American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For The Top 2 Performance Show: Adam Lambert And Kris Allen

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

After countless auditions and numerous performance shows, The Final 2 comes down to Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Who could have predicted this?

Certainly the extraordinarily talented Adam Lambert was the obvious frontrunner in this season’s competition and I handpicked him to advance to the Top 2 and win the the crown this year. Will I be right?

It all comes down to how well the underdog and the black horse of this competition, Kris Allen, does in his performances this week. Certainly he has a monumental fanbase – more than anyone of us realized last week while watching the clips from his Arkansas homecoming.

However, Kris has proven to be a contender, working diligently each week to improve on the previous week’s performance and his hard work has paid off!

So, it’s the gentle Southern boy, with the clean light vocals vs.the California cabaret performer/rocker/”any other genre you can think of” with the multi-dimensional artistic vocals. Quite the conundrum!

Tonight’s Top 2 showdown will feature three individual performances by Adam and Kris: Own Choice (chosen from a previously performed number), Producer’s Choice (chosen by Simon Fuller) and the Coronation Song (written by American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi).

Enjoy the show! And, if you haven’t yet done so, visit and follow my Twitter page for further updates!

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127 Responses to “American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For The Top 2 Performance Show: Adam Lambert And Kris Allen”

  1. Was it just me (and my sis-in-law), or was Adam pitchy in “No Boundaries”?
    LOVED Kris performance of same-said song!

    Great night!


  2. The judging was ever so diplomatic, wasn’t it?

    According to the judges, Kris won the first round, Adam won the 2nd round and, during the 3rd round, the judges made the “feel -goody” comments to both singers.

    Oh, one last thing, Simon declared Adam to be an International Superstar!


  3. I think the screaming back-up singer made a return appearance at the beginning of this song. I turned up my TV to make sure, but she sounded off to me.


  4. If voters vote on singing ability, showmanship and performance Adam wins by a country mile.

    If they vote on religion or sexual preference Kris wins and that would be a travesty.


  5. I agreed with Simon that Kris took the first round, even though I felt it had nothing to do with the singing — the presentation of “Mad World” didn’t quite fit the song IMO, so that tipped the scales for me. In the second round… I don’t think the song choices did either contestant any favors. Sam Cooke is probably my favorite singer ever, and I wished Adam had restrained himself a bit more for that particular song. The melody and lyrics are already flawless (and particularly meaningful to Adam’s personal life), so I felt as if he oversung it slightly even though I understand why he did so. I thought Kris did his best on a song that lends itself more to a “jam” than a “moment” on this show. Great song, but not for the finale of American Idol. I felt like he was hamstrung by that song choice. I personally preferred Kris in the second round, but objectively, I’d call that one a tie.

    The third was a wash, because I’ve no idea how to judge the finalists on that awful song that didn’t suit either of them. Poor Adam and Kris. I felt embarrassed that they had to sing that.

    I’d be happy with either guy winning. It’s my favorite final 2 by far.

    Aubry — I sincerely hope the voters heard what both Adam and Kris had to say regarding voting based on religion, etc. If Kris wins, though, I personally don’t think it would be a travesty. I absolutely adore Adam but slightly preferred Kris tonight. For the record, I’m an agnostic/borderline atheist who thinks Prop 8 is an embarrassing piece of legislation, so I don’t think everyone who prefers Kris is adhering to any particular political/religious demographic. 🙂


  6. I think Adam won the night by a mile, but the judges were trying to be balanced.

    Adam on Mad World – It was like a scene out of Twilight. Epic. Loved it!

    Adam on Change is Gonna Come- Breathtaking, amazing

    Coronation song- Hated this for both of them. Backup singer and arrangement was off again during adam’s performance. Definite technical problems and it affected adam’s vocal. Kris went next and it was not much better – I think he forgot the words at one point and looked awkward. Surprised they did not call him on it. He was lucky to not have the technical problems that Adam had with the backup singer, etc.

    In all, Adam should win but I am not sure that he will. At this point it doesn’t matter. I think AI needs an Adam victory more than he does.

    I still say: Adam is best idol ever.


  7. One last thing before I go to bed: I think it says a lot that in a season with so much talent, the moments I remember most aren’t even related to the singing — Adam and Allison’s hug at the end of “Slow Ride,” Smokey Robinson’s delighted reaction to Kris, the group tackle/hug after Matt was given the judges’ save, Adam and Kris’ friendship, etc…. what a wonderful group of contestants.


  8. Smokey Robinson gave Adam a standing ovation.

    Erin you are an exception to the rule. Most are voting against Adam vs for Kris in many segments of the population.


  9. Aubry, I am quite sure that people didn’t vote for Kris based only on religion or sexual preference. Because I voted for Kris and it had nothing to do with those things. I happen to prefer his style of singing over Adam’s style. Adam has a wonderful voice, etc., but his version of Change is Gonna Come was too much for me. It’s a great song, and I’ll always remember it as Taylor’s audition song. Each week I have been more and more turned off by Adam’s songs when he goes into the high parts and sticks out his tongue. I understand that it is a singing technique, but it is very unappealing to me. And I can understand that it might fit some rock songs, but to me it just didn’t seem necessary in Sam Cooke’s great song.

    I think Adam will win, but I will not buy his music or see his concerts. And it has absolutely NOTHING to do with his sexual preference!!!


  10. Aubry, I am afraid you may be right about the vote against Adam.

    At the end of the day though Adam doesn’t really need to win. Whatever happens tomorrow will be the best path for Adam, win or lose. He was born to be wild, so maybe winning is not the best thing for him.

    He is also polarizing. People either love or hate him. But you know, from a career point of view, this is where you want to be. Being kinda middling so as to not offend anyone is only good for winning contests, and not necessarily selling records. In other words, I believe that Adam had more fans of the show place him as their number 1 favourite than any other contestant. But he also was at the bottom of many lists. Kris was kinda middling, with many people having him as a 2, 3 or 4 choice. This benefitted him in the contest b/c he was able to pick up votes as contestants dropped off.

    I really hope Adam wins, but I don’t think he will. Does it matter? I don’t think so.

    He is the best thing this show has seen in years and is my fave idol ever. I just wonder about these contracts. Would hate to see him finish second and be stuck with 19E. Adam deserves the best.


  11. Aubry, I too, am afraid you may be right. While Kris has his fans, there seems to be a concerted campaign in parts to vote against Adam. Is all that effort because they don’t like the tongue thing? I doubt it.


  12. I am so proud of these top two contestants and the friendship and solidarity they share (the nail polish gesture!). Just watching them the past few weeks makes it clear how much these two genuinely respect and care for each other. If Kris and Adam are able to put aside their differences and forge a friendship, I feel that the rest of America and their fans should be able to as well.

    I have never voted based on religious preference or any non-singing factors—either for or against. I don’t think it should matter. Personally, I’ve really been struck by Adam’s humility and personality. He is a genuinely nice guy; I can’t dislike him! And it’s a shame that some people might not be able to look past his appearance and his apparent lifestyle to see that.


  13. I’m getting concerned for “my” Adam … I’ve been voting for about 1.5 hours and have had only 10-15 busy signals. I’ll be happy for Kris if he wins, and I’m thinking this might just be a landslide victory (but I’ll be doing The Dance Of Joy of Adam wins! LOL!)


  14. Anita, it is almost midnight and I am still getting some busy signals. After watching DWTS tonight, the best doesn’t always win.

    Aubry says, “If voters vote on singing ability, showmanship and performance Adam wins by a country mile.”

    I agree with your assessment, Aubry. Personally, I think Adam’s first two songs were outstanding. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam sings them on the tour!

    Kris did a nice job tonight, but not that of an Idol winner. I am not emotionally invested, but hope the best singer wins.


  15. Oh boy! The phone lines are messed up! I’ve been dialing on redial for Adam on 03 for 2 hours, and in the last 20 minutes I’ve been alternately getting a hot lady’s voice on a sex line, and the AI guy saying ‘thanks for voting!’ Since I’m hitting redial, I know I’m not dialing incorrectly. I also got 2 messages in the past 20 minutes that the number I’m dialing is not in service – again from redial, so I know it’s the right number! Not good.


  16. First, I have to say that I definitely heard that awful backup singer again during Adam’s performance of No Boundaries. I am really not big on conspiracy theories, but I am concerned that this would happen yet again, especially in the finale. It was beyond annoying. Randy didn’t hear pitchiness from Adam, he heard the backup singer from h—. I think Adam did his best, as he always does, but that song was truly horrendous.

    I thought Kris was either singing in the wrong key or not on pitch. I couldn’t tell for sure. He was clearly straining to hit the notes all through the song. Frankly, I don’t think that song suited either of these guys. They deserved so much better.

    I loved hearing Adam reprise Mad World, but it sounded like it might have been in a slightly lower key. These are my first impressions and I will have to listen again tomorrow to know for sure. I still loved hearing it again. It was haunting and mesmerizing and brilliant. I am surprised by what Simon said. If I am not mistaken, wasn’t he the one who chided Randy for calling Adam too theatrical? Didn’t he say that calling Adam theatrical is like saying that cows moo? But I guess it’s the usual Simon Cowell mind games per usual.

    Kris did great with Ain’t No Sunshine. I thought that was his best performance of the night. This was my favorite performance of his and it was so nice to hear it again.

    It’s hard for me to comment about A Change is Gonna Come. Sam Cooke was like a God to me. I have probably every sing thing he recorded before his untimely death. It was such a tragedy. This was his last song before he died and it’s hard for me to hear him sing it. I always break down and cry, just thinking of where he was going with his singing and what he might have done. He is the blueprint, the masterclass for r&b soul. There has never been anyone to equal him. I knew I would get emotional just hearing the song. I have to say that I thought this was Adam’s moment in the finale. The power of that performance was simply superb. I don’t think Adam oversang it at all. It’s who he is, how he sings and anything else would have been an artistic compromise. Syesha sang this song last season and I went crazy listening to that version. I won’t belabor it, but that was what bad really is all about. Adam sang his heart out and connected with the meaning of the lyrics. If people don’t like his over the top style, then they are free not to vote for him or listen to him. But for me this IS Adam. I am glad he went out there and did what he does best.

    I thought Kris did not do justice to this song. I appreciate his laid back, funky version, but it didn’t connect with me at all. His style doesn’t work for every song and this Marvin Gaye song was so incredible. I feel it deserved more.

    I am not going to speak about any of the theories floating around as to why Adam will not win. If he loses to Kris, I will accept it and that’s that. Everyone loves an underdog and that may well be what puts him over the top. If he gets lots of votes from Danny’s fans, that could be the difference. I refuse to deal with the issue of different lifestyles, sexual preference, culture or the like. I would like to believe that we are above all that. Maybe I am an idealist, but that is how I have to look at it.

    I am out here in L.A., so I am still voting. I have had varying degrees of success getting through since the show ended. I think this may well be close. If it’s not, then some of the sites online may well be able to predict the winner tomorrow before the show airs.

    I am a little disappointed in some of the comments from the online blog sites. It almost feels like they set up Adam as the favorite to win, but now are ssying it’s Kris who deserves to win after the performances. I think it’s really hard to be the frontrunner in this thing. I never saw Adam as the favorite. I always worried about him getting through. It could just be that Kris has picked up a lot of momentum and it will be enough to get him the win.


  17. I think that throughout the whole season. Adam has been consistently the better singer. And it saddens me to see that it is most likely that he will lose out.

    That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Kris will be a very deserving winner. But, his rendition of the coronation song was absolutely terrible, to me, he seemed both off pitch and off key at several points in time during the song, and couldn’t even hit all the notes! (To be fair, I didn’t enjoy Adam’s that much better either.)

