American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread for Top 7 Results Show: Disco Music

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

W ell – tonight’s the night. Two singers will be eliminated this week and, based on performances last evening, it’s hard to make the call.

However, with a double elimination, we should gain insight into who has the strongest, most determined fanbase. A shocker elimination is definitely a possibility or it may just end up being the inevitable end of the  road for some singers.

However, the big news is the appearance of Season 7 Top 2 Finalist, the incredibly talented David Archuleta. Man, have I missed him!  I am extremely excited to see him perform tonight and also anticipating Season 6 winner, Jordin Sparks.

I hope to have my Masterclass article online early tomorrow. And make sure you follow my Twitter updates !

The Masterclass Doors are now open for business! Enjoy the show!

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52 Responses to “American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread for Top 7 Results Show: Disco Music”

  1. It was definitely Lil’s time to go, but I’m sad that Anoop won’t be on any longer. I knew it was a long shot, but I was really hoping that Allison would be eliminated along with Lil. I’ve liked a few of her performances, but I couldn’t ever see myself buying her CD. I’ve always liked Anoop’s voice, although I thought he wasn’t a natural performer. The song he picked last night didn’t help him at all.


  2. Wow. That was a quick way for Lil to go. Not surprised to see Noop Dawg go home. I love watching the exit video clips. They’re always so sad. At any rate, I hope these kids realize how charmed they are to be on this show.

    So now we’re down to 5 and this is when it really heats up. Will be harder and harder to see these kids go home.

    Next week we get 2 numbers from them.

    Adam has some good moves! LOL. Love his hair slicked back. Gorgeous.


  3. I just want to give America a big ole’ pat on the back and say, “Great job, you got it absolutely right!” God bless both Anoop and Lil. I pray that God uses their time on this show to open amazing opportunities for them. I am so very happy that Matt Giraud stayed out of the Bottom 3 this week. He set out to prove that the judges made the right choice in saving him last week, and you know what? Mission accomplished! Good for you, Matt!

    As for David Archuleta, beyond a shadow of a doubt he was the best performer they’ve had on stage so far this season. I thought “Touch My Hand” was a very appropriate song choice as well. He’s done truly amazing since his time on Idol, and he proved to me once again tonight (sorry if you disagree) that America got it so very wrong last season! I do look forward to Jordin Sparks as well, MCL!

    Oh, I just thought I’d mention something. I noticed on Twitter that someone asked where Simon went before commercial break. The answer is that he likes to have a smoke between most of the breaks and yet make it back on time before the commercials wind down. I found that out from Scott MacIntyre on Idol Tonight. Go figure. I never thought of Simon as the smoker type. Oh, well.

    Anyway, does anyone know what next week’s theme is? Ryan neglected to mention it.


  4. I missed it tonight – very long Footloose rehearsal!

    I see that Anoop and Lil left….I kind of liked Lil -she has a incredible vocal range! I sense good things for her! Adam is still there and that’s all that matter to me! Do we know next weeks theme yet?


  5. Simon smokes? Go figure. There was only 15 minutes left in the show and he needed a smoke?


  6. I am very sad with the results show. If Anoop left under the normal conditions, I would be more than willing to accept his elimination. However, Matt was voted out last week. It is Matt that should be home, and Anoop belongs in the TOP 5.

    One other thing, Anoop was NOT 13th in the voting as some think. He was in the middle ratings. The 13th contestant was added so they could add another girl – probably Jasmine.

    Well, at least he went out with a WONDERFUL performance. He had energy and terrific vocals. He will be missed!


  7. For the record, I feel as I did when the show began. Adam will be the winner for this season’s “American Idol.” He is truly a talented and unique performer.


  8. Lively show tonight! Paula out and about! strutting the dance moves with the gang and having fun. Looks like a prototype from Dancing with Stars. Wow, I would love to see Paula in that show! (that is one of I watch as faithfully as I watch AI)

    Anoopdawg had to put his foot in his mouth about being disappointed! didn’t he hear Dave A giving encouragement and comfort that even if they don’t win, there are still many opportunities. (singing on the cruise? ha! There’s Broadway (wasn’t Fantasia on Broadway?) Dave A is going overseas on a tour, so that is another opportunity.

    Lil was a good sport. I am glad that they did not make her wait but to announce right away that she was going home.

    The dancing was out of sight! hope that they will collaborate to their future songs on AI. Danny was cool to say that he understands why Simon thought he has no star power and he is working on that. Good boy.

