Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 7 Performance Show: Disco Music

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Tonight’s Top 7 show will be hot! hot! hot! Get out your dancing shoes everyone, because it’s Disco Fever night and and the Idols are going to get down and boogie on that stage.  

I hope that all of the singers are up for the challenge because disco music can be difficult for some. You really need the vocal chops, the rhythmic flair and, obviously, the choreographic skills. 

However, now that I think of it, Donna Summer was extremely stoic on stage whe she performed, but her voice transcended her quiet persona. She poured all of her energy into her vocal skills and became a star in the process.

Nevertheless, this approach won’t work in tonight’s competitive atmosphere for votes  – each singer must display the depth of  his or her  performance skills or their showcases will lack excitement and drive.

Best of luck to all the singers and  to my readers, enjoy the show!  And, if you haven’t yet done so, visit and follow my Twitter page for further updates!


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52 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 7 Performance Show: Disco Music”

  1. I am excited! I have class at 4 tonight and it is not over til 6. Usually it is a hour and 10 minutes to get home….well, I will have to be savvy and get here at 7! (on time)

    I loved Disco, and I remember fondly the flashing sparkling ball, shooting colored lasers from beyond, carefully picked-out duds, big hair, dudes in suits (yeah, but they were bitchin’)and the total rush. I suffered a bad break-up and loved and I mean loved to dance to “Macho Man.” I hope that little squirt will do that song, she looks like the type….Allison.

    We don’t have Disco’s clubs anymore.
    WAH! ;^(


  2. oh Lordy, please Adam, don’t come out in platform shoes! Should be a fun night


  3. Seriously Surely, I think that you and I are showing our age. Disco was fun!

    MCL – Perhaps this is the week where the cream will rise to the top.


  4. Somewhat excited for tonight – not a fan of Disco though. Looking forward to what Adam has to offer though….


  5. …don’t know where my other comment disappeared too..

    I’m not a fan of Disco, so I’m wondering what this nights has in store. I wonder what Adam will bring too….


  6. I love this music and was so happy to dance at the clubs in the 70s, and later when the music was revived in the 1990s. What great music to exercise to, clean your house, and dance with your Grandbabies!

    I am wishing the VERY best to Anoop, and hope his choice in not a ballad!!

    Adam should be terrific as ussual!


  7. Hi Shannon:

    Sorry that your comments ended in the spam folder. I check it often and make sure that legimitate comments, like yours, are not lost.

    It happens from time to time, so keep posting and I will find it eventually if it ends up in the spam folder.


  8. Adam is in my opinion the best contestant this show has ever had.

    Every single week he steals the show. He has NEVER had a bad vocal.

    As a group, s7 might have been stronger but ultimately it’s about finding the “one” idol, right? Adam is IT. Best. Idol. Ever.

    His voice tonight. My god. And always looks like a star. Brilliant.

    Kris was also good tonight and so was Allison.


  9. Oh my, Lil’s pitch was ALL over the place. Yikes.


  10. Thanks, Rosanne. I’m on my laptop – that could be why it “spammed”. I had to retype in my info – my previous posts in the other topic were done on my parents’ computer. But glad you found them…:)

    What a disappointment tonight. After Adam performed, I switched to hockey…ha! Because I was just so unimpressed by the other contestants….although I did switch back and forth between the two…


  11. Well, Adam and Kris won the night–both of them were very original and, more importantly, very THEMSELVES, while totally reconstructing the songs they chose. And really, there were no trainwrecks tonight, which makes me happy.


  12. Well, my predictions that “Staying Alive” would be sung. I thought for sure Adam would, but instead it was Matt. I am disappointed what the judges said because it was only TWO that SOUNDED DISCO! Granted, it was karoke. Matt is such a good sport.

    Allison sounded disco.

    Rosanne, I agree with you that it was bleh, but it was because AI made the songs short. IMHO

    However, Adam wore a “disco” suit, no prob there.

    Danny did not bother to look disco, come on! Paula says he has a sexy voice…..yikes

    Anoop looked great, but golly gee, another ballad?

    Kris? come on, that is not the disco sound no matter how “brillant” he sounded.

    Lil? she should have picked a song people know. I could be wrong. And of course, I could be wrong about many things but they are my opinion. :)) I will most certainly respect yours :)))

    The criteria was not followed. Maybe because they did not have a mentor to toe the line for them. Too bad.