    After eight seasons, I really should know better, but it still saddens me to see the superior vocalist who has spent years honing his craft lose out. Because in some ways, you ask yourself- what is all that training for? And it’s frustrating sometimes when I get online and read comments about how Adam is the best singer, but technique isn’t everything, etc, and that people prefer their vocalists to be “imperfect,” and I get that, but it still saddens me. A lot. To know that in the world of music, not everyone can make it if they try really really hard. It causes me to lose faith, to be honest. Because we tell our children, to work hard and everything can be ours. To work towards our dreams and goals. And again, to see someone like Adam- who has striven towards that, who has worked his ass off to achieve the level of technique that he possesses, is absolutely astounding to me. Seriously. People sit here, and comment “Oh! talent! Talent!” And yes, Adam has talent in spades, but let’s not forget, the YEARS he has spent, the countless hours getting his voice to the place where it is now.

    And it saddens me- that even with all that, if people don’t like him, they don’t like him. And that’s just how it rolls.

    And sometimes it seems to me like hard work doesn’t count for anything in this arena.

    Anyways. I’m pretty resigned to Adam losing, to be honest- and I’ve been resigned ever since the backlash started. It’s been a fun and rocky ride. And while I haven’t always loved his interpretations of songs, he has taken me at least on an incredible journey- and I’m very very thankful to him for that.

    And best of luck to Kris. I do think he is incredibly talented and has a bright future ahead of him.


  18. I have to say that I thought this was Adam’s moment in the finale. The power of that performance was simply superb.

    Mindy, I was so impressed with Adam’s A Change is Gonna Come that I rhink he should include it on his first album. Indeed, that was a moment to remember!

    Benji, it could be that some will not vote for Adam because he does have all that experience. With Kris being an underdog, some may vote for him. To be honest, I think Danny’s voters may be the deciding factor in who wins Idol.


  19. Admittedly, I’m nervous about tomorrow night, but only because I want Adam to win so badly. I can’t believe how personally invested I am in this! I am consciously choosing not to lend credence to naysayers or conspiracy theorists and choosing, rather, to let logic prevail. But, I must say, it is hard to keep that negativity bouncing off!

    I adored ACIGC! I had loved the outlandishness of Adam’s version of this song in the Zodiac Show, but I was really impressed in how he altered the intensity of the song, making it more introspective, while maintaining the general arrangement of his Zodiac version. This might be my new Adam favorite.

    The bad notes I heard in the (dreadful) coronation song I think came from back-up singer lady, again. I didn’t notice her tempo being off like it was in Cryin’, which, for me, made it more challenging to discern if the off notes were hers or Adam’s. But, I’m almost positive they were hers. I did notice one shaky note of Adam’s towards the end of the song, but he obviously did too and corrected it really quickly. I just think the song was so heavy with lyric and the notes were all over the place that it was pretty tough to sing, even for someone as gifted as Adam. I think Adam sang that song as best as could be done. (and poor Kris, it was plainly obvious he was struggling with that song, but he gave it his all, even though many notes fell flat).

    I voted for 4 hours, and I think I got about 30 votes through until the last 10 minutes. At that point, the votes went through almost every time. I’m hoping this is a very good thing.


  20. [Quote]To work towards our dreams and goals. And again, to see someone like Adam- who has striven towards that, who has worked his ass off to achieve the level of technique that he possesses, is absolutely astounding to me. Seriously. People sit here, and comment “Oh! talent! Talent!” And yes, Adam has talent in spades, but let’s not forget, the YEARS he has spent, the countless hours getting his voice to the place where it is now. [/Quote]

    Music though is art. And sometimes all the great technique doesn’t necessarily translate into great art. I was pretty torn between who to choose because Adam is really special in terms of singing. And Kris doesn’t have nearly the voice Adam has. I think most of us will admit to that.

    But for me, I really felt that Adam oversang a lot. I hate the “scream” even if its perfectly done to the music and it’s great technque it doesn’t mean it’s pleasing to my ears as a listener. Sometimes it’s cool, but sometimes really not so much. I’ve gotten so tired of the oversinger, that I’ve found myself appreciating better people with lesser voices who sing with emotion and meaning…

    Kris impressed me because of the way a lot of times he could emotionally convey the music. Sometimes not with perfect lyrics but with purity that moved me.

    I think too with Kris, it’s fair to note that while he has the weakest voice of any idols. The guy plays four instruments. He made all state playing the Viola. So it’s not fair to say that he hasn’t worked on his music. Because in someways he has.

    In someways I voted for Kris too because I felt like that Adam will be a star no matter what. But I wanted to ensure Kris get a good record deal. Because I want to see more of both.


  21. Benji –

    I felt the need to come back here to reassure you that all of Adam’s hard work and effort has not been in vain. No matter what happens, he is now world famous. He has shaken up this Idol season and changed it for the better. He did it his way, never compromising on his artistic vision, always true to himself and his theatrical, dramatic singing style. That in and of itself is a small miracle. It’s also a miracle that he managed to make it to the finale at all. I think even a few seasons ago, someone like Adam would never have gotten through the early rounds. When has there ever been such a daring, fearless, unique performer on this show? He has made himself a household name and, whatever happens on Idol tomorrow night, there is no turning back.

    I say let’s celebrate Adam’s victorious and triumphant journey on Idol. He has gone where no one before him has dared to tread. He has cast aside all of the myths about who can be on this show. You and I love the technical brilliance and purity of his voice. Some may not. But to people like you and myself, the real secret of Adam’s incredible appeal is not just his glorious voice. It’s his charisma, command of the stage, his flamboyance. Think of early Elvis. My sister called me from New York tonight to kind of let me know in advance how it was going down. I am out here in L.A. and have to wait three agonizing hours to see it. We were both talking about how much Adam reminds us of early Elvis, the Elvis of the 50’s, when he first burst onto the scene. Elvis was extremly controversial back in the so-called “dark ages”, as I am fond of referring to the 1950’s. He was way too sexual, his wildly gyrating pelvis had to be censored for his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. He was a true original. He had attitude, almost a sneer on his face when he performed and no apologies whatsoever. He was considered over the top, out there, unconventional. All the things our Adam is today. But look at what happened to Elvis. They didn’t call him the King for nothing.

    Those who dare to tread in the path of greatness will never have an easy road. It can be a long and arduous journey. But the rewards at the end of the road can be immense. Adam is on the brink of true stardom. He has kept his artistic integrity intact. In the finale, he went out the way he came in – still swinging, still going for every great high note, showing off that wail in all its glory, yet also showing the versatility, range and flexibility of his vocal talent.

    Benji – Let’s raise a symbolic glass and give a toast to Adam – he did it his way! Thank goodness!


  22. Benji — you raise an interesting point, but I think Mindy’s response is the right one. Long term, all that hard work will pay off. If Adam loses American Idol, it will just be a little bump in the road. Hard work and great talent don’t mean that everything will go smoothly all the time.

    I wasn’t over the moon with either of the second songs. Adam did well, but I either would have chosen a more uptempo song for him or done “Black & White” instead of “Mad World.” Loved “Ain’t No Sunshine,” but again, not a good contrast with “Let’s Get it On”. And I didn’t like the choice of “Let’s Get it On” for Kris. I understand why they picked it for him — it’s not that far from his style — but it’s not a song he was destined to have anything near a “wow” moment with. I think it’s a song that if he had chosen it himself earlier in the season, he would have gotten slammed for its repetitive nature, for being a song that only Marvin Gaye could do, or for simply not being a good song to showcase his voice in a singing competition.

    But at some point during those songs, I thought to myself: “You know what? This is a singing competition. This isn’t a assessment of their whole lives or even their whole careers. It’s just one singing competition, and the people who are running it can set whatever parameters they like. Not being successful within those parameters, no matter how absurd they may be, just means that in this one singing competition, somebody else met the requirements better than you did. So what?” So I’m okay with whomever wins. We all know that what happens in their careers after this will be largely self-determined. What is great about American Idol is that we know that they will have careers — something that might not have happened without AI.

    I thought the judge’s were terribly diplomatic about Kara’s song. Even Simon didn’t have the nerve to bash the song in her presence, although I think she figured out from Paula and Simon’s comments that it was a bust. I do think it was a terribly hard song to sing and did neither of them favors, although Adam fared better. I wonder if either of them were thinking, “Dang, I hope I don’t win this thing and get saddled with having to sing this song over and over.”

    As for the voters, I am sure that some people will vote for Kris for religious or political reasons, but I am equally sure that plenty will vote for him because they prefer the kind of music he makes. Some will vote for him because they think he needs the win more than Adam does. Some will vote for him because there is nothing America likes better than an underdog. Some will vote for him because he’s as cute as a button. And some will vote for him because they just don’t like Adam’s performing style and Kris is the lesser of the evils, as it were, even if they aren’t wild about Kris. But voters are going to have all sorts of reasons for voting for him. Danny’s voters were not all voting for Danny for religious or political reasons (they could have voted for Kris just as easily on those counts.) They voted for Danny because they genuinely liked his performing style, his personality, and his music choices. A lot of those people will also prefer Kris musically.

    But I also think that some diehard Danny fans were on the fence about whom to vote for and made a last minute decision. I think they may have hoped that last night’s performances would help them make a decision, but I don’t think we saw anything that would make anyone change their minds.

    When I was younger, I really did not like hard rock. Still am not wild about The Rolling Stones — just not a Mick Jagger fan. I’ve come to appreciate Aerosmith, but my musical taste on this end of rock tends to end around Bon Jovi. Someone like me is more apt to prefer either Danny or Kris. I choose Adam in this competition because I recognize that we’re dealing with someone special and I’ll listen to him sing anything. But I find it completely understandable that someone may want to vote for Kris instead for musical reasons.

    Incidentally, DialIdol is showing it as a dead heat.


  23. Jeanne,
    I really appreciate your objectivity. It’s nice to know that someone really “gets” the fact that there were many reasons to vote for either Adam or Kris and you can’t generalize about why someone voted for one or the other.

    The funny thing is, in my life away from Idol blogs, I’m usually thinking along the lines of Aubry’s comment that “If they vote on religion or sexual preference Kris wins and that would be a travesty” because I’m very liberal. But this was a good lesson for me to learn about how it feels to be on the other end of the generalization. Hopefully I will think before I do that again.

    By the way, I had a very hard time getting through last night when trying to vote for Kris.


  24. I thought both did really well last night!
    My obesrevation…Adam pulled out last week!

    Last week for what ever reason I felt that Adam had disconneted himself from the competition. Last night I felt it more. Adam can re-arrange songs that just make your jaw drop, he didn’t with that sappy coronation song.

    Becca wrote:

    I think too with Kris, it’s fair to note that while he has the weakest voice of any idols. The guy plays four instruments. He made all state playing the Viola. So it’s not fair to say that he hasn’t worked on his music. Because in someways he has.

    In someways I voted for Kris too because I felt like that Adam will be a star no matter what. But I wanted to ensure Kris get a good record deal. Because I want to see more of both.

    I find it very sad!