    Matt was smart (regardless what the judges said!) for picking “Staying Alive” because that is a wild popular song and it made peeps nostaglic and thus, voted for the dude. Granted, he was out of breath. It is hard to dance and sing at the same time!!!!


  9. Random thoughts about tonight (as viewed from the videos on MJ’s blog):

    Group Dance Number – really well executed and from what I have read, the best part of tonight’s show

    Paula – nice choreography, kudos to her

    Adam – boy can dance ! and Matt was decent, too

    Archie – cute as always, great smile, missed some notes (which is shocking ), song TMH: not so great. Peeps said Archie had been sick which may explain his less than stellar vocals… Sweet guy, hope he gets an Idol bump from his appearance.


  10. Simon smokes…interesting. Well after this year’s batch of contestants (minus Adam), I would need a smoke too! (okay okay – it’s not that bad, but I couldn’t resist the comment!)


  11. I’m a bit disappointed that Anoop went home instead of Matt. Oh well. Thank heavens Lil went home.

    I did not watch AI last year, therefore, I heard about Archuleta and Cook. Galen, the best performer? no way. Are we talking about past or our present contestents? Sorry, his voice did not wow me but he’s cute. He was way too out of breath at the end.


    Paul did a great job of choreography. She made it interesting enough without over challenging the inept. Adam stood out. Heavens he’s 6’2″ and to have a groove like that, he’s multi talented. I know this is my field of expertise. Danny, Does he always have to do the pelvic thrust?

    Next week theme – Jazz ! that should be hot!


  12. Obviously, we disagree, joyceanna. That’s fine. You are entitled to believe what you want. However, I still stand adamantly by what I said. I believe David was the best performer so far on this season (and sorry folks, but that includes Adam as well). Just watching him last night made me miss Season 7 more than ever. I like Danny Gokey a lot this season, but Season 8 cannot hold a candle to Season 7 in terms of true, raw potential. With all due respect, joyceanna, you did not watch AI last year (and oh what a year you chose to miss). Therefore, if this was the first time you ever saw David perform, then you really can’t even begin to gauge him as an artist. “Touch My Hands” is a brilliant song (and very appropriate I might add), but it is far from his best. Listen to him sing “Crush”, “A Little Too Not Over You”, or “To Be With You”, and you may change your attitude toward him just a little bit. Still, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. I just know that I firmly and resolutely stand by mine.


  13. Galen, obviously a lot of fans agree with you on Archuleta since he came in second. I only based my opnion on this one performance and it did not wow me but he’s seems like such a nice person. He did however, give a nice prep talk.


  14. I really don’t want to upset anyone, knowing this is a very pro Archie website. I really thought his vocals were weak tonight and his lower register just didn’t gel. The beauty and richness of his voice wasn’t there. I am not into complimenting just because I like or love an entertainer. I generally call a spade a spade. I was very disappointed last night and thought the performance was lackluster. Not what I was hoping to hear.


  15. I love me some Archie, but that was not the right song for him. I think he sounded good as he ALWAYS does, but it wasn’t really believeable for me. I think it’s just the wrong material for him. He’s magic with the slower numbers. He’s young and has a great career ahead of him. I’m most interested to see how his choices change as he gets older. I loved the advice he had for the departing contestants. I still think 2 people won last season for some reason, which is great since Cook and Archie appeal to different people.

    Interested in reading MCLs article this week!


  16. I haven’t watched the show from last night yet, but thanks to MJ, I’ve seen the group number 9 times! Yep,I watched it once for an overview, 1x each for each Idol and 1 wrap-it-up view. The biggest problem was watching the others, anytime Adam was in the same frame! That dude is an amazing dancer, and pretty much put them all to shame. I guess I’m not surprised after watching many of his Zodiac Show performances, plus the fact that he loves musical theater, but dang … he’s GOOD!
    Back to your regular programing …. Heh.


  17. I know Archie has a lot of fans here, but I’ve got to agree with joyceanna and Sandy — David wasn’t great last night. That was the weakest I’ve heard his voice sound in a while, and the song itself sounded like album filler to me, not a single.

    Galen, I’m not as big of a fan of Archie as you are, but based solely on what we saw on the screen last night? I’ll fall back on what Simon says a lot of the time when an otherwise good contestant has a lackluster performance: if that was the first time I’d seen him, I would have changed the channel. (I didn’t because… y’know, it’s Archie. He’s earned goodwill with me from last year and I was curious to see what he’s up to these days.)