    To go tomorrow? Anoop and Lil

    I enjoyed the show, I hurried home from class and made it just before Lil sang! whew!

    to Awestruck’s comment: we are showing our age? nah, we are showing our wisdom :)))

    Rosanne, I cannot wait to see your critques.


  13. oh Rosanne–replying to your comment about “why was Ryan hyper tonight?” it is because the show has 4 judges for one hour, and he will be fired if the show goes over the time AGAIN. LOL:D


  14. I loved the way Anoop looked tonight! What a great voice and I liked that he provided an iptempo to the second part of the song.

    So happy that three of the judges were pleased with his performnace. I just hope he’s not sent home tomorrow. Anoop deserves to be in the TOP 5.

    Going home: Lil and Matt


  15. Really tired here everyone. Going to bed. I appreciate your comments very much. I think this is a difficult one to critique because I wasn’t “feeling it”. A good night’s rest will make a difference. Thanks again!


  16. I loved this theme! Some didn’t sound like Disco, but overall it was a pretty good night.

    Sorry folks, but I do not find Danny’s voice sexy.

    I heard Paula might be leaving next season. What do you think?


  17. Have a good rest MCL. Looking forward to your review.
    Just wanna say you have a good thing going here. Lots of respectful disagreements.

    Kariann…I agree with u on Danny. As the weeks go by, he is sounding more and more hoarse. Maybe MCL can comment on the vocal fatigue.

    I won’t even begin to predict who is going home. We are due for a shocker, so if I am gonna pick one I would say Kris even though he did great (unfortunately).

    I think Lil is definitely going home this week.

    Best of the night was Adam, as usual. You can tell he is so well trained. Sometimes we don’t want to put in the work, but it really is the difference between being good at something versus being truly great and outstanding. And this can be transferred to any line of work or activity. He should be an inspiration to your students MCL.


  18. Seriously Surely,
    As for the performances not sounding disco, during country night, Adam’s Ring of Fire definitely didn’t sound country. I don’t see any difference between that performance and some of tonight’s performances not being stricly disco.

    I thought Adam and Kris were the most original tonight. And the two I liked least were Lil and Allison. If I had my choice, those would be the two who would be sent home tonight. I loved Danny, and I thought Anoop and Matt sounded good tonight but no one really blew me away.

    And I haven’t read anything from Galen lately, but he would be pleased to know that I finally “got off the fence” and voted for Danny tonight. His is the voice that appeals to me the most even though I appreciate the talent of the other guys as well.


  19. I understand that Louise.

    Again ~Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

    I like disco but I don’t like country. You do have a point about during country week~ some were not country and some were as well as some were disco and some were not for the Disco week. I hadn’t thought of that and got carried away with my unthoughtful opinion about not sounding disco.


  20. The point is not to sound disco, the point is to sound like yourself. I said it here after last week’s performances – I felt that Adam should change it up and do a ballad, so that everyone could see the full range and power of his vocals. He did just that! YAY!!! I am actually hoarse from screaming so much. I was so proud of him.

    Sorry, MCL, I know that I am not supposed to strain my voice. I will be quiet all day tomorrow to make sure I take care of it. I just couldn’t help it. I was thrilled that Adam did what I was hoping he would do. He needed to show us a side of him that we have not yet seen. He took a so-so song by Yvonne Elliman and rearranged it and made it a beautiful, heartbreaking ballad. He started slowly, building to that great crescendo and then he let that power voice really come out and let it rip. He totally brought the house down with that performance.

    I believe that this was one of his most fully realized performances. No one can say that Adam is a one or two trick pony. Thank God he had the good sense to stay away from Stayin’ Alive. Everyone kept saying he should do that and I said NO, NO. Not the right song for someone with his range.

    All you had to do was listen to Matt and see what could have happened. As soon as Matt starts moving around, his vocals just go off pitch. He played it safe with his performance, going to the tried and true Justin Timberlake vibe, complete with the hat. I don’t like it, never did. But his vocals just got lost again. It doesn’t seem as though he is breathing properly. I just don’t think it was enough for him to stay, but who knows with two leaving.

    I always try to see what Adam looks like at the beginning of each week’s show, to give me a clue as to what he will be singing. When I saw him with his hair slicked back, wearing a suit and tie no less, I just knew it was going to be a ballad. I think we are watching a true star blossoming right before our very eyes.


  21. “However, Adam wore a “disco” suit, no prob there.”