  25. cookiemonster May 20, 2009 at 8:09 am

    Well, another finale is upon us. I do hope Adam wins but I know that if he doesn’t we will still be hearing A LOT from him! Simon is right – he will be a superstar and someone (maybe Simopn himself) will snatch him up! As for the performances, I was so excited as the show began and I heard their first numbers. Both, I found, were superb and although I am not a Kris fan I found myself cheering for him at the end of his first song – like a proud mother. I think I was just happy to see that Adam wasn’t going to blow him out of the water and that this wasn’t going to be a totally Adam show. The second set was also enjoyable for me. I do feel that Adam’s perfomance was better than Kris’ but I found Simon’s comments to Kris unfair. That song does not lend itself too something spectacular and as far as I am concerned I thought Kris did make it his own with his choice of instrumentation. I loved the intimacy he brought to that song. Wrong venue for it, maybe, but still he did well. And I am impressed at how many intruments he plays. He really show cased himself well yesterday – piano, guitar, vocals. Impressive. Adam’s performance, however, dazzled me – left me in awe. The last set was very disappointing!! I agree with the other bloggers and told my husband this as we listened – that back up singer was awful. With Adam’s free – spirited way of singing, you can not have a back up singer! It takes his liberties away. He’s stuck singing certain notes against that back up singer. And what angered me more was that she didn’t sing a note during Kris’ performance! The song suits Kris a bit better because I think it is more comercial – although I do agree that it was too high for him. Adam seems to thrive with the contemporary.
    Boy, it sure sounds like I favoured Kris tonight but really, I am just proud of him. I ahve always been and will continue to be a HUGE ADAM FAN. I love this guy for SOOOO many reasons and I love especially how he thanks everyone that he works with.
    I am especially excited for tonight because I will get a double dose of greatness. I love David Cook – he is my absolute favourite – in fact I’d say I am very obsessed with him and those who know me will agree! So having him and Adam on the same stage on the same night, I don’t know how I am going to contain myself.


  26. CookieMonster – wonderfully written synopsis! You demonstrated great depth in your analysis and I ao appreciate this level of commentary very much.

    Nice to see you here, by the way. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Please stop by again. Don’t be a stranger.


  27. Wow Anita. it sounds like the lines were a jumbled mess. I did the text voting thing for Adam (sorry Kris fans – I love Kris, but really think Adam deserves to win).

    Must start working on my last Vocal Masterclass article of Season 8. (sniff). Bye for now.


  28. I think the screaming back-up singer made a return appearance at the beginning of this song. I turned up my TV to make sure, but she sounded off to me.

    I was watching with my mother, and while the Adam was singing I turned to my mother and said “That backup singer is OFF!” Ouch.

    My favorite moment of this wonderful last showcase? Adam and Kris, standing with their arms around each other, each pointing to other as the one to vote for. Such classy, gracious, genuine young men!


  29. (Oh, and so talented!! Which should go without saying, after listening to them both!)


  30. In the final analysis, it isn’t whether Adam or Kris wins the Idol title; it’s what they’ve learned along the way. Idol has never really been about who has the best voice, not really. It all comes down to who REALLY “stirs your soul” when they sing. I think it has been harder for Adam to appear genuine about what he is singing than it has been for Kris to do, and I think that if Adam loses, that will be the reason why. Not conspiracies against him, not sexual preference, not religion, just the plain simple fact that Kris has consistently appeared more genuine and more connected to what he is singing by the majority of people.

    We can discuss technique, chest voice, head voice, pitch and those things all day and night, but in the end, it really does all boil down to who stirs the most emotion in you as an individual, and for me, that person is Kris. That is not to say I don’t think Adam is immensely talented; in fact, I’ve said some rather complimentary things about him on this site, but I always knew his need to perform, to put on a show, overshadowed his stellar vocal ability, and if he loses, I honestly believe that will be why. I think there are many people who view him as a more of a showman than they do “a singer,” and I can understand why they would feel that way. I think in his case, his stage experience hurt him more in the long run than it helped him because for ten years, all he has done is continually “perform.” I think it became easier for people to “see” him and harder and harder for them to “hear” him, and I think that for the people who didn’t vote for him, this would more likely than not, be the reason why. And, in many ways, Adam became predictable; you almost had a sense of what he was going to do next and with Kris, you never really did.

    Adam has a massive voice. There were times he tempered it, and gave us beautiful, stirring moments, and there were times he “overused” it, and put on a show for us instead of singing for us. It is those times that may cost him the win.

    Either way, I wish both of them all the success in the world!


  31. Well, I’ve definitely been depressed ever since Danny got voted off last week, and the finale didn’t cheer me up this week either. Overall, I have to say that I liked Kris last night more than Adam, so I voted loyally for him. I was just really bored last night, I have to tell you. I missed the fun, uplifting presence of Danny more than ever.

    A lot of people have given the coronation song “No Boundaries” a lot of bad reviews on the internet. While I agree that it wasn’t the best ending song ever, I don’t think it was as bad as many claim. Here’s the problem. 1.) It is not the type of song Adam sings at all (I think even Adam fans can agree that it was not the right fit for him), and 2.) Kris (who I personally thought fit the song better than Adam), just didn’t have the pipes to really OWN the song and make it soar.

    I was thinking so sadly throughout those final performances how much that song would’ve fit Danny. First of all, the message was right up his alley. He is always talking about inspiration and overcoming hardships to reach for your dreams, and that song is ALL about that. I think that neither Kris nor Adam succeeded in making that song as BIG and powerful as it could’ve been. Danny had that big, gritty voice that I believe he would’ve dug deep with that song and had an Idol Moment on that stage. I wish Adam or Kris the best of luck with that song (and I will definitely download it either way), but however successful that song becomes in the coming months, it would’ve been MORE successful had Danny been the one singing it.

    Danny was not the American Idol this season, but he is certainly my “Hero”, and I cannot wait for him to take the music industry by storm! In fact, I just heard someone on the radio today say that they couldn’t wait to have his songs on their station. I sense another Daughtry in him for sure.

    Anyway, God bless Kris and Adam tonight, and may His Will be done in who wins. That is what I want the most.


  32. I hope Adam wins! Hope a change is coming and that people voted for the star.

    Love you Adam!


  33. I think next season they should have the judges give the contestants a score like they do on Dancing With The Stars, Then at the end of the night on Tuesday, the three contestants with the lowest scores are the bottom three. Then America votes to keep the one they want to adavnce from that category only.


    Kris was having a tough time last night with “No Boundries” the key was to high for him, I don’t think Danny would have faired any better with that song. Adams back up singer was even having a tough time with that one! HA!!!


  34. I noticed that after Adam sang “that song” that Adam turned around towards the back up singer and did not say a thing or gesture but most likely just a plain look did the job for that awful back up singer.


  35. Sheesh! Give that poor back-up singer a break! You’ll be stoning her next! LOL


  36. Galen wrote:

    Sheesh! Give that poor back-up singer a break! You’ll be stoning her next! LOL

    Or maybe the problem with her singing is that she was already stoned! 🙂

    HI GALEN!!!!!!!


  37. Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate the responses to my comment. Was not having a good day- and thanks for giving me some perspective. As a firm believer of hard work above all else, last night was tough for me.

    And after a good night’s rest, I feel much better.


  38. I think Simon should have critiqued her instead of Adam.


  39. I was disappointed by the finale. I did not enjoy the reprises, because they’re never as good as the first time they performed the song.

    The second round was alright. I adored the first half of Adam’s song, but for some reason his “belting” has sounded off to me last week and this week as well, I have no idea what’s wrong. I had to watch his other performances on the show and all of his old stuff on YouTube to remind myself what a brilliant singer he is, because he was not showing any of that last night or last week. It’s like he’s straining more to reach the notes and it doesn’t sound as breathtaking as before.

    Kris’s song choice was so lame. He did the best he could do with it, but I have no idea why Simon Fuller chose this song. It really made me wish they could’ve picked their own songs.

    As for the coronation song, it was absolutely terrible, there isn’t a singer in the world who could make that listenable.


  40. These are comments from a couple of people who saw the live show:

    “I went to the live taping of the finale show today, and all I have to say is that Adam’s voice is beautiful live. I literally sat there and stared with my mouth wide open. That boy can do no wrong. I have seen a lot of concerts, but I don’t think I’ve heard a voice like that in a long time.

    MW was beautiful. It was perfect, down to that last note. And his long jacket? HOT HOT HOT. My only problem with it was that I’ve watched the old performance so many times that I feel like I know MW backwards & forwards. ACIGC was ****ING AMAZING. I almost died. NB was good, but not great, but I credit that to the song’s cheese factor and not his vocals (although in the theater, it sounded like the backup singers were going to take over for a couple seconds -JUST SAY NO). People started standing up even before the song ended, whereas they got up only afterwards when Kris sang it.”


    “All I wanted to add is that when Adam sings live, you kind of get into this What the …?! mode when you hear the clarity of his voice. Like, is this really happening? And why am I so entranced? Honestly, I remember few details about how the crowd reacted, what the stage looked like…he has this uncanny way of making you think that he’s the only other person in the room, and then by the end of the song, you’re like THAT’S IT? Why can you not do this forever?”


  41. Becca – I disagree when you say that Kris has the worst vocal ability of the top 13. Granted, he lacks the technique that MCL points out would improve his sound, but I think he has a natural purity to his voice that is superior to several others in the top 13. Of course, we’re all entitled to our opinions . . .

    Galen – It is so nice to have you back. I have been worrying and thinking about you since Danny was voted off. I know how disappointing that was for you.

    I think your point about the finale lacking fun is a fair one, but I think it is – at least in part – a function of the song choices, none of which were lighthearted in the least. One of the reasons I would have preferred Adam to have resurrected “Black and White” instead. (Incidentally, I need to go on record as saying that I disagree with Kara’s criticism of Danny’s dancing – I think it was joyful and one of the things that made his performances fun to watch. He threw himself into them, body, soul and voice.)

    I think you may be right, too, in saying that “No Boundaries” was better suited for Danny’s voice than it was for either Adam or Kris. (Incidentally, isn’t the band made up of professional musicians? Couldn’t they have played it in a different key for Kris? And did the singers not get a say in the arrangement? If they have to do the same song, couldn’t they do different versions if they wanted to?) I’m not sure that it would have wowed me anyway, but Danny probably would have done a better job.

    But you know what? When they showed the other finalists in the audience, Danny was the one who seemed happiest. I think in some ways the strain of keeping his feelings about his wife under wraps so as to not constantly bombard the audience with it was wearing on him, given what he said in the interview after he was voted off. I think the AI journey was part of his healing process, but I think perhaps he needed to go back to grieving more openly a bit as well – her death is still fairly recent, after all. And he also sounded so upbeat in his interview about his future. I think the demands of being THE American Idol might put more strain on him than he is prepared to deal with right now, and it may be one of God’s blessings that he didn’t win.

    It sounds to me like you are a person of faith, and if that is true, then I know you understand and believe that God’s will does not always match our own, but He is always right in His choices for us – no matter how wrong we think they are at the time. Danny’s participation in AI gave him some direction at a time that he felt rudderless, and a way of honoring his wife’s memory in a creative and forward-looking way. Perhaps that is all that it was meant to do.

    And you know that he WILL have a record deal . . .


  42. Skid wrote: “Or maybe the problem with her singing is that she was already stoned!

    HI GALEN!!!!!!!”

    Hey, skid, I have to admit that was clever. You always know just the “right” thing to say! LOL


  43. Kworb Wrote:

    The second round was alright. I adored the first half of Adam’s song, but for some reason his “belting” has sounded off to me last week and this week as well, I have no idea what’s wrong. I had to watch his other performances on the show and all of his old stuff on YouTube to remind myself what a brilliant singer he is, because he was not showing any of that last night or last week. It’s like he’s straining more to reach the notes and it doesn’t sound as breathtaking as before.

    Exactly what I think! I had written about this in an earlier post; has he given up? I just listened to his and Kris’ interview with Ryan this morning. Adam said that he never seen this an a competition, but as a “platform” (my wording) a place to sing and see how far he could get. He is just happy getting to sing each week. That he will be just as happy for Kris if he is to win.


  44. Jeanne, THANK YOU so much for those kind words. I needed that very much. You are absolutely right about God. His will doesn’t always line up with what we think is best, but we can be sure that everything he does (or does not do) is in our best interest because He loves us. God bless you!