    While I do agree that it’s completely true that you can’t fully gauge someone as an artist from one performance, when you’re an artist promoting your next single on AI, it IS your job to sell yourself to millions of viewers in three minutes. For anyone who didn’t know who Archie was, all they saw was a cute kid singing a boring pop song. And unfortunately for David, his voice (what I think is his main selling point) didn’t sound anywhere near as great as I’ve heard it before.

    Funnily enough, I had the exact same problems with David Cook’s guest appearance this year (not-great vocals on a not-great song). And Cook was my favorite on AI7, but I’d be kidding myself if I expected anybody who’s not familiar with him to see that performance and suddenly want to buy his album.

    I was happy to see, though, that Archie’s ability to work a stage has grown by leaps and bounds since last year. Sooooo much improved. I don’t know if he just loosens up when he doesn’t have the pressure of being judged or if the experience of the Idol tour pulled it out of him, but either way, thumbs-up on the stage presence from me.


  18. Masterclass Lady — slightly off topic here, but I’m interested in your thought on Frank Sinatra. (The Idols are doing Rat Pack songs next week.) I’ve always felt he was overrated, that while he has a lovely tone to his voice, he’s often pitchy and scoops way too much.


  19. MCL,
    Did you see that Taylor Hicks is going to perform on next week’s elimination show? He’s supposed to do “Seven Mile Breakdown” from his new CD–unfortunately, I think some of the other songs on the CD are better than that one. It will be interesting to see him on the Idol stage again, especially since they gave him little help with his career after he won Idol. Can’t wait to hear Simon’s reaction.


  20. I’m glad I get to see Taylor next week and all, but can I be honest? If I were him, I would not go back on a show that makes fun of me all the time. Every time the name Taylor Hicks is spoken on Idol, it is in a derogatory way. Yet, they ask him to come back and sing for them. Very two-faced in my opinion, and I think Taylor deserves more respect than that.

    What you said about Archuleta not sounding good vocally last night, Erin, I guess you heard something I didn’t. He sounded great to me personally. You know, it seems like some people (and I’m not talking about anyone in particular) on here find fault with every performance (other than Adam’s of course). I hear every week about how Danny Gokey’s voice is showing wear and tear, and yet after watching his performance several times I fail to notice it myself. Also, I have never heard ANY of the judges mention that. I think Archuleta sounded brilliant last night, just as I think Danny sounds awesome most of the time as well. Maybe I’m just not as nit-picky as others. A little imperfection here and there isn’t going to kill anybody. I just don’t let it get to me. When you pick a performance apart bit by bit, you are going to find problems. Why? Because you are LOOKING for them. The big picture is most important, and the big picture is that David AND Danny can sing amazingly!


  21. Briefly reading through… I have noticed something the last few weeks. It seems most of the guest artists have not sound as good as I know they are. I have thiought there is something wrong with the microphone and sound system.

    David Cook and David A. have great voices, but they weren’t as good as usual. I know Thelma Houston can still sing, but her voice was weaker than normal. AI really needs to check out their equipment.

    One nice thing about being a Jason Dreadhead is that I could thoroughly enjoy both Davids. I cannot pick a favorite except by song title. Season 7 was just an awesome season. Joyceana you missed a special treat last year!

    Still feeling sad that Anoop is gone, but I think we’ll be hearing more from him in the coming year. For now, I can look forward to seeing some great performances from Adam AND improvement & growth from Kris.


  22. TAYLOR HICKS is finally coming back! YAY! I cannot wait to see him perform! Woo Hoo! This will really help his album sales. I hope the sound system will be working properly.

    There was another great Season – Season 5. Oh, and I enjoyed Season 4 (especially Anthony Fedorov)!

    Gumbo Girl, I actually thought Bing Crosby had a much smoother sound than Frank Sinatra! I am looking forward to this theme next week.

    Wish Anoop was performing…oh, I’ll get over this.


  23. I hope oen of them will do “For the Good Times,” for the rat pack week.


  24. oh, I guess that is not the rat pack song. sorry, i jumped the gun.


  25. According to a comment here, David Archuleta was sick during his performance. That definitely makes sense. He did very well considering that. He has a beautiful tone. =) I still love both Cook and Archuleta!


  26. I alway enjoy to see what Adam has in store for us each week! He is in a class by himself with this group and should be the clear winner. I am sad to see Anoop go however. Unfortunately I do not think he has performed to his potential and we will now miss out on that. Allison should not have been in the bottom three — not sure what is up with America on that – we might end up with an all boys club next week.

