American Idol Season 7 Tour in Tampa Florida on August 21st, 2008

Hey Tampa!

This is Day 2 of the American Idol Top 10 visit to your fair state. I know that there are fans-a-plenty there, considering the fact that two singers from the Top 10 – Ramiele and Syesha – hail from the state of Florida. This is justifiable cause for celebration and I am sure that will not be a problem once the show begins at the St. Pete Times Forum tonight.

So, please send a little Tampa love our way by submitting your recaps, videos and/or photo links of the concert to this blog topic. Or, you can email me your stuff at

Have a blast at the St. Pete Times Forum! Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
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13 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Tampa Florida on August 21st, 2008”

  1. Not much out of Tampa yet, but what little we have is rich and strong: Apologize:


  2. Delivered By: janey79 and uploaded by whartonia

    Performed By:David Archuleta

    Apologize (partial)

    This is another very good video of David. Extremely close and the audio is quite good as well.

    And you can really see the emotion and passion in his face and hear how wonderfully he mirrors the expressive elements though his vocal gift.

    The ringing clarity of his head tone followed by the richness of his mid-range in the “woahs and yeahs” section never ceases to amaze me – never! It serves as a brilliant example of David’s extraordinary dynamic and vocal range.

    And he always finishes the song with such finesse and professionalism. Like it or not, David, you are, to my mind, a classical pop star. You have the intellect, the discipline, the work ethic, the intensity and, most of all, the talent of those who wish to command the greatest stages in the world of classical music.

    However, for now, you are young and want to reach the masses through your youthful and current approach to your music. As a recording artist, the sky’s the limit – but there are many different planes you can fly over the course of time. What an exciting future ahead!


  3. Difficult audio and but clear enough to make out another beautiful final “it” from Angels:

    a teasingly good 38 seconds of SBM:

    Longer fuller version of SBM but challenging audio:


  4. An “aerial” view of Angels: a nice whoa oh oh oh oh yeah ee ya ee section – hope a better audio is uploaded msryankey

    Stand by me – I guess they did not know he was born in florida -? xheyykidx

    Well that’s all folks — off to Missouri to visit family and then Kansas City show!!!!!!!


  5. Thanks Janey and ArchieFanDoc. Had a busy, but productive day – re-organizing my studio for the Fall season.

    Will listen to the links tomorrow, but it sounds like Archie was his usual brilliant self. Glad to hear he hit the “it”!

    And the yeah yeah section always is good listen – he changes it up so many times, so every listen is a generous surprise.

    ArchieFan – off to the Kansas City show? Have a great time and report back if you can. It will be nice to see family, so relax and enjoy yourself. Take a well-deserved break from the internet. We’ll all be here when you return. 🙂


  6. againstthedyingofthelight August 24, 2008 at 11:22 am

    Partial of “My Hero”:

    Also, here’s the introduction he gives to the song, worth watching because he dedicates it to Lindsay Rose Belcher, a seven year old girl with leukemia who he supported all-season with the orange bracelet you see ever-present on his wrist. He got to know her because her father is a Tampa reporter who covers Idol.

    And I hope you won’t mind, but I’d also like to post her dad’s report and Lindsay’s concert day experience:

    MCL, if you have a chance, do watch the last clip. It provides some powerful perspective as to the things that are most important in life, even more important than a successful career in professional music.

    A lot of articles are being written right now which are praising David A.’s chart success (which he deserves) but are also serving to fuel the fan wars. But, seeing something like this, it’s very nice to know that whether David C.’s singles and album hit #1 or #1000, he at least made a huge impact in the life of one child.


  7. Hi againstthedyingofthelight and all:

    Just returned home from Church services and have some phone calls to make, so I will have a look at these links a bit later.

    And I will make sure to pay special attention to Lindsay’s clip. Still haven’t forgotten about the “Time Of Your Life” story. Thanks for your patience everyone.


  8. Delivered By: Janey79 and ArchieFanDoc
    Uploaded By: xheyykidx
    Performed By: David Archuleta


    This is a very cool aerial view of “Angels” – kind of in keeping with the etheral mood of the song, wouldn’t you say? It’s as if his voice is soaring to the haevens, so expressively gorgeous and pure.

    Although we can hear more than see David, one can still appreciate the hearfelt vocal talent of this young man.

    And as he traverses the ad-lib vocal/instrumental section of the song, his voice just soars while rhythmically sustaining the “oh” vowel, adding a few “yeah, yeahs” at the end for good measure.

    To me, this is the most beautiful section of this song, as it allows David to sing freely, while expressively highlighting his soulful style of singing.

    And, his voice continues on its path to freedom as he easily vocalizes that upper note on the word “it” in the final refrain. It is difficult to see his face, but I am most certain that the throat is open and free and that his mouth is round and relaxed. That’s what it takes – that and good strong diaphragmatic support coupled with sublime talent.