  45. No, Adam has not given up. He is probably more than a little bit tired – don’t forget, both he and Kris are also rehearsing for the big Finale tonight, so they are both over-extended.

    Plus, I am sure that he already has a record deal. If he wins, great – if not, it doesn’t matter anymore. Simon is his new best friend and will make sure that his success is solidified within the music industry.


  46. Skid, you said “It all comes down to who REALLY “stirs your soul” when they sing.” I agree. For me, it’s Adam and not Kris. I believe both boys are great in their own niche but Adam definitely stirs my soul. To me, his voice is mesmerizing! I just don’t connect with Kris. I guess that’s what music is all about. We’re all allowed to choose our own favorite flavor.

    Galen, after I heard ‘No Boundaries’, I immediately thought ‘wow, perfect song for Danny’. Then I remembered Kara’s reaction when Danny was voted off… the shock on her face and her mouthing, “Oh My God, Danny”. I have to wonder if she had his voice in mind when penning the song over the previous months. Personally, I wish they would let Danny record it because he could do it justice. It’s really not suited for Adam or Kris.

    Lastly, the finale could have been so much better and I admit to being disappointed. Were the finalists allowed to pick three songs of THEIR choosing (new or previously performed), the voting public could have seen their true unique abilities. Those millions who didn’t follow along all season and just watched (and voted) last night, saw two talented singers forced into predetermined boxes that didn’t particularly fit either, in my opinion. Shouldn’t the last night of competition be exclusively about singing ability and not about the writers of a ‘hopefully, one size fits all’ song or Simon Fuller’s song selection ability? I say move the coronation song to Results night, after votes have been cast. This is supposed to be a singing contest, right?


  47. My sense of Adam is that he might have been mentally exhausted after this grueling competition. The expectations for him are so high that maybe it was hard to try to exceed them. I don’t feel that he quit on the competition or didn’t have it in the finale. I thought quite the opposite. I thought his performance of Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come”, was one of his most emotional, heartfelt, vocally inspiring one of the entire competition. He did it the way Patti Labelle did it. If he had tried to sing it the way Sam Cooke did, it would never have worked. I loved the way he started slowly and built to a crescendo. That’s kind of his trademark style. For me it was the highlight of the night.

    I thought Kris’s best moment was his reprise of “Ain’t No Sunshine”. That is him at his very best, connecting with the emotion of the song and doing it in his own quiet way. I didn’t love his performance of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On”. I just think that the song and its meaning got lost somewhere in that funky, acoustic laid back style that Kris has mastered.

    This finale really was a contrast of vastly different singing styles. Both Adam and Kris were true to themselves and that’s the way it should be. I love the respect and friendship they have for one another. That moment when they each pointed at the other to say who should win, showed a true spirit of generosity and decency. They are both talented wonderul people. It has been a pleasure to watch them.

    My heart has been with Adam for some time now. That’s no shock to anyone who has been reading my posts. I loved the conversation I had with my sister long distance last night. We were reminiscing about the good old days of Jim Morrison and the Doors, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger’s incomparable performing style, all of the great music that we were lucky enough to hear as we grew up.

    I think Adam connects powerfully with his performances. I love the drama he brings. I saw an interview on youtube with the late Freddie Mercury. He was discussing his theatrical style of performing. He said that he couldn’t imagine just going out there and standing with a mic and singing. He said that if the song is about anger, then he must express it, if it’s about love, then he has to convey that emotion. He was so thoughtful, intelligent and aware of himself as a great performer. I think Adam has many of those same qualities.

    I can’t wait to hear Adam’s studio version of “A Change is Gonna Come”. I think it may be his best ever.

    This long journey is done. Now it’s just about crowning the winner. I sincerely wish both Adam and Kris all the success in the world as they go forth with their careers.


  48. MCL…Thank You! You said it much better than I could have.

    My thinking was that Adam was maybe stepping back and wanting Kris to win, based soley on the idea that he got what he came for…to be heard! However, after reading what you said about a record deal, maybe that’s it as well, he has a possible deal on the table so that’s all that matters!


  49. Well, I’m a member of a forum where Adam’s brother, Neil, posts about AI (and, yes, it’s really Neil). I’m not going to link the site because people like to keep it under the radar. But, yesterday afternoon, Neil posted that he’d just talked with Adam and that winning is extremely important to him. Up until then, Neil was of the opinion that coming in 2nd might actually be better for Adam, but after talking to Adam he changed his tune and put out a long post urging the site to vote for him. Neil also said many, many people are knocking on Adam’s door.

    MCL –
    Re: Carrie’s stage presence. Carrie gave an interview after the show where she stated she took a nasty fall while running last weekend and injured her leg. She said wearing the jeans and knee-high boots was quite painful to her injury, but she did so to cover it up. She also said the injury really limited her choreography. So, I guess that was the problem. However, I haven’t seen Carrie perform live much, so I don’t know how she usually looks.


  50. Adam does indeed entrance. Few singers are possessed of that magic – to hold your heart in the palm of their hand. I cried with him on ‘Change is Gonna Come’. He reached through the TV screen and caught me up in his emotional connections. I was shivering by the time he was done. That’s the difference between Adam and everyone else (for me, at least). He touches my soul in a very profound way. I feel with him; and that’s the mark of any great artist: eliciting emotion whilst experiencing their work.

    It seems a pity to me that in the end this contest might be decided by extraneous irrelevancies and an off-key back-up singer. The last song of the night – and Randy tells Adam he’s pitchy in spots. Pitchy? Couldn’t the idiot tell it was her? Others in the audience did. Just listen to Adam sing without the visuals (Kris too). The qualitative difference is astounding. And you can clearly hear that woman sail off into her own vocal realm. Again. And that’s the last thing people heard – how they’ll judge Adam.

    And why didn’t the judges call Kris on his own vocal problems? That last song was no picnic – but Kris forgot the lyrics, fer chrissakes! Normally – Simon would eviscerate someone for doing that. Why give Kris the go-by? Again, I am at a loss. And I am resigned that Adam will likely lose tonight. Not because he wasn’t all that and a bag of chips (‘cause he was) – but for reasons beyond his control: Bill O’Reilly, intolerance and one bad back-up singer. *sigh* It makes me sad.


  51. Mariah, would you please e-mail me the link to the forum? I would very much enjoy reading a personalized discussion of Adam. Thanks much!


  52. [Quote]Becca – I disagree when you say that Kris has the worst vocal ability of the top 13. Granted, he lacks the technique that MCL points out would improve his sound, but I think he has a natural purity to his voice that is superior to several others in the top 13. Of course, we’re all entitled to our opinions . . .[/Quote]

    I mean that Kris had the weakest voice of any of the IDOL winners. I don’t think he was the weakest of all the top singers. And yes, Kris has purity of sound that’s really lovely. People say well he’s just like John Mayer, or Mraz. But I like Kris’s voice better than Mayer’s to be quite frank…I think that with vocal lessons, which I hope he gets, he’ll be even better.


  53. AndI wanted to comment on Adam losing to. I agree his need to perform and put on a show could have cost him. IF Adam had dialed it back at times, and not had the scream/oversang. I think that he would have won more votes.

    Kris’s approach to this competition has been really brilliant.


  54. I think the judges were trying to be rather impartial last night, thus not pointing out the obvious pitch issues in Kris’ final song. I’m pretty sure they realize criticizing either too much (and maybe Kris particularly if you belive Adam is the producers’ choice) would rile the fanbases into a voting frenzy. Some argue that’s what happened with Cook last year when Simon declared the night a knock-out for Archie.

    Anita – It’s not a personalized discussion of Adam. His brother just happens to post there (and has for years in the non-Idol threads). And, not all the posters are fans of Adam. But it has been interesting to get a semi-insider’s perspective on some of the behind-the-scenes stuff. For example, I learned that the taped auditions we see are actually held weeks after the initial round of auditions with the producers (that’s the part where we see thousands of hopefuls sitting in stadiums and such). Those who make it past the first few audition rounds are called back and asked to bring press kits. (the package Danny presented to the judges about his wife, he was specifically asked for that info. Adam’s mom was asked to compile a package of his theatre work as a kid.)I always thought the hopefuls looked very refreshed in their auditions for sitting in football stadiums since the wee hours of the morning! Also, Adam’s brother has some interesting and shocking things to say about a few of the contestants’ personalities and behavior that doesn’t necessarily come across on camera (not all bad). Like, Megan and her family are described as really nice and cool. A couple of the others whose names I won’t mention (in part because that’d be irresponsible, as I’m getting this second-hand, and in part out of respect of fellow posters here who have shown a fondness for at least one of said contestants) have been not so nice in general and downright hateful, if the quotes are to be believed, to Adam. And, it’s nice to see his brother come to his defense.


  55. I can guess who the not nice ones are, Mariah. All you have to do is listen to some of the performer’s recent tweets. Nastiness all ’round – and from people who’ve put up a mighty good front. Listen between the lines – it’s a different story. Makes a person pause, really. Just think of what Adam has had to endure throughout the entire process. And those haters will be on tour with him too. Imagine how awful they will be should Adam lose tonight. It will be like he was in high school all over again.

    Makes me want to cry.


  56. Mariah, I think some of these contestants need PR training. That Danny Gokey- Sarver video was a mess, and Sarver’s response more so. You also had Danny Gokey saying he supports Kris for the win and Danny’s preacher saying that people should support Kris b/c he’s a ‘believer’. Honestly, I think even Kris would have been annoyed. When in all 8 seasons has a contestant come out and endorsed someone for the win? It’s unheard of and disrespectful.

    Ironically, the contestants who come across as the most friendly to one another are the most popular among diehards of the show – Adam- Allison- Kris. They each benefit individually by supporting their peers. For instance, many Adam fans often threw votes at Kris and Allison. The same will likely happen when each of them drops a record. So if they genuinely don’t care about their fellow contestants, they should think twice about how it will affect their own futures.

    Good luck Adam. Hope u take it.

    And one last one goes out to Kradison.


  57. I reviewed the performances again today, and the main weakness for both Adam and Kris is the third song. Kara must have been embarassed that neither one pulled it off. That is really sad when there’s so much at stake.

    I mean that Kris had the weakest voice of any of the IDOL winners. I don’t think he was the weakest of all the top singers

    Overall, my nuetral feelings as an Anoop fan says Adam outperformed Kris; however, I believe Kris will win. Looking back at the previous Finals, Kris would not have made it to the Top 2 for any other season. This does not mean I don’t find him talented, but he’s not the strongest of singers. Becca, I do agree with you.

    I also feel “No Boundries” was written with Danny in mind. Oh, hello Galen – welcome back!


  58. Jeanne, You asked: “(Incidentally, isn’t the band made up of professional musicians? Couldn’t they have played it in a different key for Kris? And did the singers not get a say in the arrangement? If they have to do the same song, couldn’t they do different versions if they wanted to?)”

    I read that AI producers stated the coronation had to be sung “as is”…no playing instruments, or rearranging. Although surely you cannot tell me there weren’t some concerns from some people with “pull” after hearing rehearsals!!! I feel truly sorry for whichever of them has to release that as a single! Some of the other coronation songs have been cornball, but at least a couple were hum-worthy. I truly hated it. I’ve heard it stated (jokingly)that perhaps they’ll declare a tie in order to get the guys out of the obligation of having to re-sing this!!

    to Becca- I agree with you about Kris. I love his voice, and the whole singer/songwriter vibe. I hope the first thing he does is get some training. I read somewhere that he has had none at all. If he’s going on tour, and constantly rehearsing and doing shows, he’s gonna need it. I hope he gets good advice. I want to believe the producers look out for the well-being of their stars, and don’t look at them as disposable “cash-cows.”


  59. I thought in an interview with all of the contestants they were all talking about how Adam was the “Counselor” of the group and that they all got along.