    As far as David — fyi– he has been quite sick and originally was not slated to sing on this result show but originally the final 3 – AI changed it all around just this past week. No one has been a harsher critic about his performance than himself which I find quite sad.
    I had the pleasure of hearing/seeing this performed live twice – and I cannot tell you the energy and pure joy he emotes — and really moves it on that stage. The audience goes nuts.
    Well an “excuse” to post this — the AOL sessions of TMH
    (I refrain from posting a recent tour version of this — it it is hard to hear him over the non-stop screaming of the crowd!)

    (( hope he washed those hands and used some purel before coming out and touching all those hands! ))


  27. Galen, I had to chuckle a bit – in a good way – at your post above. I fell asleep last night thinking about your posts and how you never seem to find any fault with Archie or Danny, and I find today that you’re posting about others not hearing how fine they are! I’m not calling you out … it’s your opinion … I just found it amusing that you and I were thinking the exact opposite!
    I’m glad that you’re happy with “your” guys … enjoy! =)


  28. Hello, Anita, I am glad I was able to make you laugh, but I do think I need to clear up a few things respectfully.

    You said: “you never seem to find any fault with Archie or Danny, and I find today that you’re posting about others not hearing how fine they are!”

    It really isn’t about others not hearing how good they are. It just seems like so many people are quick to literally rip a performance apart and highlight even the smallest of flaws. That’s just not the type of person I am. Nobody is perfect, so no performance is perfect either. I have never said that Danny and Archuleta are perfect. They have flaws just like anyone else. I guess the reason why I don’t dwell on what minor problems they may have is because I don’t listen to their performances expecting to find something wrong with them. I enjoy their performances and, as I said before, keep my focus on the big picture. The bottom line is that both Danny and Archie can sing brilliantly. Look, I am as big a fan of Danny as I am sure you are of Adam. Therefore, yes, in a spirit of support, I will say positive things about him this season just as most do for Adam. Am I perhaps a bit biased? Of course. America needs to be at this point in the show. It is imperative that each Idol viewer rally behind their favorite, and I intend to rally behind Danny all the way to the finals!

    You also wrote: “I’m glad that you’re happy with “your” guys … enjoy!”

    Anita, with all due respect, they are from just “my” guys. I definitely am not their only supporter, I can tell you that for sure. Considering Archuleta and Danny have both proven so far to have extensive fan bases, I am by no means alone in my view of them. You may just realize how many fans Danny has if he wins this year.

    Thank you for your response, Anita. Look, just because we have polar opposite opinions about certain performances, doesn’t mean that either of us is wrong. It just means that we are two completely different human beings with different tastes in music. That, of course, is perfectly natural.


  29. Interesting comments about Davod Archuleta here. I have not seen the performance yet, as I just got back in town. I will shortly, but first I wanted to make some generic comments.

    If David has been sick, I’m not surprised. He went on his own tour and then to Asia, and various other appearances. To perform at all when you are sick takes courage. Give him a break. He is a human being who happens to have an extraordinary guft, but he is human.

    By his own admission, every performance could be improved. Nobody is perfect so let him be normal. He is by far his own toughest critic.

    I’m sure the performance was good. For those of you that were introduced to Archie through this performance, this is not all he is capable of. I would have chosen a different song to do on AI, such as A Little Too Not Over You or Zero Gravity. I was actually hoping he would do Zero Gravity. If anyone is at all curious, check out the rest of his album or search “David Archuleta Zero Gravity” on YouTube.

    Everyone else’s opinions are great and it has been interesting to read these comments. I wanted to make a few points of my own. I will probably comment again after I have watched the performance.


  30. If Archie has been sick according to his “not up to par” song on AI; he should have had cancelled. Bad PR. Peeps who has had heard him for the first time is going to say, “wut’s the big deal?” Bad move, dude.


  31. Seriously Surely, I don’t want this to sound wrong, but I almost laughed out loud when I was reading your post. The way you put it, it makes it sound like Archuleta was just awful on that stage. That, of course, is a laughable concept. If some people say he was off, then I guess I can’t argue with that. However, I am sure that the majority of America (those who aren’t looking for every little flaw) thought he was exceptional as usual. As far as David cancelling his appearance on American Idol, I completely disagree with you. If he would have cancelled, that would have looked horrible on his part. It is one thing if he would have been drastically ill, but from what I say last Wednesday, I do not believe his sickness affected him that much at all. Even sick, he can still outsing most (if not all) of this year’s contestants respectively.

