion and the support shown to them by their Filipino fans.

Doesn’t it sound like a spectacular show? She went on to say that, later on that evening, David Archuleta personally thanked his fans on one of his blogs.

Janey also sent me a clip of David Cook singing the final song of the evening -” A Daily  Anthem“- with David Archuleta  joining him on stage during the final moments of this song.

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27 Responses to “David Archuleta and David Cook Perform In Manila: A Special Report From Janey”

  1. I was there! We had a blast! They were both good! Archie performed first then a million fireworks then Cook performed!… over 50 thousand people came!! I love Archie’s personality specially while doing his interviews, he LOVES Philippine mangoes and told everybody he has never liked mangoes that much before.. He smiles a lot too and i found myself smiling whenever i see him smile, very infectuous! Obviously He enjoyed his stay here!! Ive always been a fan of DC but I love Archie more now!


  2. Janey and MCL ROCK! What an amazing concert experience for the folks lucky enough to attend. The love shown to David A from his Filipino fans was awesome! So cool to see the two David’s on stage together!

    ria, you must have had a BLAST!


  3. Oh how I wish I had been there!!! I love how David Archuleta once again is showing his gratitude. He seems so overwhelmed by the love and support he and Cook both recieved while in the Phillipines. Thanks to all the Filipino people for the love that they showed both Davids.🙂


  4. I was there too and I can tell you that 50,000 inside the venue but outside there were more than 50,000 as well just for the audio. I left after David A perfomance so I noticed the thick crowd outside.


  5. estimates of those attending inside and out were about 125,000. I can’t even picture what that looks like.

    Timv, can you tell us a little more about your experience?


  6. 125,000? Oh my! That’s a lotta love for the Davids!


  7. David Cook’s love for David Archuleta and vice versa is a joy to behold. I love the protective arm Cook places around Archie. So sweet! It’s a mutual admiration society


  8. Wow 125,000 no wonder David was overwhelmed!!! Yes please Timv tell us more! Would love to hear all about your experience.


  9. Thank you so much for sharing this! The two Davids and the love they were shown is both overwhelming and inspiring.


  10. Oh, how I wish I could’ve been there! I have a question. What fourteen songs did Archie and Cook each sing? Any new or previously unheard of ones?


  11. set list for David A.

    – Touch My Hand
    – Barriers
    – A Little Too Not Over You
    – You Can
    – My Hands
    – Your Eyes Don’t Lie
    – To Be With You
    – Don’t Let Go
    – Waiting For Yesterday
    – Stand By Me
    – A Thousand Miles
    – Angels
    – Zero Gravity
    – Crush

    set list for David C.

    * The World I Know
    * Heroes
    * Mr. Sensitive
    * Declaration
    * Life on the Moon
    * Always Be My Baby
    * Kiss on the Neck
    * Straight Ahead
    * Make Me
    * Avalanche
    * Little Lies
    * Come Back To Me
    * Light On
    * Bar-ba-sol
    * A Daily AntheM


  12. Thank you, janey! I see Cook pulled out more than a few songs out of his hat that I had not heard of before. I’ll have to check’em out.

    That said, I wish so badly that David Archuleta would do two things:

    1) I wish he would record “Zero Gravity” as a new single already! That song is SO good, but there are only low-quality MP3 versions of it out right now! I believe that song would be his next “Crush.”

    2) I LOVE the song “Desperate” on his album, and I am astonished as to why it is not getting more promotion. That song is great for so many reasons. It is radio-friendly to the extreme, has an amazing message, and shows us a different side of David than we normally see. The song is a bit edgier and more “mature” than some of his other excellent songs. I think that song would prove that David is so much more than just a teenie-bopper. Please, David, give that awesome song a chance!


  13. Galen,
    As you can tell, it’s not hard to pull me into a discussion about David.

    You’ll be pleased to know that ZG is to be released to itunes, possibly as early as next week. I believe it will be released with 2 other songs, both never before having been released in the US. As these things are subject to change at the last minute I won’t bother to mention what I think they might be.

    I doubt much will be done with “Desperate” unfortunately.😦


  14. galen, I wanted to clarify that just because ZG is being released to itunes does not mean it will be promoted to radio stations. I have no idea what will happen to it after it’s been made available to purchase.


  15. Janey, I am an Archuleta fan myself, and I am thrilled that Zero Gravity will be released soon! Hallelujah! Thank you so much for that excellent tidbit of information!

    You are very right, though. It is unfortunate about “Desperate”. I am just curious. From one Archuleta fan to another, did you like “Desperate” a lot like I do, or am I just weird? I am not exaggerating when I say it is one of my favorite songs ever.



    are you just weird…hummmm, interesting question. ah, i don’t think anyone is ever weird loving a song of David’s.

    You’re asking the wrong person.


  17. LOL Thank you, janey! Have you heard his song “Save The Day”? I really enjoy that one as well, and I wish iTunes would get a single of it! I think it was only released in Japan or something, which is sort of weird and unfortunate . . . Hopefully it will become available in the US soon.


  18. Yes, Galen. I have heard Save the Day. In fact I ordered a copy of the album that was released in Japan, so I have it. I believe the album released in the UK is the same as the Japanese version, so those folks have it as well.

    go figure!


  19. Yes, go figure indeed! David definitely makes you work to get all of his songs, doesn’t he! LOL

    Anyway, I was very fortunate to find a very good quality recording (comparably anyway) of “Save” on the internet, so I am thankful for that.

    Anyway, I can’t wait until iTunes gets his new songs! Any day now hopefully!


  20. perhaps I will make an announcement here the moment his new songs hit itunes.

    yes, i think i will🙂


  21. I look forward to that announcement, janey! Thank you!


  22. galen, here’s the announcement!!!

    David Archuleta will be releasing a digital bundle of fan favorites, exclusively on iTunes, on Tuesday, June 9th. As he prepares to go on tour with Demi Lovato this summer, David is releasing one live video and two never-before-released audio tracks that have proven to be crowd pleasers at his live shows around the world. The live “Touch My Hand” video coupled with “Zero Gravity” and “1,000 Miles,” a Vanessa Carlton cover song, will be bundled together to kick off the excitement for the summer tour! “


  23. Thank you so much, Janey! Suffice it to say that June 9th is marked on my calendar! As a matter of fact, I picked up an iTunes card just today, so I will be ready to snatch up his new releases the moment they are available!

    I really appreciate you keeping me posted on this, janey. Thank you and God bless!


  24. Oh, and MCL, if you wanted to, it might be really great to have a topic about this! It’s definitely a BIG DEAL for Archuleta fans! Just a suggestion.


  25. Galen – yes I will write about David’s ITunes event. I have been meaning to do so, just spending far too much time outdoors.🙂 But I will get to it this weekend. Thanks for the friendly nudge.


  26. Thank you very much, MCL! I definitely am looking forward to reading that topic. In the meantime, I am also enjoying more time outdoors myself! Praise God for this excellent summer weather!



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