    My son has competed in Karate Tournaments for several years, it is amazing to see how people treat you when they think you are a threat. We have had people say some pretty harsh things about our son. It’s really sad to watch.


  60. Vonnie, I’m sorry. It’s truly unbelieveable what some grown-ups will say about other people’s children!!! (I’ve heard really stupid things that were said about my daughter)

    I’m actually shocked to learn that it wasn’t all “love” behind the scenes. It certainly came across that way on screen.


  61. Vonnie – If I’m remembering that interview correctly, one contestant pointed at Adam in response to that question (I’m almost positive it was Allison, but don’t quote me), and then everyone agreed. So, in retrospect, they might not have all felt that way but went along with it.

    TFLS – Yes, and I’ll cry with you.

    There were just 2 contestants Neil spoke specifically about, one booted off early and one not so early. The earlier one made the pointed, hateful remark in private to Adam (so PR training wouldn’t have helped here, but it’s a very diplomatic suggestion, Season 8!), and it reportedly really upset him. There was never anything specific quoted about the other contestant, just general observations that the person is not very nice. Alright, well, that’s probably enough of that!

    And, agreed, the Adam-Kris-Allison friendship is precious and heartwarming. Awww!

    I’m going to continue thinking positve, happy, mountain moving, hurricane weathering thoughts until 7pm. From that point on, I’ll be watching TV peeking through my fingers which will be strategically placed over my eyes in nervous anxiety!

    One more thing, Kara’s song is being panned both online and in the media. Some music critics are suggesting they don’t even bother releasing it. Ouch!


  62. I do think the song should not be released. Fine if it must appear on the winner’s album. I do wonder if there’s any way the melody could be reworked into improving the song?

    Mariah, this is killing me trying to figure out who was not very nice in this group. LOL! Is there a link somewhere?


  63. I am also really curious to know who would have been unkind to Adam. That bothers me a great deal. I also wasn’t aware that Danny endorsed Kris for the win and that Danny’s pastor urged his congregation to vote for Kris, because he is a Christian. I have tried hard to stay away from a lot of this kind of thing, but now I am starting to get really upset. I don’t like it at all.

    I can say that this kind of thing will really fuel the fires online. Some other blog sites are already having some pretty heated discussions about the whole supposed culture and religious issues driving the voting. How unfortunate!

    I was positive and managed to cheer up Benji. Now I need some cheering up. I am getting knots in my stomach waiting to find out the result. I know my Mom will call me and give me her wonderful words of wisdom. Even in middle age, I still need her to keep me focused on what is important. But I don’t know if she will be able to help me feel better if Adam loses. Now it seems as though it’s personal, after hearing some of the things that have been going on.

    I am one who believe that Kara’s coronation song should NOT be released. It’s an abomination. I listened to Adam’s performances again online, not my dvr recording. I haven’t even had a chance to play it back. But what I heard online was even better than I thought originally. He absolutely soared with “A Change is Gonna Come”. I was blown away hearing it again. Also, I think he did a decent job with that horrific coronation song, all things considered. The backup singer could be heard at one point, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as last week.

    To Randy Jackson – Adam was on pitch all through the song, but the backup singer was way off!


  64. I hope that the results aren’t close. It will be worse than Season 2 and the great debate!


  65. Masterclass Lady, I have followed you from season 5 and learned so much from your opinions on the various songs. I just have to say however, that I am finding it VERY difficult to navigate your site and I am very computer literate. I can never find your analysis of the singers for each night without just clicking on various links and hoping it is the one I am looking for. Could you please, in the future, put a sidebar with links directly to your reviews? I am so confused here! I just had to say this because I think it will make your site better and more enjoyable.

    Um, other than that, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your reviews and hope you don’t stop.


  66. mariah,

    This breaks my heart! I can not stand that someone would be mean to Adam. I say this like he’s my very best friend in the whole world,HA!!!

    I’m not happy with this season of Idol; I want to see more from the contestants and less from the wannabe’s who are using the idol stage to further their agenda’s. I’ve said before; even though this is a singing contest, it is alot more about personality and how a person affects you. We have not gotten a “get-to-know-you” with the idols this year. I truly think if America could have seen Adam more on a personality basis, the voting would have been a whole lot different. I know some past Idols who could sing, but when they opened their mouth they were so snarky that you couldn’t stand them.


    Thank you, It is hard hearing things about your own children. And you are right, most of the comments came from grown-ups! My son however, was oblivious, could have cared less; was happy just to be there.


  67. Becca, thanks for the explanation. I misinterpreted what you said. Having said that, I will say that I think Kris has a better voice than Taylor Hicks. I like Taylor Hicks, but it’s his performance style that sells him, not his vocal abilities.

    But it doesn’t really matter. We’re parsing things too much at this point.

    It is disheartening to hear that what sounded like such a happy family in terms of the finalists wasn’t necessarily that. Kudos to Adam if he had to put up with all that and still is so gracious.

    Just remember that while every group — religious or secular — has its legalistic section (i.e., those who are willing to demonize those that are different or think differently than the group), there are always those within the group who may disagree but nevertheless respect the “other.” Certainly there are those in the group we classify as the “evangelicals” (and I am not an evangelical, but a relatively new Catholic) that fall into this category, but there are also evangelicals who truly try to live the credo that one must “love the sinner, but hate the sin.” I think that when we run into people who equate the sinner with the sin (and quite honestly, I don’t agree with the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality, as I don’t find evidence that Jesus gave two hoots and a hayride about it), we really just have to say that it’s too bad they feel that way and hope that something will change their mind about it somewhere down the road. To lose more sleep than this over it is a waste of energy. You can’t change their hearts; that’s God’s job.

    It’s sad that anyone has to deal with this kind of negativity, but there you go.

    Galen — I’m glad. And I’m writing this email during commercial breaks and just saw Danny singing with Lionel Ritchie, and I both enjoyed it and thought of you! 🙂


  68. Everyone here has been a joy to share thoughts with. I am greatly saddened by this evenings result. Even Kris said that Adam deserved the win. Such a class act, Kris. I wish him well.

    I will most likely not be watching Idol again. Politics and religion have twisted what should be a joyful singing contest. I truly am weeping – and not just for Adams loss – for all of us – Kris too. He will always have a mental asterisk by his title – and that’s not fair to such a talented man.


  69. Love MCL but – all you have to do is click on the Navigation tab on the upper right side of the screen and click on Vocal Masterclass articles. or scroll down to the “Categories” tab and clcik on Vocal Masterclass Articles Season 8. Hope this helps. And thank you for your positive feedback.


  70. Vonnie, I also agree, I’m not happy with this season of Idol; I want to see more from the contestants and less of the antics from the judges. They went way over the line this year!

    The fantastic Final Results show saved this from being a totally bummer season. Congratulations to Kris!


  71. TFLS Wrote:

    Politics and religion have twisted what should be a joyful singing contest.

    I think we could all take lessons from Kris, he truly is living his faith. God tell us not to stand in judgement of others, but to love them! I’m saddened by the rumors that churches have been encouraging members to vote for Danny and Kris. This is not what being a christian is about. Breaks my heart!


  72. Woke up this morning still very sad! Adam truly deserved that win. I guess everything happens for a reason.

    Congratulations to Kris and his family!


  73. Alright, since so many of you are asking me about who Neil was talking about, I’ll just put it here. I hope that’s alright. The thread it was discussed in has been locked to “private,” so the only way to see it now is to become a paying member of the forum, and I don’t want anyone to have to do that when I can tell you for free.

    Michael Sarver is quoted as saying, “Where I come from, you’re either in the closet or dead.” (i might have the insignificant words slightly wrong) It was reportedly said with a vicious tone and was not said casually. He and his family were described as entitled and arrogant. The other person is Danny (this is who I was hesitant about b/c he has some fans here). Neil didn’t say specific things that Danny said, but the word he used to descibe him was “douche.” (not my personal fave word, but highly descriptive). Neil said Danny was just not a nice guy, and it became obvious early on that he was willingly and heavily relying on his wife’s death to earn him points (I think he meant to fellow contestants). The wedding ring was an example; it was only put on for specific interviews and performances and not worn privately. Neil just had a really strong general distate for Danny that it sounded like was brought on by many, many things. If anyone happened to catch Sarver’s MySpace vid before he removed it (an offered an apology that only made the statement sound worse) where he and Danny talk about sharing the “right. . .uh Godly” type of love for each other, I don’t think it takes much imagination to guess what went on behind the scenes.


  74. Mariah – why am I not surprised? Thanks for sharing the information and for validating what others suspected all along. Awful. Truly disgusting!


  75. Hello everyone, it’s me again! How time flies by since American Idol Season 8 has been shown on my country’s TV since Feb. But I will remember this season for quite a long time, as for me something beyond wonderful has happened in today’s universe of mainstream music.

    I have not even got to see the last 2 finale show yet! But whatever the outcome of this season is of irrelevance ( David Cook said this last year after winning, “it’s just a crap-shoot”. I also liked him as well).

    I may be relatively young (going to be 25 later this year), but I also can appreciate great meaningful music moments. The first moment I saw Adam on stage, I felt waves of melodically beautiful elevation that could only be imagined from the realm of dreams. Just like discovering hidden treasure of legends in the sea of mainstream pop and hip-hop, that I have all this while just casually sailed through without giving much thought.

    I do really hope Adam will go on a concert tour to the SouthEast Asia / Australia & New Zealand region in the future. But how long would that be? Would it even be a reality?

    I would never consider this at any normal circumstances. But after all that happened within this season, I might think of going to renew my passport and break my 4-year travel slumber. But to embark on a 16+ hour flight and crossing half the world, just to drop by to see the Idol Summer Tour at Oreca Stadium this 11 July (San Jose CA)? I’ve got to think through my sanity for this!

    Nothing’s been planned out as yet. But if anyone of you don’t mind, I will be keen on someone native / familiar of California area to show me around during July 9 – 11 period in lodging, travelling and getting show tickets. I will travel alone low budget-style. I happened to take extra work leave as well, but when including long flight travelling I may only have 2 days stay and sight-seeing! So short time for a long distance trip, but I might consider if there is anyone who would come up!

    Now it is just wishful thinking:) Cheers all.


  76. MCL- Thanks for saying that! I really didn’t want to flame people on your site, and I wasn’t sure it was appropriate to post. But my initial post on the subject flooded my inbox with questions, so I figured people really wanted to know. And, thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful site. It’s been very refreshing to have a forum to learn about and discuss the MUSIC! Keep up the good work!!

    By all accounts, Adam seems genuinely happy with the outcome, and that is the testament of true friendship. I don’t think he’d have been happy if he’d lost to Danny (though, I don’t think that would have happened.)


  77. Hello there, I need some help! My previous post does not seem to show up, where have they gone …


  78. Oh well, re-type again:

    What I’ve wanted to say, time flies just like that since American Idol Season 8 was shown on my country’s TV since Feb. But I will remember this season for quite a long while. Because for me something beyond wonderful has happened in today’s universe of mainstream music.

    BTW, I’ve just got to view the last 2 finale show alas. Have to say the coronation song was a tad insipid, and at times vocally challenging for both guys’ styles. However, whatever the outcome is irrelevant as we know from past Idol record ( David Cook said this last year after winning, “It’s just a crap-shoot”. I also liked him as well).

    I may be relatively young (going to be 25 later this year). But I can appreciate great meaningful music moments. From the first moment I saw Adam on stage, waves of melodically beautiful elevation were felt that could only be imagined from the realm of dreams. I can never forget that. It is like discovering hidden treasure of legends amidst the sea of mainstream pop & hip-hop, that I have all this while been casually sailed through without giving much lasting thought.


