Archive | August 9, 2008

American Idol Season 7 Tour In Worcester, Massachusetts: August 9th, 2008

This is it, Worcester! Here at MasterclassLady.Com, we have been very committed to promoting the success of this talented group of Top 10 singers as they travel across North America giving memorable live performances. Therefore, we welcome you post concert recaps, pictures, videos and more. I promise to review the vids as they come in. […]

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Video Of The Moment: The Davids: Heroes.

I would like to thank one of my loyal readers, ArchieFanDoc, for sending along this beautiful video. I felt that it deserved a special place on this site, so here it is. Many may have seen this video already, but, even so, it is worth another watch or two or three or…… Special thanks to […]

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Finally, A Genuine Rockstar Is Born From The Womb Of American Idol

There was always something about this David Cook fellow that I loved beyond any shadow of a doubt. If we look back at the numerous articles I have written for this year’s fabulous American Idol season, you will see that I was drawn to David’s Cook’s talent at a very early stage in this year’s […]

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