    First of all, Kirsten wrote concerning Archie: “To perform at all when you are sick takes courage. Give him a break. He is a human being who happens to have an extraordinary guft, but he is human.”

    Thank you, Kirsten, for those very true and wonderful words. It is refreshing to read something like that once in a while. I agree 100%!


  32. You are welcome, Galen. I feel like every singer needs to be given credit for, first of all, putting themselves out there. Even if you don’t “like” a singer, it’s good to realize just what they are doing. I could not take the constant scrutiny, but that’s me. Archie is holding up phenomenally well with the scrutiny he receives. He amazes me.

    As fans, we need to realize that singers are human beings as well.


  33. Galen, I don’t want this to sound wrong, but ahem. you make my stomach churned when I read your post. I love Archie. Get a grip, will ya, dude. Chill.

    I don’t have faves. I love them all. They all have done so well, and the reason I watch AI IS TO watch them blooming and succeeding. I watch the judges too, they are entertaining. I like Ryan, he is a hoot.


  34. Galen, another thought, I don’t like reading your posts; you are kinda dorky


  35. in a good way. But please do not ASSUME that I do not like one or the other. I still think he should have cancelled his performance. Have you read the other posts that he was not up to par. Although, you feel he was up to par with you. Maybe you just don’t have a good ear?

    I am sorry that I called you dork. Just forget it. cool with me.


  36. The big picture is the most important, they all sing amazing.



  37. “Galen, another thought, I don’t like reading your posts; you are kinda dorky”

    Well, I am glad to see that we are having a civilized conversation on here . . . You look funny. LOL


  38. Seriously Surely, look, please disregard my post above as well. To be perfectly honest, I think you severely overreacted to my comments. No hard feelings here though. I have done that more than a few times on here as well.

    I do, however, feel the need to at least partially defend myself against some of the (somewhat insulting) things you said. I’m not doing this to argue with you, but I am doing it in hopes that we can see eye to eye on some issues.

    You wrote: “Galen, I don’t want this to sound wrong, but ahem. you make my stomach churned when I read your post. I love Archie. Get a grip, will ya, dude. Chill.”

    Well, I am certainly sorry for making your stomach churn. I can assure you I did not mean to do that.

    You also wrote: “I don’t have faves. I love them all.”

    I owe you an apology here, Seriously Surely. I believe that I made the mistake of assuming that Adam was your favorite this year (which is usually the case with most people on here). However, I sort of lumped you into a category and I apologize for that.

    You also wrote: “Galen, another thought, I don’t like reading your posts; you are kinda dorky”

    Okay, at this point, it was like an evil alternate personality took over you or something. LOL To be quite honest with you, Surely, I don’t really care if you do not like reading my posts. No one is forcing you to. If they are in some way offensive to you, then please abstain from reading them in the future. About the whole dorky comment, thank you for apologizing for what you said. I forgive you. No hard feelings.

    You also wrote: “I still think he should have cancelled his performance.”

    Okay, I mentally note that you believe David sounded bad enough to cancel his performance on the #1 show on television. I respect your opinion and will not argue with you about that from now on. However, I still completely and respectively disagree with you on that. I hope we can just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

    You also wrote: “Have you read the other posts that he was not up to par.”

    Yes, I have read the other posts. And I disagree with them. Sorry, but I am entitled to my opinion. I don’t let little vocal technicalities and a pitch problem here or there diminish for me the appeal of an overall very good performance.

    You also wrote: “Maybe you just don’t have a good ear?”

    Last time I checked, my ear is just fine. Thank you.

    Finally, you wrote: “The big picture is the most important, they all sing amazing.


    Amen. I completely agree with you on that, Seriously Surely. Thank you for those words of wisdom!

    Look, Surely, I hope that we’re okay now. I never meant to get you so rattled. I forgive you for some of the unpleasant things you said to me, and I am also sorry for the part I played in all of this. God bless!


  39. Okay, I’ll just sit here in my little corner and pout. I am being deprieved of hearing Anoop sing, “That’s Life” by ole blue eyes.

    Carry on, please.


