Pre-Show Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For The American Idol Season 8 Top 2 Performance Show: Adam Lambert And Kris Allen

As we wait for their final competitive performances tomorrow evening, what could be more appropriate than to feature individual  American Idol Top 2 interviews with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen?

The  interviews highlight the intelligent, genuine personas of both Adam and Kris and I wish the very best for both of them. 

I think that both have worked extremely hard in their efforts to pave their way toward this Top 2 Finale and, thus, are to be applauded and congratulated for reaching the pinnacle of American Idol Season 8.

Bravo guys!

Please Note: i could not find the most recent Top 2 interview with Kris. I am waiting for it to appear – somewhere – either on or and, when it does, I will post it.

Update: May 18th at 6:05 P.M. Eastern: Here is a great article from BuddyTV.Com twittered to me by a reader, Janey79

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10 Responses to “Pre-Show Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For The American Idol Season 8 Top 2 Performance Show: Adam Lambert And Kris Allen”

  1. Here’s Kris … if the link works!


  2. Well, foo! Doesn’t seem to have imbedded. I’ll try this way


  3. I’ve loved Adam from the beginning, my favorite performance of his was “Ring of Fire.” I thought it was AMAZING, even thought the judges thought it was “weird.” I’d never heard the song before then, so I think my view was less biased.

    I also really like Kris. It took me a while to actually notice him, but now that I have, I can’t get enough and when he sang, “She works hard for the money” he gave the song a brand new meaning and I really felt appreciated for the work I do as a women.

    Even though I do love the final two, I must say, I really wanted Allison to be in the final 2. She has an amazing voice and I really hope she makes it in the music industry soon.


  4. I read that of the three songs they will each sing tomorrow, only one is of their choice. The other two are the dreaded Idol song and a choice by Simon Fuller.

    Sometimes the choices the judges, the producers, or Clive Davis have made for the singers have worked, but just as often, I think, they have been disastrous to mediocre. At this point, both singers have proven that they can handle the variety of themes thrown at them reasonably well — do we really need to throw them another curve ball in the finale? Isn’t the Idol song enough? I’d much rather hear them sing two songs of their own choosing, with their own arrangements, than have to listen to them try to make a song that really doesn’t speak to them work.

    It also seems to me that it gives the producers of the show the opportunity to manipulate the results by giving whichever singer they don’t want to win a poor choice and giving the other a superlative one. NOT that they would even CONSIDER manipulating the results in any way.

    Of course, such manipulation could easily backfire, too, if the fans are sufficiently outraged by a poor choice.

    If the name of the game at this point is “artistry”, as Kara likes to remind us, then shouldn’t we just let them BE artists?

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Fuller’s choices are ones both Adam and Kris can wholeheartedly embrace.


  5. Jeanne –

    You echoed my thoughts perfectly! That’s what I wanted to come on here to say. It has been bothering me so much today. Just thinking about the fact that Adam and Kris only get to choose one song out of the three, bothers the life out of me. I would love to see the producers just take themselves out of the equation, but I know it won’t happen.

    There is always the possibility of sabotaging or hurting a contestant when the choice is in the hands of TPTB. It’s supposed to provide the contestants a chance to showcase the style of music and type of album that will create, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. I am more than a little nervous given Randy’s comment that the finale is My Chemical Romance versus Jason Mraz. I can only hope that the producers don’t saddle Adam with some bizarre hard rock song. I don’t see the finale that way at all. Adam almost defies categorization.

    The one thing that sets my mind at ease is knowing that Adam can handle anything they throw at him. I also believe that Kris has the talent to do it. All I can say is that I hope the producers do right by these two great young men and give them both songs worthy of their talent.

    It would also be a nice surprise if the judges would bring their “A” game tomorrow night. Both Adam and Kris deserve the very best from the judges. Let’s hope we don’t see more of the infighting between Kara and Simon and none of the silliness between Paula and Simon. Brevity should be the order of the night. Give an honest critique, get straight to the point, no manipulating or machinations and that’s it!

    One last special request of Simon – please do NOT do what you did last season and over praise one contestant and over criticize the other one, only to do a total about face the very next day. Try to keep it real!

    Good luck to Adam and Kris! Here’s to a great finale!


  6. I just had to come on here to pass on some info I got from the American Idol forum site. They said that a San Diego radio station is reporting that Adam will be performing “Mad World” again with a “tweak”. I have no idea what that means, but I know it’s a good thing.

    Kris Allen is supposed to be performing “Falling Slowly”.

    If this is true then we really are in for some vocal magic tomorrow night. I can’t wait!


  7. If anyone is keeping up with the latest info, I am now hearing that Kris will sing “Ain’t No Sunshine” and Adam is definitely doing “Mad World”, with a tweak. We will see what kind of tweaking he does.

    I think those are two great choices!


  8. I’m not sure where to post this article but I think it’s interesting . . . former Idols and contestants on a conference call all talking about Idol.


  9. I’d heard Kris was going to do “Falling Slowly.” I’m glad to hear he’s doing “Ain’t No Sunshine,” I think it’s a much better choice. And I’m glad that Adam isn’t going to just repeat the original “Mad World” performance. I’m not a fan of repeats on the finale (esp. when it is the only song that the contestants have a choice about!), so I think doing it a little bit differently is a plus.


  10. I would love to see the producers just take themselves out of the equation, but I know it won’t happen.

    I have hoped this would happen for about seven years. They have been especially bad this year!

    My wish is for both Adam and Kris to do an outstanding job! I hope they are relaxed and have a little bit of fun out there tonight.


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