  79. Mariah-

    After reading what you posted I have to say that the gut feelings I had about Michael Sarver and Danny are now validated.

    I never liked Michael, something about him gave me the creeps. I would always ffwd through his performances because I couldn’t stand to watch/listen to him. He made me nervous and uncomfortable.

    As far as Danny. I liked him in the beginning but as time went on I started to feel the same way about him as with Michael. He seemed very smug and arrogant.

    I don’t like it when people use religion as an excuse to hate. We’re all on this planet together why can’t we just get along? Live and let live. Who are we to judge?


  80. Mariah’s report from what Adam’s brother has supposedly said is really disturbing. I detest bigotry and racism in any way, shape, or form. However, I also don’t like to jump to conclusions and would prefer hearing this information from more than one person before accepting it as the unvarnished truth–or at the very least would prefer to hear two sides to this story.

    Usually, I’m the one who sees things in a political light and would have been skeptical of both Danny and Kris upon hearing that they were Christian music leaders. However, I decided at the beginning of Idol not to let the contestants backgrounds influence me and instead let their music guide me. I also am someone who would normally have supported Adam because I don’t like to see gays or anyone in a minority persecuted. But again, I was letting his music guide me and not his background.

    It’s easy to believe that an evangelical was intolerant of Adam’s sexuality, however, I really think it would be much better to at least get two sides to this story before jumping to conclusions. Or at the very least, get the confirmation of other contestants who were there and saw what the truth was.


  81. Louise – I think you make a valid point, and I find it quite admirable that you prefer to have both sides to the story before making any call. The fact that I got the information second-hand was partly what made me hesitant to divulge names, as I said upthread. So, I fully respect everyone’s right to make of the information what you will.

    For me, the information seems authentic, and I know this has to do, in part, with my sociological background on the issue. I live in Texas (grew up here), and am all too familiar with Jasper and other rural communities in that particular region of the state. It is well-known that you do no go near there if you are not white or Christian (and this sentiment predates the horrific James Byrd murder). There is a heavy and active Klan presence in that region. So, although I wanted to believe that Michael Sarver would give me something positive to associate with that part of the state, I had my doubts. So, reading his comments did not shock me so much. I also spent the last 10 yrs. living in Wisconsin, and became unfortunately familiar with the church of which Danny is a member. The church and its pastor were quite active in the support of WI’s recently passed anti-gay marriage amendment. The pastor himself has spent much time under public scrutiny for suspicion of fraud and embezzlement (people do not call him Pastor Rolex for naught). He was forced out of many congregations and towns until finally forming his own church, which has been described by some as a quasi-cult. Now, I realize that the pastor’s beliefs do not necessarily mean they are Danny’s beliefs, but the thought that one could be a member of that church and not also be anti-gay is illogical to me. So, for me, all of this knowledge makes it easy to trust what Neil had to say. But, again, I sincerely respect you’re not wanting to form any conclusions based solely on what someone’s brother told him. (I hope my sincerety in this opinion is coming through in this post. I hate that it’s sometimes very tough to tell someone’s intended tone in a post. I truly mean no ill-will, and I fully respect your stance.)


  82. Thanks, Mariah. I don’t doubt your sincerity for a second. And I can certainly understand from the things that you’ve mentioned that it would be very easy to believe Neil’s comments. If it’s true, I would never buy Danny’s music (I’d never buy Michael’s music if it was true or not true). But I guess I am illogically holding out hope that it is an exaggeration. This is totally out of character for me, because usually I am the first one to assume the worst about something like this. But I still think it is better to try to get some verification.


  83. mariah –

    You confirmed that I guessed right about who it was. Sometimes it’s not that hard to figure it out. It’s unfortunate, but not surprising to me at all.

    I agree that this should be taken with a degree of caution. I know that second or third hand information may not always been absolutely accurate. As Louise said, I think it’s better to have some additional confirmation, given the unpleasant and offensive nature of these comments.

    However, I do think it’s interesting that I was able to determine who the two people were. That, in and of itself, is telling.

    Thank you for clarifying it. I know it wasn’t easy for you. I fully understand that you are only the messenger.


  84. There is also some talk on other sites with pictures from Danny’s homecoming party at his church where members are dressed in drag and calling themselves drag queens and the pastor has his face painted black. Danny was not dressed up but was there.


  85. Lynn said, “There is also some talk on other sites with pictures from Danny’s homecoming party at his church where members are dressed in drag and calling themselves drag queens and the pastor has his face painted black. Danny was not dressed up but was there.”

    Lynn, I’m really sorry to hear what that took place at Danny’s church. It is absolutely disgusting. And this is supposed to be a Christian church?????


  86. Mindy wrote: “I also wasn’t aware that Danny endorsed Kris for the win and that Danny’s pastor urged his congregation to vote for Kris, because he is a Christian. I have tried hard to stay away from a lot of this kind of thing, but now I am starting to get really upset. I don’t like it at all.”

    You see, Mindy, there is this little thing called the First Amendment. It allows people to speak freely and voice their own opinions. If Danny and Michael supported Kris, so what? They’re entitled to their opinions as are we all. It amazes me how the Danny-hate just continues to mount even AFTER he is voted off! He is a very genuine, polite guy and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Oh, and I AM a Christian myself, so I can certainly understand why Danny and Michael would be drawn naturally more to Kris than Adam.

    You talk about Christians being hateful toward Adam, but how many hateful comments are there on here against Christians? Hate in any form is evil, and I am sick of these boards overflowing with hate.

    God bless you all.


  87. Part of me knew this would happen unfortunately. Adam didn’t win, and people are looking for someone to blame, and that’s where Gokey comes in! Look, Adam lost fair and square to Kris. At least give Kris that much respect.


  88. Galen –

    I am a bit taken aback by your comments. I was reacting to what someone else posted on this site. I was not saying specifically that I think Christians are being hateful.

    I am increasingly uncomfortable with this kind of attack, when I was merely responding and giving my honest feelings about information posted by someone else.

    Obviously, there are some hard feelings on your part. I am not feeling great about Adam losing, but I think I have managed to be respectful and polite here. If I have to watch every single thing I say, then MY first amendment rights are being violated.

    What is really unfortunate about your comments to me, is that I came on here after Danny was voted off and gave him a tribute. It’s on one of the older threads, since he was voted off last week. I really think you should not assume or read things into my posts that are not there. I feel as though I am being attacked unjustly by you for something I did not say.

    Maybe I am just not welcome here anymore.


  89. {{{{{Mindy}}}}}

    You are one of my most favorite posters! Very wise and great with words.

    Time to go to bed. I’ll be with the little ones for 10 hours tomorrow.


  90. Mindy, I do not know why you should feel like you are not welcome here. To me, you are a very valued member on here, and I do enjoy reading most of your posts. I just was saying that I don’t get what the big deal is about Danny (and even his church) endorsing Kris. I was merely disagreeing with you on that point. I didn’t want to make you feel unwelcome here. If I did that, then I am very sorry.

    About what I said about the whole Christian thing, reading it back, I realize it may have come off as a little harsh on my part. For that I do apologize. However, I just get kind of tired of people bringing up Danny’s religion sometimes as though it is a negative thing, when it is anything but. For instance, there are a lot of posts on here criticizing Danny’s church. As a Christian (who probably overreacted to some of this), I just got tired of it and felt like I needed to stand up for my faith. I am sorry if I offended you, but please do not go so far as to call my comments as an “attack”? Can’t we have a discussion on here without someone calling another person an attacker just because they adamantly stand-up for a different opinion? Honestly, Mindy, I DID NOT attack you personally in ANY way in my post. I merely stood up for my opinion which just happened to be the opposite of yours.

    I am very sorry if I upset you in some way, Mindy. Thank you for the nice things you have said about Danny in the past. I appreciate that a lot. God bless!


  91. MCL wrote in response to what Neil Lambert wrote concerning Danny and Michael: “Mariah – why am I not surprised? Thanks for sharing the information and for validating what others suspected all along. Awful. Truly disgusting!”

    MCL, I have nothing but utmost respect for you, but I have to disagree with you on this. What Neil wrote is just nothing short of stirring up trouble. He obviously DOES NOT like Sarver and Gokey at all. What he said about them is COMPLETELY biased and in no way “validates what others suspected all along.” It is ONE guy’s opinion just like any other’s. What I believe is truly disgusting is Neil Lambert writing junk like this to discredit two very nice gentlemen. You know, I bet Adam wouldn’t like his brother writing this kind of stuff about his fellow contestants. If he is okay with that, then I have lost all respect for Adam.


  92. Mindy –

    I’m so very sorry my post has led to criticism of you! You do not deserve it. I completely agree with Kariann 1; you’re an excellent addition to this forum and are always respectful. I think you’re more than welcome here!

    Galen –

    With all due respect, Adam’s brother’s comments about Danny’s attitude and behavior were initially made months ago shortly after the Top 13 were announced. Neil’s dislike for Danny grew throughout the season. It was not a result of Adam losing and using Danny as a scapegoat. Neil’s opinion comes from his own interactions with Danny and what Adam has told him. They know Danny personally, and, unless there is something you haven’t told us, you do not.

    Further, I do not understand your implications by saying that as a Christian it is less natural to be drawn to Adam. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but this comes across to me as a dangerously loaded statement. I think we could all follow Kris’ example and be open-minded and completely accepting of all people rather than say some people fit our Christian sensibilities more than others.

    And, one final note. I take issue with your posting rather rude comments and then in some way trying to sanitize them with “God Bless You All,” as though we are in some need of saving from our heathen souls. Closing with “God Bless You All” does not erase the hurtful, judgmental words you led with, and it does not make them okay.


  93. By the way, before I am called out for “attacking” anyone, I just want to stress that I was just expressing my OPINION. Nothing more or less. As I said, I respect others’ opinions, but I won’t let that stop me from voicing mine. I have nothing but respect for the people on here. God bless!


  94. Galen –

    If you can look back and find the thread where I wrote a tribute to Danny, I think you will realize that I came to appreciate him quite a bit. Louise read it and responded with a thank you and said that it made her cry. I wish I could remember where it is. It would have to be in the threads related to the top three performances.

    Please check it out. I spoke from my heart about his final performance when he was voted off. I became very emotional and realized what he has been going through in this competition. I think I will just leave it at that. If you do find it, then you will know how I felt.

    I know that this whole business with the Christians has caused a lot of bad feelings. Maybe it’s better to just let it go. I do not think that it had anything to do with Adam losing, but it hurts to read that type of thing.

    I value your comments greatly. I think that’s why I was so hurt. The last thing I want is to cause any more hurt or misunderstanding. This has been such an emotional rollercoaster. I know that you are probably fed up with all of the attacks on Danny. I know that he got the worst of it. Even Adam didn’t have to endure some of the truly abominable things said about Danny. I know that you were sad when he was voted off. I have to admit that I was shocked. I can only hope that you didn’t go on some of the sites and read what was said about him. It got way too personal. As though these people know him.

    I guess I should just not let the comments about what someone’s pastor supposedly said about voting against someone. It really serves no purpose.

    Just please know that I understand how you feel about Danny being voted off. It’s hard when you are emotionally invested in someone. It’s also hard to deal with the mean-spirited comments about that person. I truly understand your feelings and do not in any way wish to inflict any more pain on you.

    I understand where you were coming from. It has been a joy to chat with you here. That was one more reason why I was sorry to see Danny go – it meant that you weren’t here anymore. You have been missed.

    All is well. Thank you for your kindness again.


  95. Mariah –

    Thanks for your comments. Maybe it’s best to just let this go for now. It has caused a lot of highly charged feelings.

    I do feel bad for Adam having to endure any rude or inappropriate behavior. It was Michael Sarver’s comment that bothered me the most. That was truly unacceptable and offensive. I can’t even understand what would make him think he could say anything like that.