    That just made my day/night. Nice one.

    I love Kris’s arrangement of the song tonight. Very nice, smooth vocals. I will always like Adam’s performances – I think it has been printed in me by now. However I still preferred Born to be wild and Mad World better.


  22. Mindy, as someone who appreciates Adam’s talent but does not quite put herself in the “fan” category, I very much agree with your assessment of his performance. As you said, I feel that this was one of his more “fully realized” performances. Rather than choosing one extreme (totally subdued or totally theatrical), Adam actually displayed both emotional and dynamic range throughout this song. (The crescendo was perfectly timed!) I feel that Adam finally showed himself to be more than a “one or two trick pony.” I feel that this performance was one of his more “current” ones. Great job, Adam.

    Also, Kris was very good tonight as well. =)


  23. I wasn’t feeling Adam’s performance. It was excellent technically. It just wasn’t one of those “moments.”

    Anoop and Lil both sounded flat the whole time.

    Allyson was boring.

    Kris was excellent and more interesting than Adam tonight for me.


  24. J –

    You know, I have said here before that Adam challenged me in a way that no one has before. He is way out of my comfort zone musically, but I just could not deny that incomparable voice. What an instrument! I see the dilemma in all the different views of Adam’s performances. Some love him as the wild rocker, some as the stripped down tender falsetto singer, but now he has shown us another side of him.

    I think that Adam has been quite smart and savvy in this competition. He knows that many will not like his wild rocker performances, such as Born to Be Wild and of course, the controversial Ring of Fire. I really loved Black or White, Play That Funky Music and Born to be Wild, but I felt it was time to do something else. This was the time for a ballad, although some are mourning the lost chance for Adam to sing one of Sylvester’s songs.

    The truth is that Adam can’t make everybody happy every week. But it is important for him to show all the dimensions and aspects of himself as a singer and artist. This heartwrenching ballad may resonate more with those who prefer more mainstream fare. But I will take Adam in any incarnation he brings each week. I love being surprised by him. But this week I was really hoping that he would do just what he did – let his voice out for a spin, let it just soar and show everyone the depth and power and range of his superior vocals. His pitch is impeccable, his lower range really strong and when he goes for those high notes – well, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

    I find myself having mixed feelings about Kris. I am struggling with him and I’m not quite sure why. I try to always keep an open mind and Kris definitely has good vocals and originality. I didn’t really love this performance, but I will reserve final judgement until I watch it again tomorrow. Thank goodness for my dvr. Sometimes, I just need to hear the performances again and I also close my eyes so that I can focus more intently on the vocals. I like Kris and think he is really coming on strong. It could be that he is not as confident and commanding a performer as Adam. I don’t sense the control and sureness with him. But he definitely has some real genius.


  25. I loved Adam tonight (beautiful in both look and sound) – truly; but I must say…..I really miss ‘Ring of Fire’ ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Black or White’ Adam. Where oh where has he gone? All that sex thrown in with my rock-n-roll! I like the extreme vocal riffs too. I do hope he makes a return before the end of the competition. As for the rest – Kris was fabulous – and Allison (usually a real favorite of mine) picked a bad song (or perhaps it was the arrangement). Either way – it didn’t impress as usual. Still – she deserves to be in the final, I think. Her voice is unusual – memorable. And I like her quirky personality.

    Anoop once again gave us all a hint of that fabulous voice he keeps hidden…..then it was lost when he picked up the tempo. I keep waiting for the Anoop I saw on all those Clef Note YouTube vids: Anoop the balladeer: romantic, soft, full of emotion. I don’t know why he wants to become a hip hop artist. His voice is so gorgeous when he takes the time to indulge it. I think he may be in trouble this week (as will Lil).

    Everyone else just kinda disappears for me. I had really like Danny in the beginning (he has that natural charisma) – but he hasn’t held my interest over the life of the competition. Same for Matt and Lil. I’m sure they’ll all do well after Idol is over – but they just don’t interest me now. I wish them luck – but I won’t be looking to buy any of their music. But everyone’s different. To each his own. I’d like to see Adam win – but YMMV.


  26. I think Adam is what they have been looking for all 8 seasons and they finally found it!

    Any guesses on who is going home?

    I think Lil for sure.


  27. I’m surprised that I haven’t read any negative comments about 16-year-old Allison singing “Hot Stuff”! Allison definitely has talent, but the judges, especially Simon, would never have allowed this to pass when other young performers from previous years sang lyrics like this. I haven’t heard them say anything at all to Allison about singing music more appropriate for her age.