  40. I can’t believe that nobody else has mentioned the hideous guest performances on this week’s show! Aside from the fact that Freda Payne looked and sounded tragic, Band of Gold was a hit in 1970, years before the advent of disco. Thelma Houston? Okay, she is a legend and it’s still a killer song but it was a bit of an uncomfortable watch. But that was nothing compared to the portly KC in his shirt (mumu?) that was a couple of sizes too small, gasping his way through one of the Sunshine Band classics. Maybe that was his way of setting the stage for David Archuleta? And those dancers?!? Surely Donna Summer would have been a far better choice. She’s still a great live performer and three of her songs were performed on the show! Or EW&F. They are still a great live act and they could have showed how September is really performed. Lift your game producers!


  41. rama . . . I agree with almost everything you said about the disco guest performances. I was really embarrassed for Freda Payne. Yikes! And KC was a bit of am embarrassment too! 🙂 I didn’t think Thelma Houston embarrassed herself as much as the other two. Her performance was passable. Did you see Diana Ross when she performed on Idol a year or so ago? She was an embarrassment too! And I don’t think Frankie Avalon was in top form either!!!!

    Someone mentioned that they think Idol is trying to save money this year–I’m assuming they don’t have to pay these older singers as much as it would cost them to bring in someone more current.

    Kariann . . . I will miss Anoop too. I didn’t think he was ever going to be in the top three, but I still enjoyed him. I think his song did him in this past week–that was not a great disco song!


  42. Galen, (hugs). I appreciate your post.


  43. Louise, hey there. Maybe the reason the chicks,Thelma Houston, Freda Payne, Diana Ross did not do well is because recordings for their albums in studios takes days, hours to get the song spot-on. Not only that, acoustics of the stage? The band ?

    Those who sang in Ed Sullivan shows were not really up-to-par because of the acoustics of the auditorium. I remember Elvis Presley and the Beatles; it was not up-to-par. BUT LOL, I SURE DIDN’T CARE.

    There were many with their own shows. Perry Como,Dean Martin, Pat Boone, Bobby Darin (Mack the Knife, CBS almost did not want to air that song!)Dick Clark Show, Andy Williams Show, Jerry Lewis Show, Dinah Shore Show, Micheal Douglas, Johnny Carson, Nat King Cole, Sonny and Cher. If you can help me with this, cool. If anyone remember, tell me how they sound? thx bunch


  44. Diana Ross is 66 years old.
    thelma Houston is 67 years old.
    Freda Payne is 68 years old.
    Donna Summer is 61 years old.

    Let’s throw that theory around if age is like wine? wine gets better with age? true ? false?


  45. I finally was able to watch David Archuleta’s performance. I will admit it was not his best, but I also noticed other things as well.

    First of all, he ALWAYS has a smile on his face. This performance was no exception. Except for on his album cover, I’ve never seen him without a smile. He emanates joy when he performs and in his everyday life. Why is the album cover what it is anyway? LOL. I hope he is smiling on the next album cover.

    Secondly, he was moving around the stage. He has really improved in that area. As he got further into the song, he became his jumpy self. I think maybe the jumping is turning into a trademark of his. Watch Zero Gravity for more evidence of this. Point is, despite how he may have felt, he was still moving and grooving.

    As far as him cancelling the appearance, David knows his voice and his body and, believe me, if he could not have sung at all, he would have cancelled. He has become very health conscious.

    Bottom line: It wasn’t an “Oh my gosh! Unbelievable!” kind of performance. Ir was, however, very good. He still amazes me whenever I hear him.


  46. I meant “It” was, however, very good.

    Sorry for the typo.


  47. SS, I’d like to add four more to your list: The Carpenters, Donny & Marie, Glen Campbell, and Mac Davis!

    Earth, Wind & Fire and Donna Summer (twice) have been guests on the show.

    Yesterday, I watch Barbra Streisand’s new special and she was awesome! I don’t think age is the main factor here. Part of the bad sounding songs may be blamed on age, but I still question the sound system. David Cook, Archie, Carly & Michael, and one part of Jennifer Hudson’s song did not sound as good as we know they are!

    It seems with all the money AI makes, they should ptovide the absolute BEST equipment available.

    Kirsten, I rewatched David’s performance and his persona was perfect! Loved that smile! However, notice his eyes when he’s talking to Ryan. You can tell he was sick.

    Now, I am curious to see what happens with Taylor’s performance. They better have everything working properly!


  48. Thank you, Louise for your comments about Anoop!


  49. Kirsten, I agree with absolutely everything you wrote concerning David Archuleta’s performance. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is nice to see that his stage presence has massively improved since he was on Idol.

    Oh, and Seriously Surely, thank you. (returns the hug). I hope you still don’t think I’m dorky . . . though I suppose I kind of am! LOL


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