  9. Delivered By: Janey79 and ArchieFanDoc
    Uploaded By: xheyykidx
    Performed By: David Archuleta

    Stand By Me

    And they cheer and cheer when he mentions that he was born in the state of Florida, in the Miami area. Yep, Florida guys and gals, he belongs to you!

    And, he sounds so relaxed and energized when he speaks and then when he starts to sing. I love hearing the bare bones background vocals in this song, as it allows me to really hear the inherent beauty of David’s voice.

    And those “darling, darling” segments are so heartfelt and passionate, aren’t they? Those “ah” vowels are brilliantly focused, ringing with a perfect mix of head and chest voice.

    And here we go – the “beautiful girls” segment! What an entertainer and a veritable teen heart throb. He can be such a mischievous little character, can’t he? Love it! You show them how it’s done. Archie.

    A good strong ending – that sustained “stand” followed by the ascending scale on the word “by” is spectacular beyond belief! And then, he attaches some more soulful “ohs” coming off the word “me” -just because -well – he can!

    Unbelievable artistry!


  10. Delivered By againstthedyingofthelight
    Uploaded By PaigeClarkSavage
    Performed By David Cook

    My Hero

    David Cook sounds potent and muscular in this performance. I love the rhythmic percussive sounds in the background arrangement – it greatly contributes to the emotional impact of the song arrangement and works so well with the rockstyle inflections and nuances emerging from David’s voice.

    And, boy, does this guy know how to command a stage or what? He voice and his persona reaches to the farthest corner of the venue.

    Woops, the camera is taking a rest and we are watching David in a horizontal position whe he plays the instrumental section at the end. haha

    Good performance as always but, to be quite frank, this is my least favorite David Cook song, although I do appreciate and respect his decision in keeping this song as part of his set. His brother, Adam, is progressing so well and, it is common knowledge that singing is another form of prayer. If so, David’s prayers have been answered in a powerful way.

    Bravo David!


  11. Delivered By againstthedyingofthelight
    Uploaded By krittr517
    Performed By David Cook

    Introduction To Hero, sung on behalf of Lindsey Rose Belcher, a seven-year-old leukemia patient to whom he dedicates the song.

    David wore an orange bracelet throughout his tenure on American Idol after being inspired by the tenacity and bravery of little Lindsey. For him, it kept everything in perspective, especially when the stress and craziness of the Idol schedule became overwhelming for him.

    That being said, I always felt this gesture signified the genuine and real outpouring of love and respect that David gave his fans week and week, especially toward Lindsey and his brother Adam.

    As I watch this video, my mind quickly drifts to the recent comments by Simon Cowell that this year’s crop of Idol contestants were too media savvy and that they lacked personality. And I laughed. Do we need to see controversy at every turn in the bend, something to gossip and snicker at? Thanks but no thanks. I will take the “David Cooks” of the world over many of our so called “superstars” who flaunt their wealth and fame at every nauseating opportunity, lacking any level of moral or ethical foundation.

    Delivered By againstthedyingofthelight
    Uploaded By angelangiekc

    Lindsey Rose and David Cook

    This is a “must-see”. It warms my heart. Makes you forget about your problems and/or realize that, perhaps, there is a little more to life than selling records or becoming famous. Be good, be kind to others, value your health and enjoy every day as if it’s your last.


  12. Hi, MCL!!

    Some Jason from Tampa:

    Over the Rainbow uploaded by ducklady329 (sounds slower than usual to me!)


  13. Delivered by Rereader

    Uploaded by ducklady329

    Performed by Jason Castro

    Over the Rainbow

    Woah – a nice aerial zoom in to Jason. I felt I was in plane and coming in for a landing on top of Jason’s dreadlocks! haha

    So, we get to see him nice and close and I love the shout-out he gives to the audience as he strums the opening chords of his ukelele. He is getting so comfy, cozy on that stage, isn’t he?

    And, perhaps that is why he is performing this song at a slower tempo (yes, Rereader, you are correct). At first glance, he appears to be relaxed, but I sense some fatigue in his demeanor as well. Maybe that’s why the tempo is slower tonight – he just feels sluggish?

    Another idea: maybe it was a strategic attempt to lengthen his performance set, as I always felt that Jason’s set was far too short when compared with some of the others.

    Lots of theories, so it’s hard to say. To me, he looks tired, so I’m going with that theory just based on what I am seeing and hearing.

    Although the slower tempo challenges his breathing skills, it also affords him more time to breath more fully from the diaphragm. So, actually, he is holding and utilizing his air more efficiently when he sings.

    I love the extra notes he throws in – here and there and everywhere -it seems that he wants to take this song in a new direction and I hope he experiments more so with this song. Eliminating those silent spots in between words is something I would really like to see him do.

    Yes, listen to those “ohs” at the end – he is almost dropping them rather than projecting them forward. He needs to go to sleep! Rest Jason!


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