  28. Your face and body language cannot hide what you feel inside, no matter how hard one tries. In my opinion, Adam Lambert gave a 100% heartfelt and genuine delivery of “If I Can’t Have You” last night. From the turned down corners of his mouth, the look of despair in his eyes, the firm stance in one spot on the stage, and the placement of his hand on his chest at critical moments in the song, this was truly beautiful because it was without question 100% real and directly from Adam Lambert’s heart. No thrills, no frills, no fuss, no muss. Not one iota. Not one thing overdone, vocally or otherwise.

    Absolute perfection.

    I LOVED IT, Adam!


  29. Some of my overall thoughts on tonight. Although I tend to be a very positive person, I really was expecting a trainwreck of epic proportions based on the histroy of disco music on this show. However, I was surprised.

    The usual suspects did extremely well with Adam leading the pack. I totally agree with Mindy and J regarding Adam’s “fully realized” performance. Once again, he lodged his way right smack into my heart.

    Mindy, I totally agree with you regarding Adam’s diversity of fans. As a matter of fact, I just had this conversation with my sister in law. His performances are stratigically diverse so that he can give everyone that loves him something that he and they can relate to. Very well done Mr. Lambert.

    Kris: Kris has been a pleasant surprise this season. I am also starting to look forward to what he brings to the table each week and that is a far cry from early on in the competition when I could not remember who he was.

    Allison: although I am not a vocal expert, there is something missing from her lower register that just does not sound “right” to my ears. Maybe MCL or some of the other vocal experts here could explain. With that said, I love her performances and would love to see her continue on in this competition.

    Lil: Ohhh, oh my. I do think she is out of her league here. I have to agree with the judges here, I don’t see here musical identity…at all.


  30. WOW, Skid. Very observant and I absolutely agree with what you said. You surely have a skill at communicating exactly what you feel and mean.


  31. Adam is so so so brilliant. Where did they find this kid??? This was a FLAWLESS performance.

    Honorable mention: Kris. He did a decent job.

    Going home: Lil! And ? No one was horrible last night, so hmmmmmm. Shocker?


  32. ILoveIdol wrote:

    This was a FLAWLESS performance.

    To me, the absolute beauty of what Adam Lambert did last night was that it wasn’t a “performance” at all.

    It was a MOMENT!

    The highest praise I can ever personally give Adam is that his delivery of the song reminded me so much of how the late, great Judy Garland used to deliver a song that was close to her heart. Nothing less than less than pure, raw emotion; and nothing left to give when it was over.

    I can’t say enough good things about what Adam did last night. He took my breath away.


  33. Skid…ditto. my exact sentiments. I see a lot of hate and negativity regarding Adam and I just don’t understand how they don’t hear the torment in his soul. I love his high notes and feel these notes bring passion. I guess everyone hears music differently. I pray Adam wins!

    I thought Lil is lacking in stage presence.

    Didn’t Allison cut off her last note?

    I enjoyed Kris’s creativity but for some reason, I can’t get past his facial expressions. sorry

    AFter Adam sang, I had to walk the dogs. Reading all the reviews, I guess I didn’t miss anything spectacular.


  34. joyceanna:

    I need to be honest with you and let you know that I too have been critical of Adam. Not of his abilities, not of his vocal prowess; no none of that. But until last night, although I always praised his talent, I never quite believed he was showing real “emotional sincerity” when he sang. I always felt (my opinion only) that each week was, to him, just another “performance.”

    And then there’s last night. As I said, I personally felt it was breathtaking. Absolute perfection in every way imaginable. And I’m glad to finally have felt that from him. Now mind you, I may never feel that way again about anything else he may do, but last night, I saw Adam Lambert in all his “naked glory” so to speak. And, quite honestly, I LOVED IT! 🙂


  35. I see a lot of hate and negativity regarding Adam and I just don’t understand how they don’t hear the torment in his soul. I love his high notes and feel these notes bring passion. I guess everyone hears music differently. I pray Adam wins!

    Joyceanna, I think it’s because everyone loves an underdog. That’s part of the appeal with Kris at the moment…people like to fight for the underdog!

    Adam is by far my favorite. I don’t think anyone else even comes close, but that’s my opionion.