    But everything is getting so out of hand. Let’s try to all be friends here. It’s been somewhat exhausting, at least for me. I voted for Adam for the whole four hours and had very little sleep. Then I had a rough time last night after Adam lost. I hope I can just get some sleep.

    We are all good people here and should try to like and respect each other.

    I think we need another group hug.

    I love you all!


  96. Mariah, I don’t care how well Neil has come to know Danny. That doesn’t make it right what he did. Like I said before, posting junk like that just to make two decent people look bad is doing nothing but stirring up trouble. I don’t have any respect for someone who just wants to sow discord and trouble. I still believe what Neil did was not very respectable, and as I said, I can’t imagine Adam would like his brother to write junk like that about his new friends.

    You wrote: “Further, I do not understand your implications by saying that as a Christian it is less natural to be drawn to Adam. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but this comes across to me as a dangerously loaded statement.”

    There’s nothing loaded about my statements, Mariah. Danny and Kris are BOTH Christians, BOTH Worship Leaders, and BOTH seem to have relatively similar singing style. Therefore, it stands to reason that many christians could like those two because they can relate to them more then they can Adam respectively.

    You also wrote: “I think we could all follow Kris’ example and be open-minded and completely accepting of all people rather than say some people fit our Christian sensibilities more than others.”

    I respect Adam as an individual and as a performer and as a person. I DO NOT judge his social life or lifestyle. I have NEVER ever done that on here, so don’t accuse me of it. As for my Christian sensibilities,” I am going to tell you one thing unapologetically, Mariah. My Christian beliefs come FIRST in my life over ANYTHING else, and I believe simply what the Bible says to be the absolute truth. I will not change “my christian sensibilities” for anyone or anything. That said, I think Adam is a very decent sort of person, and I have nothing but respect for him.

    You also wrote: “And, one final note. I take issue with your posting rather rude comments and then in some way trying to sanitize them with “God Bless You All,” as though we are in some need of saving from our heathen souls. Closing with “God Bless You All” does not erase the hurtful, judgmental words you led with, and it does not make them okay.”

    Um, Mariah, that “God bless you” was simply a “God bless you” I wasn’t trying to save your “heathen souls”! LOL If it makes you feel better, I won’t say God bless anymore to you. Please forgive me if I made you upset. I admit I said some things that were a little off, and I truly hope you can forgive me.


  97. I agree with Mindy. Let’s just have a “group hug” and move on okay? I am truly sorry to those I made angry, and I sincerely mean it when I say God bless you all.


  98. And Mindy–thank you very much for all of those very nice things you wrote. You are a wonderful person and an inspiring writer!


  99. First, a note about the forum where these comments were made: It’s a decent-sized online community that likes to stay under the radar with threads spanning a range of topics. Reality TV is one of these topics. Posters on this forum know each other well in an online sense. Neil has posted there for many years, probably close to a decade. The site knows him and, from what I can discern from his posts and fellow posters, trusts him. His brother just happened to get onto American Idol, and Neil actually asked if it was okay for him to post in the Idol threads. He was very clear that he didn’t want his posting there to keep people from being honest about their opinions. Posters welcomed him, mostly because many knew him from other threads. And people posted their opinions, even if they criticized Adam. Neil was always respectful and let people have their opinions. Not everyone in the thread was a fan of Adam; many were Allison fans. In fact, even Neil wanted her to win (he thought from the beginning not winning would be better for Adam). I’m clarifying this because, no, I don’t know Neil Lambert personally, but I’ve known him online for many years, and he’s never given me any reason to distrust him. He is snarky, but he is also very honest.

    That said:
    Galen said: “What I believe is truly disgusting is Neil Lambert writing junk like this to discredit two very nice gentlemen. You know, I bet Adam wouldn’t like his brother writing this kind of stuff about his fellow contestants. If he is okay with that, then I have lost all respect for Adam.”

    Well, Neil’s account was that Adam called him extremely distraught over what Sarver had said to him. Neil wasn’t joking around or blowing things out of proportion; Adam was genuinely upset. Neil said Adam’s dealt with his share of homophobia throughout his life, and, typically, such things do not really bother him. But, Sarver’s comment did. A lot. And, Neil, being a good and protective brother, stood up for Adam by posting the comment on a sometimes-private, below the radar forum.

    And, as far as Gokey goes, Neil just did not find him genuine or nice in any way. He has that right. By Neil’s account, Adam is a super sweet guy who tries his best to get along with everyone. Adam found it best to agree to disagree with Danny, and that apparently worked for them. On the other hand, I get the impression that Neil is less likely to suffer dilikes and will call people out if he feels they’re behaving inappropriately.

    It seems to me Galen, perhaps you’re allowing your own biases to obscure the possibility of another side to things from what you’ve convinced yourself of.


  100. You know what, mariah, I am truly done arguing with you. I’ll just say that I will form MY OWN opinions of Danny and Michael and not let what Neil Lambert said influence that. I am sorry if what I said offended you, and I do believe you owe ME an apology for your assumption about me in your last sentence. That was certainly uncalled for. That said, I forgive you, mariah. Let’s just agree to disagree, okay? Water under the bridge and all that. God bless (and I mean it in the most respectful way possible).


  101. Galen –

    The last few posts from you and Mindy appeared while I was writing my last one. I do appreciate that you sincerely meant “God Bless You.” As I said earlier, it can be challenging to discern intended tone from a post, and I’m sorry I read your genuine sentiment in a sarcastic way. I am going to take some advice from my last post and just agree to disagree and move on, respecting that we are all entitled to our opinions. Thank you, and I’m sorry.


  102. Well, still waiting for anyone here to come up to me (refer my above post on the my proposed July trip). I might consider doing so … e-mail me at ( sorry I don’t have twitter, facebook or any of the accounts. Don’t have the time to set any up ).



  103. Thank you, mariah! I’m glad we can just move on from all of this with no hard feelings. I hope you have an excellent day today!


  104. Mindy – you are most certainly welcome here and can add your comments. We should be able to discuss this situation because it did, in fact, happen. Sometimes the truth is hurtful, especially when it affects someone you admire, but it’s out there and I was deeply offended by the remarks toward Adam.


  105. Galen –

    You’re welcome. No hard feelings. Just different points of view, and that’s what makes the world interesting, right? A very good day to you, as well!


  106. I just want to say I’m genuinely almost blown away by the level of respect from the posters on this site. I can’t think of another site I’ve ever been on where posters can passionately disagree on things, possibly allowing their passion to get the best of them (myself included), and then wind up really talking about issues and the differences that construct them, and then at the end of it offer each other apologies, forgiveness and well wishes. It’s really refreshing and lovely, and I wish we saw more of this behavior in the world. I think it say a lot about MCL and the wonderful, embracing tone she sets.


  107. Okay, MCL, I understand your point. We should ABSOLUTELY be able to discuss it here, and that is what I respectfully intend to do. I guess for me, I am not going to be so quick to take Neil Lambert’s words as the gospel truth. No one can deny that he is certainly biased in this.

    About what Michael supposedly said, I do not uphold that in any way. However, it was also reported that he issued an apology. He misspoke, I will admit, but does his apology mean nothing? Can he not be forgiven? We shouldn’t judge Michael Sarver, because we ALL screw up and say bad things sometimes. When that happens, all we can do is ask for forgiveness and try not to make the same mistake again. Michael Sarver has apologized, and I don’t believe he has made any further comments regarding Adam’s lifestyle. Therefore, it seems to me that (needing forgiveness ourselves all the time), we can certainly forgive him and move on. I hope Neil and Adam can find the peace that comes from forgiving and letting go, if they haven’t already.

    As for Neil’s comments regarding Danny Gokey, they were all very vague. It’s like he had an opinion about Danny Gokey but couldn’t really prove he was right to anyone. Let me give a few examples using mariah’s initial post on this topic.

    Neil said: “Neil didn’t say specific things that Danny said, but the word he used to descibe him was “douche.” (not my personal fave word, but highly descriptive).”

    You know, I just can’t really take what Neil says as truth when he uses words like “douche” to describe someone else. He comes across as not being a very upstanding individual in my opinion. Plus, notice he didn’t say any “specific things” in regards to how Danny was a “douche” (I hate even typing that word).

    Neil also said: “Danny was just not a nice guy, and it became obvious early on that he was willingly and heavily relying on his wife’s death to earn him points (I think he meant to fellow contestants). The wedding ring was an example; it was only put on for specific interviews and performances and not worn privately.”

    Come on. We’ve heard all of these lies before, and Neil makes a very weak argument here. He is not too convincing with the words, “Danny was just not a nice guy.” Once again, he is being very vague and not very credible. I also cannot believe he went so far as to “join the crowd” of people who have accused Danny of playing the dead wife card all season. This is where I lost all respect for what Neil is writing, because I do know the truth here in this. I watched Danny’s exit interview on Idol Extra, and anyone with any sense could easily see that these horrific accusations made toward him all season were as erroneous as they were cruel.

    Neil continues: “Neil just had a really strong general distate for Danny that it sounded like was brought on by many, many things.”

    Once again, I am yet to hear anything specific as to why Neil didn’t like Danny. This is the way I see it. Neil is the one who is on the internet writing bad things about Danny. I have yet to see Danny writing bad things about his fellow competitors. Therefore, I respect Danny for that and do not think Neil had any grounds to say what he did about Danny with no proof to back any of it up.

    As for Danny’s “Godly love” comment towards Adam, isn’t that a GOOD thing? Since when is Godly love a bad thing? After all, what is most important is that Danny used the word ‘love’, and not ‘hate’.

    Therefore, to be honest, I don’t get how what Neil said about Danny proves ANYTHING about Danny’s character. It is all vague and mean-spirited with nothing at all to support it. I just wanted to explain where I was coming from, and I hope you can at least understand a little bit of what I am saying here. Oh, and mariah, I know I used a lot of your quotes, but know that I was by no means targeting you in my quotes. This was targeted at Neil, not you!


  108. Thanks for those kind words as well, mariah. I am glad we can discuss all of this without ripping each other’s heads off. I like a good discussion, but not when things get mean, and I am proud to say that seldom happens on here.


  109. Galen – I will agree that some of Neil’s remarks were extremely harsh.

    I don’t think Adam would approve – he conducted himself like a perfect gentleman throughout this entire competition.

    That being said, I appreciate your commentary very much and see that you have reconciled the issue with the Mariah and some of the others, so let’s move past this and celebrate all the singers.

    To all the visitors: I will be updating the site this weekend with fresh content – just taking a bit of a rest from the computer for a while and enjoying the outdoors! 🙂


  110. Yes, perhaps it is a bit of a time for a rest myself! I hope you have an excellent weekend, MCL. Thank you for your kind words, and I do apologize if I unintentionally said anything disrespectful. I was really and truly just voicing my opinion. I agree about Adam as well. He WAS a perfect gentleman this entire season, and I very much respect him for that. Okay, then, it truly is time to move on from this whole Neil Lambert/Michael Sarver/Danny Gokey thing. God bless, MCL, and I just want to let you know that I have continued to keep your mom in my prayers, and I hope she is doing well.


  111. Thank you, Galen, for expressing your views and for thinking of my Mom. She is in the final stage of Alzheimer’s Disease and it is heartbreaking to watch.

    However, I recently purchased Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Red Skelton and Johnny Carson DVDs and I play them for her all the time. She loved music and this music appears to be soothing to her.


  112. Maybe Neal didn’t like Danny because he really is a jerk. According to another article I juts read, Danny stopped wearing his wedding ring ENTIRELY after the competition. Why the sudden change. In my experience, the most devout people are always the biggest hypocrites. That’s why many people have a problem with organized religion.