    For me, part of the appeal with Adam is that he is truly unique. There is no one else like him and I really can’t say that for any of the other contestants, even though they are quite talented. There is more to being unique than coming up with new arrangements like Kris does (and I LOVE Kris too). Adam goes that extra step further, you know what I mean? Lots of Kris’s out there who come up with new arrangments on their guitars. That said, Kris is my number 2 after Adam, followed by Allison.

    I also think there is room in the industry for all 3 of them, so no matter who wins I hope they all get signed.


  36. Louise wrote: “And I haven’t read anything from Galen lately, but he would be pleased to know that I finally “got off the fence” and voted for Danny tonight. His is the voice that appeals to me the most even though I appreciate the talent of the other guys as well.”

    Hey, Louise, I’m glad to hear that you voted for Danny. You’ve finally crossed over to the Danny Side! LOL I thought overall everyone did great last night, but I have to agree with what you said, Louise. Danny is definitely my pick for the season. I liked his version of “September” more than the original! As far as what Paula said about him singing sexy, I really am not qualified to make a comment on that, but I sure know my mom agreed with her! I just know that I love the raspy quality of his voice for sure! I was very excited to get a lot of busy signals last night on his line as well! I also liked Kris, Matt, and Allison. Adam had a very moving vocal as well. I definitely think Anoop and Lil need to be the ones to leave tonight though.


  37. TFLS –

    Don’t worry, your Adam is still there. I have been thinking about his performance and these are some more of my thoughts. Adam is really competing with himself at this point. He is just in a different league with his vocal training, his maturity and knowledge of himself as an artist, his total and complete command of the stage as a performer and his ability to stretch himself artistically.

    Think about Freddie Mercury, one of the greatest rock voices ever. That is who Adam is compared to quite frequently. He sang a song called Who Wants to Live Forever. That was a power ballad and he sang it much the same as Adam sang his song last night. I am wondering if this was Adam being Freddie Mercury without being Freddie Mercury. He doesn’t just want to be known as another this or another that. He wants to be known as himself. Yet this performance was so much like that song by Freddie. I can’t get it out of my head. Freddie wasn’t a one dimensional performer or singer. Neither is Adam. So you might want to listen to that song and rethink what Adam was trying to achieve last night.

    Louise –

    Count me as one who did think that Allison’s song was not age appropriate. I am not a prude, but there was something quite distasteful about hearing a sixteen year old girl singing about Hot Stuff. Also, she really needs to learn to enunciate. She kind of slurs over the words and then we can’t understand them. Singing is all about telling a story. You can’t tell a story if you don’t let us hear the words clearly. I thought her voice was off in some places. I think she is quite talented, but I don’t want to see her pushed. Someone should have suggested she sing another song. There was a lot of great material for her.

    skid –

    Thsnk you for mentioning the great Judy Garland. Yes, that is indeed the highest praise that can be lavished upon anyone. Adam reminds me of her because he is such a powerful performer. Judy used to put her heart and soul in her performances and leave everything out on the stage. That’s what Adam did last night. I have the performance downloaded from itunes and can’t stop listening to it. It brings tears to my eyes every single time. If you have ever loved and lost, then you can’t help but feel the heartbreak in Adam’s voice.


  38. Mindy, that was a fantastic post. I totally got the Freddie Mercury vibe from Adam last night. He’s like all these big names rolled into one.


  39. I haven’t read all the comments yet, but I do believe that Lil and Matt (again) will be going home tonight.

    To compare how this group did on the Disco theme, we would need to go back to Seasons 2, 3, and 4. I do have the tapes from those seasons! I do remember Fantasia and Bo didn’t do a song from the Disco era – I also remember enjoying this theme each and every season. 😀


  40. One thing that does surprise me is how negative many people are (on other forums) regarding Adam’s performance. I thought he did a wonderful job with it. He looked gorgeous and his delivery was very smooth.

    See the contrast…last week Adam was the only one who did an uptempo song. This week, he did a lovely ballad. Without him, this season would be a huge diaster with so many things that have gone wrong!


  41. Kariann1, it’s frontrunner backlash. Some bloggers like to pull for the underdogs (ahem- Michael Sleazak) every single year. Everyone likes an underdog.

    But to my eyes and ears, Adam was the standout last night. I wouldn’t worry about the negative comments too much. It’s just people looking for excuses to not like him, is all.

    I loved how he was so classic last night and unpredictable. He is by far the most versatile contestant, the best singer, best looking, and the best performer (which pretty much covers all the bases LOL). I don’t know if he can win due to frontrunner backlash, but who knows. He’ll have a good chance against Danny in the finale b/c Danny can buffer Adam’s frontrunner status.

    Still think Adam is the best Idol ever.



    Everyone knows I adore Anoop and think Adam will win.

    OK, on another forum the poster attended the rehearsal and after seeing the show, she said the BAND messed up Anoop’s performance. It was suppose to be a faster beat. This might explain some of Anoop’s reaction to his performance. (Seeming quite sad.)

    I just played Donna’s version and it is more uptempo.

    My question: What can a singer do when this happens while in a competition?


  43. OK, on another forum the poster attended the rehearsal and after seeing the show, she said the BAND messed up Anoop’s performance. It was suppose to be a faster beat. This might explain some of Anoop’s reaction to his performance. (Seeming quite sad.)

    I just competed Anoop’s VM assessment and made a comment about the tempo. So, it does validate my point – which you will see sometime tomorrow. Interesting.


  44. Thank you, MCL!


  45. Dudes, Lil and Anoop-Dawg is gone. Lil is a good sport but I don’t think Anoopdawg was—“I am very disappointed.” Doesn’t he realized that he has to put up a good game face? Like Dave A. said earlier on the show tonight –“there are so many opportunities.” Surely, Anoop would not think he could beat Danny, Kris, Matt, Allison and Adam? ANYWAY. I thought it was a cool show because Paula was doing the “Dancing with Stars” prototype with the gang and helped them to deal with a possible loss and grief at elimination time by doing something to get their minds off.


  46. It’s funny because I thought the opposite. I think if it is your favorite going home, the perception might be different. I sincerely believe that Anoop was being honest. He WAS very disappointed. I think he felt he was worthy of TOP 5.

    I wish Lil and Anoop had left on separate shows. Now they will be sharing interviews and guest performances. Same as what happened to Phil and Chris R.


  47. Kariann,

    You are right, that IS one way to look at it. I also thought that he was being honest.

    He is a very handsome man, and man, did he ever grow on this show! from a “kid” to a man with a good taste in clothes. I like what he wore the last two times. I love his scuffy 5 c clock beard. In the beginning, I thought he should have put on different duds and not to wear like he was casually going to a library or something.



  48. Season 8 –

    Yes, I am seeing the frontrunner backlash and I don’t like it one bit. I hope it won’t cost Adam in this competition. He must be under unbelievable pressure as the presumed frontrunner. Also, he’s trying to top himself every single week. So far, he’s done very well. If anyone is up to the pressure cooker, it has to be Adam. He has waited a long time for this and has shown some real smarts in song choice and performance styles.

    I did listen to the performances again today, with my eyes closed. I think I know what is bothering me with Kris. I thought his vocals were either in the wrong key or off pitch. I have had this feeling before, especially a few weeks ago when he had his one bad performance. This time the song arrangement and musical instrumentation was great, but I thought he was straining and also reaching for some high notes, instead of singing over them, as MCL mentioned last week. I also think that his vocals are not that extraordinary to me. When you put him next to Adam, there’s no contest. I think because Kris doesn’t have the power of Adam or Danny, he has to be pitch perfect with his vocals. He is not the most charismatic performer. I do find him extremely likeable, a good arranger of music and, when he hits the notes, a good vocalist. But he’s not Adam.

    I am listening to Adam’s song as I write this. There was one phrase – My tears of love are a waste of time – that showed such beautiful vocal range and delicate touch. He went up high and then went down lower, but didn’t lose the word “time”. He has such incredible discipline and control of his voice. I constantly find myself in awe of the things he does technically. He may make them look easy, but it’s not. The transition from the delicate, soft falsetto to that power voice and then back to the softness is not easy at all. He just blows me away. But the one thing that just makes me cry is the beautiful interpretation of the lyrics.


  49. Has any dudes watched the “Judy Garland Show” way back when? She was wowderful.


  50. Rosanne-what are the female rat pack songs? I appreciate your professional input and your generosity. Shopping for a wedding is funderful!~


  51. Yes, I was wondering a bit what some typical rat pack songs would be like. To be honest, I think I know the type of music that is, but I may be off.


  52. SS, I think Judy Garland was one of the best entertainers of the 20th Century. She was multi-talented. I wonder if anyone will choose one of her songs?


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