  113. Mariah, I have been found! I just want to say that Neil’s comments have been quoted on other AI forums. Your disclosure is not a surprise to many people. My heart goes out to Adam.


    Scott made a comment I didn’t understand regarding last season’s contestants. Simething regarding the fact that they were not as much fun or didn’t kid around with each other?

    Did anyone understand the context of what the backstage people said to Scott?


  114. Anon wrote: “In my experience, the most devout people are always the biggest hypocrites. That’s why many people have a problem with organized religion.”

    Anon, while there are undoubtedly some hypocrites out there, I believe that labeling MOST people of faith as hypocrites is a bit of a generalization. Look, people of faith are not perfect. Sadly, believers can sin just as much as those who do not. I have never heard a Christian claim to be perfect, so I am sure Danny has his share of faults like we all do. Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with the God who loved us so much that he was willing to send his son to die for us even though we were sinners. Romans 5:8 says: “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” I honestly don’t know what greater love there is than that.

    Anon also wrote: “According to another article I juts read, Danny stopped wearing his wedding ring ENTIRELY after the competition. Why the sudden change.”

    First of all, I firmly believe that what Danny does with his wedding ring is HIS business. It shouldn’t be our business at all. I am also curious as to what article you read that in, Anon. Could I have a link to it? Obviously, I think most can agree on here that what is written in the media is often a lie or only partially true. Besides has anyone considered the possibility that the reason why Danny wore his wedding ring throughout the competition is because it was a measure of security for him in a time where his life was topsy-turvy? Maybe it made him feel like his wife was with him on that stage. Why are people so quick to believe the worst about Danny?

    Anon wrote: “Maybe Neal didn’t like Danny because he really is a jerk.”

    Perhaps Neil did not like Danny because NEIL really is the jerk. Just a possibility to consider that is every bit as likely as the alternative. After all, Neil was the one who wrote the bad things about Danny, not vice-versa.


  115. The more I see of Danny, the more I dislike him. Adam’s brother is just sticking up for him because I know that Adam is too nice to do it himself. On LKL Adam had his head down when Sarver (especially) was speaking and pretty much same with Danny.

    I feel bad for Adam having to tour with these guys. On a positive note, Adam, Kris, Allison, Lil, Scott, Anoop – all came off great.

    Matt, Danny, Sarver= not my faves.

    Kris looked embarrassed after Danny spoke, bless his heart.


  116. It’s funny, Season 8, because all your least favorites are MY favorites! LOL

    Season 8 wrote: “Adam had his head down when Sarver (especially) was speaking and pretty much same with Danny.”

    Well, if that is the case, then maybe Adam needs to get over whatever problem he has with them. He is going to be on tour with them for months, so he needs to work out whatever his issue is with them and move on.

    You know, I really just am starting to not want to get on here anymore. I like Danny, and everybody else on here seems to just hate him. They say bad things about him all the time, and no one (except myself and rarely a few others) stand up for him. Yet, the minute someone says something derogatory about Adam, you would think that person committed one of the seven deadly sins. I do not like Adam as a singer, but I seldom ever say anything bad about him on here, because I know a lot of people like him. I am even TRYING to warm up to him a little bit. But I do not see anyone on here who is giving Danny any chance at all. I really believe that he is the most hated contestant in Idol history, and that is truly a shame.

    MCL, I know everybody has a right to speak their minds, but at what point does all of this undue hatred aimed at Danny become too much? Maybe it is time to say something and address this issue, because I believe it is getting out of hand on here. Why can’t we be happy for ALL of the contestants, look for the best in them, and leave it at that?


  117. MCL –

    I did not check back on this thread and haven’t been posting that much in the last day or so.

    I just wanted to thank you so very much for your kind words. I think I already knew that I was still welcome here, but having you say it in your generous way, really meant a lot to me

    I have you in my thoughts every day. I hope you can find the strength to get through this difficult time as your mother endures the last stages of this horrible disease.


  118. Galen, I’m with you on this. No one deserves to be bashed for any reason, including Danny. I think the fact that you feel that he is being bashed indicates that he probably is. The people who are making the statements may need to take another look — not necessarily at Danny, but at what makes them make such statements about someone they don’t know.

    All of the Idols probably have a lot of wonderful characteristics and people who love them to death. They all probably do good deeds, at least some of the time, and I bet there is someone in each of their lives who would say about them, “He’d/She’d give you the shirt off his/her back if you needed it.” Even if there is some friction between some of them — for whatever reason — you know what? I don’t like everyone I meet, either. I don’t think anyone expects me to — including God. But I do think that I need to understand that they are people, too, with the same feelings and insecurities that I have, and show them respect simply because they are people, too. I don’t have to like them or want to spend time with them, but I have to be civil with them and in talking about them, and I need to wish and hope for the best for them — even if I hope that the best will work out in some way that doesn’t involve me. 🙂

    We all gravitate toward people who are like us, who have similar upbringings, etc. It’s a natural reaction. I’m sure it is very difficult to share a house and spend nearly all day, every day, with someone who — for whatever reason — rubs you the wrong way. I’m sure that sometimes things get said that wouldn’t be said without that degree of companionship, and that feelings get hurt as you’re trying to get to know so many different people in a short period of time.

    Neil is welcome to stand up for his brother; but since I’m not sure that anyone would know about Sarver’s comment if Neil didn’t go around publicizing it, I’m not sure that is defending his brother as much as it is trying to take some measure of revenge on Sarver. (I’ve taken my share of revenge in my life, but I’m not proud of it, but now I try to avoid doing so. Not easy, but worthwhile things rarely are.)

    The bottom line is that it is something between Sarver and Adam, and for them to resolve. If there is something between Danny and Adam, that, too, is for them to resolve. I haven’t gotten a phone call from Adam asking for my support in this matter — nor do I expect to, since he doesn’t know I exist! 🙂

    What is served by any of us taking sides — when we know no more about the situation, circumstance, and people than Clay Aiken did about Adam and Kris?

    While I don’t think Adam is immune to getting his feelings hurt, I suspect he is more than capable of handling the situation when he does. He handles the media incredibly well, and if he can do that, he can handle his personal life, too. And if he struggles with it sometimes — well, that’s his struggle, not mine, and I trust that he will learn important things through the struggle.

    If I’m going to be offering support to someone, I think I’ll extend it to my family and friends, who need it from me more than Adam does.

    What I have always enjoyed about this site — I’ve been reading it for years, although never posted before this year — is how respectful everyone has always been to each other. Yes, people have had favorites and have even been deeply vested in those favorites, but they still managed to speak their minds without others feeling they were being attacked and needing to defend their own favorites. You know, someone disagreeing with you about personal taste doesn’t mean they are attacking your taste or the singer you favor — they’re just saying their taste in music differs.

    For instance, I don’t like Bob Dylan. There! I’ve said it! I’m so-so about Johnny Cash. I can take him in small doses, but my husband and I have an agreement that he plays those CDs when I’m not around. Ditto for Harry Chapin and Kris Kristofferson. While he likes other music, too, my husband likes these “storytellers” with voices that I find grating. He tries to explain to me why he likes them, and I try to appreciate that aspect of them. In any case, he doesn’t feel the need to defend them from my distaste, and I feel under no obligation to actually like them, although I have learned to tolerate hearing them once in a while.

    So he’s broadened my horizons a little, just as I have broadened his musical tastes by introducing him to some current artists I think he’ll enjoy (he’s kind of stuck in the 60s.) But it’s all about the music.

    I hope that come Season 9, this site, too, can return to being all about the music and less about petty rumors. That is why this has always been such a special place (after, of course, MCL’s reviews!)


  119. Thank you SO much, Jeanne, for those truly remarkable words. What you spoke was the truth and nothing but the truth, and I believe that every member on here should read it and take it to heart. I know I have. It is a privilige to read posts such as your on here, and I hope so adamantly that there will be more such as your in the future. It is easy to hate and find the wrong in people, but loving them and seeing the good in them is much more difficult to do. However, it is always worthwhile to make the effort to love instead of hate.


  120. By the way, that post up above is mine. My brother was on here, and I forgot to use my name rather than his! Sorry!


  121. Once again, Jeanne, you’ve nailed it!!! Cheers to you!


  122. To all of those people who believe that Danny dislikes Adam Lambert, I would just like you to please read a quote I came across from Danny on the internet.

    “Adam, he’s just an all-around great guy,” Gokey said. “I really can’t fault him on anything. Adam is who he is onstage and who he is offstage. He’s very creative. He lives creative; he dresses creatively. He talks from that perspective.”

    You can check out the page I found this quote on right here:

    Danny Gokey DOES NOT have a problem with Adam Lambert. He respects Adam and “can’t fault him on anything.” You know, I think some people (including Neil Lambert) owe Danny an apology for putting lies out there regarding Danny’s opinion of Adam.


  123. Found this on another site:

    Danny talks out of both sides of his mouth. According to this twitter feed from Q102 Philly, he was actively telling people to vote for Kris and also telling people he hoped Kris would win, so he wasn’t exactly remaining neutral. I’m sure all the other Idols knew it too (I mean, c’mon, they spent all those hours together rehearsing), which was the subtext of why that particular moment was so awkward (LKL).

    Not sure I would believe everything said in an interview.


  124. I am just literally at a loss for words here. Never before in my life have I seen such unrelenting hatred directed at someone who has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve it. Danny Gokey is not Satan in the flesh, people. He is a man from Milwaukee who is by no means perfect (no one is). He has as many flaws as any other Idol contestant this season, including Adam Lambert. The man has just lost his wife not more than ten months ago, has created an organization to help people, and is (despite what people might think) a very nice Christian guy. It sickens me to think that people choose somebody like that to hate. It shows what a poor state this world of ours in right now.

    MCL, I beseech you, please address this issue. Surely someone of your intelligence can see that hatred is taking over here, and 99% of it is directed at Danny Gokey for reasons I will never understand. I show people an EXACT quote right out of Danny’s mouth where he does nothing but praise Adam, and they call him a liar. His wife dies and he misses her deeply, and people say he is trying to con America into voting for him by using her death. He simply says who we would prefer to win American Idol, and people say he hates Adam and is a homophobe. He says he is a Christian, and people call him a hypocrite. People are saying hurtful and untrue things about Danny Gokey and putting words in his mouth, and it is time to address this issue. More posts in this thread have been about how evil Danny Gokey is more than about Kris winning American Idol. Something isn’t right about that.

    You know, I could say that I am angry, but I am not. I am just intensely disappointed in some of the people here and genuinely disheartened. I thought this place was supposed to be unlike other chatrooms/forums about Idol on the internet. Instead, all I see is negativity everywhere. I just don’t really know if I will be back again. Too much hatred at the present time for my taste.

    You know what the funny thing is. People on here seem to assume that Adam has been the contestant who people talk negatively about this season due to his lifestyle. The bottom line is that Danny Gokey is the one who is truly the victim of hate this season. Why? I really do not know. I just know that this NEEDS TO STOP! I will pray for this place tonight. It needs it right now. Good night and God bless.


  125. On one of the other threads, MCL asked us to stop discussing personal disputes between the contestants and to instead return to talking about the singing. I think we should respect that request.


  126. On one of the other threads, MCL asked us to stop discussing personal disputes between the contestants and to instead return to talking about the singing. I think we should respect that request.

    Thank you Jeanne! Please everyone, this is the last warning. I do not want to hear anymore about the Danny/Michael/Adam brouhaha! It’s old and tired and just plain disrespectful to the rest of the readers here – not to mention to the singers.

    I am off to Church services, but will check back later.

    Thank you so much.


  127. Thank you, Jeanne and MCL! I could not agree more! I am off to church now myself. Have an excellent Sunday everyone!


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